Obedience, Obedience, Obedience

Part 16 of “Leather and Lace

Rating: R

Contains sexual situations,  BDSM, D/s, and power play. It is therefore not suitable for teens under the age of 18.

Also: f-word warning!

If you have a general (personal, moral, religious, whatever) problem with any of the above mentioned material, please stop reading at this point!

Huge thanks to Merista and samismymuse for betareading this story!

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“Jack, we agreed we wouldn’t give each other presents for our birthdays.” Sam glanced at the package wrapped in red that he’d set on her lap. He’d done so much for her already by inviting her up to his cabin for a week so they could make up for having to work on Christmas. He’d even arranged for Prometheus to transport them here and back in a week—which, given the thick blanket of snow that covered the streets was probably the only way. “You didn’t have to get me anything.”

He gave her a smug smirk. “Who said it’s for you? Maybe you just get to unwrap it.”

Smiling, she cocked her head and opened the white bow. “What is it?”

He shrugged, and took a sip from his beer, his eyes remaining glued to her.

She unwrapped the box and removed the carton lid. An oddly stretched device having roughly the form of a C lay on a black silk cloth. One of the ends started out thick and then grew thin towards the arch. Definitely a sex toy.

“What is it?” When she glanced up, his eyes danced.

He handed her the instructions booklet. Apparently, the smaller side would go inside, while the remaining side would be resting on the outside. Vibrations would provide simultaneous stimulation to her g-spot and her clit. Her heart sped up. “I can’t wait to try it.”

“Put it on then.” His stern expression flicked a switch inside her, and the need to submit to him grew.


“No time like the present.”

“Is that why you gave it to me tonight instead of in the morning?”

“Yeah.” His eyes gleamed as he held up a smaller white, egg-shaped device. “I’ll get to control it with a remote.”

Excitement rushed through her, until she caught the devious look in his eyes. Uh oh. That meant she probably wasn’t in for an easy orgasm. “What’s the theme for the evening, Sir?”


Finally! During the past months, they’d started playing with obedience from time to time, but somehow it had always ended in resistance play.

Jack took her hand, drawing her against the solid, warm planes of his chest. “C’mere for a moment. I wanna talk to you about something.”

She closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh scent of his aftershave. Not that she minded him scruffy, but it was still flattering that he’d bothered to shave for her this afternoon. Slow piano music drifted from the speakers in the corner. Soft and unobtrusive. Like his fingers trailing up and down her spine.

He wrapped both arms around her waist, which allowed her to revel in his warmth. His closeness. Even if they saw each other every second week now, it wasn’t nearly enough. What future could their relationship have if they lived half a country apart.

Maybe she should quit the job with the Air Force. If she asked for reassignment to D.C., she could be close to him every day. Do this whenever they were in the mood for it. Not just every other week. Or on holidays like Christmas.

She opened her eyes. As if things were that easy. If she gave up her work, she’d regret it in a few months. And then?

Jack’s hand on her back stilled. “I can hear your wheels turning.”

She lifted her head and gave him a smile. “It’s nothing.”

His gaze intensified, but he didn’t answer. Such a Dom, always keeping her in the dark with those mysterious looks.

Recently, he’d stopped giving her every detail of a scene in advance, unless he was planning something they hadn’t done before. She enjoyed the surprise and thrill that came with being left out of the planning phase. And Jack knew how to be creative. Somehow, he always managed to do something she hadn’t expected, or to add a twist that took her by surprise. He had to spend a good deal of time on planning and strategizing.

Like that one time, when she’d woken in the middle of the night to his lips wrapped around her clit. She’d orgasmed before she’d even realized she wasn’t dreaming anymore. After a second orgasm, he’d made sure she was fully awake before thrusting inside her and taking her hard. It hadn’t taken long for her to come twice more.

She squeezed her legs together at the memory. That was some of the best sex she’d ever had—probably because she’d been so overwhelmed that her brain had only started to function after they were done.

“Whatcha thinking about?” His dark eyes studied her with an intensity that made her fidget.

“Nothing.” Sometimes she swore he could read her mind.

“Dilated pupils, flushed cheeks and neck.” He drew his index finger down her neck. “Must be one interesting nothing.”

She bit her lower lip and pulled her legs up so she could kneel on the couch next to him. Then she smiled cheekily. “I’m contemplating how you’ll make me obey tonight.”

He nipped her earlobe. “Sweetheart. I’m not gonna make you. You will obey. Every failure—even a spark of sass—will be met with punishment. If you intend to resist, prepare yourself for a rough ride that you’re not gonna like.”

She swallowed hard. The sternness in his voice reminded her how he’d trained the cadets. It was an incredible turn-on—and scary as hell. “What about talking back? Will that get me punished?”

The corners of his mouth twitched. “You can bet your ass on it.”

She took a deep breath and scraped her fingers gently along his scalp, feeling the coarse texture of his short hair. “I’ll do my best, Sir.”

“Tonight, let’s invalidate your yellow light safeword magnets.”

Her fingers in his hair froze. “I’m not allowed to safeword?”

Quarks still stands. But if you use it, I’ll end the scene and we’ll go into aftercare to talk about what went wrong.” His finger traced a line along her jaw. “Any safeword usage indicates that I violated your trust—which we need to talk about immediately. It’s a synonym for You just crossed the line to a point where I want this to end now.”

She played with the collar of his black shirt at his nape. “Is there a reason for this change in procedure?”

“There is. Up to now, you’ve never trusted me enough not to safeword, when I tried to push your soft limits.”

She stared at him, and then softly shook her head. What a ridiculous accusation. She hadn’t magneted out that often, had she?

She recalled the last five scenes. Fine, so she’d used the safeword in all of them. But there’d been reasons. Or had there?

If she was honest with herself, all those instances had been more of a precautionary use of magnets. And in all of them, her concern had turned out to be unjustified. Maybe he had a point? “I just got scared, Sir.”

His face gentled. “Sweetheart, is there a reason you don’t trust me enough to communicate your fears instead of safewording?”

She widened her eyes at him. Opened her mouth, and closed it again. “I thought the safeword did that, Sir.”

“It tells me something is wrong. And by your reaction I can usually guess what. But it doesn’t tell me why.”


“If I don’t know why, I can’t guide you through your fears. Starting tonight, instead of magneting, I want you to tell me why you wanna safeword. Safewords can start to stand in the way if they’re being used instead of proper communication.”

She grew thoughtful. She had safeworded. Even in settings that were, in theory, some of her favorite fantasies. Somehow the reality of it had become overwhelming, and safewording had seemed the safe way out.

His index finger tipped her chin up. “Tonight you’ll speak only when I ask you a question or address you otherwise. The exception is if you need to magnet out. Then you’re allowed to communicate your feelings. You’ll start every sentence with Sir and kneel unless I tell you otherwise.”

She shifted uncomfortably. Even though the idea was exciting, the tightness in her stomach didn’t ease. Absolutely open communication? The safeword had become her shield to avoid just that. Openness meant confiding in him with everything. Her fears, shame, humiliation…

His face gentled. “Do you trust me, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.” She closed her eyes. “But I’m not sure I trust myself.”


She took a deep breath. “It took me years to train myself out of voicing fear or vulnerability. It doesn’t fly in the Air Force.”

“This isn’t an Air Force base.”

“No. But you were my commanding officer for eight years, and I—” She flinched. So their professional relationship stood in the way after all. At least in hers. “I don’t work in your chain of command anymore, but I’ve worked hard to earn your professional respect. I’m terrified of losing it.”

“Sam. When we’re doing a scene, I don’t need you to act tough. I need you to—” He cut himself off and cleared his throat.

Interesting. Now he grew uncomfortable? Maybe he wasn’t one to talk when it came to being open about emotions. Would there be punishment if she pointed that out? Probably. “Need me to what, Sir?”

“Need me.” His face gentled. “I need you to need me and to rely on me. Trust me, like you did in the field. Without questioning or debating me. Without being on alert. Let yourself fall, and trust that whatever I do, or order you to do, serves your needs.”

Was he talking about total dependence? Thoughtful, she tried to withdraw from him, but his hands held her in place.

“I know you’re scared of that, Sam. So am I. Last time, I took control and pushed your limit, you ran out and ended our relationship. Which is why we gotta work on our communication. I gave you time, hoping the problem would resolve itself over time as we got to know each other. But apparently not.”

He was right. Back then in the club, when he’d demanded her to trust him unconditionally, she had opted to leave him and their D/s relationship behind instead of telling him about her anxieties and conflicts. And she’d ended up with Pete in a life so normal it had suffocated her.

Her throat tightened. Jack played the ruthless Dom so well it had never occurred to her he might need more than what she was offering. That her safewording meant she was withholding something from him. That she wasn’t offering all she could. “Sir, I’m sorry.”

“Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or don’t you wanna take our relationship to that level at all? I just gotta know so I won’t have wrong expectations.”

“I—I do want to go there.” She cupped his face with both hands. Him taking complete control. That was what she always fantasized about when she was alone. And yet, once reality came close to it, she panicked. Besides, his tone made clear that this wasn’t just about her needs. “Sir, you need to take me there, don’t you?”

“I’d like it.” He nuzzled her nose with his.

“Enough that it’d be a deal breaker if I ruled it out?“

“No,” he said firmly. “I wanna be with you, Carter. Either way. What we have now is more than I thought I’d ever have with you. Besides, I was the one who initially told you I don’t need the whole power-thing in a relationship.”

Thoughtful, she studied him. “But now you do, Sir?”

His gaze warmed. “I didn’t know it could be so intense. The deeper we go into it, the more I want from you.”

Her breath caught in her throat and she cupped his face with trembling fingers. He rarely ever used the phrase I love you, but she recognized his subtle synonyms. “Sir, I do want to give you everything. Whenever I fantasize about us doing this—I am surrendering all control to you. But when we do a scene, I—I can’t let go.”

His gaze seemed to bore into her soul. “Why?”

“I’m terrified of depending on you, Sir. We see each other once every two weeks at the most. Every time I return to Colorado Springs, it’s like I have to leave a part of me behind with you. I’m afraid that I need your orders—that I need you—way too much already, and if I allow myself to depend on you even more…” She took a shaky breath. “We’re both trying our best to make this relationship work long distance, I know that. We talk on the phone. We chat and email each other. But it isn’t the same. It isn’t enough anymore.”

Her heart pounded in her chest. She’d said it. Finally, she’d given him an allusion to her fears. What now? He wouldn’t end their relationship, would he? No, he’d just said he wanted to be with her, no matter what. She tried to calm down.

Jack stared at her for ten full seconds. Then he sighed and tugged her against his chest, where she buried her face against his shoulder. “Damn it, Carter, why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

“I don’t want to end our relationship, and I can’t give up my career—not yet. So I can’t think of a way to change the situation right now. Complaining is useless.”

“And you just decided that by yourself? Has it occurred to you that you’re not the only one in this relationship who can make career decisions?”

“I don’t want you to give up your career for me, Sir.” She nuzzled his neck. “We said we’d never let our relationship stand in the way.”

“We did. Mostly for your benefit, because I know you need both.”

Biting her lip, she lifted her head and met his gaze. “But yours—“

“I’m flyin’ a desk, Carter. There are tons of people who can do that. I told you, I don’t need my career. All I need really is a pond, a fishing rod, and a cold beer.” He leaned in to her ear. “And you coming home to me in the evening, so I can make you kneel before me and fuck your brains out.”

Heat flooded her cheeks and she shifted against the stab of need burning between her legs at his words. “I—“ Her voice came out husky so she cleared her throat. “That sounds intriguing, Sir.”

“You gotta tell me such things, even if you think it won’t make a difference, so that I know what’s going on with you.”

“You never struck me as the type of man who appreciated emotional outbursts.”

“And you base that assumption on all those years serving as my second-in-command in the field?”

She swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“I don’t appreciate emotional outbursts while I’m in the field. It makes missions unpredictable and endangers lives, so I need my people to keep a level head. But this isn’t the field.” He rubbed her back and massaged her nape gently. “Caring for you is all the appeal.”

Was it? She blinked at him.

“For cryin’ out loud, Carter. Don’t act like a soldier when you’re supposed to be a sub. Let me be there for you.”

She nuzzled his chin. “I’ll try to do that, Sir.”

“Good. I’ll look into options once I’m back in D.C. We’ll talk about it next week.” When she met his gaze, his expression grew serious. “Now, do you intend to follow my order, sweetheart?”

Order? Damn, what had that been again? She blinked at him.

He thrusted the package with the toy back into her hands. “Put it on.”

Right. She looked down on the package and shifted back into a kneeling position.

His hand wrapped in a steel-like grip around her wrist. “And you’ll respond to every order with Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.” She opened the button of her jeans. He sure seemed a lot stricter about protocol tonight.

“Oh, and you know that whatever I say or do is just part of the scene, right?” he said, his gaze intense.

“I know. Sir.” Smiling, she cupped his cheeks and leaned in for a quick kiss. “You don’t have to say that anymore.”

Especially since tonight they weren’t going to do any rough roleplay. Obedience…

She still wasn’t sure what the appeal was. Maybe because she’d never dared to allow herself to be obedient. It should be easy, really. Just follow orders.

She opened the zipper of her jeans and pulled her pants down just enough to allow comfortable access—but not enough for him to see anything. Then she took the toy out of the box. The surface felt soft, but the material itself was firm. She moved it into her pants and—wait, which side went in?

Brows scrunched she pulled it back out and examined it.

“It’s bendable, so you can adjust it for a good fit.” Jack’s eyes danced, and he hooked his thumbs into the belt loops of her jeans, tugging slightly and bringing her head closer to his.

“Need help, dear?” Barely a rasp, right next to her ear.

Oh, he’d just love that, wouldn’t he? Having to explain a device to her for a change. No doubt he’d studied the manual in detail. Chuckling, she pulled the two ends of the toy apart from each other. “Is your idea of help going to leave me frustrated and wanting more?”


“In that case, I’m good, Sir.”

“That wasn’t a suggestion.” A devilish glint in his eyes, he slipped his hand into her pants and brought his fingers right to her clit.

Gasping, she straightened and clutched his shoulder. “Sir!”

“Give me the toy.” His tone made clear that No Sir wasn’t an option. Trembling, she handed him the purple toy.

He adjusted it, pulling the two ends apart so they formed a wider angle. “Lose the jeans and straddle my lap.”

She got up and pushed the firm fabric down her legs. Once it hit the ground, she moved in on him and kneeled astride his thighs. In her eagerness to comply, she lost her balance and almost fell backwards off the couch.

He gripped her hips, steadying her. His warm palms stroked lazily up and down her thighs. Then he trailed one hand between her legs and into her panties. Biting her lower lip, she lifted her hips to give him better access.

His fingers slipped through her folds, and she groaned. She knew she was soaked. With his flirtatious comments and teasing caresses throughout the afternoon, she’d been aroused for a while.

“Mmm.” He nipped her lower lip. “You’re right. Not much help needed there.”

“I told you, Sir.”

“Makes me think we should try a little game one of these days.” He drew his index finger agonizingly slow around her clit.

“What game, Sir?” Her voice sounded throaty even to her own ears.

“We agree on a date where we both have the day off. On that day, you’ll be mine for the taking. However I please, whenever I please. Which means you gotta keep yourself ready and available throughout the day.”

“Oh God, Sir.” Groaning she clutched his shoulder. Her eyes caught sight of his smirk.

“I might just unexpectedly throw you down on the bed and thrust myself inside you. Or shove you up against a wall to tie you up properly first.”

She pushed down against his hand, her clit throbbing at the fantasy. Her eyes fell closed as she inhaled his scent. Elemental.  Dominant. And pure, like fresh fallen snow on woods.

He withdrew his hand and moved the toy in its place. Before she could take a breath, he slipped one end inside. The thick head stretched her pelvic muscles. He pushed it deeper until it had moved past them, and the ticker end of the toy pushed firmly against her clit.

She waited. Disappointment settling in. That was it? Now that it was in, she barely felt it anymore.

Jack withdrew his hand and pulled her panties back into place. “That should do.”

“Sir, with all due respect, I can’t feel—“

The toy started buzzing and its vibrations rocked through her. For the second time that night, she almost fell off the couch, except this time he’d anticipated it. Grinning, he held up the remote and turned the toy off.

“You were saying, sweetheart?”

“N-nothing, Sir.” Holy Hannah! She hadn’t even been able to pinpoint where the vibrations were coming from. It was like a hurricane of sensations, swirling through her abdomen.

“Kneel at my feet.”

“Yes, Sir.” She climbed down from him and knelt in front of the couch. She barely felt the toy even when she moved around. It seemed to have been made for long-term wearing. Intriguing possibilities opened up.

When she’d settled with her hands lying on her thighs, he gave her his best scowl. “There’s an outstanding challenge I have to address.”

Uh oh. What had she done? “Sir?”

“Star Wars, Carter.”

Oh crap. “You still remember that, Sir?”

“Oh yeah. I wanted a relaxed movie night. Even let you pick the movie. What didn’t I want?”

She closed her eyes. “Being schooled about scientific flaws in the movie, Sir.”

“And what did you do, despite repeated cues that I don’t care, I might add?”

“I gave you a lecture about the flawed science in Star Wars.” She just hadn’t been able to help it. Whenever she watched a movie, she automatically picked up on its scientific flaws. Without even realizing it, she had pointed them out until Jack had finally paused the DVD and frowned at her.

“Carter, do you have to overthink everything? It’s a movie,” he had said.

“I’m not overthinking, Sir, I’m just saying—“

“I’m gonna have to make you stop thinking.”

In a semblance of complete temerity, she’d scoffed. “Good luck with that.”

She should have known better. As a Dom, he picked up on even the subtlest challenges, and he never failed to teach her a lesson and come out on top.

And now, almost two months later, here she was, in the mess that she had created for herself. Who remembered a challenge after two months anyway?

Gulping, she searched his face. So he wanted to teach her a lesson for technobabbling. How exactly?

Tense, she watched him reach for his beer bottle and lean back into the corner of the couch. “Since you’re always so eager about explaining stuff, go ahead. Here’s your chance. Explain physics to me.”

His dark undertone set off a million alarm bells in her head. She straightened her spine. What kind of order was that anyway? Physics? “Physics is a large field. Which part, Sir?”

“Surprise me. Just nothing about quarks, so we’ll avoid confusion with our safeword.” He took a long sip of his drink.

She scrunched her brows. He probably wouldn’t be interested in wormhole theory or anything related to quantum physics. “I could explain the mechanisms that lead to the formation of black holes.”

“Sounds good.”

Sounds good? Why did she feel like a deer caught in a hunter’s crosshairs? “Well, Sir. A black hole is the final stage of a supermassive star.”

When she paused to study him thoughtfully, he raised his brows. “I know that.”

Right. Well, if he really wanted to learn more… “You have to understand that every second, at its core, every star converts millions of tons of hydrogen into helium. That process is called—“


The toy started humming between her legs, and her next word died in a moan. She clutched the edge of the couch, her nails digging into the cushion.

“Keep goin’.” Jack’s eyes darkened.

He had to be kidding! She stared at him in disbelief.

“I’m waitin’.”

“That—um—pro-process is called—“ What was she talking about again? Right, formations of black holes. She shifted. “—it’s called fusion. Which means the—um—density is so—uh—low—no, high that the hydrogen atoms get fused together—“ Crap. Shifting had pushed the vibrator right against her clit. She gritted her teeth against an outcry, and heat broke out across her skin. “—forming a new element.”

This was insane. She leaned forward, which increased the sensations. If this kept going, she’d be coming so fast. And so good.

“Which one?” Jack’s hard voice reached her consciousness, and she realized she’d stopped talking. He played with the remote in his hand.


“Do I need to teach you a lesson on protocol?” His brisk reminder made her pant.

“Oh God—no, S-sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Which element does a star form at its core?”

Her clit burned from the relentless vibrations and it took all she had not to grind against the toy. If she’d been alone, by herself, this would be the point where she’d strive for an orgasm.

“Answer my question.”

She snapped upright at his bark and panted. “He—helium, Sir.” Was that right? She wasn’t sure but it sounded sensible.

Jack put his legs up on the couch table and folded his arms with a satisfied expression. “See, now this is how I enjoy a physics lecture.”

Panting, she whimpered. “You’re—a real ass. Sir.”

Within a second he shot back into a straight position, and the vibrations stopped. “What was that?”

Disappointment flooded her. As much as she appreciated thinking without being distracted by vibrations against her clit, she’d gotten close to an orgasm. Slowly, her thoughts cleared and the haze disappeared. Had she really just insulted him?

“Get up.”

His snappy tone jumpstarted her to her feet. Judging by his blazing eyes, he wasn’t happy about being called an ass. Surprising, considering he heard it quite often from Daniel.

She chewed her lip. What would he do? Throw her down on the table like last time they’d been at the cabin? Defiantly, she lifted her chin to hold his gaze.

Face blank, he studied her for a long moment. “Sit down at the table.”

What kind of a punishment was that? She’d expected him to get rough, maybe force her to have an orgasm—or deny her one. But sitting down at the table?

She followed his order and waited until he returned from the bedroom, a piece of paper in hand.

“Here.” He placed the paper and a pen in front of her. “Write me a three hundred word essay about the meaning of respect.”

Chuckling, she glanced up—and hesitated at the tightness in his jaw. He couldn’t be serious. What, was she a school girl?

He leaned down and grabbed her chin. “Defiance won’t get you anywhere. Get to work. Once you’re done, bring it over.”

She watched as he sat back down on the couch and reached for his beer. So much for that. Apparently he wasn’t planning on acknowledging her until she’d completed the task.

Fine, two could play this game. He wanted an essay on the meaning of respect, she’d give him the definition of it.


Jack watched from the corner of his eyes as Sam busily scribbled words down onto the paper. He barely managed to stifle a smirk. Hopefully she’d use the exercise to think about respect and why she wanted to submit. Defiance came easy to her, but it also offered an certain amount of protection, a last barrier. If he made her comply, she never had to put any effort into pleasing him, or following his orders.

She had never had problems following orders in the field, but sexual obedience was a different issue. Was she afraid of failure? Or maybe she just hadn’t found out what intrigued her about being truly submissive?

And it did intrigue her, that much she’d confessed on numerous occasions. Even some of her recently disclosed fantasies revolved around servitude.

When the chair legs scraped over the floor as she got up, he turned his head. Done already? That was quick.

On the other hand, this was Carter, a woman who opted for writing a book once she got superhuman powers of speed. Three hundred words were probably child’s play to her.

Had she done the thinking required for purpose of the exercise, though? Somehow ten minutes didn’t seem sufficient for that.

She marched over to the couch and handed the paper over. He tightened his jaw at the gleam in her deep blue eyes. Oh sweetheart, you better didn’t try anything stupid.

He lowered his gaze down to the paper.

The Meaning of Respect

Respect for Authority means Junior personnel shall employ a courteous and respectful bearing and mode of speech toward senior personnel. When addressed by an officer senior, junior personnel shall stand unless seated at mess or unless circumstances make such action impracticable or inappropriate. Junior personnel shall walk or ride to the left of senior personnel whom they are accompanying. Senior personnel enter an aircraft or automobile last and leave first.

Persons of authority are addressed by their grade or title. Officers are addressed by their grade or “sir” or “ma’am.”

Jack slowly lifted his head and glowered at her. There was no need to read on. He wasn’t a rule buff, but he sure recognized recited Air Force regulations when he read them.

Her smile faded and she swallowed visibly. “You never specified the type of respect I should write about. Sir.”

He got up and shoved the paper against her chest. “If that’s your idea of following orders, I prefer spending the evening by myself.”

Her soft gasp sent a surge of satisfaction through him. She’d thought she could outsmart him, and he’d let it pass? Time to teach her the consequences for disobedience.

Maybe she was desperately trying to be a type of submissive that she couldn’t be. He had to find out, so he could give her what she needed. Even if it meant neither of them would like what he was about to do next.


Sam held her breath and let Jack’s words sink in. I prefer spending the evening by myself. He had to be kidding her. This was some weird mind game to intimidate her.

Just part of the scene…

She turned and watched him stalk out of the room into the kitchen without another glance at her. Fear constricted her throat.

Even if it was just part of the scene, emptiness swallowed her up. He’d just left her standing, as though he didn’t care. Awarded her the status of a persona-non-grata. His rejection and the knowledge of having displeased him crushed something inside her. A dark, all-consuming pain, worse than anything she’d felt since—ever, actually.

What was wrong with her? Why was this having such an effect on her? This was only a scene. He wouldn’t end their relationship.

She took a few hesitant steps towards the archway leading into the kitchen. Jack stood at the counter making sandwiches. He still ignored her. Even when she approached.

“Sir?” She hated how much her voice shook.

He finished spreading butter on the slice of bread and set the knife down. Calmly he reached for the pack with pastrami.

“Sir, please, say something.”

He didn’t. Numb, she turned back to the living room. In front of the fireplace, she stopped and allowed the heat to warm her cooling skin. How was she supposed to make things right if he didn’t talk to her? What did he expect from her?

She knelt at the side of the fireplace in the position he’d ordered before, on her knees, legs slightly spread, with her hands resting on her thighs. When he entered with a plate with sandwiches in hand, he slowed, studying her. Then he set the plate down on the table and plopped down onto the couch.

No word, nothing. She didn’t dare address him again. So she just sat there, tense and straight, with her bottom resting on her heels and her hands flat on her thighs, waiting.

The ticking of the clock on the fireplace sounded like a countdown, every passing second unnerving her and increasing the deeply rooted knowledge that she’d completely misjudged the situation. She’d messed up by insulting him, and the essay was supposed to be punishment. Instead of putting effort into it, she’d tried to play a prank on him. And now she’d forfeited the chance to undo her mistakes. He was done with her. At least for tonight.

Unless she convinced him with her obedience now.

Twenty minutes passed during which Jack finished his sandwich and had some beer, and she barely moved a muscle. At last, he got up and took the empty plate to the kitchen. She heard the water in the sink, then silence.

He returned, crossed the room, and disappeared in the bedroom. So, that was that then? He’d leave her out here and go to bed?

Forlorn, she glanced around. The floor creaked only a moment later, and his heavy steps moved through the room.

“Why are you kneeling?” His harsh tone felt like a slap to the face.

Her throat tightened. “You said I had to, Sir. Earlier.”

“I know what I said before. Why are you kneeling now?”

She looked up and met his gaze. “I want to please you, Sir. And make up for what I did.”

“Ah.” He nodded and took a step back to the couch. “So, you wanna be my submissive after all. For how long?”

She widened her eyes at him. “I don’t understand, Sir.”

“How long until you decide to disrespect me with an insult or by sneakily tryin’ to disobey an order?”

“I—“ The lump in her throat nearly cut her breath off, and her eyes burned. “I won’t, Sir.”

“You insulted me, apologized, and then proceeded to defy me again during your punishment. I don’t trust your assurances anymore.” He pierced her with his stare.

She didn’t say anything. Even if she’d wanted to, she’d be too afraid she’d tear up, and damn, she’d never done that in her life. He’d been right earlier. She really didn’t like the consequences of her disobedience.

Jack got up again. “I’m gonna give you a choice. You can use your safeword now, and this will end. We’ll sit down on the couch, talk a little bit, and then I can push you down on the bed and you can fight me.”

She held her breath when he approached her until he stood so close that his heat caressed her skin.

He trailed his index finger along her jawline. “I know you’d like that much better, wouldn’t you?”

Damn it, yes, she would. At least at the moment. But there was this other, much darker side of her that screamed no. She would have failed him. Failed herself.

“It’s not a big deal, sweetheart. Some fantasies just don’t work in reality. You can’t force what isn’t in you. Just say your safeword.”

Her muscles went numb. No! No, she definitely didn’t want that. But why? Didn’t she enjoy it much more when he acted as if he were forcing himself on her?

I disappointed him. Why am I so resistant to follow his orders here? She chewed her lower lip. Maybe it was a way to retain some control. But she wanted to surrender to him. Be entirely his.

What if I screw up? Resistance came easy because he didn’t expect her to follow orders. But obedience came with the real danger of not living up to his expectations. Of making a mistake. Of not pleasing him.

Professionally it was easy to follow his orders, because she knew how to do things right. But here? What if he realized just how inadequate she was as a submissive when it came to serving him, giving him everything?

Safeword. He gave you an out. You can both go back to familiar grounds.

But if she did that, she’d never know if reality matched up to her fantasies. Jaw clenched, she shook her head. “No, Sir.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “The alternative is, you’ll accept your punishment without a shred of disobedience or defiance this time. It won’t be fun, for either of us.”

She held her breath until her lungs burned. It was either one or the other. No in between, no way out. Going the first way wasn’t an option. But the second one terrified her to the core. She wouldn’t like the punishment, he’d said. Neither would he.

“Sir.” Her voice shook even to her own ears. “What’s the punishment?”

“That’s irrelevant. The question is, do you want this bad enough to face the consequences of your actions, whatever those may be?” He folded his arms across his bare chest. “Do you want to be obedient?”

Not knowing just what he’d do to her—or make her do—knotted her stomach. But it was a way to undo the disappointment she’d caused. She straightened her spine. “I’ll take the second option, Sir.”

“Are you sure? I won’t give you this choice again.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He marched back into the bedroom. When he came out a few seconds later, he carried the riding crop that they’d bought a couple of years ago but never used in one hand and a pair of handcuffs in the other. “Get up.”

She got to her feet, and didn’t dare look at his face when he stalked towards her. Even when she straightened her spine, she wasn’t nearly as tall as him. Not to mention strong. He grabbed her hands in a steel-like grip and cuffed her wrists together in front of her.

Then he pointed to the bookshelf in the corner. “Get your ass over there.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, and complied.

“Turn your back to me and put your hands up against the sidewall of the shelf so you can grab the top, and lean forward.”

Blood rushing in her ears, she did. The position stretched her out with her backside exposed, leaving her completely at his mercy.

She twitched, when his hot palm stroked down along her spine in a surprisingly gentle caress.

“I’m gonna give you five lashes. After each one, you’re gonna count and thank me. Every failure to comply will reset the counter, and I’ll start from zero.”

This was gonna be bad, wasn’t it? She squeezed her eyes shut. Well, it was what she’d opted for, so she’d see it through now. She lifted her chin on a nod. “Yes, Sir.”

She gripped the upper edge of the shelf so hard her knuckles turned white and prepared for the impact. Instead, his warm breath washed across the side of her face. “It hurts less if you relax your muscles, sweetheart.”

His gentle tone sparked warmth inside her. This was a game. A scene. And still… The need to magnet out grew overwhelming, and she forced herself to take a deep breath. “I’m scared, Sir.” Her voice came out barely a whisper.

He kissed her cheek, then drew his mouth down to her neck, soothing her with his tender caresses. “Trust me, sweetheart.”

She relaxed while his hand caressed her nape. His gentle massaging touches eased some of the tension out. He knew what he was doing, and he would never take her too far.

His heat disappeared when he stepped back. She took a deep breath, waiting for the impact. It didn’t come. Instead, the large, cool leather tip of the riding crop grazed down along her back and buttocks. Tickling when it met bare skin. Excitement and arousal surged through her unexpectedly.


She squeaked as the crop came down on the back of her upper thigh, leaving a stinging pain and then a burning sensation. “Oh God.” She squeezed her eyes shut. “One, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Well done.” The gentle, satisfied tone in his voice sent a warm jolt through her belly.

Before she had the chance to dwell on it, the crop hit the back of her thighs again, and she whimpered, leaning her forehead against her arms. “Two. Thank you, Sir.”

He went for a third stroke right away, leaving her no time to process what was happening. The burning sensation lasted longer now on her already irritated skin, and the sting sent tears to her eyes. “Three, Sir. Th-thank you.”

“Breathe with me. Slowly and deeply.” He tangled his hand through her hair, and she filled her lungs through her nose and pushed it out again through the mouth shakily. “Easy.”

She listened to his deep, calm breath and matching hers to his pace grew easier with every deep inhale. When they were in perfect sync, he nuzzled her temple. “Keep it up.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good, sweetheart.”

Another one of those warm buzzes, this time much more intense. She opened her eyes when it suddenly clicked. This was the appeal of obedience. Pleasing him. Reveling in his praise. And knowing that she was the sub he’d chosen. That she belonged to him. That he would stay with her especially when she messed up.

Failure was part of the game, and not a reason to fear it.

“Oh.” The fourth lash didn’t seem to sting nearly as bad, but the burning sensation afterwards grew worse and worse. Suddenly, the pain didn’t matter anymore. The gratification meant more. Every time she acknowledged his power, she pleased him. “Four, Sir. Thank you.”

One more. And she was thankful for what the lashes had made her realize. His rejection was worse than any pain he could administer, but his approval—God. It could set her world right even when everything else around her crumbled.

He had to have known. That’s why he’d threatened her with rejection.

She flinched on the last lash, as it seemed to be harder than the others. Maybe to drive the point home. A sob shook her chest and she lowered her arms while the burning pain slowly faded. “Five. Thank you so much, Sir.”

He grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him. His dark gaze searched her face, and then his thumb brushed over the wet streak on her cheek, before he yanked her against his chest and wrapped his arms around her so tightly, her breath lodged in her throat.

Unable to withhold another sob, she buried her face against his collarbone, inhaling his scent. “I’m sorry for disobeying your order, Sir.”


Jack felt her tremble in his embrace, her chest moving against him quickly with her fast breaths. He tightened his arms around her, tangling one of his hands in her hair. “I’m proud of you, sweetheart.”

That’d been the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. Sure, he’d used a riding crop, and even a whip on submissives before, but never in a real punishment scene. Only for pleasure. The act itself hadn’t done much for him, but those women had been into it, and their sexual arousal had made it fun.

Sam was different. She didn’t enjoy pain, and this time the pain was meant to teach her a lesson, not arouse. Besides, she was his and not some random submissive he’d agreed to dominate at a club.

Hurting her tore at his heart, and her sharp gasps and the soft hitches in her breath had nearly made him stop before he’d delivered the last lash.

When she stirred, he loosened his grip. She lifted her face so she could look at him. The cuff chain rattled softly as she moved her hands up to cup his face. Then her trembling lips found his.

He deepened the kiss with a groan, slipping his tongue into her mouth and exploring her. Reclaiming her. When she withdrew visibly breathless, he hooked his finger under the cuff chain and led her over to the couch where he pulled her down with him so she lay facing him on top of him.

She buried her face against his neck while he drew his hand in long slow strokes over her bare arms.

He’d half expected her to safeword through her punishment. Or be more upset afterwards. “Are you all right, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.” She lifted her head and gave him a soft smile.

A rock the weight of Cheyenne Mountain fell off his chest. “You didn’t like that, did you?”

“Not the rejection, Sir. I don’t like it if you ignore me. But I ignored your authority before when I tried to disobey in a smart way, so it was probably fair.”

He nuzzled the side of her neck. “That’s not why I did it.”

“It isn’t?” She sounded honestly surprised.

He chuckled. “No. I needed you to realize why obedience excites you so much. And you did, didn’t you?”

She lifted her head and her wide eyes locked with his. “Yes, Sir.”

“Mission accomplished, then.” He trailed his palms up her naked upper thighs over her welts until she hissed and eased away from him. “Sore, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’ll make you think twice about defying an order. Bite your tongue next time an insult threatens to slip out.”

She chortled and hid her face in his neck. “To be honest, the pain wasn’t so bad.”

The soft rattling sound from the cuffs when she moved her arms went straight to his cock.

Damn, he had the most beautiful women on Earth—no, in the universe—lying across him. Completely helpless and at his mercy. He hooked his thumb under her panties and tugged gently, while he brought his mouth to her ear. “Do tell.”

Her eyes lit up with a deep satisfaction. “I’m not saying I’m into pain, Sir. But there was something to the experience.”

He nipped her chin tenderly. “Wanna resume your position on the floor so I can continue playing with you?”

She nodded, and her darkening eyes told him all he needed to know. Oh, he’d fuck her so good in a little while. Throw her down on the bed and take her until she screamed her sweet head off. But not just yet.

First, he’d give her another chance at being obedient. Besides, he really wanted to see more of physics-Carter becoming so lust-crazed that she forgot all about her technobabble. “I believe you weren’t done with your explanations yet.”


“We covered black holes, but I still don’t know how these wormholes work. So why don’t you take off your top and bra, and explain them to me again. You know, the apple and worm thing.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Will you be able to concentrate if I take my clothes off?”

He gave her a dark smile. “I assure you, you’ll have all of my attention.”

He helped her sit up and released her one hand out of the cuff so she could pull the shirt off. When she was done, he snapped the cuff back in place.

When she stood up, he sat back, enjoying the view of her endless legs. The shine from the orange flames in the fireplace created an intriguing dance of colors on them.  Her milky skin had always fascinated him. It made her look so feminine, so vulnerable. She assumed an almost perfect kneeling position next to the fireplace. Almost.

He got up and approached her. She lifted her gaze to his, her eyes dark blue and her pupils dilated. Was that just him or was there a hint of intimidation on her face? His pants grew tighter.

Gently, he tangled his hand through her hair. “Open up wider.”

She pulled her knees further apart, so they were spread and her buttocks rested on her heels.

“Very good. I like you in this position.”

“Because the remote works like this, Sir?” He caught sight of a gleam in her eyes.

“Because it allows for easy access whenever I feel like it.”

Her chest rose and fell quicker, drawing his attention to her firm pink nipples. He drew his finger down along her throat to one of them, teasing and taunting, until she gave a desperate sigh.

“I’m still waitin’ for that explanation, sweetheart.”

He watched her struggle to order her thoughts. Then she began her explanation. He took the remote out of his pocket and switched the vibrator onto its lowest setting. Her attempt to shift away from it made him pinch her nipple gently, and she froze on a gasp.

He’d be nice and consider that a first transgression, since it had clearly been intuitive. “Stay in place, sweetheart. If you wanna keep fighting me, we can go right back over to the shelf for five more lashes with the crop.”

“Please, no, Sir.”

“Thought so.” He took a step back from her and watched her writhe against the vibration. “You can continue to struggle, but you’ll eventually have to surrender control. I decide if you come and when you come, understood?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Now, where were we?” This would be an interesting twenty minutes. At least.


Words spilled over her lips, but Sam didn’t know if they made sense anymore. Heat consumed her. Searing, burning need for something beyond her control. Every fiber of her being vibrated with lust. Desire. The need to be taken.

Instead he left her hanging. Over and over again. There was nothing she could do, except beg him. Plead with him. Promise him things in return.


She fell forward, bracing herself with her forearms on the floor. A momentary breeze from somewhere cooled her damp skin. She pressed her finger pads against the floor, reaching for something to grab. Anything. She couldn’t take this any longer.

And then it stopped again. Breath huffing, she rested her forehead on her arm.

“Position, sweetheart.”

“Sorry, Sir.” Trembling from exhaustion, she pushed herself back up. Her head spun, but her mind was empty. Clear. She reveled in that nothingness where everything depended on him. She’d been wrong.

Obedience wasn’t hard. It was calm. Peaceful. He made the choices and the rules, and all she had to do was follow orders. Trust him to guide her places. He was everything.

“What do you say, sweetheart, should we go another round?” His expression was stern, dark, absolutely in control.

His face seemed hazy, just like everything else around her. All she could do was whimper. She needed to come. But no matter what she said, it wouldn’t change anything. He was in charge.

She closed her eyes, reveling in the thrill of being at his mercy. “That’s up to you, Sir.”

“Is it?” His warm hand cupped her cheek while his other one slipped into her panties. Lips parted, she held his gaze. When he slid a finger into her core, she nearly collapsed. Whimper after whimper spilled over her lips. “You’re soaked, sweetheart.”

“Please, Sir.”

“Please what?”

“I need to come, Sir. Can you make me come? Please?” What a needy plea, even to her own ears. Tomorrow she’d probably think back to this and cringe, but who cared.

“You don’t need to come, you want to come. That’s a difference.” He twisted his finger inside her, teasing, probing.

“Can you please just fuck me, Sir?” What a choice of words. So unlike her in its directness, and the lack of subtlety. But she’d go crazy if he didn’t offer her some relief soon.

He played with her some more while he brought his mouth to her ear. “I should keep you like this for a coupla hours. See just how dirty you can talk, and if that ability is proportionally tied to your sexual frustration.”

“No.” A sob slipped out.

“Was that attitude?” The dangerously teasing undertone in his voice set alarms off in her brain.

Gasping, she shook her head. “No, I’m sorry, Sir.”

“And now you’re lying about it. Oh, sweetheart. You were doing so well.”

Crap. Crap, crap, crap. Tears sprung to her eyes. “Sir, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean…” She panted out a moan. “I didn’t… I can’t think straight.”

His face gentled. “No, you can’t, can you?”

He hooked his hand under her arm and pulled her to her feet. Gasping, she tumbled against his chest. Her legs shook like pudding.

He held her in his strong grip for a moment, then swept her up from the ground into his arms.

Next thing she knew, she landed on the soft mattress of the bed, her head at the foot end of it. She sat up to turn over, but he pushed his palm to her chest and shoved her down onto the mattress. Adrenaline spiked and a long groan slipped over her lips.

His large hand wrapped around her neck. It was barely a grip, but the gesture flipped a switch inside her. Mind blanking with lust, she stilled in silent surrender to his power. His strength. His domination.

His thumb brushed along her pulse point as he settled between her legs.

“I’m gonna fuck you. Hard and long.” God yes. She closed her eyes on a sob. “Keep your eyes open. Look at me.”

She did, and his dark gaze captured hers.

“What’s your safeword, sweetheart?” His thumb touched her lower lip and lingered.

Quarks, Sir.”

“Very good.” He sat up straight and hooked his fingers into her panties. The fabric gave a soft rip as he yanked it down her legs. She groaned.

He knew how much it turned her on if he displayed his rougher side with harmless things like ripping clothes—and so he kept playing that card when she least expected it.

When he caressed her thighs gentler while adjusting his position, she reached down between them. He’d apparently forgotten about the toy, so she’d remove it before—

He grabbed her wrists and forced them back over her head. “Don’t make me chain you to the bed.”

His belt buckle tinkled, then she heard the zipper of his jeans. He yanked her hips towards him and bent over her. “You’re mine.”

“Ah.” Arching her back brought her nipples in delicious contact with his bare chest.

“Say it,” he growled close to her lips, his eyes still firmly locked with hers.

“I’m yours, Sir. Always.”

“Mine to fuck in whatever way I please.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her cheeks flared. “Yours to fuck, Sir.”

The vibrations fired up again against her clit, and she gritted out a whimper. He’d leave the toy in? “Sir!”

Whatever way I please, sweetheart.” His dark tone sent pleasant shivers down her spine. His hot length slid inside, stretching her, filling her and pushing the vibrator against her g-spot.

Even the thought of resistance disappeared as sensations flooded her, drowned her in their intensity. She arched her neck when his lips latched onto the spot right under her ear. “Oh God!”

He gave her a gentle thrust, then a harder one, while his thumb rubbed against one of her nipples. Everything around her vanished as her orgasm crashed over her, her muscles clenching around him in delicious waves.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. How was that possible? This was so fast. So strong. So everything. She needed more of these.

He chuckled right next to her ear. She’d say that aloud, hadn’t she?

He lowered his voice to a rasp. “Not asking for permission anymore, are we?”

Whoops. “S-sorry, S-sir.”

He thrust into her, pushing the vibrator against her clit again. The overstimulation made her cry out, and she tried to writhe away. “It’s too much, Sir.”

“That’s too bad. Next time you’ll ask first before coming.” He pinned her in place with his hand on her cleavage. When she stilled, he ran his hand down, pinching her nipple. Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure.

She thrashed her head.

His hot lips wrapped around her nipple, teasing gently and soothing the sting. She’d go crazy. Was that his goal? Drive her insane with all the intensity until it short-circuited her brain. Maybe it already had.

Mind foggy, she looked up at him. His skin glistened with his effort, and his chest heaved. He leaned down and let his lips hover just an inch over hers, while thrusting harder.

“S-sir… sir.”


“May I please—“ She was gonna come, whether he allowed it or not. “Please! Sir, let me come.”

“You may.” He took her mouth in a possessive kiss.

Everything inside her hummed, and she wrapped her legs around him, exposing her clit to the tormenting vibrations. Her second orgasm was weaker than before, but it seemed to last forever. His grunts and growls in her ear, and his hot breath washing down the side of her neck intensified the sensations.

The friction, the vibrations, him inside her. Everything spun around her and she felt like she was flying. No, falling.

Jack’s strong arm wrapped around her, firmly holding her against him, and she opened her eyes. She was falling. Off the bed.

Three more thrusts, and his momentum led to the inevitable, pushing her off the edge of the bed. He paused only a moment to ease them both down to the carpet. Her mind barely grasped the awkward position when he resumed his relentless pounding. Who cared they were half on the floor anyway?

She screamed out as the new angle allowed him to hit her g-spot. He growled into her ear on every stroke. And then her mind blanked and everything vanished in a thick fog of ecstasy.

Minutes or maybe hours later—it didn’t matter at this point—she stirred. They’d both stilled. Jack’s heavy body pushed her down, and the cuffs did the rest to immobilize her. Her muscles burned, and her limbs had numbed from exhaustion. Just when she thought he couldn’t surprise her anymore with his stamina.

“Sir?” Her heart raced and she wasn’t sure if sitting up—or any movement for that matter—wouldn’t make her pass out.

“Yeah.” Chest heaving, he rested his weight on her.

“I forgot to ask permission for my last orgasm.”

“So you did.” His hot breath came fast against her temple. “Couldn’t have given it though, so I’ll let that slide.”

He spilled a line of kisses along her jaw. Eyes closed, she reveled in the intimacy. How much she loved these aftercare sessions where they lay skin on skin, just feeling each other. Caressing. Being.

If only she could do some actual touching. She cleared her throat and barely stifled a giggle. “Sir. Would it be insolent to request you uncuff me?”

Eyebrow raised, he jerked his head up, scanning her face. The mockery in her fake formality had apparently been too obvious. “Next scene, I’ll start with giving you a spanking for makin’ fun of your Dom.”

Heat jolted through her and her cheeks warmed. Spanking? They’d sure never done that—but damn, the way he’d said that got her attention. And sent a new wave of excitement through her that made her passage clench around him.

His mouth pulled into a slow smile, and he inched closer. “Definitely a spanking.”

“Sir.” Her pleading wasn’t even staged anymore. “I want to touch you. Please.”

He dropped a quick kiss on her nose. “Key’s in my pants on the ground over there. Gotta get it.”

He pushed himself up, taking his weight off her. A black hole inside of her sucked up all the endorphins in her system. Gone was the closeness. The intimacy. A lump formed in her throat. Damn, recently she’d grown increasingly emotional after their scenes. Maybe it was their growing intensity. Or the fact that they never had more than a few days together before they were apart again.

Still shaky, she removed the toy and then sat up with her back against the wall.

As Jack knelt down in front of her with the key in his hand, his knee cracked and she saw the hint of a flinch on his face.

“Are you all right?” She met his gaze while he unlocked the cuffs.

“Never been better.”

“Jack, I saw your—“

“Yeah, the knee’s shot.” He stole a quick kiss from her. “Worth it, though.”

She grabbed his shoulders, and ran her fingers down over the strong bulge of his biceps and the coarse texture of his arm hair. “I love you.”

He nuzzled her hairline and took her hands in his. “Can you get up?”

“Getting up shouldn’t be a problem. Staying up on the other hand…”

He gave her a smug grin and helped her to her feet. The room still spun, but her pulse seemed to have normalized.

Jack picked up the toy from the floor and linked his fingers with hers, pulling her out of the bedroom.

Once they reached the bathroom, he turned the warm water in the shower on and drew her into the small stall with him. It was so confined that her nipples grazed against his chest with every move. As the water rained down on them, they soaped each other’s skin.

“I’m addicted to you, Carter.” His low rasp in her ear made her sigh. “Watching you when I’m playing with you. Seeing you struggle for words earlier was one of the hottest things we’ve ever done.”

She trailed her fingers over his taut stomach. “I didn’t know you had those fantasies.”

“Had to make it through those endless briefings somehow.”

“Jack.” Laughing she hid her face against his chest.

His eyes danced. “It’s a huge turn-on to see you turn into a lust-crazed submissive pleading for release. My submissive.”

When his foamy hand slipped down to her core, her legs nearly buckled. Smiling, he kept her steady against his chest while their breaths mingled and his fingers stroked over her most sensitive spots. Slow. Gentle. Teasing without any intent of getting her off.

She closed her eyes and reveled in the sensations. “I really liked when you put your hand around my neck. It’s as if it flips a switch.”

“I noticed that.” His hand slid up to her throat, and she hissed in a surprised breath.

“Sir.” A sigh of pure longing.

“I do like your neck.” He toyed with her for a moment, letting his thumb brush over her pulse point, before he trailed his hand down to her breast. “You’re mine. Every part of you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice shook from rekindled fire.

When they left the shower, she saw her own need reflected in his eyes. His strong hands cupped her buttocks and lifted her up to sit on the bathroom counter. She’d always speculated the confinement of the cabin bathroom wouldn’t allow for countertop sex.

Boy, had she been wrong…


Frosty morning air filled Jack’s lungs as he trudged through the snow around the cabin to the back. Each one of his steps crunched, and the snow began soaking his pants.

He rubbed his palms over his face. Hopefully the cold and the movement would help with his knee pains. Shoulda thought about the floor position yesterday. And the bathroom sex. And carrying her to bed afterwards. Would be a shame if he’d have to abstain from adventurous sex positions for the rest of their stay. Especially now.

Last night had been amazing. He’d thought that they may have to work their way into obedience, but after he’d broken the ice, Sam’s submission has been so…perfect. Complete. Filled with absolute trust.

The way she’d looked at him, her eyes filled with mindless need, worked like a drug that triggered an intense reaction inside him.

He opened the small shack and refilled the generator with gasoline. Then he made his way back to the house. Snow piled up almost two feet. Cars wouldn’t have a chance to get through. Good thing they had beaming technology.

He entered the cabin and rubbed his hands against the cold. They should start a fire soon before the cabin cooled out. Especially if they spent so much time barely clothed.

The bedroom door creaked and a blonde halo of hair peaked out. “Is it bad outside?”

“Depends on whether you like snow.” He crossed the distance between them and slipped his hands around her waist. She wore one of his air force t-shirts. Despite her height, it was way too loose on her, but given the nice view of her legs, he wasn’t gonna complain. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” She gave him one of those radiant Carter smiles that always flipped his mood to happy. Smirking, he leaned in and took her mouth. Her kiss was fresh and minty, and the way she arched her body into his sent instant need to his balls.

The day where he got enough of her would most likely never arrive. Not after years of waiting for her, and then discovering that she was willing to fulfill his wildest fantasies.

He trailed his hands down along the small of her back, and over her rear to her thighs, prompting a hiss from her. Satisfied, he pulled back from her mouth. “I marked you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her cheeks turned light crimson.

“Good.” He nipped her lower lip. “That way you won’t forget to whom you belong.”

Her needy sigh washed across his face, and she took his hands and began pulling him backwards into the bedroom. “Jack, maybe we—“ She chewed her lower lip and lowered her gaze.

No way would he have shyness now. “Spill it, sweetheart.”

“Maybe you could do that more often?”

Now that was a surprise. Had she enjoyed the lashes with the crop after all? “For the pain?”

“No.” She shook her head reluctantly. “For the marks.”

Understanding washed through him. After what she’d told him yesterday, making sure she felt his possession for a few days after a scene might help with her loneliness when they were apart. Just, next time, he’d have to make sure to combine sexual arousal and pain. Maybe fuck her with his fingers while spanking her. Something that’d incite pleasant memories.

He kissed her nose. “We’ll just keep an eye on the schedule for your physicals. Unless you wanna explain your red ass to an Air Force doctor.”

Laughing she shook her head. “No, Sir.”

They reached the bed and she climbed onto it backwards, kneeling down without letting go of him. “We should stay in bed today.”

“We should stay in bed all week.” Grinning, he slipped his hand under her t-shirt right to her core, and she squeaked. Apparently his hands were still as cold from the snow as he’d hoped.

“Sir.” Her voice came out a sexy sigh. She clutched his wrist, forcing him to keep his touch light, but not pulling his hand away entirely. “I’m really sensitive.”

He grazed his mouth across her cheek. “Went a little rough on you yesterday, did I?”

“I’m not complaining.” She nuzzled his collarbone.

Now or never. He was probably going out on a limb, but after how last night’s scene had gone, he was willing to take the risk. He released her and opened the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. The medium sized dark jewelry box still lay where he’d left it. He pulled it out, weighed it in his hand and then turned back to her. “I got this a coupla months ago for you.”

Eyes wide, she took the box and opened it. The elegant, gold bracelet lay on a black satin cloth. Breath hitching audible, she touched the filigree chains. “Jack.”

“It’s Air Force dress code compliant, and it comes with a combination lock. Only I know the code.”


Sam didn’t breathe as she studied the beautiful bracelet, overwhelmed by the immensity of the gesture. The gold chains looked beautiful and elegant, and yet conveyed a simplicity and inconspicuousness that wouldn’t warrant unwanted questions. Her throat tightened with the implications.

She’d read up on rituals and traditions in a D/s relationship. A Dominant offering a permanent bracelet to be worn even outside of scenes held a deep promise of loyalty, trust, and responsibility—the equivalence to wedding vows.

While they’d occasionally played with a bracelet, he’d always released her from it once their time together was over. Even if she’d wanted to keep wearing it, the other bracelet looked like a cuff, and wasn’t compliant with AF regulations.

Jack cleared his throat. “If you don’t want to—“

“I do.” She looked up into his eyes.

Relief flashed across his face. “You do?”

“Yes, Sir. I want to be yours. Permanently.” She placed the bracelet in his palm.

He took it and turned the little number wheels to the correct combination. She held her left hand out to him.

His thumb stroked over her pulse point. “This lock works with a three digit four number combination. I’m not gonna tell you the combination, though I’m sure you can figure it out. Not sure how many possible combinations there are, but—“

“Sixty-four, Sir.”

He gave her a lopsided smirk. “Right. So here’s the deal. You aren’t allowed to take it off, unless there’s an emergency and it’s medically or otherwise required by the Air Force. If you have to take it off, you’re gonna tell me that you did it, and why. Taking it off without sufficient reason will result in punishment. Failing to tell me equals betraying my trust. Do you agree to these terms?”

“Yes, Sir.”

His eyes gleamed warmly as he inched his face closer to hers until his minty breath flooded her nostrils. She tilted her head up, offering her mouth, but he just lingered his lips close to hers.

The cool metal of the bracelet touched her wrist. As the lock clicked shut, his lips crushed hers, his scent and taste sweeping her into a whirlwind of lust. He took his time, devouring and reclaiming her while his thumb caressed her wrist with the bracelet.

“Move over,” he muttered, voice hoarse. She did, and he doffed his jeans and joined her on the bed.

When he reached for the hems of her t-shirt, she clutched his wrists, holding them in place. “Sir, I’m too sensitive. Can we just cuddle? No sex.”

He leaned in to her ear. “I’ll still take your shirt off. For skin on skin cuddling.”

As hot as their rough and kinky sex was, just lying here on the bed with Jack beat any cuffs, or toys, or riding crops for now. She reveled in the awareness of his touch as they explored each other with slow, languid caresses. Eliciting reactions. Touching without the intent of orgasm. Slowing time to a halt.

Sometime later, Sam bit her lip against a sigh threatening to slip out as Jack’s hand trailed in slow caresses down her side, and back up across her abdomen. He knew her sweet spots, and he’d targeted them all until she longed for his hand, mouth, anything between her legs. Judging by the devious sparkle in his eyes, he had decided on a mission. His touches grew more insistent, more deliberate.

She combed her fingers through his chest hair, traced the ridges of his abdominal muscles. His thumb flicked her nipple once more, teasing it until she couldn’t hold in her sigh anymore. “Jack.”

He scraped his teeth across her collar bone, and the searing heat of his breath against her skin made the room spin. She squeezed her thighs together against the unbearable pressure building there. His hand brushed her mound, and she held her breath. Waiting. Hoping.

In vain.

“Sir.” She could hear the plea in her own voice.

“I’d love to give you more. If only you hadn’t set up a no-sex-rule earlier.”

“I take it back.”

He grazed his mouth along her jaw, while his hand still taunted her. “Who’s in control, sweetheart?”

“You, Sir.”

“And who makes the rules?” She could hear the smirk in his voice. He was thoroughly enjoying her growing desperation.

“You, Sir.” So that was it? She’d set up a rule, and told him no, rather than trusting him to know her limit. She chewed her lower lip and clasped his shoulder. “Touching is usually uncomfortable when I’m so sensitive, Sir, and I didn’t think—Ah!”

He nipped her earlobe, and his fingers teased her folds. Gentle and slow. She writhed her hips to increase contact, but every time she arched against him, he withdrew his hand.

“Doesn’t seem uncomfortable, does it?”

“No, Sir.”

“You didn’t trust me to be careful?”

Gasping she shook her head. “That’s not it, Sir. I—I just—“ If she was honest with herself, she didn’t know why she’d excluded sex. “I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, Sir. And I didn’t want to disappoint you by raising false hopes.”

“Instead you’d rather suffer?” He inched closer and she turned her head to him. Heat radiated from him. “Overthinking is gonna get you punished from now on.”

“But Sir, I—“ I constantly overthink. Great. Her throat tightened. “I can’t stop overthinking.”

A slow grin pulled at his mouth. “Gives me reason to punish you.”

He’d planned this all along, hadn’t he? That’s why his eyes had flickered with that devious sparkle before. “That’s not fair, Sir.”

“It isn’t, is it?” He gave her a low, sexy chuckle and trailed his mouth up to her ear. “Then again, who ever said I’d be fair?”

His fingers slipped between her folds, stroking very gently while he kept his eyes locked on her face, as if assessing even her tiniest reactions.

“Please, Sir.” She bit her lip against a whimper.

“Show me how much you want this, sweetheart.”

Show him? She pressed herself against his rock-hard erection and sighed against his mouth. The pace of his hand didn’t change, nor did he seem inclined to give in to her pleas.

Fine, she could do better than this. But how? She needed something to make him want her so badly that he’d forget about her transgression—or at least be willing to let it slide. But it couldn’t be something ordinary that she’d done before. What if she did something she struggled with? Would he’d recognize her effort? Maybe if she…

She tensed, and his hand stilled while he studied her with an intense gaze.

He really was paying attention. Affection flooded her, and she held her breath, trying to shed the nervousness. This was something he’d been trying to get her to do for a while after all.

“I—“ She swallowed against the dryness in her throat. Come on, dirty talk isn’t that hard. You’ve heard him do it often enough. You’ve done research. “Please fuck me, Sir. You can feel how ready I am for you.”

Oh God. Ohgodohgodohgod. She buried her face in his neck.

His groan vibrated in his throat. His skin heated against hers, and his heart pounded rapidly against his ribcage. “Go on.”

“I know you want me, Sir. Please. Pin me down and fuck me. I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow. Use me, and don’t stop until you’re satisfied.” Her face had to be glowing radiantly red by now. No chance she’d ever be able to look at him again after that. And heavens, he still hadn’t stopped her.

“Fuck me like you own me, Sir.” She sobbed. “Please.”

Growling, he pushed her on her back, and yanked her wrists above her head, pinning them with one hand. “I do own you, sweetheart.”

Eyes gleaming, he nipped her lip and pushed his hard member inside her. The unexpected thrust rocked through her, and she yelped.

He brought his mouth to her ear. “This what you want?”

“Oh, yes…”

“Yes, who?”

Heat pulsed through her veins. “Yes, Sir.”

He hummed and gave her a slow downward thrust. “I know that wasn’t easy for you, and it definitely deserves a reward.”

“Th-thank you, Sir.”

He let go of her hands and pulled her knees up so her thighs caressed his waist. Then he began rocking against her, keeping the friction minimal and his thrusts slow. “You’re mine.”

She cupped his cheeks with trembling hands. “Always, Sir.”

No distance would ever change that.

The End (April 2, 2017)

Final chapter: Limits (Coming soon!)

As always, the props used in this story were inspired by actually existing items. The vibrator Sam and Jack use was inspired by the WeVibe couple’s vibrators, which are meant to be worn during intercourse to stimulate both partners. They can be controlled via remote or smartphone app, depending on the model, allowing for even long distance fun.

The bracelet Jack puts on Sam is a gold chain bracelet as sold by ETERNITY COLLARS, a service selling beautiful collars and bracelets for people engaged in a D/s relationship.