Kimberley Jackson has published a number of original short stories and humanitarian articles online. All of her works of non-fiction are published under her real name, Katie Reese.

In 2007 GalaGallery mentioned her as one of Europe’s emerging authors.

In 2010, she wrote a critical article (“FGM und das Problem der kulturellen Akzeptanz”) regarding FGM (female genital mutilation) for Stop FGM Now! and the Desert Flower Foundation, an international fundraising effort and charity organization to stop FGM worldwide. The largest German organization for women’s rights, “Terre Des Femmes” republished the article. Since then, a translation of her article “FGM and the problem of cultural acceptance” has been re-published by numerous national and international organizations, among them “Africa United Against FGM” and “With (he)art against FGM“.


Kimberley Jackson has also published a number of scientific articles and papers in the fields of literary sciences and cultural studies. They can be purchased in all bookstores and in major online shops such as,, Barnes & Noble, etc.

More Works:

“Bond, James Bond”. A Cultural and Political Approach to the Depiction of a Global Hero
ISBN: 978-3-656-47472-2

“Black Elk Speaks, doesn’t he?”: Facts and Fiction of an Autobiography
ISBN: 978-3-640-78082-2

American Indian English: Background and Development
ISBN: 978-3-640-76457-0

The Development of the English Modals
ISBN: 978-3-640-77442-5

Native American Loanwords in Contemporary American English: History and Development
ISBN: 978-3-640-77443-2

Woody Allen – The Kugelmass Episode: A Critical Analysis
ISBN: 978-3-640-77444-9

Afro-Amerikaner in der amerikanischen Malerei: Spiegelung eines Befreiungsprozesses
ISBN: 978-3-640-77446-3

Deconstructing Dracula: The Reality Behind the Myth
ISBN: 978-3-640-77484-5