Long Distance, Long Distance, Long Distance

Part 15 of “Leather and Lace

Rating: R

Contains sexual situations,  BDSM, D/s, a rape roleplay scenario and allusions to power play. It is therefore not suitable for teens under the age of 18.

Also: f-word warning!

If you have a general (personal, moral, religious, whatever) problem with any of the above mentioned material, please stop reading at this point!

“So how was your day?” Smiling, Sam leaned back and looked out the window of her new apartment in Groom Lake.

“Really, really boring. Yours?”

“Quiet. Somehow not getting to obtain the technology anymore takes part of the fun out of it.”

“Come on, Carter. Don’t tell me you miss getting shot at by a horde of angry Jaffa.” As incredulous as Jack tried to sound, she knew he missed the field action as much as she did. Maybe even more so, since he’d been away from it longer.

“Sometimes,” she said. “But it’s more the team dynamics that I miss.”

“Eggheads not doing it for ya?”

“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.”

“Hey, you know how I feel about most of these guys.”

She bit her lower lip. “When’s your next weekend off?”

“Not for another two weeks. I have meetings with the Russian and Chinese presidents this weekend, and staff briefings the next.”

“They let you talk to the big guys?”


She bit back a laugh. God, how she missed their banter in the evenings, or on the weekends when they’d watched the Simpsons or documentaries together. Most of the time they didn’t even have to do anything. Just being in the same room as she was going over some research, or he was doing crosswords. Just being together.

“You know, you could come over to D.C. on Monday.” He broke their silence in a gentle voice.

“I wish. But I’m on extended duty throughout the entire week. General Landry sent over a load of new technology related to the Arthur-mythology.” She sighed. Realigning their duty rosters was becoming a nightmare. Somehow her nine-to-five job was hardly ever nine to five. When she had a day or two off, he usually had meetings scheduled.

Overall their timing sucked. But they’d both known it’d be hard for a while. And they had both agreed they wouldn’t demand special treatment from the Air Force.

“There’s this official thing here in D.C. coming up soon.” His deep voice sent pleasant tingles along her skin. “Lots of politicians, lots of hands to shake. You know how it is.”

“Yeah.” Somehow she still couldn’t see him walking among those diplomats in Washington. He’d always used an either direct or sarcastic approach—neither of which flew particularly well in D.C.

“You wanna come? You know, as my plus one?”

“Oh, wow. I’d love to. When is it?”

“Saturday. Two and a half weeks from now.”

“That’s my weekend off. And if I take a day leave, I can stay until Monday.” Still, another two weeks until they’d see each other? How was she going to make it through that? “If that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah sure, ya betcha. I’ll rearrange my schedule for the weekend and cancel my Monday appointments.” She heard the smile through his voice. “That’ll probably give my chief of staff an aneurism, but hey, the two stars gotta be good for something, right?”

“You enjoy keeping them on their toes, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah.” That was just him, so smug. “So, did they set you up with a good place?”

“Yeah, it’s a nice apartment.” She shifted on the couch. It was a nice place. Two rooms, one bathroom and a large kitchen—all rather spacy. Too spacy. She didn’t want to give up her dad’s old house in Colorado Springs, so she’d only taken the things she really needed. Funny, in her mind this transfer always felt somewhat temporary.

“But?” he asked. When had he gotten so good at picking up on subtext?

“Well, it’s an apartment. It’s all new. There are no memories yet to make it… You know.”

“Home?” he asked.


“Yeah.” He cleared his throat and she heard some rummaging on the other end. “You wanna make some memories?”

“Um.” What? “Sure.”

“When was the last time you got yourself off?”

She sat up straight, her cheeks warming. Talk about a change in topic. Next time, she should ask more details before agreeing so eagerly. “Smooth, really.”

His chuckle sounded deep in her ear. “You know me. So?”

“So, what?”

“Still waiting for the answer.”

“It’s been a few days. A week. And a few days. Give or take.” She swallowed. A conversation like this would never not be awkward. Even with him. And especially over the phone.

“Since the next two weekends are off the table, why don’t you get comfortable on your bed?”

Almost automatically, she got up from the couch and strolled towards her bedroom. “Got anything in mind, Sir?” Her heart jumped as she used his rank.

How much she missed their games. Granted, this new job thrilled her, but sometimes she felt as though she’d given up a vital part of herself for it.

“A lot.”

She closed her bedroom door and strolled over to the bed in the dim light. “I’m in the bedroom.”

“Undress. And lie down.”

“Jack, I’m not good at…talking.” Phone between her ear and her shoulder, she unhooked her pants and pulled them off. Her panties followed.

“Really? Usually it’s so hard to shut you up.”

She chortled. “Unless you want me to give you a report on the technology delivered to us this week, that’s not a valid comparison.”

“Carter, you can talk about whatever you want, as long as it gets you hot and bothered. I’ll be along for the ride.” There was a moment of silence, before he cleared his throat. “Do you get turned on by quarks?”

“Oh my God.” She fell back on the mattress laughing. “Not sexually, no.”

“Is there another way?” Again, there was a smile in his voice.

“They’re fascinating. And if you wanna give me your insights on quantum theory, I’ll be thrilled.” That would be the day. Jack O’Neill talking about vibrating strings. She stifled another laugh. “But I don’t wanna talk about quarks right now.”

“Ah, good.” He fell silent.

She shifted on the sheets. “So… I’m lying on the bed. No clothes, as you ordered, Sir.”

“I hope so.”

There was some rumbling on the other end. “What are you doing, Sir?”

“Trying to undress with one hand. Hold that thought for a second.”

He rummaged around for a minute or two. Finally there was a crackling on the other end. “Okay, problem solved.”

“You can’t undress with one hand? Is that an age thing, or—”

“Carter.” A sharp intake of breath. So much fun to push his buttons. Even long-distance. “For your information, it’s a lot harder to undress with one hand if you’re wearing a full dress uniform. And you’re lucky I’m not there, because that little joke would’ve gotten you on your knees in front of me.”

Heat jolted through her. “Given all the interesting things I can do in that position, that’s not a threat.”

“Someone’s forgotten her place, it seems. Age jokes are disrespectful. Even more so is mocking your Dom.”

She smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

“I can hear you smiling.”

“I would never, Sir.”

He lowered his voice. “For that lie, I wanna hear you come. Now.”

She held her breath as awkwardness returned. Hear you come… As though that was so easy to do on cue. She trailed her fingers over her stomach. The caress tickled her skin, but the tension wouldn’t leave her muscles. Swallowing, she squirmed.

“Sam,” he drawled. “You still there?”

She cleared her throat. “I’m here.”

“Did I freak you out?”

“No, I’m just…” She took a deep breath. “…a bit awkward. Which is ridiculous after all we’ve done.”

“How about I tell you what I want you to do? That way you can pretend you don’t have another choice. And I can picture it without you voicing it.”

“Yes, Sir. I’d like that.”

“Good. You got any toys there with you?”

Her heart sped up. “I have our bag here, in my wardrobe.”

“Why don’t you get one of the dildos? And the vibrator that drives you nuts.”

“Okay.” Damn, her voice trembled with anticipation. “I’ll be right back.”

She hurried over to her wardrobe and pulled the bag out from the bottom. Then she picked out the toys and some lube, and returned to the bed. Stomach tingling, she picked up the phone. “Got them.”

“Lie back and get comfortable. And close your eyes.”

“You should get naked, too.” She closed her eyes and imagined his strong body. Imagined running her fingers along his hot, tanned stomach, feeling the outlines of his muscles.

“I am.”

She released an excited breath. “I…” Okay, she could do this. She just had to imagine he was in the room with her. “I wanna feel your hands on my skin.”

“Where?” he asked, his voice barely a rasp.

“Trailing along my arms or down my back. Gentle at first as we stand and kiss.”

“Before I take your wrists and pin them behind your back.”

She let out a sigh. “Yes.”

“Tell me, Sam, would you want me to take you fast and relentless? Or should I play with you a little bit before I give in to your pleas?”

She dropped her hand between her legs as pressure built low in her core. This was getting too easy. Breath shallow, she opened her eyes. “Whichever you think I deserve, Sir.”

His low groan drifted from the other end. Then his throaty voice. “Damn, you’re getting good at this.”

“I aim to please, Sir.” She trailed her fingers lower, down her abdomen and over her mound. “So, which way is it, Sir?”

Her breath hitched as she slipped her finger over her clit. She turned on the phone’s speaker and dropped it on the pillow next to her to have both hands free.

“I’d shove you down on the bed…”

“Yes?” She didn’t care that she was close to pleading with him. God, she needed that. Needed him to push her down and bury himself inside her while she clutched at his shoulders, their naked chests grinding against each other. It had been three weeks since they’d last seen each other. Way too long.

“…and pin your hands above your head…”

“Oh… God…” Was he trying to drive her insane? “Please, Sir.”

“…and thrust inside your hot, tight body.” They both groaned in unison at the fantasy. “Why don’t you do that with the dildo you just got?”

Hand shaky, she reached for the dildo on the mattress next to her, her other hand never ceasing its motion on her clit. Screw the lube. She’d need both hands for that and right now there was nothing that’d make her stop.

She slipped the toy along her core to her entrance and pushed it inside, gentle and cautious. The delicious stretch made her moan and freeze. “Oh, God, yes.”

“You wanna tell me what you’re doing, babe?”

Babe. He’d never called her that before. The vocal caress put her off for the slightest moment, a mere fraction of a second, before the pressure in her abdomen pulled her back into its seductive spiral of need. “I…” Ugh. She tensed. No way could she say that out loud. “…did what you said, Sir.”

His deep chuckle drifted through the phone. “Nice save.”

A laugh bubbled up. “Told you, I can’t voice things.”

“So far we seem to be doing just fine.”

She exhaled and closed her eyes as she moved the dildo in and out slowly. Definitely no substitute for the real thing, but with his voice in her ear pretending was much easier.

“Go nice and slow,” he said, voice throaty. “And keep you other hand away from your clit.”

Wait, what? “Not fair, Sir.”

“Sam.” The dark warning in his voice tipped something inside her.

Panting, she pulled her hand away from her core and clutched the sheets to keep from giving in to her lust. “Yes, Sir.” Images flooded her mind of how Jack took her, pinning her hands above her head, keeping her totally at his mercy. “Sir…”

If only there weren’t almost an entire country between them.


Phone at his ear, Jack closed his eyes. He wanted to lose himself in the fantasy.  Which was hard to do while staring at the white painted ceiling of his luxurious D.C. apartment. Hand firmly around his hard-on, he pictured Sam lying on her bed, her skin glistening in the moonlight as she pushed the toy in and out of her sweet body. How much he wanted to push her hand away and take over, tease her until she begged for mercy…and then some. Taste her.

She shouldn’t have to take care of herself. Damn, where was his buddy Thor when he needed him. Just teleport over to Groom Lake for a coupla hours, and then back to D.C. Couldn’t be that hard. Or freaking Prometheus. Now, that would make for an interesting request… But they were still in Pegasus. No way to get to Sam in the next minute.

“Just keep it nice and slow,” he murmured into the phone. She gave a soft moan in response.

“I thought you said you were going to take me hard, Sir.”

He chuckled. “Never said that. At the moment I’m more interested in a little experiment.”

“What-what kind of experiment?” She panted.

“Whether we can get you to make yourself scream.”

Her laughter sounded soft and breathless. “I doubt that, Sir.”

“Yeah, well…let’s see. Why don’t you make use of that vibrator, too?”

“Yes, Sir.” He heard her fumble. “Got it, Sir.”

“All right.” He closed his eyes. “Place it on your clit and turn it on. Leave it there, don’t move it away.”

Another hitch of breath. “Okay.” After a few moments a low hum buzzed in his ear, and a millisecond later, she gasped. “Oh God…”

He smiled. “There we go. Now keep working that dildo too.”

Her moans turned desperate. “Sir… I… I don’t think I’m gonna last very long.”

“Try anyway.” He tightened his grip around his cock. Just listening to her desperate pants and whimpers was enough to drive him to the edge. “And turn the vibrator up to the next level.”

She gave the hottest squeal he’d ever heard. “No, Sir, that’d be too much.”

No, Sir?” He made sure to put an edge to his voice.

“Don’t make me do that, Sir.”

“Do it. And if you say No Sir one more time, it’ll go up two levels.”

The buzz increased slightly, followed by another sweet little cry. Oh yeah, definitely close to screaming. He’d settle for that. He sped up his pace, working himself harder. “You gonna come for me, Sam?”

“Yes, Sir.” A desperate whimper.

“Let me hear you, sweetheart. Come on, let go for me.”

She groaned and panted her release into his ear. The sexiest sounds he’d heard in weeks. What he wouldn’t give to be there, to thrust into her, feeling her muscles clutching him in release while she clawed at his shoulders in helpless passion. With a low groan, he emptied himself into his palm. The room spun and his mind blanked for a moment. “Jesus, Sam…”

An unintelligible moan carried through the phone.

He chuckled. “You okay?”

“Oh yeah.” Her breathing still came fast, and for a moment he almost felt it against his neck. “I can’t believe we did that.”

“Pretty cool, huh?” He grinned into the darkness of the room when she broke into laughter.


They remained quiet for a couple of minutes, during which he reached for a tissue from the nightstand to take care of the remnants of his pleasure. “Still, not as good as the real thing.”

“Definitely not.” Her breath hitched. “I really miss you.”

“It’d be so much easier if they’d let me retire. I wonder if they’d throw me out if I stole silverware from the president’s office.”

“Jack.” Her laughter bubbled up again, and he smiled. Mission accomplished.

He cleared his throat. “You gonna be okay?”

“I’m fine.”

The hell she was, if the way her breath continued to hitch was any indication. If only he could make his way over there right now to hold her and provide real aftercare, in person.

“I miss this, too, you know?” She released a sigh. “You taking control.”

“Me too.” Much more than he’d thought he would. He’d never needed the control aspect to have a fulfilled sex life, but ever since he’d started doing it with her, he’d become addicted to it. “How about we play a little game to shorten those two weeks.”

“What kind of game?”

“You won’t be allowed to come unless you ask permission. You can ask by phone, email or text message. But you’ll have to wait for confirmation.” He pulled the bedsheets over his body. “And if you come without permission, there’ll be consequences when we meet.”

“I like that,” she whispered.

“I’ll expect a written report every time I give you permission. Tell me exactly what you did and how. It doesn’t have to be graphic, but it shouldn’t be too vague either.”

“In writing? I can do that.” She grew quiet for a moment, and he could practically hear her wheels turn. “But it’s probably not a good idea to use our official accounts for that. Do you have a private email account?”

Smart as always, his Carter. Even after just orgasming a few minutes ago. He smirked. “No. But it can’t be that hard to set one up, right? Do I have to call somewhere or—” He cut himself off when her giggle sounded from the other end.

“No, you have to go to a free service like Yahoo or AOL.”

“Yeah, but do they have a store somewhere?” He scratched his head when she gave another soft laugh. “What?”

“How about I set you up with one and send you your access info tomorrow?” God, he loved this woman.

“That’ll work.” He grinned. “You know me and all that technical stuff.”


The next evening, his aid, Major Patrick, peeked into his office and handed him a medium-sized package. “Express delivery from Groom Lake for you, Sir.”

“Area 51?”

“Yes, Sir. From Colonel Carter.” The young man gave him a salute and left the office.

Jack stared at the rather heavy package. Then he shook it next to his ear. Nothing.

The label said DHL Express delivery, which meant she hadn’t used the official channels. This was a private package. Heart pounding, he cut the tape using the letter opener on his desk.

On top of a sheet of bubble wrap lay a little handwritten note.

This is your new private laptop. I took the liberty of setting it up with an encrypted version of Linux. It’s ready for use. Password for everything is “Fishing”.



He blinked at the note. Once, twice. Then he unpacked the small laptop and turned it on. Just the right size to fit into the damn suitcase he had to carry around now that he had an office job. Sweet.

The screen flashed, then the desktop showed up with a picture of the Milky Way galaxy. A low, short beep sounded from the speakers, and a window opened.

“Signing you into Skype…”

A second later, a contact list showed up listing only one name. Sam C.

He double clicked it. A chat window opened. Okay, that looked easy enough. He started typing…

Jack O.: Hello?

Sam C.: Hi. :)

Jack O.: What’s with the laptop?

Sam C.: It’s much safer for private conversations.

Jack O.: That really you?

Sam C.: Yeah. :) Check your email for detailed info.

Jack O.: Cool!

He minimized the window and double-clicked the e-mail icon on the screen. An application opened.

Enter Password.

He typed in “Fishing”. Another window opened, showing a private email inbox.

1 new email.

He clicked it.

From: Sam Carter
Subject: Your new Laptop
Date: 10 Nov 2005 10:40
To: Jack O’Neill

Hi Sir,

Hope you don’t mind that I set you up with the entire package right away. It wouldn’t be a good idea if you accessed your private inbox from a government computer.

So for the technical details—and feel free to skip this ;)—your laptop hard drive comes with a standard encryption, as well as direct satellite uplink…

With a smirk, he skipped over the next two paragraphs. Carter had set this up, after all. And if she said it was done right, there was no doubt in his mind it was.

…In short, our conversations will be confidential and off any Air Force records. If you want to contact me, you can send me an email or a Skype message. I usually have both open on my own laptop. If you have any questions, send me a message.



He clicked on the “reply” icon, and typed into the newly opened field.

From: Jack O’Neill
Subject: Just seeing if this works
Date: 10 Nov 2005 17:40
To: Sam Carter

Is this thing working?

He hit the “send” button. A short ding came from the speakers, and the window closed. A few moments later…

From: Sam Carter
Subject: Re: Just seeing if this works
Date: 10 Nov 2005 17:42
To: Jack O’Neill

It’s an email. Of course it’s working. ;)

Grinning, he clicked the reply-button.

From: Jack O’Neill
Subject: Re: Just seeing if this works
Date: 10 Nov 2005 10:44
To: Sam Carter

Great. :) You at home?

He pressed send. Another ding sounded. Then, a few seconds later, the little Skype icon at the bottom of his desktop jumped. Eyebrows raised, he clicked it.

Sam C.: No, I’m still at the office.

Jack O.: Didn’t your shift end two hours ago?

Sam C.: We got a new shipment of technology today, so I’m doing some extra time to catch up with the workload. I should be home in an hour or so.

Jack O.: Talk to you later then?

Sam C.: You betcha.

He closed the laptop with a grin. Now that would definitely make the two weeks pass a lot faster.


Jack blinked at his phone. Once. Twice. Then he squirmed in his seat and looked back up at Colonel Davis who was giving them the latest security report.

Somehow, the situation had gotten way out of hand. He glanced at the text on his phone once more.

From: Sam Carter
Time: 05:17pm

I’m bored, Sir. I really wish you were here to tie me up on your bed and thrust your hard length inside of me. I need you to take me in whatever ways you want. Betcha I’d scream your name. Permission to come, Sir?

He swore, she’d precisely timed this text. He’d told her about his briefing schedule on Wednesday, and they’d explicitly talked about his meeting this Sunday afternoon. Big mistake. Apparently, she loved teasing him by sending sexy texts when he was in important meetings or briefings. And she was getting better at voicing stuff too, at least in writing.

Just yesterday, at precisely two thirty in the afternoon, she’d sent him a rather detailed report of her last orgasm—when he’d been in an important staff meeting.

Such a defiant sub, trying to be sneaky by hiding her insubordination behind obedience. He fought a grin. Her challenges never ceased to amaze him. Kept things interesting, though.

Well, he wouldn’t let it slide this time. Quickly, he typed a message back.

To: Sam Carter
Time: 05:19pm

Permission denied.

He pressed send and thought a moment before typing another message.

To: Sam Carter
Time: 05:20pm

And don’t even think about disobeying my order.

Satisfaction spread through him as he sat up straight. Served her right, taunting him with mental images of her lying naked on her bed, her hand between her legs and her soft sighs filling the room… At least, now she’d be as frustrated as he was.

His cell phone hummed, a low vibration. He opened the new message.

From: Sam Carter
Time: 05:21pm

You’re cruel.

Cruel? His mouth tugged into a devilish smirk. She hadn’t seen the half of it yet. Quickly, he typed another message.

To: Sam Carter
Time: 05:23pm

Changed my mind. Lie down on your bed and tease yourself for ten minutes. Then ask me again.

From: Sam Carter
Time: 05:24pm

Yes, Sir.

The next ten minutes crawled past at a snail’s pace. All he could think of was Carter now. Damn, she’d succeeded in her sneaky distraction. Tension mounted until his phone finally gave a low buzz.

From: Sam Carter
Time: 05:35pm

Permission to come, Sir? Please?

Ah, there it was. Satisfaction flooded him as he typed in his reply.

From: Sam Carter
Time: 05:36pm

Permission denied. That’ll teach you not to tease someone who’s in a meeting. Happy suffering.


Sam stared at the screen of her cellphone. He couldn’t be serious. No, no, no. No, dammit. She hit the mattress with her fist and stared at the ceiling. So close. She’d been riled all Sunday, and there wasn’t much to do around here. She needed that orgasm.

Hand trembling, she pressed the buttons on her phone.

To: Jack O’Neill
Time: 05:39pm

How low. I can’t believe you did that. Come on, Sir. Pleeease!

She hit ‘send’ and waited. Twenty seconds later, her phone dinged.

From: Jack O’Neill
Time: 05:39pm

I love it when you beg, Carter. But NO!

Two could play this game. Let’s see who’ll beg whom this time.

To: Jack O’Neill
Time: 05:41pm

I promise it won’t happen again. And I’ll make it up to you when we see each other. Imagine my warm lips wrapping around your length, teasing, licking, sucking. Until you come down my throat. I really want to taste you, Sir. —I’ll stop and leave you to your briefing as soon as you give me permission to come.

Grinning, she pressed the “Send” button and waited. Waited some more. Nothing. She swallowed hard. Had she taken things too far? Or wasn’t he checking his phone anymore?

It took about ten minutes before her phone finally buzzed. A call. She picked it up and flinched when she saw the caller ID. “Hi, Sir.”

“I don’t appreciate being blackmailed.” His voice was pure steel.

Better play it nice. “Sorry, Sir.”

“Yeah, you will be. You’re not allowed to come until we meet in D.C. Understood?”

Her breath lodged in her throat. “Sir, that’s almost a week.”

Understood?” A dark threat underlay his voice.

When would she learn that messing with him was never a good idea? Every time she thought she’d outsmarted him, it came back to bite her in the ass. “Yes, Sir. But, Sir—” Click.

She stared at her phone. Had he really hung up on her? Anger welled up inside her, and for a split second defying him entered her mind. Would he really know if she disobeyed his order? He was thousands of miles away, and it was still six days before they’d see each other.

Then again, he’d picked up on that last time, too. At his cabin, when she’d tried to be sneaky and come without permission in the shower. There was no way he could have watched or heard her, and yet he’d known. She wasn’t a good enough liar and he was a way too good a Dom. If she disobeyed his order and he found out, she probably wouldn’t have another orgasm until Christmas.

Sighing, she closed her eyes. All right. She’d brought this on herself after all. Only six days. She’d be damned if she didn’t have enough self-control for that.


Airports always exude this inherent excitement of reunion and the bittersweet pain of all too fast goodbyes. Sam looked around the luggage claim and made her way to the exit. Three days in D.C. No doubt they’d pass in the blink of an eye. And then? It seemed that her life was nothing but uncertainty these days.

She glanced around the arrival area and pulled her cellphone out of her pocket. After she switched off the flight mode, it vibrated with an incoming message.

From: Jack O’Neill
Time: 04:02pm

Got an emergency meeting until 6. Thank Danny-boy and the rest of the Cheyenne Mountain base for it. I’ll send my driver to pick you up. He’ll take you home, and later to the party. I’ll see you there.

She sighed. There was always something, wasn’t there? They were both married to the Air Force. If life was hard to manage for couples with only one of the partners in the military, it seemed to be close to impossible to organize in their case.

Well, the reception would start at six. That left her with some time to freshen up. She strolled towards the exit and looked around. How on Earth was she supposed to recognize the driver?

“Colonel Carter?” A male voice drifted from behind her. She turned. A young Air Force major gave her a salute. “Major Frank Patrick, Ma’am. General O’Neill ordered me to pick you up.”

“At ease, Major. Thank you, that’s very nice.”

He took the bag from her and held his hand out toward the door. “This way, please, Ma’am. Did you have a good flight?”

“I did.” She followed the major through the sliding glass doors to the drop-off section where a large, fancy limo stood parked. Driving around D.C. in style. She remembered these cars from the days before the Stargate program, when she’d still been assigned to the pentagon.

Major Patrick opened the door for her. “Would you like me to drive you right to the General’s home, or do you need to go somewhere else, ma’am?”

“No, home will be fine. Thank you.” It was so odd to be treated like some form of royalty, especially when she wasn’t wearing her dress uniform.

She slid inside the back of the car. Black leather seats, a small table—what a comfort. Jack’s new position certainly came with a lot of luxuries.

When Major Patrick had shut the door, she leaned back in the seat and glanced out the window. They never talked about work—at least not about his work. Most of it was classified, and her clearance level wasn’t high enough. His new position sure came with a lot of power, though.

Her stomach tingled at the thought and she closed her eyes. Oh, come on, how cliché! The woman falling for the guy in power.

Yet, there was something so deliciously forbidden and scandalous about the thought.

After a fifteen minute drive, the car stopped in front of a large apartment building. Major Patrick jumped out and opened the door for her. “This way, please, ma’am.”

She got out and glanced up at the large apartment building. The spotless white front glowed reddish in the afternoon sun, and the building on the other side of the street was reflected in the dark windows. The major led the way towards the building. Spotlessly clean glass-doors slid open when they approached, and they entered a comfortable, luxurious entrance hall with a reception area.

Major Patrick walked up to the receptionist. “This is Major Carter, General O’Neill’s guest.”

“Ah, yes, I was informed of her arrival.” The man in the black tuxedo turned around to a shelf with rows of numbered spaces. He pulled a white envelope out and gave her a warm smile. “Apartment 703, Ma’am. The keycard is in the envelope.”

“Thank you.” Sam returned his smile and opened the envelope.

“Do you need help with your luggage, ma’am?” Major Patrick asked.

“I think I’ll manage one bag, but thanks, Major.”

“Is there something else you need?”

“No, major, that would be all.” She shook the card out of the envelope and raised her eyebrows when the young soldier still didn’t move. Right. She was dealing with military here. Subtle cues wouldn’t suffice. Working with predominantly civilian contractors during the past two months had taken its toll. “You’re dismissed, major.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’ll pick you up at 5.30 to take you to the party.” He gave her a salute before he turned and briskly walked out of the building.

Sam picked up her suitcase and entered the elevator. Not two minutes later, she stood in front of a white door with a golden 703 screwed into the wood. She unlocked the door and entered. Once inside, she closed the door and leaned against it with a relieved sigh.

She slipped out of her heels and looked around. What a nice apartment. Quite roomy. Eyes wide, she entered the living room. Apparently it had been fully furnished upon sale. There was no way Jack had decorated it like this. A black couch area, a large flat screen television, a black glass couch table, and an artwork by Albert Bierstadt on the wall to the side.

She studied the lavish landscape with its mountain range in the background. A lake took up most of the middle. Maybe she’d been wrong. Maybe Jack had chosen this painting. It looked like it’d be a nice spot for fishing.

She turned to enter the kitchen. Now this looked more like him. An empty pizza box on the table, leftover Chinese and beer in the fridge. Just beer. Nothing else. Not even soda.

Ah, well. They’d probably serve lots of food at the event. She took a beer. It gave a soft swish when she uncapped the bottle. Taking a sip, she sat down on the couch. When the cold, bitter liquid ran down her throat, she glanced out the window. The apartment was high enough to offer a nice view over parts of the city.

She glanced at her watch. Enough time for her to shower and get ready. After all, she had ordered that new dress for a reason. It would be the first time they attended an official event as a couple. Except for the BDSM clubs, they’d never gone out on any dates.

Well, he was in for a surprise…


Jack all but ran from the car to the door of the embassy. Damn, next time he saw Daniel, he’d wring the guy’s neck. He glanced at his watch. Almost six-thirty. If he hadn’t had the party scheduled, he’d still be sitting in that room.

What the hell was it with mythology anyway? First Apophis and his league of crazy Goa’uld and now Merlin? This was giving him a headache already. And the fact that Carter wasn’t there to keep an eye on the doohickeys certainly didn’t put his mind at ease.

Maybe he should approve the requests to get her transferred back to the SG-C. Aside from two requests by Mitchell, Daniel had also mentioned that he could use her help there. And this morning, even Landry had made another one of those subtle comments.

He’d have to talk it over with her this weekend, if they got the time. He definitely wouldn’t sign her transfer back to Stargate Command without her consent.

Jack slowed his step when he approached the reception hall. At the double glass door serving as the entry, he stopped and smoothed out his uniform. Then he entered. And his headache increased.

Politicians, diplomats, ambassadors. The crème de la crème of boring. Luckily, nobody seemed to have taken notice of him yet.

He scanned the large room. The tables towards the middle, the dance floor close to the live band and the bar. Nothing. Why was Carter not here yet?

He reached for the phone in his pocket but stopped when a warm hand touched his arm.


That voice. He’d recognize her among thousands. Heart quickening, he turned and froze.

Holy sh… She wore a long black dress with a split that bared parts of her gorgeous thigh. The fabric clung to her body like a second skin, outlining her slim waistline, the soft curve of her hips and her… He swallowed hard, and forced his gaze up to hers. “Wow. You…you look amazing.”

A smiled played around her mouth. “So do you.” She leaned in until her lips almost brushed his. “General.”

Her mouth opened under his and he closed the last inch’s distance, reclaiming her, tasting her. God, how he’d missed her. Screw that they were at an official event. Nobody was paying attention to them anyway. Satisfaction coursed through him when she sighed. Then her fingers curled on his shoulders and she opened wider for him.

Uh, oh. Not a good idea to heat things up too much. Panting, he grabbed her shoulders and put distance between them.

She gave him the most fake-innocent smile he’d ever seen.

“That supposed to be revenge for the orgasm denial?” he said. When she cocked her eyebrows up in question, he couldn’t help a chuckle. “That outfit’s supposed to challenge my self-control, isn’t it?”

She gasped. “Sir. I’m shocked at the accusation.” So fake.

He caught her wrists in one hand and pulled her close. “You have no idea how good it is to see you.”

She pulled her hands out of his grip and drew him into a warm hug. “I missed you.”

When she broke away from him, he held her gaze and smile. A soft flush tinted her cheeks and her eyes sparkled. So beautiful. He took her hand and dropped a kiss on her palm.

“How long will this thing take?” she asked, slightly breathless.

“Too long. And it’s gonna be way too boring. The food’s great, though.”

“Good. I’m starving.”

What a crappy way to spend their first night in D.C. On top of that he’d have to be late and couldn’t even pick her up from the airport. Guilt pricked at him. “We could go out for a nice dinner tomorrow. You know, just us. No politicians.”

Her lips pulled into a warm smile. “I’d like that. We’ve never really done that, have we?”


“Not that I’m complaining.” She leaned in. “Maybe we could make tonight a bit more interesting.” Her eyes had that dangerous let’s-blow-up-a-sun-gleam.

“Oh?” The door opened behind him and mumbling drifted over. He pulled her aside to a spot near the wall, where they’d have some more privacy. “What do you have in mind?”

“A little roleplay game.” She extended her hand to him. “Hi, I’m Sam Carter.”

Interest piqued, he leaned in. “Don’t I know you from somewhere, Sam Carter?”

Her eyes sparkled. “Don’t you have a better pick-up line?”

Ouch. He straightened and gave her a slow smirk. If she wanted to play, he’d play. “What are you doing here, all alone?”

“I had a date with someone, but so far he hasn’t shown up.”

He held his hand out to her. “General Jack O’Neill. Two Ls. I’ll be happy to keep you company.”

When she took his hand, the touch sent electricity jolting through him. He brushed his thumb over her soft skin and hooked her arm through his. “Why don’t I show you around?”


If she had to shake one more hand, she’d lose it. Grab-a-zat-and-shoot-someone lose it. Who would have thought that without her dress uniform nobody would care about her skills anymore?

Sam reached for the alcohol free cocktail the server behind the counter handed over. A tiny umbrella stuck out. For the last three hours they’d moved from one table to the next, and she’d listened to budget talks, fundraising efforts, negotiations considering some new laws, and other boring issues.

How had she ever been able to live here and deal with all these fake courtesies and smiles? She pulled the umbrella out and took a huge sip through the straw.

It was amazing how well Jack managed to play along. Not one sarcastic or snarky comment. Though she’d seen the darkness in his eyes when one of the senators had made a comment about her looks. If I had had a subordinate like that when I was in the marines, damn would I have broken the regs.

Sam shuddered when she remembered the obnoxious way his gaze had skimmed down her front. Jack had certainly looked ready to wring his neck. But he hadn’t. Instead he’d glared at the senator. Colonel Carter is a decorated Air Force officer who risks her life defending this country. It’d be appropriate to show her the respect she deserves, don’t you think, senator?

The senator had actually looked intimidated. Sam smiled to herself. Jack’s reaction had been great. Still, she missed the time when his wry comments made her smile through insufferably boring briefings.

He’s a two-star general now. Maybe they’d both moved past the ranks where they could afford such luxuries. She took another sip of her drink.

When she turned to face the tables, two ambassadors gave Jack courteous nods and moved on to a senator standing close. Jack turned, and his gaze searched the room before it found her. A soft smile pulled at his lips and her heart jumped.

At past fifty, he was still a handsome man. Her handsome man.

He approached and stopped next to her, his palm on the counter. “You traitor.”

She raised her eyebrows at him.

“Leaving me along with those two ambassadors.”

She inched closer. “You don’t seem to need my assistance to handle bureaucrats, General.”

His gaze intensified. He pulled her hand up to his mouth and dropped a warm kiss on her pulse point. “What do you say we get outta here? I have a limo parked in front of the entrance.”

She cocked her eyebrow up at him. “Is that an invitation?”

“Yeah sure, ya betcha.”

“Oh.” She took a step back and focused her gaze on her drink. “So far we haven’t even spent a lot of time together, since you talked to boring older guys all evening.”

His eyes darkened. “Older guys? Most of them are my age.”

The corners of her mouth twitched. “Oh, I guess they are, aren’t they.”

His eyes blazed. “I assure you, I’m anything but boring.”

She cocked her head with a flinch. “So far I don’t see it.”

Gaze locked with hers, he stepped closer and took the glass from her hand. After he put it down on the counter, he took her hands in his. “With me.”


“I’m gonna prove you wrong.”

Reluctantly, she followed him when he pulled her to the back of the room. A slim corridor led out of the reception hall to an adjoining, dimly lit area. Dark red carpet lined the floors and expensive paintings decorated the walls. Sconces lit the paintings, creating an intriguing pattern of light and darkness.

Jack slowed, searching as though he were looking for something. After a few meters, he drew her to one of the alcoves holding a statue.

“General?” She widened her eyes at him. He couldn’t be serious. This part of the house looked like they weren’t even supposed to be in here.

Smirking, he gave her hand a tug and pulled her into the alcove where the dark shadows swallowed them up. Air pushed out of her lungs when her back hit the hard wall. The next moment his mouth was on hers, demanding, taking, devouring.

She clutched helplessly at the rough material of his uniform that covered his upper arms, her stomach tightening in an odd mix of excitement and fear. Gasping, she broke the kiss.

“General.” She tried to keep her breathing even. “What if somebody—“

“Shhh.” He nipped her lower lip and drew her into another, gentler kiss. If only his lips didn’t taste so good after being away from him for weeks. She sighed into his mouth and arched into him.

His warm palms moved from her waist down over her hips. He tightened his grip and pulled her flush against him, her core pressing against his upper thigh. Lips still locked with his, she threaded her fingers through his hair.

When he rolled her hips against his leg, her breath hitched and she broke away from him with a whimper of protest.

“General, don’t. Oh, God.” Damn her body’s betrayal, but the pressure of his thigh provided such a sweet stimulation, and after almost a week of orgasm denial… Shit.

He leaned in to her ear, and when his breath washed warm down her neck, she closed her eyes. His lips tickled the sensitive patch of skin under her earlobe, teasing but never touching. Her breathing sped up, her hips rolling against his thigh of their own volition now.

“Sir, please stop.”

His warm chuckle sent goosebumps racing across her skin. “I’m not doing anything. I’m barely even touching you.” He nipped her earlobe. “Still too boring for you, Sam?”

A moan slipped out before she could stop it.

“I’m pretty sure I can make you scream my name before the night’s over.”

She smiled at him, breathless. “Ambitious.”

“I like challenges.”

“How do I know I can trust you?” She stilled and gave him an innocent, wide-eyed look. “For all I know, you could have a very dark side and try to kidnap me or something like that.”

There it was, that flash in his eyes she’d waited for. “You’re gonna have to take your chances.”

Her nerves tingled with unfulfilled need. He wasn’t going to give her a hint about his plan, was he? Somehow, the idea thrilled her. Up to now, they’d meticulously talked every scene through. She’d known what to expect, and that had given her a sense of security and comfort. But this was dark. Unpredictable. Dangerous.

Adrenaline spiking, she gave him a weak nod. “I’ll go with you.”

He pushed her against the wall and ravaged her mouth once more. Her mind spun when unexpectedly, he released her. “Let’s go.”

Panting, she followed him. “Yes, General.”

It took a small eternity before they’d crossed the main hall and left the reception area through the main entrance. Then another stretch waiting at the reception counter while the receptionist fetched her coat. All the while, Jack’s warm palm burned through the fabric of her dress.

As soon as you’re in his car, you’ll be at his mercy. The thought shot right down to her core and she shifted her legs against the growing pressure there. When they left the embassy, soft rain drizzled down on them. Only a few moments later, a car pulled up and Jack opened the door for her.

Mind spinning, she slipped inside and sat on one of the leather seats inside the limo. The seat shifted when Jack sat down next to her. The driver closed the door behind him, and a few moments later the engine started up.

Her skin buzzed with his closeness. When he nuzzled the hair at her temple, his scent flooded her senses. “Nervous?”

“A little.” She turned to him. “I normally don’t do this.”

“What?” His gaze dropped from her eyes to her mouth, and back up again.

“Going home with a stranger I just met.” She gave him the most innocent look she was capable of.

When he trailed his mouth along her jaw and kissed her neck, a shaky breath left her. Her fingers brushed over the hard metal of the insignia on his shoulder pads. Two stars.

She trailed them further up to his warm neck. His caresses were so gentle, so tender, so soothing. If there hadn’t been the looming threat of what he might be planning, they might have almost been too gentle for her. She tilted her head back, offering more of her skin.

His teeth nipped her earlobe before he withdrew to study her. “Going home with strangers can be very dangerous.”

Something about the edgy undertone in his voice thrilled her. “Surely, as a general, you’re a man of honor.”

“Surely.” His eyes gleamed.

She straightened in her seat when his hand dropped to her bare knee and slipped under her dress. Ugh… He couldn’t possibly think about starting anything here, in the car? She peeked at the dark glass separating them from the driver. “Sir.”

“He can neither see us nor hear us. The button up there is for an intercom connection.” He drew a line of searing kisses down her throat. “Didn’t you say you weren’t in for boring?”

She gave a shaky laugh. “I’m not in for a scandal either.”

His hand stilled while he searched her face, an intense look in his eyes. “We’re in the privacy of my car. No scandal.”

She chewed her lower lip. As much as the idea thrilled her, this was as close to public as it could get, and besides, this was the real thing. Not some club where people around them were used to seeing people having sex.

On the other hand, he had a point. The blackened windows of the car shielded them from view. On top of that, most of these limos were produced with special soundproofing since politicians often held briefings or meetings in them.

She curled her fingers at his nape, feeling his short-cropped hair.

He brushed his nose against hers. “If it makes you feel better, you can keep saying no and pretend not to have a choice.” His warm palm grazed up her thigh. Her stomach tightened, and yet, at the same time, her heartbeat quickened with anticipation.

Gasping, she clutched his arm. “Don’t.”

“You got into my car, so don’t pretend you don’t wanna be fucked into oblivion.” When his hand brushed over her mound, he stopped and widened his eyes at her. “You just lost all credibility.”

She blinked at him. “Sir?”

“A woman who doesn’t plan on taking a man home doesn’t go commando.” He shoved her dress up to her upper thighs. The seam gave a low ripping sound. Heat flooded her cheeks. Both thrilled and horrified at the same time, she held her breath. He hadn’t really ripped her dress, had he?

The thought vanished when he drew a finger along her core. “Underwear leaves marks, Sir.”

“And here I was wondering all evening how you managed to conceal it under that tight dress.” He kept his mouth close to her ear, while his finger found her clit and rubbed in slow circles around it.

Her eyes fell closed and she let her head fall back against his arm leaning on the backrest behind her. “Don’t.” A whisper.

“Don’t what, Samantha?” He increased the pressure. “Don’t make you come? Here, in my car?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

He brushed the hair from her forehead. “Put your leg over mine.”

She shook her head, breathless. “No.”

His hand grabbed some of her hair and pulled, gentle enough not to hurt, but still a warning. “I don’t like having to repeat my orders.”

Trembling, she shifted her behind down to the edge of the seat and placed her leg over his, opening herself for his hand.

“That’s better,” he rasped, so close to her mouth that their breaths mingled. “Now let’s see how easy you are.”

Before she had a chance to respond, his mouth was on hers, his tongue delving deep inside. At the same time, he slid one finger into her.  She couldn’t withhold a long sigh.

This was unbelievable. Here she was, in an official Pentagon car, playing out a sexual fantasy with her boyfriend/two-star general. Everything about the situation was wrong. Even worse that it turned her on so much.

She ground her hips against his hand and opened her mouth wider for his kiss. His finger found that one spot inside her and rubbed against it while his palm pressed down on her clit. Waves of pleasure rocked through her.

Quiet, damn it. She had to be quiet. She broke the kiss but kept her mouth so close to his that their lips brushed against each other with every movement. “S-sir, no… oh.”

His dark gaze pinned hers. “Still resistant? Your body betrays your words.”

His face blurred in front of her and she felt as though she were floating. More. She wanted more, but here? In the back of a car?

Her senses tingled with the stimulation. He was so good with his hand. Who cared where they were, if only he’d never stop. An all too familiar tingling need built inside her, culminating in a sweet pressure that carried her closer and closer to the edge.

And then he withdrew his hand. Panting, she stared up at him. His eyes held a devious glint.

“Don’t you dare do that,” she gritted out, and forced herself to take a deep breath.

Smirking, he pushed her leg aside, got up and scooted over to the seat right next to the door. “The car stopped. We’re here.”

She jerked into a sitting position. He was right, no movement. How hadn’t she noticed that? Confused, she blinked and glanced out the window. The car sat in front of the large apartment complex he lived in.

Frantically, she pulled her dress down over her knees and brushed her fingers through her hair. They got stuck. A tangled mess. Great. “How do I look?”

“Flushed. On edge.”

Was that a joke? Or… Oh God. “Really?”

The corners of his mouth twitched. “You look stunning. Come on, it’s just a few meters.”

She followed him to the door on shaky legs. Once he’d left the car, he held his hand out to her and pulled her to her feet. When she staggered against him, he steadied her with a firm grip on her hips. His mouth lingered close to hers for a moment, before he closed the door and gave the driver a nod. “Thank you, major. That’d be all.”

When they approached the entrance, the glass doors slid open. The receptionist nodded to them. “Good evening, Sir.”

The way to the elevator took forever. Once the doors closed, she held her breath and didn’t dare move. Every muscle in her body tightened. Who would have thought not knowing anything about his plans for their scene would be such a thrill? When would he make his first move?

God, she almost wished he would do it right here. Her skin still buzzed from her almost-orgasm. But there was a camera, wasn’t there? She peeked up into the corner where a black half circle stuck out of the ceiling. Definitely surveillance, which meant the guard was probably watching them. Too bad.

When Jack turned to her, she jerked her head to him. The corners of his mouth twitched. “Nervous much?”

“No, Sir.” Gulp. “Of course not.”

“Still having second thoughts?”

She blinked at him. It took a moment before she remembered. Oh, right, their roleplaying game. “Maybe. But I think I could defend myself against you if it came down to it.”

The door gave a soft ding and slid open. Gaze heated, he held his hand out. ”After you, ma’am.”

She narrowed her eyes and passed him. His hand at the small of her back applied gentle pressure as he remained slightly behind her. Almost cornering her. Damn, but he could be intimidating when he wanted. This definitely shouldn’t be such a turn-on.

Then again, it only was because it was him. No matter how tough he played it, one word and whatever he was doing would end immediately. She blew out a slow breath.

His grip on her hip tightened when they reached the apartment. He unlocked the door with his keycard.

Time to put up a bit of resistance. When he took a step forward, she remained still, despite the pressure of his hand at her back. He raised his eyebrows at her.

“I changed my mind, Sir.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” He took her arm with the other hand and with a firm tug pulled her inside.

Gasping, she spun, but he shut the door and with a click, the lock snapped shut. She froze and took a step back. “You can’t do that.”

“I just did.” He took his uniform hat off and scraped his hand through his hair, his dark eyes scanning her. “Alone at last.”

When she took another step back, her back hit the cold wall behind her. Her heels almost made her loose balance, so she slipped them off. Another couple of inches of height gone. Swallowing hard, she looked up at him.

A dangerous smile pulled at his lips. “Now, let’s set up a coupla rules. Number one. You’ll be quiet. No screaming. If there’s screaming, I’m gonna gag you. Number two. I’ll use you whatever way I want, and if I hear one word of protest, there’ll be a gag and punishment.”

“You’re out of your mind.” She shoved against his chest and rushed to the door—not that she actually meant to leave. But why not let him work for it? Besides, after this much time, she needed it hard and dark. Maybe to remind her what his possession was like, or maybe just to feel like herself again.

Something akin to euphoria rushed through her when he slammed her up against the door, her chest squished against the hard, cold wood. He grabbed her wrists in an iron grip and stepped up against her so that every inch of him was pressing into her backside, keeping her in place.

“Defiant little thing, aren’t you? I had a feeling I might have to be rough with you to make you compliant.” He fumbled behind her with one hand, while keeping her wrists pinned against the door with the other. She tried to tug her hands out of his grip, but no chance, especially with how he limited her movements.

He tied his dark blue Air Force tie around her wrists. He tightened the knot even against her struggles, and then dropped a warm kiss on her neck. “That’s better.”

Trying to squirm out of his grasp, she pushed her hips back against him until the bulge in his pants pressed into her flesh. Excitement raced through her.

When he spun her around, she lifted her chin and held his gaze. “Now what? A man your age looks like he’d have problems with his knee or something, so you really think—” She gasped when he dragged her away from the door.

Two meters into the hallway, he pushed her against the wall and tied her hands to the metal coat rack mounted to the wall above her head. She twisted her wrists, but it was no use. Damn, he wasn’t playing around, was he?

He took a few steps back and gave a satisfied nod. Then he turned and vanished in the bedroom.

“Hey.” Sam twisted her hands and studied the knot. “Come back and untie me.” A firm tug, but still nothing. The knot was too tight and the more she struggled, the more the silk fabric dug into her flesh. She wouldn’t get out of this unless he let her go. She stilled when he stalked out of the bedroom.

If the glint in his eyes was any indication, he was up to something devious. “Since I made my rules clear, all of this is on you.”

Chest heaving, she stared up into his darkened eyes.

“I’m gonna give you a choice. You can agree to cooperate and take off that dress, or I’ll take it off, which you probably won’t like. So which is it gonna be?”

“Screw you.”

“Thought so.” He held up a pair of scissors shimmering silver in the dim light.

Her breath lodged in her throat. He wasn’t really thinking of… “No. No, no, no. Wait.”

“Too late.” He stepped closer. She tore at her restraints and tried to wriggle away from him, but he fisted his free hand in her hair and tugged her head back. “Hold still. I don’t wanna hurt you with these.”

She froze, her stomach tightening. “Sir…”

Immediately his grip in her hair lightened. He gentled his voice. “Don’t move.”

The cold steel of the scissors right above her left breast made her hold her breath. Snip… The left strap loosened. He repeated the same with the right one. Then he trailed the blades across her cleavage, leaving behind goosebumps. The cold steel tickling her sensitive skin raced through her like fire. In between her breasts, he cut a small rip into the dress.

Needless destruction? She scrunched her brows at him, when he placed the scissors on the side table. “Do you have any idea how much effort it took to find this dress?”

“Shoulda thought of that before insulting me.” He stalked back to her.

“You’re a bastard.”

“Didn’t learn the lesson, huh?” Before she had a clue what he was planning, he grabbed her dress with both hands and tore hard. The tearing sound as the fabric ripped made her gasp.

Heart pounding in her ears, she squealed and tried to writhe away from him. The shreds of the dress fell to the floor and the next moment she stood before him naked. A cool breeze caressed her bare breasts. Frozen, she stared at the fabric on the floor and slowly lifted her head.

He had not just done that. So rough, so unpredictable. So hot. Trembling, she turned to face him.

“Now that’s a lot better.” Gaze intent, he studied her. His warm palm trailed down along her collarbone to her chest and cupped her breast.

She stopped herself from arching into him and managed a glare. “Don’t touch me.”

His hand continued its unhurried exploration, teasing and reclaiming his territory. Her nipples bunched and she did arch into his touch this time. God, more. Damn, she wanted him to be rough and for that she needed to resist, but she also wanted to speed things up. No way to do both.

“You gonna cooperate now?”

She clenched her jaw and turned her head away from him. His hand brushed her belly in a light touch, trailed further down, and then…

Breaths hitching, she closed her eyes. “Don’t.” His sure fingers found her clit immediately, while his other arm pulled her closer and pinned her in place. His hot breath washed across the side of her face, tickling her neck.

“Don’t?” He nuzzled her temple. “You’re soaked and yet you keep telling me no?”

She wanted to throw another insult at him, but he pushed two fingers inside her and all reasonable thought vanished. Her legs buckled. “Oh.”

Just like in the car, he rubbed his fingers against her walls until stars sparkled in front of her eyes.

She twisted and writhed in his grip. “Please, not like this.”

He leaned in to her ear. “You’re not in control. I get to decide how and where and when you come. So if I decide it’ll be here, what’s your answer?”

She growled through clenched teeth. She’d forgotten how intoxicating his control was. Still, she needed his hard body on top of her, needed to feel him buried inside her. The entire last week she’d fantasized about that. She didn’t want to come this way, dammit.

“Sam, what’s your answer?” He twisted his fingers and pulled out of her. His fingers trailed along her folds and then slipped over her clit. Again and again.

A whimper escaped her, and she opened her eyes to look at him. “Y-yes, Sir.”

“There we go.” He cupped her face with his other hand. “Come for me, sweetheart.”

“No.” Panting, she glared at him and shook her head.

His eyes darkened, his grip on her tightening. He alternated his strokes, exposing her clit to his touches. When she trembled from the stimulation, he lowered his mouth to her ear. “No’s not a valid answer in this apartment. You will come for me, whether you want to or not.”

He pressed down on her clit, rubbing against it with her every movement. Hands fisting, she cried out.

Then he lightened his touch and slipped them over her clit in slow circles. “How long you think you’re gonna hold out while I tease you like this?”

She relaxed in his grip, her forehead leaning against his shoulder.

His voice caressed her ear, warm and gentle. “Your body has no choice, no matter how much you try to fight it.”

Shit, he was right. The orgasm denial of the past week really didn’t put her in a good position to win this game. She tensed when a tingling started deep inside her core. No, no, no.

His finger rubbed mercilessly over her clit, changing direction so that she could never quite predict his movements. Her inner muscles clenched, and she fisted her hands so hard her nails dug into her palms. “Damn you.”

Chuckling, he pressed down harder, and after two more strokes, her orgasm washed over her like a wave spreading through her entire body. Her legs went limp, and his grip on her tightened, holding her. She jerked against him when he gave her a few parting strokes. Then he withdrew his hand.

“That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

She wanted to throw an angry insult back at him, but her brain wouldn’t comply. Deep calm spread through her. She’d fought so hard to have it her way, but he’d subdued her. How was it possible that relinquishing control to him satisfied her more than her orgasm?

When the pressure around her hands weakened, she realized he’d untied her from the coat rack. She lowered her bound wrists, her fingers clasping the coarse fabric of his uniform jacket.

“You gonna be able to walk?” He brushed his thumb over her cheek.

She nodded while the fog in her head slowly dissipated.

“Good. Come with me.” He gave the tie a tug and pulled her with him into the bedroom. “Get on the bed and lie down on your back. Don’t try anything stupid.”

Just give me a minute until my head stops spinning. She lay down on the soft mattress. Eyes closed, she listened to him scuffle around the room while her breathing slowed and her heartrate returned to normal.

When a shadow darkened the light, she opened her eyes. Jack leaned over her, concern flashing in his eyes. “You okay?”

She gave him a weak smile. “Yeah. Just a bit foggy.” His mouth caressed her neck and tremors washed through her body under his touch, every nerve ending buzzing. “Sir…”

“Lift your arms above your head.”

She did, and he carefully untied the knot binding them. After he had removed the tie, he wrapped a silk scarf around her wrist and fastened it. He repeated the same steps with her right hand. “Since I’m gonna be using real cuffs, the scarves should protect your skin. Try not to pull too hard though.”

Eyes wide, she watched him pull two pairs of silver cuffs from his nightstand drawer. Her energy returned. Before he had a chance to react, she jerked into an upright position and rolled off the bed. “No way.”

He rose and gave her a dark stare. “Come back here.”


He rounded the bed and blocked her way to the door. Pulse quickening, she spun and crossed the room. She froze in front of the window that took up one wall. Oh boy, everybody in the apartment building across the street could see her, couldn’t they? She jumped aside to where a transparent white curtain provided at least some protection from view.

Her hesitation gave him enough time to catch up with her. She shrieked when he grabbed her nape hard, holding her in place.

“Bit shy, are we?” He pulled the curtain aside and shoved her forward against the window, his mouth close to her ear. “Why don’t you have a good look outside.”

She struggled against his grip, but he pushed even harder until she was pressed up against the cold glass. Cold fear gripped at her, made every muscle in her body tense. People could see her. All of her. Her cheeks burned furiously. “Sir. Q-quarks.” Almost a sob.

“Sam.” His rasp sounded weirdly gentle compared to before and he loosened his grip. “Open your eyes and look at the other building.”

Her eyes stung. “No, Sir.” Her resistance wasn’t an act now. Why wasn’t he reacting to her safeword?

“Carter,” he said, a tad sharper.

At his slip out of role, the snapped her eyes open. He lightened his grip on her and trailed his hand along her throat. “Look into the apartments at the other side. What do you see?”

Taking a shaky breath, she squinted but couldn’t see through the darkened mirror glass. “Nothing, Sir.”

“Uh huh.” He trailed his lips along her neck.

Slowly, her brain kicked into gear. Mirror glass. Of course. She’d seen it earlier. From the outside all the windows in this building were also made of mirror glass. Even while he had her pressed up against the glass like this, nobody could see her from the outside. The slightly dark tint in the glass gave it away even from her viewpoint.

Tension fled her muscles and she let out a relieved sigh. What was she thinking? He would never push her past a limit like that. “Thank God.”

He dropped another kiss on her shoulder. “Took you long enough. You okay?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” She leaned her head back against his arm. “Sorry, Sir. Talk about an adrenaline rush.”

Chuckling, he reinforced his hold on her. “Well, then. Where were we?”

Mind drugged, she struggled against his grip once more. He let out a curse and dragged her away from the window. Hands fisted, she hit his chest, his arms, anywhere she could reach, but it didn’t seem to have any effect at all on him.

At last he managed to grasp her wrists and push her towards the bed. She got ready for another attack, but before she had a chance to try, he spun her around and shoved her chest-first into the mattress.

Face buried in the sheet, she let out a scream. Immediately, his hot body covered her, pinning her in place. The fabric of his dress uniform rubbed against her back, coarse and cold where his name pin and insignia were. Her insides liquefied and she stilled.

Panting, he pressed her wrists into the mattress. His breath washed hot down her neck. “I should fuck you into submission. Let’s see how defiant you are after a coupla orgasms.”

God, yes please. She held her breath, waiting. His chest heaved against her back. “But maybe that’s what you’re after?”

Breathless, she turned her head. He chuckled and dropped a warm kiss on her cheek.

“Sorry, sweetheart. You haven’t been obedient enough for that yet.”

She muffled a frustrated outcry and pushed her hips up against him. He tightened his grip on her hands and dragged her up on the bed. Then he flipped her onto her back. Before she realized it, he snapped one of the cuffs around her left wrist and fastened the other end to the left corner of the bed.

Her right hand temporarily free, she lashed out, hitting him again, but with one hand securely restrained she was at a disadvantage. It didn’t take him much effort to secure her right hand too.

She panted and glared up at him. A triumphant glint in his eyes, he trailed his hand over her breasts, teasing her nipples for a moment before he got up. “Now you’re mine, sexy.”

He opened the adjoining bathroom’s door and entered. Sam looked at the cuffs and tested them. He was right. The metal lay heavy around her wrists and the chain was sturdy and solid. If he hadn’t wrapped the scarves around her wrists, these would certainly hurt.

Water starting running in the shower. She shifted on the mattress and stared at the ceiling. What did he have planned for the rest of the evening? She glanced around the room. Nothing gave her a clue.

The bag with their toys was back at Groom Lake, so there weren’t really a lot of options, were there? On the other hand…

She glanced up at the handcuffs. Where had he gotten these? Had he done some shopping on his own?

When the bathroom door squeaked, she turned her head. Jack stepped out, rubbing his hair with a towel. Then he stilled and studied her.

She raised her brows at him. “What?”

“You look so docile now.”

She bit her lower lip, trying to stifle a smile. “Don’t let appearances fool you. Once I get out of these I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Who says I’m gonna let you out?” He threw the towel to the end of the bed and opened a dresser drawer. “I might keep you like this for a while.”

A new ache built in her core. She shifted her arms and pressed her legs together to ease it.

“Oh, before I forget.” He turned and pushed the drawer shut with his elbow. “You think you can get another one of those dresses?”

She drew her eyebrows up.

He cleared his throat. “It looked really hot on you.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have ripped it to pieces then.” What a pretender she was. As though that hadn’t been one of the hottest things he’d ever done. Screw the two-hundred dollars she’d spent on the dress.

Something dark flashed in his gaze. “Let me rephrase that. You will buy another one of those dresses. I’ll pay you back.”

She scoffed and turned her head to the window, away from him. “After you kidnapped me, I want nothing to do with you.”

The floor creaked as his steps approached. “The hard way, then. Come here.” He leaned over and the next instant, something dark covered her eyes.

She shook her head, trying to shift away from him, but the cloth over her eyes didn’t move. She felt him fumble at the back of her head, before he adjusted the cloth. A blindfold. Chained and blindfolded. A hint of insecurity pricked at her.

“Now, remember what I said at the beginning. The only words I wanna hear from you are Yes and Sir. Anything else and I’m gonna gag you.” The determination in his voice made it clear he was serious.

She swallowed hard. They’d never taken it this far where she was restrained, gagged and blindfolded at the same time. Well, hadn’t she wanted dark?

He cleared his throat. “I’m waiting.”

“Get lost.”

“You really wanna do that now?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Get lost, Sir.”

“For cryin’ out loud.” Something cold, hard and round pressed against her mouth. “Open your mouth.”

She tried to protest, but opening her mouth only gave him access and he slipped the gag in place. Trying to spit it out, she pushed against it with her tongue, but it was no use. She bit down on it. Hard. Harder, until her teeth hurt. She tried to tell him she was sorry, but it only came out as an unintelligent mumble.

He got up and rummaged around the room. All her senses heightened, focused on his movements. What would he do next? What was his plan? She twitched when his breath fanned her cheek suddenly.

“Sam, this is important, so listen to me. I’m gonna place this in your hand. Hold on to it and whatever you do, don’t let go.”

Something cold hit her palm. A long object with weird edges and a smooth surface, but soft. She pressed it and a loud squeak sounded. A squeaky toy?

His hand cupped her cheek while he pressed a warm kiss right under her ear. “If you need to safeword, press it three times. Quick, like this.” He pressed the toy in her hand, making three quick squeak sounds. “Got that?”

She nodded.

“Do it for me, so I see it works.”

She squeaked the toy three times and he rewarded her with another searing kiss on her neck. She closed her eyes under the blindfold and moaned.

“You’re gonna have to wait a bit. I’ll be right back.”

She focused on the sounds around her again. The low hum of the heater, the faint honking of cars down on the street, and Jack’s steps somewhere in the apartment, growing louder, then quieter. The sound of police sirens drifted from somewhere outside in the distance. At last Jack returned.

Something rattled. A soft bumping sound followed as he set it down. Every muscle in her body tensed and she pressed her legs together as she waited. Anticipation built to an unbearable intensity.

Finally the mattress at the foot of the bed shifted. Warm hands touched her knees and trailed a slow line upwards only to push her legs apart. Every one of her senses focused on the touch, the warmth radiating from his body when he shifted some more. Then…

Something hot hit her belly. She yelped against the gag. No, something cold. It drew a slow line around her belly button and up along her ribcage, leaving behind a wet trail. An icecube?

The cold disappeared, and she let out a shaky breath. The next moment it was back, trailing along her arm and over her shoulder, then to her neck. She gasped and arched her head back. She brushed her thighs against Jack’s and drew them up to press them against the side of his waist.

His deep chuckle vibrated in her ear. “Like that, don’t you?”

She let out a soft whimper when he moved the ice cube to her breast. The cold stopped. Holding her breath, she shifted her wrists in the restraints. Where would he tease next? Not being able to see or move, or to tell him where to stop put her completely at his mercy. So vulnerable. So helpless. It should have scared her. And yet…

His hot mouth wrapped around her nipple, his tongue flicking. Then the freezing cold again. Hot. Cold. Hot again. God, he had the ice cube in his mouth. She arched her back, pushed up against him with a moan.

He continued the torture, alternating between hot and cold until her head spun, and it became almost impossible for her to determine which was which. The incredible fireworks of opposing sensations nearly overwhelmed her.

When his chest grazed her nipples, she pressed herself against him, trying to increase the contact. He seared a path along her jaw before he brushed his nose against hers. “You still with me?”

She nodded, huffing against the gag.

“Good.” He shifted and his warmth was gone. Absolute silence followed. Finally, the mattress dipped with his weight and his hands pushed her thighs apart.

Oh boy, he wouldn’t dare use the ice there…

Cold jolted through her like electricity when his mouth wrapped around her clit. She cried out and bit down harder on the gag. His hot tongue gave her a long, thorough lick, then the ice slid over her again. A constant change of extremes that built her up so fast.

She panted when his mouth moved to her entrance. His tongue circled, teased, entered her softly…and pushed the ice cube inside.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God…. She felt the ice melting slowly, so deep inside her, while his hot mouth kept tormenting her clit. The sensations seemed to become a fluid motion as the difference between hot and cold became indistinguishable. It all flowed together in a jumble of sensation, and suddenly release hit her with an intensity that left her on the brink of unconsciousness.

She wanted to tell him to stop, but she couldn’t form words. Next instant, it didn’t matter anymore because she raced towards the edge again. And again.

And again.

When she came to, she lay on the bed, panting, thrashing. No more ice, no more warmth. Her body still tingled from her last orgasm.

She tried to speak but it was no use with the gag. Then he was back, his hard body covering her, pressing against hers in all the right ways.

“You still gonna resist?”

She shook her head weakly. His hardness pressed against her entrance and he slipped into her, filling her so deeply, she groaned. He wrapped his arm under her knee and pushed her leg up to her chest, holding it there. His next thrust came so deep that every nerve tingled with pleasure. She cried out when stars sparkled in front of her eyes. He didn’t stop and every one of his thrusts sent her flying closer to the precipice.


Jack groaned and buried his face against Sam’s neck. Her body trembled under his on every thrust, and her muffled panting filled his ears. After such a long time away, being inside her felt like coming home. The hot-cold of the melting ice cubes only increased the sensation rocking through him.

He lifted his head and stilled. Damn, he needed to kiss her. Needed to taste her and look into her eyes when she came. When he came.

“Hold still,” he rasped. Impatiently, he fumbled with the gag and pulled it out of her mouth.

She panted. “Sir.”

He drew the blindfold from her eyes, too. Gaze clouded with need, she blinked at him. He brushed his finger along the half-dried streak of a tear that ran from the corner of her eye. Then he reached for the key to the cuffs on the nightstand and untied her left hand.

Immediately, she clasped his shoulder, his arm, his back, touching every part of him she could reach. He caught her wrist and pinned it down next to her head. Her tormented whimper shot straight to his groin. He brushed his nose against hers and gave her a slow, deliberate thrust. “I didn’t say you could touch me.”

She fell back against the pillow, her hand struggling softly in his grip. “Please, Sir. Let me. I need to feel you.”

He picked up a slow, steady pace. “Look at me.”

She visibly struggled to keep her eyes open. When he intensified his thrusts, her eyes widened on every single one.

Growling, he took her mouth and swallowed her whimpers. Of all the subs he’d ever played with, hers was still the sweetest surrender. Always hers. God, he’d never get enough of her. Panting, he broke the kiss and released her hand. “Hold on, sweetheart.”

She clasped his arm, then moved her hand to his shoulder, pulling him closer. He angled his hips differently and on his next thrust she cried out. Damn, yes, he’d make her scream. Satisfaction coursed through him.

Her nails dug almost painfully into his shoulder now but that only spurred him on. Only a little more. He leaned his forehead against hers when his balls tingled with his approaching release. Not without her. “Come for me.” A rumble. “That’s an order.”

Gazed fixated on his, she held her breath. So close. On the edge. Wouldn’t take much, he saw it in her eyes.

He dropped his head and buried his face against her damp neck. “I told you before, I hate having to repeat myself.”

She arched against him and gritted out a scream, her muscles around him rippling with the peak of her ecstasy.

Yes. He thrust through her pleasure, punishment for the delay, until his vision grew white and everything vanished in a bright light of carnal delirium.

Chest heaving, he came back to himself. His arms trembled with the effort to keep his weight off her. He lifted his arm to release her leg. A small whimper left her and she dropped it down to his waist.

“Oh God. Sir.” Her hand grazed along his arm.

He brushed hair away from her temple and nuzzled her cheek. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah. As soon as the room stops spinning.”

“Not too bad for a guy my age, was it?”

Skin glistening in the dim light, she gave him a weak smile. “You know I wasn’t serious, right?”

“Weren’t you?”

“Jack.” She cupped his cheek. “I don’t care about your age.” Her face grew thoughtful. “No, actually that’s not true.”

Every muscle in his body tensed, and he stilled, staring at her.

She ran her gaze across his face, her thumb trailing the wrinkles around his eyes. “You’ve seen my record. I’ve always had a penchant for older men.”

Groaning, he lowered himself down on her so that he lay on her chest, her hot skin sliding against his with every breath. “It’s the grey, isn’t it?”

She gave a breathless laugh and pushed her fingers through his hair. “More the overall package. Why would you think your age’s an issue for me all of a sudden?”

“Well, now that you’re around all those young eggheads, with whom you have a lot more in common than me, I might add… You know, they’re smarter. They know about quarks, and stuff.”

She bit her lower lip, undoubtedly a futile attempt not to giggle. “You think knowing the same things as me would qualify them as love interests? In that case, McKay must be my perfect match.” She shook her head. “With all due respect, Sir, but that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.”

“We really gotta talk about that respectful insubordination thing you’ve got going on there.”

She leaned in and nipped his lower lip. “There’s no one on Earth I’d rather be with.”

He scrunched his forehead. “On Earth?”

She winced. “That came out wrong. Nobody in the entire universe. I would include alternate universes, but since there are probably a whole lot of other yous there, that’s kind of a grey area.”

“Given that some thought, have we?”

“Maybe.” She grew quiet for a moment. “What about my competition?”

He raised his eyebrows.

She lowered her gaze to his mouth. “There’s lots of attractive women at the Pentagon.”


“You’re a handsome man. A general. In a dress uniform.”

“Carter, even if they tried, they’re not you.”

Bafflement flashed across her face. “That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said.”

“Don’t spread the word. Wouldn’t wanna lose my credibility as a jerk.” Releasing a shaky breath, he rolled over onto the spot next to her. Then he took her hand and kissed her pulse point. “I mean it though. It’s always been you for me. That won’t change.”

“Wow. More romance?” Adoration shimmered in her eyes before she closed them with a contented smile.

He dropped another kiss on her palm. “Wanna have a cold beer and snuggle up on the couch?”

She tugged at her other hand. “You have to uncuff me.”

“Only if you promise not to hit at me again.”

“I’ll be a model sub.”

Chuckling, he reached over and unlocked the cuff. Before he sat up, he dropped a lingering kiss right under her ear. “You couldn’t if you tried.”

He slid over to the side of the bed, giving her space to sit up. His muscles still tingled from his release.

Sam crawled up to him from behind and drew her lips up along his spine to his nape. “I wanna try it.”

“What?” Confused, he turned his head to her.

“Being an obedient sub. Just once. In a scene. I’ll do everything you ask and just say Yes, Sir for a change. And if I disobey you can punish me. For real. I wanna see what I’d get out of that.” She crawled off the bed. “Maybe at a club or—“

When she cut off and her eyes widened, he sat up straight. “What?”

She spun and fled into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. A curse drifted through. “Damn it. Jack.”

“What?” He asked louder and approached the door, concern tightening his stomach. “Carter? What’s wrong?”

“The ice cubes melted.”

Unable to stifle his grin, he leaned his arm against the doorframe. “Quite a mess, isn’t it?”

“You did that on purpose.”

“You weren’t complaining at the time.”

The toiled flushed. Then the door opened. Carter stood in front of him, skin flushed, lips swollen, hair tangled, eyes sparkling. What a sight. Maybe he should keep her naked for a while longer. Just to enjoy the view.

She gave him a look that might have been a glare if there hadn’t been a gleam in her eyes. “A little warning would have been nice.”

“I figured you’d do the math.” He reached out and drew her closer. “Besides, a punishment was in order, don’t ya think?”

She wrapped her arms around him and drew a warm line of kisses down his throat.

He trailed his palms down her naked sides, but halted at her hips. “That reminds me. Did you follow my order?”

“What order?” Her voice vibrated over his jugular.

“You weren’t allowed to come the past week.”

“I didn’t.” She lifted her head and held his gaze. He narrowed his eyes at her. “I swear, I didn’t.”

No twitch, no flush, no quickening of breath. Nope, she really hadn’t. His mouth tugged into a slow smile. “You really can follow orders. Who’d have thought.”

Pride shimmered in her eyes. “I can if I choose to, Sir.”

“Yeah.” He brushed his thumb across her lower lip und studied her. “But obedience play would be about following them even if you don’t want to.”

She swallowed visibly. “Would you ask me to do something I don’t want?”

“I might push your soft limits a little. I’ll never touch your hard limits. But you may not like some of it. You may even wanna revolt.”

“What would I get out of that if I’m not allowed to say no?”

“For many, submission itself comes with a deep sense of contentment and arousal.”

She bit her lower lip and released a shaky breath. “I wanna try it. I trust you not to push my hard limits.”

Warmth flooded him and he drew her close. “And I won’t punish you too hard if you slip up.”

A shaky laugh escaped her. “Thank you, Sir.”

“I’ll get the beer. You wanna grab the blanket?”

“Yes, Sir.”


Sighing, Sam pulled the soft blanket tighter around them. Why couldn’t it always be like this? She trailed her hand across the hard planes of Jack’s chest, her fingers grazing over some uneven scars. Proof of their years together in the field, and the countless battles they’d fought in together.

He shifted his arm and took a long sip from the beer bottle, then held it out towards her. She shook her head with a smile. “No. Thanks.”

“C’mere.” He shifted them both so he lay across the couch with her covering him.

“If only it could be like this more often.” She nuzzled his shoulder and drew her lips across his bare skin to his neck, feeling a tremor in him at her touch.

“There might be a way.”

“Oh?” She lifted her head, studying him.

“If you transferred back to Stargate Command.”

She braced herself on her forearm and ran her hand through his hair. “Jack—”

“Ack.” His finger against her lips kept her quiet. “I have three written requests on my desk asking for your transfer. On top of that, Daniel’s bugging me on the phone at least twice a week. So’s Landry.”

She flinched and drew her mouth away from his finger. “Jack, we both transferred away for a reason.”

“Did we?”

“Yeah, so that neither of us would feel they made more of a sacrifice than the other.”

“Your transfer away from the SG-C was voluntary.” He took another sip from the bottle. “At the time, SG-1 was done. Teal’c was back off-world and Daniel went on some kind of research trip. There was nothing left to do.”

An odd ache pulled at her. He was right. Nobody had forced her to transfer away from the SG-C. After the Jaffa had gained their freedom and the war against the Goa’uld was officially declared over, the time had just been ideal for her request to be approved.

Much had happened since then with SG-1 back in the game. With the Ori and the Arthur myth, they had a new incentive for off-world missions. Still. “They don’t need me at Stargate Command. They’re fine on their own. Dr. Lee’s doing a great job.”

“So you’d rather stay at Groom Lake?” His warm hand stroked up and down her naked back.

She closed her eyes and shifted into a half-sitting position next to him. “Do you want me back at the SG-C?”

“I’d feel a lot safer if there were someone there capable of dealing with the new technologies they’re bringing back now. You’ve always had a more balanced mix of curiosity and caution than the other eggheads when dealing with alien technology. Besides, we’d see each other more often when I have briefings there.”

She blew out a long breath and pulled her leg close to rest her elbow against it. Talking about this with him while lying naked on his couch was so wrong.

“We shouldn’t have this discussion. Not like this. Not ever.” When he fixed her with his gaze, she sighed. “If we weren’t together, you wouldn’t even ask me. We wouldn’t negotiate this.”


“I’d just be transferred or reassigned. Nobody gets to choose their post.”

“Couples do—if they fill out the right forms. We just skipped the paperwork, because—well, I’m the guy who’d have to handle it. And you know how I hate paperwork.”

Married couples.” She shook her head, ignoring his attempt at being funny. “The Air Force doesn’t usually grant favors to unrelated partners.”

He leaned over and set his beer down on the couch table. “Carter, what’s the issue here?”

“The issue is I feel like we’re taking advantage of your position. The mere fact that you’re asking me what to do is—”

“Whoa. For starters I wasn’t asking you because you get to choose. I was asking so I could take your plans into account when making my decision. It’s not unusual for a CO to talk to their subordinates about their desired career paths.”

She sat up straight. “Oh.”

“I know you loved working at the SG-C. But if you wanna put your main focus on a science career now, I get that. Just tell me which one you’d prefer. Area 51 or Stargate Command?”

She blew out a slow breath. “I really miss Stargate Command. But if I transferred back there, wouldn’t it someday stand between us?”

He took her hand, his thumb grazing her pulse point. “Why would it? We agreed not to let our relationship interfere with our careers. Particularly yours.”

“Because I get to do my dream job. While you…” She closed her eyes.

“For cryin’ out loud. Sam. Look at me.” When she did, all humor had fled from his gaze. “It was just a job to me. Granted, a better job than most. It was even fun.” He flinched. “Well, except when I got shot at. Or tortured by Ba’al. Or infected with alien stuff.”

She couldn’t stifle her giggle. A ghost of a smile touched his lips.

“My point is, at the end of the day I’m happiest sitting at my pond fishing. I don’t need my work in order to be happy. But you do.” He drew her back into her original position lying on top of him. “So for God’s sake, don’t give that up because you think you have to make a sacrifice to be with me. You don’t.”

You can still have everything you want. Her father’s words flashed almost randomly into her mind. Was that what he’d meant? Finding a man who would accept her for all she was? A man like Jack?

She touched her lips to his. Immediately, electricity buzzed through her. He hummed into the kiss, opening his mouth to her. What an odd feeling to be in charge for a change. Exciting…

Smiling, she lifted her head and studied him. “Your pond and fishing, huh?”

“And a cold beer. Maybe some grilled meat.”

She drew her fingers across his lips. “Is there enough beer and meat for two?”

Gentleness softened his gaze. “For you? Always.”

She inched closer, almost letting her lips touch his, but pulling back before he could kiss her.

At last he grabbed her arm, holding her in place. “So, what’s your answer, Colonel Carter?”

She cupped his faced with both hands. “Stargate Command. I’d like to remain active in the field and involved in science, Sir.”

His face remained blank. “I’ll keep that in mind when I consider the transfer.”

“I just have one request.” She brushed her nose against his.


“Whatever you end up deciding, let’s not make it another five weeks before we see each other again.”

His mouth pulled into a slow smile. “How about two weeks top from now on?”

“Much better.” She closed her eyes and arched her neck when he began trailing warm kisses along her throat. When she ground her pelvis against him, his arousal pressed into her thigh. Breaths hitching, she met his gaze.

He nipped her chin. “What do you expect, writhing like that on top of me?”

She caught his hands and enlaced their fingers. Then she lowered her mouth to his ear. “I-I wanna ride you until you come inside me.” Okay, uttering the words into his ear was definitely harder than writing them.

“You’re gonna take me into your hot, tight body like this? Sink down on me until I’m buried in you all the way?”

Oh, he so outranked her. Even when it came to dirty talk. She took a shaky breath. “Yes, Sir.”

His warm breath washed across her throat and collarbone. “By all means then.”

She reached down between them and wrapped her hand around his hardness. “But no ice cubes this time.”

A devilish smile twisted his lips. “We’ll see.”

The End (October 20, 2015)

Next chapter: Obedience (Coming soon!)