Stargate Aschen is almost over. And while I’m sad that this epic story will come to an end soon, it also gives me a window of opportunity to address a few long-overdue changes to my website that I’ve been planning and partly implementing for a while.

Since you as the readers are the people who have to be able to navigate the page, I want your opinion. So I created a usability survey to find out about existing issues that you might have (and that I need to address). I’m also looking for feedback or ideas on what I should improve, and what you would like to see on the website in the future.

Time is a valuable currency, and I don’t want to waste mine on unnecessary features. So please take about 5 minutes and fill out the following survey.

Thank you very much!

(If you can see the embedded survey, please click on this link and it will take you directly to the form.)

[sz-drive-embed type=”forms” id=”1HlYLhE4VCKa0Opp75rQDGHAdKSGMKrJBVDu_mvJp_9s” width=”auto” height=”1600″ /]