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YEAR 1204 - ASCHEN ARRIVAL The Aschen arrived through the Stargate that had been discovered by crusaders in Egypt. The alien visitors were believed to be angels by the superstitious Christians, because they brought advanced medicine to their medieval societies. They also brought science and technology.

This year later marked Year ZERO or the beginning of the Aschen Calendar.
YEAR 1240 / YEAR 36 - ASCHEN LAWS In the course of a number of new laws and rules, all Earth calendars were abandoned and replaced by the unifying Aschen calendar that set the starting point (Year 0) in the year the Aschen arrived.
YEAR 43 All use of languages other than English was officially forbidden. Violations of the new law were punished by prison time.
YEAR 160
English had become the first language of every human on Earth.
YEAR 163 - INTRODUCTION OF THE GIFTED-SYSTEM After the initial decline in the human population by over 90% in the century prior, the Aschen introduced the Gifted-system to ensure that the decrease in number would be slowed down significantly and the remaining population would be upheld in number and health.
YEAR 211 - SEXUAL RESTRICTIONS LAW After a number of cases of interracial pregnancies, the Aschen passed a new law that banned humans from having sex before their first fertility tests at the age of 25 to ensure that Aschen men wouldn't accidentally impregnate a gifted human woman, which would result in a mixed-breed child who would pose a classification problem.

In order to battle the increasing abundancy of human scientists, the Aschen pass a number of laws restricting women from enrolling in universities. Later on that law was extended to exclude women from higher school educations as well, making women only eligible to receive the maximum of 9 years of public schooling.

During the course of the next centuries, the law would get frequently amended, repealed and re-instated. The last change is made in 769, allowing women to only attend a maximum of 9 years in a public elementary school.

YEAR 588 - TURNING POINT IN ASCHEN-GOA'ULD WAR This year marks a turning point in the war with the Goa'uld. The Aschen find out that some of the highest positions in their government have been infiltrated by the Goa'uld.
YEAR 601 - WEATHER CONTROL SYSTEM Weather control systems were being set up all over Earth Earth to gradually change the climate in uninhabitable regions over the course of the next 20 years. Antarctiva Landmass in 681

The polar ice caps have completely molten, turning the Arctic and Antarctic regions back into inhabitable (but not farmable) land.

YEAR 682 - DISCOVERY OF SECOND STARGATE Matthew Keller and Andrew Siler discovered a second Stargate deep in the forests of Antarctica in an attempt to map the region, but wisely decided to keep their discovery secret.

In the same year, they settled down near the Antarctica coast in what would later on become the town "McMurdow" in order to be able to covertly study the gate.

YEAR 684 - BIRTH YEAR OF RESISTANCE Even though the resistance against the Aschen government was a fluently developing process, this year is largely marked as the year in which the resistance was brought to life, even though the term itself wouldn't come up until almost 20 years later.

For the first time, Matthew Keller decided to recruit human scientists who were sworn to secrecy in order to help him study the second Stargate.

YEAR 731 Birth of Jacob Carter (Gifted)
YEAR 734 Birth of Margareth Andersen (Gifted)
YEAR 755 - VACCINE REGULATIONS A number of new regulations regarding the Aschen vaccine are passed to target those groups which had previously refused the vaccine.
YEAR 758 Birth of Jack O'Neill (Gifted)
YEAR 761
Birth of Carson Beckett
YEAR 764
Birth of Daniel Jackson
YEAR 765 Birth of John Sheppard and Rodney McKay
YEAR 767
Birth of Janet Fraiser
YEAR 769
Birth of Cameron Mitchell
YEAR 771 Assumed Year of Birth of Vala MalDoran (Gifted, Alien)
YEAR 774
Birth of Sam Carter (Gifted)
YEAR 775
Birth of Jennifer Keller (Gifted)
YEAR 783 Jack O'Neill is force-married to Sara Green (Born: 758) in one of the Aschen's breeding facilities, after his positive fertility test.
YEAR 784 Jack O'Neill and Sara Green: Birth of son Charlie O'Neill.
Charlie O'Neill dies in a hovercraft accident.
YEAR 786 - MARCH Sam Carter's mother Margareth (Wife of Jacob Carter) kills herself.
Sara O'Neill disappears. (Possible suicide.) Only a few months later, Jack O'Neill joins the resistance.
YEAR 787 - 788 Jack O'Neill is engaged in solo missions for the resistance, which, due to their dangerous nature, make him climb the ranks fast. Possible engagement in infamous 'terrorist' attacks in Washington at the time.
YEAR 790 - MARCH Jack O'Neill takes command of resistance Cell 4 at Antarctica and oversees Stargate operations.
YEAR 799
Jack O'Neill and Jacob Carter meet in a bar to sign the wedding contract, officially making Sam Carter Jack O'Neill's wife. Begin of: Stargate Aschen
Sam Carter runs away from home to search for the resistance.
NOVEMBER Sam Carter finds work on an Aschen harvester, which takes her to Ireland.
Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill meet in a shady pub in Ireland, unaware of the fact that they are husband and wife.
YEAR 800
Sam Carter completes her bootcamp training and becomes a full member of the resistance.
Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill have a romantic interlude at O'Malley's during camp night out.
JULY Mission to Washington during polar night to acquire new technology.
Jacob Carter visits resistance camp, and Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill learn that they are married.
SEPTEMBER John Sheppard gets the ancient's knowledge downloaded into his brain and, as a result, travels to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy.
Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill make a deal to ignore the wedding contract and start dating.
FROM THE RESISTANCE ARCHIVES Daniel Jackson & Rodney McKay Delve into the resistance photo archives for some exclusive fun shots...
NOVEMBER 8TH SG-1 gets captured by Ba'al on a mission, and they find an advanced spaceship built by the ancients which they later name 'Puddle Jumper' (Credit: John Sheppard).
Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill spend three days in Jack's cabin in Minnessota.
DECEMBER Sam Carter accidentally activates the Quantum Mirror, transporting her and Jack into an alternate reality where they meet 'television-canon' SG-1 and acquire knowledge about the ancients, the Asgard, the Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology.
YEAR 801
Jacob Carter's involvement in the resistance is being revealed and he is arrested by the Aschen as a terrorist and interrogated by Aschen justice agents. The occurence prompts a number of detailed investigations within the resistance in an attempt to find moles in their own ranks.

Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter meet Jennifer Keller, a fugitive gifted woman who joins resistance Cell 4 as a medical student, assisting Dr. Janet Fraiser in the medical tent.

JANUARY 7TH Jack O'Neill returns from the rescue mission with a badly injured Jacob Carter.

Sam Carter is cleared of the suspicion of being a mole.

FEBRUARY SG-2 makes contact with the Tok'ra on an uninhabited planet that was on the list of Tok'ra hiding places brought back by Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter from the alternate universe.

Jacob Carter blends with Selmak, a Tok'ra symbiont, and thereby seals an alliance between the Tok'ra and the human resistance.

MARCH 11TH Sam Carter has an idea to ultimately rid Earth of the Aschen, and achieve liberty. Months of planning and coordinating efforts with other cells follow. It quickly becomes clear that this will either be a victory, liberating Earth, or a complete failure that will destroy the entire resistance.
JULY 4TH - LIBERATION OF EARTH The revolution becomes a success, and with combined efforts, the resistance manages to put an end to the Aschen reign on Earth. The victory comes at a high price for Sam Carter. Jack O'Neill is trapped on the Aschen homeworld with no means of coming back to Earth.

This day will become the first public human holiday, called LIBERTY DAY.

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