Kimberley Jackson started writing historical fiction at age 14. In her early 20s, she discovered her passion for writing romances as well as philosophical short stories and articles. In 2012, she picked up writing science-fiction stories as well.

Since the early 2000s, her preferred writing language has been English, even though her first language is German.

Kimberley Jackson currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where she recently finished her M.A. in American Studies, and English Literature and Linguistics. Next to writing, she works part-time as a legal translator.

Photographer: Photo Max Berlin

In July and August 2010 she worked closely with the social media editor of Stop FGM Now! and published a critical article to educate the public on the issues surrounding FGM. The article has since been republished by a number of national and international women’s rights organizations.

In Nov/Dec 2010 she also published a number of her scientific papers with the GRIN publishing house. They are available for purchase worldwide in bookstores, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

In September 2017, she published a cultural analysis of the “John Oliver Effect” effect–the first of a series of research essays in cultural and media studies. The second essay “The Changing Masculinity of James Bond” is currently undergoing editing.

In February 2018, she published her historical D/s romance novel “The Slave’s Secret” as ebook and in paperback format.


Kimberley Jackson has been nominated for and won a number of online fiction awards:

Nominated in the 2007 KIBBS awards in the following categories:

Best New Kate/Gibbs Story for “Blue Skies”
Best Kate/Gibbs Work In Progress for the “Sky” Series (“Blue Skies”, “After Tonight”, “In Your Eyes”)
Best Kate/Gibbs NC-17 for “After Tonight” AND
Best Kate/Gibbs NC-17 for “28 Words”
Best New Author – Kimberley Jackson
Best Author – Kimberley Jackson

Nominated in the 2010 NCIS awards in the following categories:

Best Romance for “Christmas Dreams”
Best Hurt/Comfort for “So Close”
Best Other for “Forbidden Fascination” and “After Tonight”

Nominated in the 2014 Sam & Jack Multimedia Awards in the following categories:

Best Mature for “Only One Road”
Best Angst for “Moments Like This”
Best Mature “Just For Survival”
Art: Best Handdrawn – “Stardust”
Art: Best Comic/Manga/Graphic Novel – “Closet Interludes”

Best Author
Best Artist

Nominated in the 2015 Sam & Jack Multimedia Awards in the following categories:

Best Action/Adventure for “Stargate Aschen”
Best Alternate for “Stargate Aschen”
Best Angst for “Moments Like This” and “Stargate Aschen”
Best Hurt/Comfort/Whump for “Tomorrow Is Another Day”
Best Jack-centric for “Just For Survival (Jack Version)”
Best Mature for “Leather & Lace: Fantasy”, “Just For Survival (Sam Version) and “Stargate Aschen”
Best Sam-centric for “Stargate Aschen”
Best Smut for “Leather & Lace: Fantasy”

Best Author
Best Artist

Nominated in the 2016 Fanatic Fanfics Multi Fandom Awards in the following categories:

Best All-Time-Favorite Stargate Fiction for “Stargate Aschen”
Best All-Time-Favorite One-Shot for “End of Days”

Best Veteran Author

Nominated in the 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards in the following categories:

Best Action/Adventure for “End of Days”
Best Alternate Reality for “Stargate Aschen”



2007 Kibbs Award in the categories “Best New Author” as well as for the stories “Blue Skies” and the “Sky” series (“Blue Skies” / “After Tonight”).

2010 NCIS Award for the story “Christmas Dreams

2015 Sam & Jack Multimedia Award for “Stargate Aschen” as Best Adventure and “Leather & Lace: Fantasy” as Best Smut.

2016 Fanatic Fanfics Award for “Stargate Aschen” as Best All-Time Favorite Stargate Story.

2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Award for “Stargate Aschen” as Best Alternate Reality Story.

Quick Bio

Penname: Kimberley Jackson
Also published under the following names: Katie Reese, Ainoyume (Art), Akasha (Television: Alias), Shanice (Television: Alias)

Year of Birth: 1982
Writing since: 1996
Writing Language: English, (Used to write in German)
Mostly Writing: Romance, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy
Actively Written on: ArchiveofOurOwn,,,,
Most Successful Publication (Online): Stargate SG-1 – Stargate Aschen
–> over 2000 (unique visitor) readings in the first month of publication according to story stats, over 1300 ebook downloads from my website after completion

(Almost) Complete List of Works

(All stories will be listed in the year they were started!)

Italics = Unfinished
Bold = Non-Fiction


1996 Daughter of the Witch (Hexentocher)
1997 Kalkra (Fantasia)
1999 – Als der Falke fliegen lernte (As the Hawk Took Flight)
– Belehrung über das Leben (Lesson about Life)
Indian Spirit
– Pretty Soldier Sailormoon (Collection of 20 or more short stories)
2000 – Angel of Mine
– Christmas Miracle
– Dreamer
– Entrapment
– Mistakes
– Return to a Usual Life
– Silver Millenium
– Undercover (The Net Fiction)
2001 – Greek Summer
– Holo-Syndrom, Das
– Kadetten-Jahrgang, Der
– Memorial Vacations
– Nightmare
– Warrior of Hatchepsut, The
– Windstoss (Breeze of Wind)
2002 – Alive
– Island of the Living Dead
Library of Atlantis, The (Sequel to “Warrior of Hatchepsut”)
– Witchhunt
2003 – As Long As There’s Christmas
– Forever Tonight
– Game, The
I Turn To You (Unfinished)
It Must Have Been Love
– Marissa
– Undercover
– Way She Moves, The
2004 21st Century Juliet (written under the pseudonym ‘Shanice’)
– Darkness of Love (written under the pseudonym ‘Akasha’)
– December Challenge (Collection of 3 Short Stories)
– Seashell
– Second Chance
– Show Me Heaven
2005 – Angel of Atlantis
– Dangerous Liaisons
– Enemies; A Love Story
– Last Night on Earth
– Reflection
2006 – African Americans in American Art (Scientific Paper)
– Caleidoscope
– Eternal Moon
– Haiku (9 Poems)
– Lifeline
2007 – 28 Words
– After Tonight
– Alive (Revision/Translation of 2002 Version)
– Beyond the Light
– Blue Skies
– Forbidden Fascination
– Redemption
– See You There
– So Close
– Wildflower (Poem)
2008/2009 – Mediterranean Eyes
– In Another Dream Series
– Christmas Dreams
– “Black Elk Speaks, doesn’t he?” – Facts and Fiction of an Autobiography
2012 Timeless
– Only One Road
2013 American Television Serials after 9/11 – Reflection of a National Paranoia
– Moments Like This
– Stargate: Aschen
– Sweet Surrender (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
– Submission (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
– Trust (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
Crime (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
– Punishment (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
2014 – Just For Survival
– Just For Survival (Jack)
– Beneath Perceived Realities
– Release (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
– Fantasy (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
– Reality (Leather & Lace Vol. 1)
– Disobedience (Leather and Lace Vol. 2)
– Stargate Aschen (ongoing)
2015 – Tomorrow Is Another Day
– Captive (Leather and Lace Vol. 2)
– Toys (Leather and Lace Vol. 2)
– Crossroads (Leather and Lace Vol. 2)
– Normalcy (Leather and Lace Vol. 2)
– Limits (Leather and Lace Vol. 3)
– Kidnapping (Leather and Lace Vol. 3)
– Distance (Leather and Lace Vol. 3)
Against Regulations (Original Work – Based on Leather & Lace Vol. 1 + 2 )
– End of Days
– Double Dealing / Double Demise
The Slave’s Secret / If Only
– Stars Falling on Christmas Eve (Rewrite of the 2008 Story Christmas Dreams)
2016 – Absolution
– Universial Grammar – Solution or Pseudoscience?
– The Difference That Never Was
– The John Oliver Effect – The Cultural Work of Political Satire in Post-Network US Culture
– Frozen Stars
– Religion and the American Gothic: Free Will in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s House of the Seven      Gables
2017 – Obedience (Leather and Lace Vol. 3)
– The Changing Masculinity of James Bond



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