Capture Roleplay. Capture Coleplay. Capture Roleplay.

Rating: R

Contains sexual situations,  BDSM, D/s,  light bondage, power play, capture roleplay and non-con/rape roleplay (all consensual!) is therefore not suitable for teens under the age of 18.

Also: f-word warning!

Trigger Warning: This is not a rape story, however it contains mild rape roleplay and may contain some triggers, so beware!

If you have a general (personal, moral, religious, whatever) problem with any of the above mentioned material, please stop reading at this point!

Huge thanks to my betareader/editor Raven Clark, who edited this story with me line by line.

Part 10 of “Leather and Lace

 Capture Roleplay. Capture Roleplay. Capture Roleplay.

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Sam’s eyes fell closed. The distant murmurs and sounds of pleasure disappeared behind a fog of need as Jack’s lips seared a path down her throat. She threaded her fingers through his hair, then fisted it as he gave her a soft nip.

“How fixed is your ‘no-public-sex rule?”

She opened her eyes and stared into his chestnut brown ones. So dark, so deep. “Sir?”

He smirked. “Last Friday you seemed to get a kick out of going without panties.” He drew her closer.

Her drink on the table in front of her didn’t matter anymore. She shifted, and he urged her leg up so that she straddled his thighs. She cleared her throat against the sudden dryness there. “I think pretty fixed, Sir.” Was it though?

She jerked against him when his hand slipped under her much too short dress. Sneaky bastard. Was that why he’d ordered her out of her panties? A groan escaped when his finger slipped through her arousal, then teased her clit.

She buried her face in his neck, stifling a helpless whimper. How could he be so good with his hands? And why the hell did her body react? Here? On a couch in the corner of a public BDSM clubroom?

“You’re lying.” Still that deep, sexy voice that sent pleasant shivers dancing down her spine.

“No, I…” She gasped when he slipped one finger into her core. A second finger followed.

“You telling me you’re faking this?” Definitely a dark undertone.

She swallowed hard. “No, Sir.”

“Ah.” He trailed a lazy finger along her exposed neck. “So if I tell you to come for me here, now…?”

Panting, she writhed against his hand. Her arousal came too fast, too easy. God. She was almost ready to come apart for him, and they’d barely started. She’d never been like this. It usually took her a while to get even close. But since she’d started this whole BDSM thing with Jack…

His hand fisted her hair and pulled her head back so he could study her face. “Sam? I asked you a question.”

“I would, Sir. God, I will… but please…” Her cheeks burned. If he did that, everybody’d see her. Everybody’d witness her orgasm. A thrill pulsed through her. At the same time her stomach tightened. This was wrong. But how could something so wrong feel so good?

“You’re thinking too much.” He growled, then took her lips hard.

His fingers inside her stilled. He played with her, claiming what was his. When he broke the kiss, her breath came hard and fast, his fingers still unmoving.

“You’re such a good little soldier, aren’t you?” He nipped her chin. She swallowed hard.


“Always playing by the rules.” His dark eyes studied her. The humor in his voice was gone. “Have you ever broken them? Willingly? Of your own choice?”

She gave him a cheeky smile. “I have a relationship with you.”

“Yeah, well…” He tilted his head in an almost nod as if to say ‘Good point’. “Besides that. You never go against established rules for the sake of breaking them, do ya?”

“No, Sir.” She closed her eyes as the burn in her cheeks increased. She’d caught a glimpse of his file when she’d still been stationed in Washington. He was known for his insubordinations, even to his superiors.

“Some part of you wants to though.” He twisted his fingers, making her aware of how intimately he played with her—how unacceptably her body responded. “We should find out which emotion would win in a public situation: shame or pleasure?”

“Sir.” Her hand clutched his wrist while heat stabbed at her core. Yes! “No!”

“Ah. Sam, you know the rules for Friday nights.” His voice carried a gentle, yet warning tone. “You wanna say no, use the safe word.” He leaned in closer. “You do it without the safe word, I get to punish you.”

Liquid heat poured into her veins. Punishment. Maybe he’d throw her down on the table and force her to accept what he did to her. Here, in public. And all she could do was surrender and enjoy it. She closed her eyes as tension coiled low in her belly. Where the hell was this coming from? She bit her lip.

“So you still think you get to say no or don’t?” His breath caressed her neck as he rasped the words close to her ear.

“No, Sir, I suppose I don’t.” When he leaned back, she couldn’t help but give him another cheeky smile. “Doesn’t mean I can’t try.”

He chuckled and leaned against the backrest. His gaze remained locked on her as he took a sip from his beer. “There’s a name for subs who deliberately try to push a Dom.”


“Yeah.” He put his bottle back on the table and leaned into her ear. “Brat.”

Brat? She glared at him. “I’m not sure I like that.”

His eyes gleamed. As though he’d already known she’d say that. “I got an idea what we could do today. But I wanna discuss it with you first.”

“I’m listening.” She leaned her arms on his shoulders and brushed his nose with hers.

“You ever heard of capture roleplay?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Getting a little lax on protocols there, are we?”

Sam failed to hide a smile. “Sorry. Sir. You were saying? About the capture roleplay?”

Jack trailed his warm palms up her thighs in a soothing caress. “It’s a kind of roleplay where the dominant has to find and catch the submissive. Think hide and seek—but the dirty, adult version, in which I get to do whatever I want to you once I catch you.”

A thrill of excitement shot through her. “I didn’t know there was such a thing.”

“Last time you said you got off on the adrenaline. That type of game offers a lot of that, provided it’s played right. Wanna try it?”

Capture roleplay. Him having to catch her? Her having to run from him? And when he caught her… She held her breath. “Definitely.” Her voice sounded throaty even to her own ears.

He grinned and got up from the couch. Then he held out his hand. “Come with me.”

“Yes, Sir.” She swallowed the last sip of her beer and placed her hand in his. As he pulled her to him, she smoothed down her skirt with her free hand.

“This club has a special area which happens to be open to the public on Fridays.”

“Oh?” She could barely contain her curiosity as she followed him through the room and down a smaller hallway to the front desk of the club.

He exchanged a few words with the tall man behind the counter. His nametag read Eric. Odd, somehow he didn’t look like an Eric at all. Sam raised her eyebrows when he studied her with a grouchy look. Then he turned to Jack. “Sub in training?”

“Something like that.”

“Collar or bracelet for her?”

Smirking, Jack glanced at her. Sam folded her arms. Oh, he wouldn’t dare…


Lucky him. No way, she’d ever wear a collar. Apparently, many of the subs here did, but she’d never go there. Or worse, being led around on a leash. Like a pet. Never.

“Sam?” She raised her brows at Jack. A silver bracelet dangled from his finger. Sighing, she held her arm out to him. Guess it’s an acceptable compromise.

He clasped a silver bracelet around her wrist. With its fine ornaments, it might have passed as jewelry, had it not clicked shut like a handcuff. He made sure that it wasn’t too tight and then released her hand.

Sam examined the bracelet. Digital lock, probably code. Little compartment at the side, undoubtedly for a battery and circuits. Shouldn’t be too hard to open if she really wanted to.

Jack leaned in to her. “If you pick that lock and take it off without my permission, you’ll regret it.”

Her breath caught. Damn, but he could be hot. And how had he known what she was thinking? She frowned at him and bit her tongue to avoid asking what exactly such a punishment might entail.

His fingers closed around her wrist. “We’re gonna have to work on those little glares. I let your insubordinations pass at work, but on Fridays there’s a zero tolerance policy in place.”

Confused, she watched as he snapped a bracelet around his own wrist. “These are for security. They hold matching codes, so security can monitor your movements. Just to make sure nobody oversteps their boundaries.”

Okay, now was starting to get worried. What exactly had she gotten herself into?

Eric pointed at her feet. “I’m gonna need her shoes. Subs are not allowed to wear shoes in the dungeon.”

“Sam.” Jack nodded at her.

She held her breath. He couldn’t expect her to… When he raised his eyebrows, she swallowed hard. Alright, fine, she’d agreed to try this. She would play by the rules. For now. She lifted first one leg, then the other, and slipped her heels off. The marble floor stung cold under her bare feet.

Jack handed her shoes over to Eric and received a keycard in return.

“The dungeon closes at midnight. Have fun.” Eric gave them a wide grin.

Jack placed his hand on her waist and led her back into the hallway to the club’s main room. Sam couldn’t help looking at the ground. She wasn’t really keen on stepping on broken glass—or something else equally unpleasant.

In the main room, Jack stopped at a door to the left, and held the card against a black box below the handle. It clicked and the door opened.

Curiosity peaked, Sam followed him into a small, dimly lit room. Down a set of stairs to a lower level. Finally, they stopped at the end of a short hallway. Doors lined the hallway on both sides. Jack turned to the one on the right. A large S glowed on it in dark yellow.

“You okay?” His palm grazed along her arm.

“Yes, Sir.” She beamed at him. “Curious, to be honest.”

“Good.” Another smirk. God, she’d never grow tired of seeing that expression. He did it so rarely at work. “This entire level’s a dungeon. They also call this The Maze. Different rooms connected by all kinds of corridors and hallways intended to get you lost. Like an actual maze.”

She nodded. “So we go in there, and then what?”

“We’ll play a little game. This is the price.” He held up the keycard. “Once you step through that door, you can’t get out, unless you have this keycard.” He leaned in. “That means, you’ll have to get it from me. You won’t get it until I’m done with you.”

Done with her? Heat stabbed at her core. This was getting interesting.

“You’ll enter through that door.” He pointed at the one with the S, then turned to the other one behind him that had a large D painted on it. “I’ll enter through there. Once we’re inside, all’s fair game.”

“So a maze… And you have to catch me?” She grinned. “Maybe I won’t make it too hard on you.”

His eyes sparkled as he drew her close. “Careful. I’ll have means to punish you.”

“Sir. That’s unfair.”

He gave her neck a lick. “If I see you’re putting in effort, I might just reward you. Emphasis on might.”

“So, I just get in there and avoid you? What if you find me? Am I allowed to run? Fight?”

“Scream, kick, curse, whatever you’re up for. I’ll leave that up to you and react accordingly. Seemed to work pretty well last time.” He cupped her cheek and brushed his thumb along her lower lip before he took her mouth in a gentle kiss. Then his face grew serious. “You already studied your bracelet. You saw the little red switch at the bottom of the lock?”

She nodded and lifted her hand to look at it again. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s your safe word button when I’m not around. In case you panic and want out of the maze, if someone harasses you, or for emergencies. Don’t be afraid to use it. Club security will be there within seconds.”

“Okay.” That didn’t sound too bad. It was a fantasy after all. She gave him a cheeky smile. “I’m ready to put up a fight.”

His eyes blazed as he pulled her close. “You better be ready to get fucked real hard then.”

Oh, God. Need heated her blood. Hell, she was ready for that now. Maybe she wouldn’t even hide, just make sure she found him as fast as possible, and let him have his way with her.

“Oh, and Sam.” His grip on her arm tightened. The ghost of a smirk played on his face. “Don’t even think about cheating. As in surrendering. If I get the feeling you’re not putting in enough effort, I’ll get all the Doms gathered in a room, rip that sweet little dress off your beautiful body, and fuck you senseless while they’re standing by watching.”

She froze. He wouldn’t. Her gaze met his. Oh, he would. Embarrassment battled with overwhelming need inside her. The idea of a group of men watching her as she… Her cheeks burned. The fantasy aroused her, but the idea of it happening in reality? She’d be so ashamed if they watched her, naked, coming…

His chuckle brought her back to reality. “Apparently, I’ve found an effective punishment.” He tipped her chin up. His eyes gleamed. “I have no doubts you’d come for me.”

She almost wanted to try it. But having him do those things while people watched? Saw her body? Her stomach knotted even though the pressure between her legs didn’t dissipate. She definitely wouldn’t make it easy on him.

“You okay with the rules?” His face gentled, and she realized he was asking as her lover, not her Dom.

“Yes.” She smiled and lifted her hand to cup his cheek. “I trust you.”

“Good.” After another gentle kiss, he opened the door for her. “And Carter.” His eyes twinkled. “Put up a good fight.”

She gave his lower lip a sharp nip. Then she took a step back through the open door. “Yeah sure, ya betcha. Sir.”

His chuckle was the last thing she heard before the black, metal door slammed shut.

No handle on the inside. Sam swallowed. Trapped. An electric thrill buzzed through her. She turned. Ahead of her, a small corridor stretched, dimly lit from a few torches with artificial flames set into the stone wall.

Only one way to go. She followed the corridor a few meters, and then turned left. Another corridor, thos one much shorter. Then a right turn.

Jack hadn’t exaggerated when he’d called this place a dungeon. She came to a crossroads. Left or right? She looked around with raised eyebrows. Just corridors. Each one eerily similar to the next. If she wasn’t careful she’d get lost.

A feeling of unease settled in her stomach. How big was this place? The main club was situated in an old factory, and apparently, they’d turned the entire basement into a maze. That meant a huge territory.

She turned right, and ran into the hard chest of a tall, muscled man in a black uniform. Her breath caught. Big white letters spelled SECURITY on his chest pocket. His face remained stoic when she stammered an apology, but he gave her a courteous nod.

Heart pounding, she wrapped her arms around herself and peeked around the next corner into an empty room. The carpet gave way to cold stone. Funny, how different it felt to run barefoot in a place like this. Somehow, she became much more aware of her surroundings.

A big cross in the form of an X decorated the wall. Shackles hung near the ground and on top. Sam studied it. Muscles deep in her body clenched in an echo of pleasure. Being chained to that cross. Immobilized. While Jack…

God. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. Maybe this really wasn’t a good idea. She was going way over the edge with this. They were just playing games. She’d never been into the lifestyle enough to even consider having a guy chain her up on a thing like that. But now?

After a last cautious glance at the cross, she crossed the room and went through a door at the opposite wall. Another corridor. More carpet, warm and fluffy under her feet. The torches provided barely enough light to see where she was going. Maybe time to speed this up a little. If this maze was as big as she suspected, she could spend days walking around in here.

She ran, took a turn left, then another turn left at the end of the corridor. Was she going in circles? Chalk to mark the walls would come in handy now. She slowed as she came to a doorway on the left leading to another room. Brows raised, she stepped inside.

Cold, bright light filled the room, and the temperature dropped. Tiles lined the floor and walls, and… Oh, boy.

A hospital bed. A gynecological chair. Medical instruments. No way.

She took a step back. She’d spent too many unpleasant hours in medical care. How could anybody be aroused by the idea of a hospital bed? Shuddering, she turned and left the room to continue on down the corridor. Another left turn. Then right. Right. Left.

Okay, she had no idea which way she’d come from anymore. Hadn’t she been here before? She quickened her step. Left, right, right.

She stopped counting the turns she’d taken. At this point, it didn’t make any sense anymore. Too many crossroads and corridors leading in all directions.

Lost. She was completely lost. Great. Time to change her approach.

She had to get the keycard from Jack. For that, she had to find him. But he’d also said he’d be the one doing the chasing. Her lips tugged into a smile. What would he do if she turned this around? Just for a bit. Maybe followed him around. Provided she ever found him in this maze.

Grinning, she hurried around the next corner. After a few minutes she stumbled across another room. No, she definitely hadn’t been here yet. Thick, dark stones covered the walls, and subtle light flooded the room from a metal chandelier set into the ceiling. A large, stone fire oven was set into one corner. She stepped closer, squinting at the flames. The fire was fake. Thank God. Talk about a fire hazard.

Then her gaze fell on the rest of the furniture.

“Oh, boy…” She stared at the table sitting at the center. Metal cuffs glinted attached to all four corners. In another part of the room, metal chains with shackles on the ends dangled from the ceiling. Her stomach tightened. She was out of her league this week. Way out of her league.

She took a step backwards and gasped when her back hit something. A dark wooden bench with shackles on either side. Just high enough to bend someone over and…

Her cheeks burned. She needed to get out of here. As she hurried around the corner, she ran into someone. A woman. Barely dressed in what looked like a bra and a transparent skirt with panties.

Gasping, she stared at Sam, then giggled. “Sorry. For a second, I was scared you were my master.”

She couldn’t help but smile. “No problem.”

“If you run into my master—you know, tall, bald, tattoo on his right forearm—tell him you didn’t see me.” Her dark eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Um, okay.”

“See you around. Gotta run before he catches me.” She winked and took off.

So they really weren’t alone down here. She swallowed hard. How many people were running around in this maze?

Halfway down a long corridor, a man came toward her.

“Hey, girl.” His deep voice echoed off the empty walls.

Girl? Sam folded her arms. Was he talking to her?

“You seen my sub? Small, long black hair?”

“No.” She shook her head.

“Excuse me?” He put his hands on his hips and stared at her.

Damn, he was huge. At least one head taller than her. Which was rare. She swallowed hard.

“You new here, girl?”

“Yeah. First time. Why?” She tried to look threatening.

“Usually subs address masters as ‘Sir’.”

That’ll be the day. Jaw clenched, she gave him a defiant stare, then turned and hurried away. She would not call a man she didn’t even know ‘sir’. What the hell was he thinking?

Around the next corner, then another one. She was definitely moving in circles. None of her field training had prepared her for getting lost in a maze.

Another room.

Curious, she stepped inside and froze. Jack was just walking out the door on the other side. Heart pounding, she retreated and pressed herself against the wall. Had he seen her?

Carefully, she peeked around the corner. Negative. Her lips tugged into a grin. Colonel Jack O’Neill. Highest levels in close combat and field strategy. Let’s see if I can outsmart you.

She sneaked through the empty room to the exit on the other side. Going barefoot hadn’t been a bad idea after all. Where had he gone? Left or right? She waited a moment, then took a careful step outside. Jack vanished around the next corner at the end of the corridor.

Oh, this was going to be fun. Turning the hunter into the hunted. What would he do if he caught her? Excitement buzzed in her veins. Probably punish her, but hopefully in a hot way.

She pressed her lips together to stifle a giggle and hurried along the corridor. Was this defying a direct order? Probably. Boy, did it feel good. He was right about that.

She rounded the next corner. Her breath caught as she ran into the hard planes of a warm male chest. A yelp threatened to escape, but she bit it back. Hands grabbed her arms and held her in a steel-like grip. Eyes wide, she stared up into Jack’s darkened eyes.

He leaned in to her ear. His warm breath fanned her overheated neck. “The prey following the predator? Very bad move.”

Prey? Predator? Blood rushed in her ears. Never before had the idea of being prey to anyone sounded so alluring.

And how had he noticed? He was as good as his record said.

She took a step back and glanced in the direction she’d come from. Was he a fast runner? In the field, they rarely had to race. Could she outrun him?

He lifted his hand and glanced at his watch. “That wasn’t even fifteen minutes.” His eyes blazed as he leaned in to her ear. “Not enough effort, Sam.”

She stared at him. He wasn’t going to make good on his threat, was he?

She spun and started running. Fast. Left, Right, Left, Left. Then straight down a longer corridor. Finally, she rounded a corner and pressed herself against the wall, panting. Maybe she’d lost him. Maybe he wasn’t following her.

She groaned when Jack came around the corner. Brows raised, he grinned. “Gotcha.”

“Not quite.” She pushed herself away from the wall and started racing down the corridor again. It didn’t matter where. Left or right, longer or shorter corridors. She’d lost her sense of direction anyway. After what felt like an eternity, she stumbled into a room.

Damn. The medieval room with the fire in the corner. She’d been here before. Only one exit. She spun and flinched as Jack entered.

He looked around and chuckled, then stalked towards her.

Sam stepped backwards around the table. She sneaked a glance at the door. If she was fast enough…

She rounded the table to the other side and ran for the door.

Jack’s warm hand clasped around her wrist. The other one sneaked around her waist and pulled her back against him. “Not so fast.”

God, he’d been right. This was hot. The excitement of running and hiding. The thrill when he found her, the anticipation of him having caught her. She was his. What would he do to her now?

“Why don’t we have a look around first?” His scent made her head swim.

“Sir?” Almost toneless.

He turned them both so they faced the room. His hand grazed along her neck. Slow. Sensual. She trembled. “Let’s try some of these.” He nodded at the furniture. “Punishment for your disobedience.”

Oh, God. She swallowed hard. “S-sir…”

He urged her forward until she stood in front of the large wooden table in the middle of the room. “Get up.”

Oh, crap. Curiosity killed the cat. Maybe she shouldn’t have been so eager to participate in this game. Arms and legs shaking, she pulled herself up onto the table.

“Lay back, hands above your head.”

Hot and cold raced through her veins as she pulled herself to the middle and lay down. The varnished wood felt cold under her skin. She stared up at the large metal chandelier right above her. This was surreal. If she closed her eyes, she could almost hear the screams of tortured victims. And yet… were they screams of pain? Or pleasure? Or both?

She jerked as Jack captured her wrists and leaned over her to study her face, her arms firmly locked in his grip.

A slight, lopsided smirk pulled at his lips. He drew her arms up until her wrists rested in cold metal notches set into the wood near both corners. Shackles. Her heart sped up, and she took a sharp breath. He closed the iron clasps, locking her hands in place. Trapped. At his mercy.

“Oh God.” She closed her eyes as he strolled around the table.

“I didn’t lock them.” His expression gentled. “You can get out if you want to.”

Did she want to? She tested the restraints. Indeed, the shackle opened slightly. One good pull and she’d be free. She relaxed and locked her gaze with his, challenging him.

Chuckling, he drew his index finger along her jawline, down her neck. Over her collarbone… Her breath caught.

“I’m going to enjoy playing with you.” Then he pulled his hand away. Damn him.

She glared at him. His eyes danced with amusement. He knew exactly what he was doing, didn’t he? Well, why should that surprise her? He’d known what he was doing from the start, and he seemed to know his way around this club.

“We’re gonna have to get some toys.”

Toys? Her heart hammered in her chest. “Sir?”

He smirked, then trailed his finger along her inner thigh in a ticklish caress. “So I can play with you.”

Oh God. “Play, Sir?”

“A vibrator. A coupla dildos. Something like that.”

“Oh.” She released a sigh. Thank God.

His eyebrows climbed. “What did you think I meant?”

“Um…” Her cheeks warmed. “Whips. Or canes. Or whatever else people use for this kind of torture.”

He chuckled. “We can get those too.” He leaned down to her ear at the same time as his hand slipped between her legs. “If you’re into that. This kind of torture can be really, really hot.”

Her eyes fell closed. His hot fingers brushed along her labia, teasing but never quite touching the right spots.

“Maybe I should get a crop for occasional light punishment. Coupla floggers to tease you.” His breath caressed her ear.

Punishment. Pain? “No, Sir.” Her words came out breathy. Was she pleading with him when she actually wanted it? Why did her muscles clench so deliciously at the idea? She was going overboard, wasn’t she? Over to the dark side.

No, Sir?” He chuckled and nipped her earlobe. “That was a pretty strong reaction for a ‘no, sir’.” He withdrew his hand from her core and held her gaze as he placed his fingers to her lips.

She groaned and opened her mouth to flick her tongue across his fingers. Arousal. Her arousal. Damn. Her tongue danced around his fingers. Suddenly his mouth was on hers, taunting, teasing, undoubtedly tasting her on her own lips.

She writhed under him. Something akin to disappointment flooded her when the shackles gave. She whimpered into the kiss and opened her eyes when he straightened to study her.

He opened the shackles. “Come on, get down.”

Too bad.

Chuckling, he leaned down to her. “I have something else in mind for you. Besides, we’re not done here.”

Was she that easy to read? She sat up and slid off the table. Immediately, he took her arms in a firm hold and pushed her back toward the corner. To the shackles hanging from the ceiling.

Her breath quickened when he pulled her arms up over her head.

The click of the locks as they snapped shut around her wrists echoed unnaturally loud in her ears. He didn’t move, but held her gaze. So close. So intimate.

Her breath mingled with his. “Sir.” Barely a rasp.

Anticipation peaked inside her. Finally, his lips brushed along hers. Soft. Gentle. And yet with a fierce determination that staggered her. He was the one in control. She shifted her arms. Pulled.

The chains rattled. Jack’s hand closed around her arm. The shackles didn’t give. No escape. Pleasure coiled deep in her belly, and she sighed.

He cupped her cheek and studied her as he trailed his thumb across her lower lip. Her breath shook. She wanted him so fiercely it left her dizzy.

“You like this?”

“Yes, Sir.”

A ghost of a smile played around his mouth as he took a step back towards the table. He studied her, his gaze heated.

Sam held her breath when he pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his muscled chest dusted with graying hair. She bit her lower lip, her hands fisting in the shackles. He’d take her? Here? While she was shackled in a standing position? A jolt of pleasure shot right to her clit. She squirmed. God, she wouldn’t be able to do anything. Not touch him, nor herself.

He stalked over to her and brushed the back of his hand along the skin of her inner arm. Tickled. Then he stepped behind her.

Heat radiated from his body, and for a long while it was all she felt. Pressure built in her core. When would he touch her? She held her breath. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting an eternity.


“Breathe.” One of the most erotic experiences of her entire life had to be Jack O’Neill rasping into her ear, his warm breath tickling her skin while his hands grazed along her sides. He pulled her back against his warm chest and began spilling kisses along her neck.

She panted, wanting more. So much more. Yet all she could do was stand here and take what he offered. What a maddening feeling. And erotic in a new, forbidden way.

His chest hair tickled her back. His hands seared her arms, her stomach, her breasts. She leaned her head back against his shoulder in complete surrender. If only he’d take her.

Her deepest muscles clenched in desperate arousal, and she squeezed her legs together to ease some of the pressure. He nipped her earlobe, drawing a sharp gasp from her.

“I could take you now. Here. Shove your dress up and have my way with you. Hard. Gentle. However I please.”

“Yes, Sir.” Oh, she was definitely not above begging anymore.

He chuckled, and a pleasant shiver danced down her spine. “I’ll definitely keep that in mind.” His hand trailed along her hip to the end of her skirt.

She squirmed in his arms, against his touch, trying to get his hands where she wanted them. Finally, he found her throbbing core, one of his fingers delving deep inside. Teeth gritted, she bucked against him, her legs nearly giving way under her.

He bit her earlobe, then his lips seared a hot path down her neck to her shoulder.

“Please, Sir.”

“Like this?”

“Yes…” God, how much. Her mind spun. Her body was on fire. “Please, Sir. Take me.”

Chuckling, he withdrew from her, and the cool air from the room provided a stark contrast to his heat. Confused, she turned her head. So he wasn’t gonna do it after all?

She looked at him, dazed when he strolled to stand in front of her again. He studied her, his face serious. He trailed his hands up to her arms and opened the shackles holding her hands. “Sam.”


“What’s your safe word?”

“Quarks.” She held his gaze in confusion and rubbed her wrists.

“Good.” His eyes twinkled before they darkened again. “I’m not done with you.”

Oh God, what did he plan next?

When steps sounded from the door, she turned her head. A man entered the room. The tall, bald Dom she’d run into earlier. He looked around and chuckled when he saw her. “So that’s who you belong to.”

“Excuse me?” Jack raised his eyebrows.

“I ran into her earlier. Very disrespectful little subbie you got there. When I made her aware of her insulting behavior, she just took off.”

Jack’s eyes danced as he studied her. “Did she? She’s new at this, so you gotta excuse her disrespect.” He turned to face her. “There was, however, the standing order that she not talk to anybody for that exact reason.”

There was? Sam stared at him. He hadn’t even mentioned that. Unless…

Don’t talk to anybody. You please no one but me. His words from the week before echoed in her mind. Shit. She’d forgotten that. He’d also never mentioned it was a standing order.

“Sam, why don’t you apologize to him?” His tone made clear it wasn’t an option.

“Yes, Sir.” Sighing, she turned to face the tall Dom. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you.”

Jack smirked and leaned in. “Didn’t you forget something?”

She folded her arms and glared at him. “I don’t even know him. I won’t address a stranger with ‘Sir’.”

“Ah.” His eyes darkened, and he turned to the tall man. “What’s your name?”


“All right, Doug. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable for a few minutes? I’ll let you watch her punishment.”

Wait, what? Blood drained from her face. She took a step back, but suddenly Jack stood behind her, his fingers closing around her upper arms to hold her in place.

“No.” She shook her head.

“Sam.” Jack turned her around. “What’s your safe word?”

“Quarks.” Why the hell did he keep asking her that?

“You wanna use it?”

She opened her mouth. Yes. Something stopped her from uttering the word. He would never let this guy touch her. They’d agreed he’d never let anyone else touch her. Doug would just watch… Heat stabbed at her core. The thought was as thrilling as it was scary.

She closed her mouth and lifted her chin with a shake of her head.

“Good. With me.” Jack’s face grew hard. “Doug, make yourself comfortable.”

The tall Dom grinned and leaned against the wall with folded arms.

Sam trembled as Jack led her over to the bench. Oh God, he wasn’t going to…

“Lie down.”

Trembling, she leaned forward, but his arm stopped her.

“On your back. And Sam, how do you acknowledge an order?”

She glared at him. “Yes, Sir.” He urged her to sit down on the bench. If he was impressed by her glare, he certainly didn’t show it.

“Lie back.”

Careful not to fall off either side of the narrow top, she complied. Her stomach clenched. This felt vulnerable… exposed… and yet, a hint of excitement pulled in her belly.

Jack grabbed her wrist and slid it down the side into a shackle without closing it. She looked up at him. “I won’t restrain you since this is a first. Keep your hands right there.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice trembled. God, she was in way over her head.

His face gentled. He leaned down and took her lips in a sweet kiss. “Trust me?”

She did. So much. Her breath slowed. This was the man with whom she’d fought side by side in battle. Who had her back. He wouldn’t hurt her. “Yes, Sir.”

“Okay.” He brushed her nose with his. “Keep your eyes on me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Had she ever been so eager to use those two words?

He got up and strolled to the end of the bench. When he went down on his knees and put her feet on his shoulders, her muscles tightened in anticipation.

He held her gaze and brushed his thumb along her ankles. “Breathe.”

Easier said than done. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. And then released it in a deep moan when his hot, wet tongue licked over her clit.

Not even a warning. Teeth gritted against another moan, she fisted her hands, remembering at the last second she wasn’t supposed to move them.

God, he was so damn good with his mouth, it should be illegal. She let her head fall back. His hand trailed up and down her thigh, soothing, caressing while he increased the pressure of his tongue.

Why had she been against this again? Right. The guy watching them. She turned her head and opened her eyes. Doug’s gaze fixated on her. Blood rushed to her face, made her cheeks burn. She tensed and shifted one of her hands to Jack’s hair in an attempt to move away from him. “Sir.”

“Sam.” At the gentleness in his voice, she turned her head. “Eyes on me.” An order. And an unmistakable warning.

Right. “Sorry, Sir.”

Heat flooded her as his tongue went back to work. So skillful. Unrelenting. Pushing her higher and higher. Licking and flicking until the room started spinning.

Then he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked. Delicious, sweet suction that shot her straight up to heavens.

“Yes… oh God…” Her eyes fell closed. She arched her body against him. More. So much more. He played at her entrance, and one of his long fingers slipped inside. “Sir.”

She arched off the bench, closer to him. More. She needed more.

“You gonna come for me?”

“Yes… Sir.” She opened her eyes, forgetting that she’d turned her head to the side.

Doug still watched her, but his expression had changed. Desire. Hunger. Endorphins rushed through her as hyper-awareness of her body set in. She was gonna come while he watched her. Heat spread from her core through her entire body. She felt seductive. Sexy. Scandalous. And in an odd way, irresistible.

And then suddenly Jack’s mouth left her and he withdrew his finger. Wait… punishment? He was going to leave her hanging again? Panting, she stared at him.

“That’ll give you some time to think about obeying orders.” His eyes sparkled.

Oh, damn him. Shakily, Sam sat up and smoothed her dress down. She should’ve known. Jack held his hand out to her and then pulled her up to her feet, against him, into his arms. Breathless, she leaned her head against his shoulder. His fingers tangled through her hair as Doug approached them.

“You sure got an intriguing sub there. Interested in a co-top?”

“We don’t do co-tops. And I don’t share.” Jack’s tone didn’t leave any room for interpretation.

“Too bad, man. Let me know if you change your mind.” He grinned, looking at her. “Little sub.” Then he strolled out of the room.

Little sub? Somebody should teach that guy some manners. Trembling, she closed her arms around Jack’s waist. He dropped a kiss to her forehead.

“What’s a co-top?” Maybe she should actually put her home computer to good use and google some of these things. Behind a proxy. Or VPN, so the Air Force couldn’t track her searches.

Jack’s breath washed warm against her hairline. “Two males, one female.”

Her stomach knotted. Had Doug just asked Jack to share her with him?

“Don’t worry. You set it as a hard limit. Besides, I don’t like co-tops either.” He tipped her chin up and studied her.

She swallowed hard. “Have you done it before?”

“Once. In my twenties.”

He and another guy… and a woman. He was so far out of her league, it wasn’t funny. “How was it?”

“Awkward. Mostly.” He chuckled and leaned in to her ear. “Too hard not to touch anywhere I really didn’t wanna touch.”

A giggle evaporated from her and she buried her head on his shoulder. “Oh God.”

“I should give you another chance at this. You know, you running. Me catching. You gonna disobey orders again and turn the tables?”

“No, sir.”

“Good.” His eyes darkened. “Next time I find you, I won’t be so nice.”

Leaving her hanging was nice? A hint of fear pricked at her, and delicious adrenaline filled her veins. Part of her wanted to tempt him so see what he’d do.

He studied her, then grinned and walked over to the table. When he turned back to her, his eyes sparkled. Dark. Dangerous. “I’ll wait here. Ten seconds. That’s all you get.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Taking a step back, she almost stumbled out of the room. She spun and hurried along the corridor while she pulled her dress further down. She wanted him to fuck her so hard. And damn her, she actually wanted the punishment. What was wrong with her?

She raced through the corridors and took random turns left and right when the opportunity arose. When she reached a wider corridor with benches on both sides, and a large rectangular box with plants in the middle, she stopped and leaned her hands on her thighs to catch her breath. No, she definitely hadn’t been in this room yet.

This was just a game. Why was this so intense? Why was her heart pounding so fast? Why did she feel so giddy?

Steps drifted from somewhere close. Out of instinct, she jump-started into a run. So many corridors. So many turns. Her head spun.

She took a left turn and stopped. Mirrors lined the walls, covered the floor and ceiling, creating a weird, distorted illusion of infinity. And…

Blood drained from her face. Not wearing panties was definitely not a good idea when walking across a floor tiled with mirrors. She hurried across the smooth, slippery surface. Reflections everywhere took away the last sense of direction she’d had.

She panted and sighed in relief when she turned another corner and the mirrors ended. A doorway on the left led to another room. She stepped inside.

A large red couch sat against the wall. A heavy oak desk stood in the middle. A round cage hung from the ceiling in a corner. Heavy dark red brocade drapes covered two of the four walls. Like an old European study. Captivated by the luxurious interior, she trailed her fingers along the edges of the couch. As with all the furniture, it was covered in a plastic sheet.

She strolled around the desk. A sturdy pole stuck out of the wooden floor next to the desk chair. It had an iron ring attached at one side. To chain a sub? Intrigued, she studied the pole and imagined the possibilities. Then her eyes shifted to the cage in the corner. Just big enough for one person to kneel or stand in. She trailed her fingers along the cold metal bars.

Another one of those X-shaped crosses lined the wall next to the cage. Leather shackles dangled down from the two top ends.

She turned and left the room. There were mirrors on the right side. Left it was.

Hide and seek. The adult version. Jack’s description didn’t quite do it justice. This was a lot better than hide and seek had ever been. Smiling, she strolled around the next corner.

And came to a dead stop.

Fifteen meters ahead down the long corridor, Jack walked towards her. His step slowed. Apparently, he was equally surprised. Then a devilish smirk pulled at his lips.

Oh crap. Run. She didn’t even take time to question her instinct. Spinning, she raced back along the way she’d come. Around two corners, and then into the room.

Heart pounding, her gaze darted around, then she hurried behind the desk and crawled under it. Panting, she covered her mouth with her hands. He’d hear her breathing.

She held her breath when steps sounded on the hardwood floor. Her lungs burned, and she allowed herself to release a slow stream of air, and inhale quietly. Blood rushed in her ears. Why was she doing this? Jack wasn’t going to hurt her. Oh, but the fantasy that he might…

She closed her eyes. Images flooded her brain. Jack pulling her out from her hiding place, pressing her down on the desk, taking her. Hard. Ignoring her pleas. Oh God. A soft groan escaped, and she pressed her lips together and froze. Dizziness overcame her. The room spun to the rhythm of her pounding heart.

What was happening to her? This wasn’t her. This wasn’t the woman who’d been trained to fight and stand up to men.

Adrenaline spiked when his steps grew louder. Sam pulled her knees up to her chest and waited. Silence. Her heart thudded so loud he had to hear it. Or had he left again?

She waited another minute. Nothing. Quietly, she shifted and peeked out from under the desk to look around. Left… nothing. Right… nothing. She crawled out and got up.

“I wondered how long you were gonna stay down there.”

Chills danced down her spine. She spun. Jack sat on the couch, legs spread out and arms on the backrest. Damn, he’d tricked her. She glanced at the door. No way she’d reach it before he got to her.

She lifted her chin. “How about you come and get me?” If she could lure him away from the door…

“All in due time.”

He stretched and then got up from the couch, holding up a pair of leather cuffs. When he threw them to her, Sam caught them. She studied them and raised her eyebrows.

“Put them on.” His voice was hard.

Sam swallowed. “I won’t.” She placed the cuffs on the desk and took a step back. If he wanted her to surrender, he’d have to make her.

His eyes blazed. “Just so we’re clear, I’m giving you a choice here. You can put them on now, and I’ll be reasonably gentle. If you don’t, I won’t show the same restraint.”

A choice. Her choice. She swallowed and glanced at the cuffs. She wanted it all. No restraints, no gentleness. Submission, pain, complete surrender…

Was she pushing herself too far? Maybe, but she wanted to experience it, even if it might leave her shattered on the floor.

“Sam.” A dark warning.

She lifted her chin. “No. Sir.”

A ghost of a smile played around his lips as he straightened. “As you wish.”

Uh oh. Pulse racing, she took a step towards the left. He mirrored her movement. Then right. Again, he mirrored her.

She gave him a beaming smile. “Can I get another chance?”

“You wish.” He smirked. “No more chances.” He placed his palms on the table and leaned forward. “I’m gonna grab you and then I’m gonna take you so hard you’ll scream.”

Her legs nearly buckled under her, and her breath quickened. Oh, yes. God yes, please. She realized too late that he’d used his words as a distraction to circle the desk. Gasping, she took a step back, but he was faster. He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around.

She struggled in his grip, her arm twisting out of his hold. She managed to make two meters before he caught her again and slammed her against the wall. The air left her lungs. His dark gaze held hers, while his hand moved to her throat.

She gasped and clasped his arm. “Sir.”

His eyes never left hers while he grabbed first one hand, then the other, and pinned her wrists above her head. “Don’t pretend you don’t want this.”

She closed her eyes. Oh, she so wanted this. “Let me go.”

Her wrists firmly locked in his grip, he spun her around. Sam held her breath when he pushed her towards the desk and bent her forward, crushing her front to the hard surface. His warmth radiated through their clothes when he leaned over her to keep her in place.

“Oh, I will. Maybe. When I’m done with you. First a little interrogation’s in order.” He let go of her wrists and trailed his warm hands down along her spine to her hips.

When she leaned up on her elbows, he pushed her back down to the table.

“You’ll stay right there.”

He shoved her dress up over her hips. She trembled and stretched her arms to clasp the edge of the desk. He stilled, his warm palm on the small of her back, holding her in place. What was he waiting for?

She gritted her teeth and tried to push back against him, the coarse material of his jeans rubbing deliciously against her core.

He let out a low chuckle, then two fingers slipped inside her. Stretched her. Unable to muffle her moan, she let her head sink to the desk. Her muscles clenched around him.

He leaned down and trailed his tongue along the nape of her neck, searing a path to her shoulder. Goosebumps rolled along her spine and she gasped when his fingers gave her a weak thrust. Not nearly enough. He was still playing around, wasn’t he? No real intention to fuck her yet. So help her God, if he didn’t get down to business soon, she’d take matters into her own hands.

“You’ve been around this place a bit, I assume.” His hot breath tickled her ear. “Tell me which rooms you’ve found, and what you thought about the furniture inside. And Sam, no lies.”

He wanted to talk? Now? “I found a couple. They were all great.” Can you please just fuck me now?

Another chuckle. “Specifics. First room you ran into?” His fingers gave her another thrust.

Her legs trembled. Of all the times, now he wanted her to be specific. “There was a cross. Like an X. Nothing else.”

“A St. Andrews Cross.” He pressed a hot kiss to her nape. “And?”

“It was—“ He surprised her with another thrust that sent pleasant shivers through her core. “Oh God, yes.”

“Focus, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart? Shivers danced down her spine. She’d never liked to be called pet names. But damn, the way he did it… And if he thought rasping pet names in her ear would help her focus while he had his fingers inside her, he was so misled.

“I like the idea of you… God, Jack.” The room spun. “Sir. Please.”

“Of me doing what?”

“Tying me to the cross and…” Her cheeks burned. Ah well, who cared for decency anymore. “…fucking me, sir.”

He dropped a warm, tender kiss to her neck. “I’ll keep that in mind. Any other rooms?”

She tensed. “There was one that looked like a hospital room.”


“I didn’t look at the stuff there. I turned and left as fast as I could.”

“Yeah.” A chuckle. “Doesn’t do anything for me either.”

Oh, thank God.

“Anything else?”

“The room we played in.” She closed her eyes and pushed her hips against his hand.

“We’ll talk about the details of that later.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What about this room? There’s a cross here.”

“Oh God.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He withdrew his hand from inside her and pulled her up.

She muttered a curse. She couldn’t take this anymore. When he pulled her over to the wall, she nearly lost balance. Arms around her waist, he steadied her and pushed her against the cross.

“Just for the curses, I’ll let you cool off for a while.”

Oh no. No, he wouldn’t. She pulled her hands out of his grasp and pushed against his chest. His eyes widened as he tumbled back. Apparently, that had caught him by surprise. She started for the door, but he grabbed her around the waist before she reached it.

“You need to be put in your place.” He took the cuffs from the table and dragged her to the couch where he locked the cuffs into a little metal hook behind one of the armrests.

Damn, she hadn’t even seen that. How did he know that was there?

A yelp of surprise left her when he threw her down on the couch and grabbed her hands in a steel-like grip. The leather brushed cold against her skin as he locked the cuffs around her wrists. She writhed and tried to pull her hands away. To no avail.

Finally, he stepped back, panting and leaned his hands on his thighs. She looked up and twisted her arms in the restraints. No use. She gave him a playful glare.

He chuckled. “Damn, you’re beautiful.” In a swift move, he pulled his shirt over his head and opened his pants. She held her breath when he kneeled on the couch next to her and pushed her legs up and apart.  Leaning on his forearms, he settled between them and brushed her cheeks with his thumbs. “Sam…” His face gentled.

She held his gaze. “Please, Sir.”

He reached down, and then the head of his erection pushed into her.

“Oh…” She closed her eyes and fisted her hands. More. So much more.

“We’ll do this nice and slow.” He dropped kisses on her neck and then bit her earlobe tenderly. She hugged his hips with her legs and tilted her pelvis to draw him deeper.

He gave her a slow, gentle thrust. Then stilled. Another. She opened her eyes and lifted her head, offering up her lips. His gaze never left hers as he thrust into her again, then brushed his lips against hers without allowing her to increase the contact.

When had he turned into such a tease?

“Sam…” He drawled her name in a deep voice. “You’re not the one in control.” He nipped at her lower lip. “The more you try to seize it, the more I’ll take it from you. You can’t do anything except let me fuck you.”

She whimpered and dropped her head back. Her nails dug into her palms.

He thrust into her again, deeper this time. With a hiss, she arched her body against his. “Just let go. Stop thinking. Let me take care of you.”

Tension fled her muscles as she relaxed against him. Still, that little voice whispered this was wrong. She shouldn’t enjoy it like this.

He thrust into her, burying himself all the way. Pleasure exploded through her core, so deep, so intense, taking her completely by surprise. Wave after way crashed over her, leaving her panting, breathless, dizzy.

God, it had never felt like this before. This was odd. Not like her orgasms usually felt. Was this even an orgasm? Her mind swam.

Jack leaned down and took her mouth in a long, lingering kiss. He angled his thrusts so he hit that spot inside her, so pleasurable, so good. Still controlled and deliberate, but faster now.

“Sir, please…” She repeated the words like a mantra, her inner thighs caressing his waist as everything around her disappeared in a fog. The room…the desk…the couch…everything but him.

All tension seemed to float out of her body. Everything spun around her. Dizziness. She floated in realms of pleasure. Time didn’t matter… nor space. She was herself. Finally, she’d found herself. Never did she want to leave here again. Pure euphoria pulsed through her.

Jack… he was all that connected her to reality. A lifeline in an ocean of pleasure. His kisses. His touch. His thrusts. She basked in the delicious light of this new existence. So warm. Ecstasy flooded her. Pure, untainted happiness.

“Sam. Samantha.” She opened her eyes. When had she closed them? Dark, deep eyes. Jack. She loved him. So much. She tried to lift her hands, but her body wouldn’t comply.

“Sir.” Barely a whisper.

“Sam.” His face gentled as he studied her. “What’s your safe word?”

Her what? Safe word… right, she had a safe word… The knowledge echoed somewhere in the back of her mind.

“Sam.” His warm palms cupped her cheeks. “Can you tell me your safe word?”

Um… she knew that one… something with stars… no, atoms… “Quarks.”

“Bad reaction time.” He pressed his lips to her forehead. Then he sat up and pulled her into a sitting position. Slowly, awareness of her body returned. She shivered. Had the room gotten cooler?

He stood, and she wanted to follow, but her legs wouldn’t obey.

“Careful there.”

Her breath caught when she was swept off her feet. She blinked at the ceiling in confusion. Lights passed by. Like trains… Distant trains coming towards them from nowhere. Passing by, just out of reach, and moving on to an uncertain destination. If only she could touch them…

She lifted her head to stop the weird humming in her ears. “Sir…”

“Easy, Carter. We’re done for today.”

What? Done? “No… I want more. Please. I need you.”

“And you’ll have me.” Another warm kiss, against her temple. “But for now, you’re done.”

She rested her head against his shoulder. What was going on? Why was everything around her so weird?

Voices drifted over from somewhere, grew louder and quieter again. She buried her fingers in the material of Jack’s shirt. He was warm… so warm.

He pulled her into his arms, against his chest. Nuzzled her hair. So safe. She buried her face against his neck. Faint traces of his aftershave still lingered, mixed with the smell of sex and pure him. She loved him. Wanted to stay here forever. No pain, no fear, no thought. Just him. And her.

A sob escaped her.

“Here.” He held something in front of her.

Sam stared at it, and it took a moment before it registered. A soda?

“Drink. You need fluids and minerals.”

She lifted her head and wanted to reach for the bottle, but the world spun around her. Something was off. “I think somebody drugged me.”

His low chuckled reverberated against her neck. “Not quite.”

She took a sip of the drink, then a second one. As she focused on her surroundings, she faltered. The bar room? Hadn’t they been in the maze just a few moments ago? On the couch? How had they gotten up here?

She looked down at herself. A woolen blanket was wrapped around her body, covering her to her calves. “Sir, what happened?”

“No more ‘Sir’, Sam.” He rubbed her arms through the blanket.

Her throat constricted. “I messed up, didn’t I?” Oh God, she’d done something wrong and now he was gonna leave her. Her eyes burned. What the hell was wrong with her? This wasn’t her. At all.

“No. You didn’t mess up.” He pulled her back against his warm chest. “You ever heard of subspace?”

Subspace… She rested her head against his shoulder. There was something. Somewhere. Space. Subspace. Right. “Yes.”

“The BDSM term.”

Okay, not the subspace she had in mind. “No.”

“It’s the result of adrenaline and endorphins released during very intense scenes. You gotta read up on the science yourself.” His warm palms still caressed her arms. “I didn’t think I’d get you there. Especially not so soon.”

“I’m in subspace…” Well, that’d explain why everything was weird. And the lights. Why her head swam.

“Yeah. Ironic, isn’t it?”

She hid her face against his shoulder and started giggling. Her stomach lurched and tingled. She was in subspace… and she didn’t even need a spaceship. Odd…

“Right now, you might feel a bit like you did cocaine. Unfortunately, subspace is often followed by sub drop. We’re gonna have to see how your body reacts. You know, once your endorphin and adrenaline levels return to normal.”

She stared at him. Were those science terms from his lips? They didn’t make sense. Since when had he turned into a science genius? Wasn’t she usually the one explaining things to him?

Ah, well, who cared… She broke out into another giggle.

He smirked. “C’mere.” He pulled her legs over his and leaned back.

Sam rested her head on his chest, her hand clutching his shirt.

He drew the blanket across her bare legs. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

She closed her eyes and clutched his shirt. “You’re not gonna leave me?”

“You betcha, I won’t. What made you think that?”

“You said we’re done.”

“With the sex part. For now. You’re completely out of it. It took you twenty seconds to remember your safe word.”

What? Twenty seconds? “I answered you right away.”

“Your senses are impaired at the moment. I wanna bet you won’t even feel pain anymore. Which is exactly why we stopped.”

No pain. Intriguing. She lifted her head and studied him. Slowly, her brain registered what was going on around her. People walking by, talking in the background, soft lounge music. “Did you finish?”

“Carter.” He flinched. “What do you think your leg’s resting on?” He dropped a kiss to her temple. “I’ll give you a hint. It’s not my sidearm.”

She raised her eyebrows. Then she noticed the bulge in his pants. “Oh my God, I’m sorry.” She lifted herself up on her arms. “If you want I can take care of—“

“Oh, for crying out loud.” He grabbed her wrist when she tried to open his pants. She looked up at him. His eyes twinkled. “We’ll take care of that later. Much later. When I’m sure you’re fully capable of consenting again.” He drew her close. “Because I know that’s something you wouldn’t normally offer. Here. In public.”

Public? Right, now that he mentioned it. But it was all a fog, and if she didn’t notice the people… She beamed at him. “I don’t care anymore.”

“That’s swell.” Another smirk. So gorgeous. “And exactly why we’re not gonna do that.”

She sighed. “I’m not sure I came either.”

“I’m positive you didn’t.” He leaned in and dropped a ticklish, but strangely arousing kiss right under her ear. “Subspace and orgasm are mutually exclusive. Not sure why. There’s a chemical reason. You gotta read up on it when you’re, you know, sober again.”

Warmth flooded her. Even when she’d been out of it, he’d taken care of her. Just like he always did. Just like he did in the field.

“Come on, let’s get you home.”

Jack smiled as he entered his bedroom, and found Carter lying on top of the covers, gaze on the ceiling.

“Here’s your water.”

She turned her face to him and gave him one of those gentle, beautiful smiles. “Thank you.”

“How’re you feeling?” He sat down next to her and placed the bottle of water on the bedside table.

“Good. No more euphoria, and I think my brain’s working normally again.”

A grin tugged at his lips as he leaned down and hovered his mouth close to hers. “What’s your safe word?”

She rolled her eyes at him with a laugh. “Quarks.”

“Who’s Thor?”

Another laugh. “Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet.”

“Sounds normal to me.” He closed the last inch of distance between them and took her mouth in a deep, lingering kiss. She tasted sweet. Like the blue jello he’d bought her on the way home. Instantly, he came back to life.

With a low groan, he broke the kiss. Not a good idea to signal his cock just yet. First, they needed to talk. “Everything okay with what we did today?”

She smiled and nodded, her fingers trailing along his forearm. “More than okay.”

“You liked it?”

She held his gaze for a long moment, then a shadow seemed to cloud her eyes. “Much more than I should.” She covered her eyes with her palm. “Is there something wrong with me?”

He released a sigh and pulled her close. He remembered those doubts all too well. The nagging uncertainty whether he should seek professional help. The odd looks on the faces of girls he’d dated when he’d told them he’d like to tie them up, or roleplay a bit of resistance. As though he were a pervert or a rapist.

Sara, whom he hadn’t told at all at first. And then, when he’d finally found the courage to tell her, she’d advised him to seek counseling with an Air Force psychologist. She’d blamed his time in the Air Force for his urge to be in control.

And now Carter, who didn’t blame him at all, but instead questioned herself.

“Hey.” He caressed her arms, then grazed her cheek with his hand. “There’s nothing wrong with you. Don’t ever think that.”

“You don’t think I’m twisted? I swear, I don’t want to get raped, or forced in reality.” Her breath quickened. “I feel like I’m losing control of who I am.”

“Carter.” He brushed his thumb across her lower lip. Maybe sub drop was coming for her after all. Classic signs. Doubting herself and what she’d done. Fear. “You think I wanna go out and rape someone?”

She stared at him and shook her head while she clutched his shirt to pull him closer. “No. God, no.”

“It’s a game. A consensual game. Nothing about rape is consensual. In our games, you never lose control. You can stop this any time. In-game or in general.”

“But…” She swallowed visibly. Her eyes glistened. “I don’t wanna stop.”

He brushed his nose against hers. “Then we won’t stop. Slide over.” She scooted over to the middle of the bed to make space for him. He nuzzled her neck and pulled her close. “You’re thinking too much. It is what it is. You’ve seen how many people were at the club. We’re not the only ones enjoying a bit of playing.”

“I didn’t know there was something like subspace. Nobody ever told me.”

“I should’ve told you.” Guilt stabbed at him. He should’ve prepared her. “To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get you there so soon. You’re always thinking—“

Overthinking?” Her eyes sparkled.

He grinned. “Yeah. So I thought it’d take a bit of work. Really boosts my ego though.”

Smiling, she smacked his chest.

The trust she’d shown floored him. Reaching subspace took a huge amount of abandon, and they’d only just started this. Well, a coupla months ago.

“You’re really something.” He took her mouth in another long kiss. Her soft moan reverberated around his tongue. “So… you wanna go shopping tomorrow?”

She studied him, brows scrunched. “As in?”

“You know… toys, accessories. I’ll take you out to dinner afterwards.”

She released a shaky breath. “I’d love that.” She bit her lower lip. “Are you really gonna get a crop?”

“Think so. We could try it.” And judging by her physical reaction, she definitely wanted to. Sweet.

“Okay.” Her reply came so hasty, he couldn’t help but grin.

“And maybe a blindfold. Some restraints. A flogger.” He nipped her lower lip.

“We could try them tomorrow. After dinner?”

He raised his eyebrows, intrigued. “It won’t be Friday.”

“No.” She lowered her eyes to his lips. “It won’t.”

He captured her mouth in a soft kiss that muffled her moan. “How are you feeling?”

“Good.” Her fingers played at the hem of his shirt. “Very good, actually.”

“How about we get you out of that dress then?”

Her pupils dilated. “I’d like that.”

He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent. What had he done right in his life to deserve a woman like Carter? Smart, tough, funny, and beautiful.

He took his time lowering the zipper of her dress, his fingers caressing the skin down her spine as he did so. It didn’t take long before her breathing quickened. Everything about her drew him in. Her tender caresses, her sweet sighs, her scent.

When he finally took her, she felt like coming home as she panted on every thrust. He went slow, taking in every single one of her reactions. Nothing compared to the intimacy of having a woman sigh into his ear as she came, feeling her writhe under him, her fingers clenching his shoulders.

A sigh. He wanted her moaning. Screaming. Out of control. Like she’d been earlier tonight.

He lifted himself up on his arms. Studied her as he gave her another gentle thrust. She bit her lower lip on another sigh and held his gaze, her body arching against him, her arms sprawled above her head. So inviting…

Need stabbed at him, almost made him lose control. He trailed his hands along her arms, teasing, tickling. Then, when he reached her hands, he entwined his fingers with hers and pinned them to the sheets.

Her neck arched. Her aroused moan echoed in his ears a million times. Talk about a reaction…

He licked her neck while he thrust harder. She clutched his hands, panting, writhing. Finally losing control. “Yes, please…”

“I’m gonna make you come now.” He nipped her neck. She panted, desperate whimpers and pleas spilling from her. “And you will come for me, Sam. That’s an order. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

She gritted her teeth against an outcry and caressed his leg with her thigh as he thrust into her. Deeper. Faster. Making sure he hit her g-spot every time.

As she shattered under him, her body shaking with release, she let out a soft scream. “Sir.” A sweet surrender.

Her whimpers tipped him over the edge. When he came back to, his fingers were still entwined with hers, pinning her in place. Her face was the epitome of peace and calm.

And then it dawned on him: she was a submissive through and through.


The End (February 16, 2015)

Next Part: Toys


For further clarification: Subspace

Subspace is an alterated state of mind in BDSM, that a submissive can reach through an intense scene. It’s often compared to being intoxicated, or high on drugs like cocaine. In fact, the reasons behind it can be found in body chemistry. While some articles claim, subspace can only be reached through intense pain, various submissives claim, they’ve reached subspace simply through intense scene. 

Scientists believe subspace is the result of a certain combination of hormones released in the human body. In BDSM, often a natural flight instinct is triggered in the subs – which releases certain hormones. In combination with endorphines and adrenaline, these induce a trance-like state. 

Subs in subspace are not able to drive, or even be trusted to be by themselves. (Think a person who’s completely wasted. ;) ) Subspace is very different from person to person. It’s not clear whether everybody is able of achieving it.

Subspace is often followed by Subdrop. Subdrop is the state when hormon levels and brain chemistry return to normal, which can sometimes have effects like withdrawal. Subs may fall into (temporary) depression, become sad and/or start crying for no apparent reason. They’ll also often display irrational fears or abandonment anxieties. This is where Aftercare comes in as especially important. 

Aftercare is the care of the sub after a scene. Doms are required to provide sufficient aftercare. That means, caring for the sub as long as he or she is impaired, and providing comfort during subdrop. Comfort can include cuddling, talking, holding or even sex. 


Author’s Notes: As always, I hope there’s no question about this being consensual. (It is. 100%. But sometimes it’s tricky to make that clear to the reader.)

If you have concerns about anything not being consensual in this story, please let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it. If you have a general problem with BDSM or the practices in this story, well… then I can’t really do anything, can I? Except maybe ask you: Why did you read this story? The warnings clearly labeled it as BDSM. ;)

Also, of you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, please let me know.