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The Slave’s Secret – A historical D/s romance set in Ancient Rome

A historical D/s romance set in Ancient Rome

“Become my pleasure slave.”

Samara is torn when the handsome Magistrate Marcus offers her a tempting deal to gain her freedom. He’s different from the Patricians she’s met so far, and he’s definitely more charming than her abusive master Aaron. His nearness evokes previously unknown emotions in her, but the idea of sharing his bed is as intimidating as it is thrilling. Can she trust him, or will he turn out to be just as cruel and manipulative as her previous master?

Marcus is fascinated by the beautiful slave with the flaming red hair and the exotic, fair-skinned look. Disguised as the new Magistrate, he has to get to the bottom of a conspiracy, before the real Magistrate can take office. Hoping to gain valuable information from Samara, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse, unknowing that she’s entangled in a web of lies that not only endanger his mission, but soon also both their lives.


Stars Falling on Christmas Eve – A Christmas Romance

A fluffy, happy Regency Christmas Romance.

Lady Sam is frustrated when she learns that a friend of her recently deceased father has taken over her guardianship. Determined to get rid of Jonathan O’Neill before Christmas Eve, she comes up with a conspiracy to drive him out of her home. Not in her wildest dreams did she expect him to be the man of her dreams. Can she become the mannered lady he’s so obviously looking for? Or will he accept her for who she is?


If Only (A special edition romance featuring Sam and Jack) – Requests now closed!

A Historical Romance set in Ancient Roman times.

When Sam runs over the new Prefect at the market, his respectful behavior towards her surprises her. Handsome and charming, he’s different from the nobles she’s met so far, and he’s definitely different from her cruel, abusive Master. Trapped as the favorite slave of a brothel owner, she’s only interested in buying herself out of her slave contract and becoming a free woman, whatever the cost.

Jack is fascinated by the beautiful slave with the exotic, fair-skinned look. But his secret mission doesn’t allow for distractions. Disguised as a noble, he has to get to the bottom of a conspiracy, before the actual new Prefect can take office.

In the hopes to gain valuable information from the beautiful slave, he tracks her down, unknowing that she’s entangled in a web of lies that not only endangers his mission, but soon also both their lives.

Note: This is a special fanfic version of an original fiction I’m writing. It will can be requested for free after publication of the original on amazon and iTunes.

Stargate Aschen by Kimberley Jackson

Stargate Aschen (A Sam/Jack romance based on Stargate SG-1) – COMPLETE

A Science-Fiction/Adventure Romance.

In the year 799 (Aschen calender), Earth is a colony under strict reign by an oppressive Aschen government. The Aschen have turned humans into slaves, and seized control over the entire planet, including the Stargate–a device that allows them to form a wormhole and travel thousands of light years across the galaxy to their home planet within seconds.

Humanity is at the brink of extinction. Due to advanced Aschen medicine human lifespan has almost tripled, but most of the human population is born infertile. Only a small percent of humans are so-called gifted ones, who are able to conceive/father children. Strict rules apply to these gifted ones, as the Aschen government wants to uphold the human population.

Samantha Carter is 25 years old. She has just come of age and undergoes her first fertility tests. When her tests turn out positive, her life is about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Unwilling to accept a forced marriage and life in a breeding facility under Aschen control, she runs away from home to find the resistance and fight for the freedom of Earth as well as her own.

As she meets Jack O’Neill, camp leader of resistance Cell 4, neither of them realizes they are bound together by more than the mutual goal to free Earth from Aschen reign. Side by side, they fight to liberate their world from the oppression of an alien race using a second, secret Stargate found almost a century before in the Antarctica forests…

Note: Although this work borrows characters and concepts from the television show Stargate SG-1, this work stands on its own and is independent from the television show.

Show Me Heaven (Kimberley Jackson)

Alias: Show Me Heaven (An Jack/Irina AU Romance)

Alias Jack/Irina Fanfiction.
Rating: Mature.

Warning: 75.000 words

Boston, 1865 During the Civil War, Irina is a woman with many facades, living with her husband Gerard Cuvee in Boston. She is forced to spy for her husband and the southern side, but hides slaves to help them to escape from their owners at the same time since her sympathies are lying with the North. As her husband is addicted to games and alcohol, she has to sell herself to men from the middle and upper class in order to earn money, and sometimes to get information. When her husband orders her to seduce the North’s best war strategist and lawyer, Jack Bristow, it starts out as a job as usual for Irina but soon she’s intrigued by his charm and behavior.


Original Novels not available online:

Greek Summer
Greek Summer is a romance novel.

Jennifer Langton visits Greece on her summer vacation. After a desastrous start, a robbery and her being left along in the outskirts of Athens, things take a turn for the better, when Jennifer meets and old acquaintance…

Finished: 2001

The Warrior of Hatchepsut
“The Warrior of Hatchepsut” is an adventure/romance novel.

Celine Allan is a student of archeology and egyptology in London. One night she has mysterious nightmares in which she is commanded to find an old artifact called the “Scion”. The “Scion” holds incredible power and must not fall into the hands of the wrong people. Against all better judgment, she travels to Egypt to find the mysterious artifact – and learns that she is not who she always believed to be…

Finished: 2002

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