Another year has gone by. Wow. Time seems to pass so fast these days. Most of us don’t consciously live every moment. We hope for time to pass faster when we’re at work, at school, in the hospital, or in other unpleasant situations. Sometimes fate grants us that wish—for the price that the happy moments will also pass fast.

In February 2014, I started publishing “Stargate Aschen”. Through this story, I met so many great and wonderful people, some of whom became close friends. In June 2014, I posted the continuation of the “Sweet Surrender” Series, and completed it in October. The success was baffling. My website stats boomed on the days I updated this series, which prompted me to continue the story loosely in the “Leather and Lace” series. Apparently, erotic romances are very popular these days. ;)

I gave my website a makeover and worked on seriously building up the brand “Kimberley Jackson”. The overall outcome of 2014 is very satisfying for me: In the past year, had 140.000 website views, 128 new subscribers to my story update newsletter, dozens of new Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

Jetpack Report Numbers

Stats from Jetpack – Annual Report


I want to convey my thanks to all of you. For reading my stories, for following them, for living the story through the eyes of the characters so passionately that you keep engaging with me in social media, reviews and comments. You guys have been incredible, and you’ve exceeded my greatest expectations.

Back when I started writing “Stargate Aschen” in August 2013, it was a mere hunch. A cute little story that nobody had written before. An interesting and fascinating ‘What-If’.
Then it grew into so much more. Readers kept asking questions about the background, the Aschen universe, the timeline—and Stargate Aschen grew beyond everything I’ve ever imagined. It became its own universe. So vast, that I had to create its own timeline to answer all your questions.

People started writing me PMs, emails and Facebook messages about the story, about their lives and how the story gave them a few moments of happiness in a chaotic time. How the story changed them…

Wow. The impact of “Stargate Aschen” is amazing to me. A mere thank you doesn’t even seem to be enough to express my feelings. And yet, it’s all I can give—along with the promise that in 2015, I’ll work even harder on my stories, my writing skills and my art.

Thank you so much to all of you!


Thank you so much to my amazing editors and beta-readers (some of whom I drove nuts with my chaotic writing). Thank you, Caz Merrett, Hana Larysova and Raven Clark for your wonderful input and the hours of work you spent correcting and commenting on the story. Without you, my stories wouldn’t be the same!

All of you, have a wonderful, healthy and happy new year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015

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