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Stargate SG-1 - If Only by Kimberley Jackson - A Stargate Sam/Jack illustration

Title Artwork: © 2015 by Kimberley Jackson.
No reproduction or unauthorized use on other pages or social media.

If Only

A Historical Romance set in Ancient Roman times.

When Sam runs over the new Prefect at the market, his respectful behavior towards her surprises her. Handsome and charming, he’s different from the nobles she’s met so far, and he’s definitely different from her cruel, abusive Master. Trapped as the favorite slave of a brothel owner, she’s only interested in buying herself out of her slave contract and becoming a free woman, whatever the cost.

Jack is fascinated by the beautiful slave with the exotic, fair-skinned look. But his secret mission doesn’t allow for distractions. Disguised as a noble, he has to get to the bottom of a conspiracy, before the actual new Prefect can take office. In the hopes to gain valuable information from the beautiful slave, he tracks her down, unknowing that she’s entangled in a web of lies that not only endangers his mission, but soon also both their lives…

Note: Due to increasing copyright infringements and the inherent originality of this work, this story won’t be made publicly available. I will offer a special fanfic edition of it through contact form request (see below).

Since no copyrighted materials, signs or names were use in the art, all rights for the artwork and the blurb remain with the original author/artist, Kimberley Jackson.

Interested in learning more about Ancient Rome now? Check out these links:

Khan Academy – Their history section offers some high-quality introductions into Ancient Rome. Be sure to check it out. :)
Youtube Playlist – A few nice documentaries available online.

Rating R.

This story contains sexual situations, violence, sexual violence and abuse. Please mind the trigger warnings at the beginning of each chapter.

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