Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay

Rating: R

Contains sexual situations,  BDSM, D/s,  and non-con/rape roleplay (all consensual!) is therefore not suitable for teens under the age of 17.

Also: f-word warning!

Trigger Warning: This is not a rape story, however it contains rape roleplay and may contain some triggers, so beware!

Huge thanks to my betareader/editor Raven Clark, who edited this story with me line by line! And thanks to Channach for being my moral guidepost again and telling me when I took things too far–not that I ever would. ;)

If you want to read how this relationship developed, and how Sam and Jack got together in this, please read my Leather and Lace Vol. 1 – Sweet Surrender, which is the prequel to this.

Part 9 of “Leather and Lace

 Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay

“So, you ever watched porn?”

Jack turned his head when Sam choked on the sip of coke she’d just taken from the bottle. “What?”

“You ever watched porn?”

Her face went scarlet and he turned his attention back on the street, his hands on the steering wheel.


For someone so smart she was really slow on the uptake sometimes. “Not that hard a question.”

“Just out of the blue.”


“So what?”

“Porn, Carter.” Okay, this was getting frustrating. “Have you ever watched it?”

She cleared her throat. “Hasn’t everyone?”

Yeah, he really had to learn to be precise in his questions. Damn, he always made that mistake with her. “Let me rephrase. Did it turn you on?”

She took another sip of coke, her fingers clenching the bottle a little too tight. She was definitely nervous.

“Sometimes. Depending of the scene I’m watching.”

Okay. He could work with that. If she’d watched porn and enjoyed it, she took a basic voyeuristic pleasure in watching other people have sex. Which was kinda prerequisite for his plans…

He reached over to brush her arm with his fingers. His hand squeezed hers to make up for his unintended gruffness. “That’s reassuring.”

She gave him a smile. “Why?”

Damn, she was beautiful tonight. Something about her hair was different. It looked even wilder than usual. And that dress…

She’d followed his order and gone shopping earlier. The dress she wore when she opened the door had left him speechless. Tight leather that wrapped her body like a second skin and ended on her upper thighs. Short, but not too short. A soft layer of black, semi-transparent lace accentuated her breasts and ended in long, equally transparent black sleeves.

Combined with her high heels, the woman was a lethal weapon on legs. And she was his. Nice!

Need jolted through him. He considered stopping the car at the side of the road and giving her a quick fuck right there in his passenger seat.

Yeah, he could already see Hammond’s face when he learned that two of his flagship officers had been arrested for indecent exposure and public sex. Bad idea. Thrilling fantasy, though.

He focused his attention back on the road.

“You’ll see.” He turned to her. “I won’t put you on public display, no matter what I might say. I know it freaks you out.”

Her smile shook. “Okay.”

“I won’t do it. Trust me.”

“I do.”

He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed her pulse point tenderly.

—  Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay

The moment they entered the BDSM club, Sam realized why Jack had addressed the porn issue on their way here. The club was crowded, and couples were openly having sex.

She froze and looked at the scene from the staircase that led down into the main room. A weird combination of horror and curiosity shot through her. Part of her wanted to turn around on the spot, while the other part couldn’t turn her eyes away.

This was different from porn. People could see she was watching. Sam’s cheeks burned. This was real.

Jack’s warm fingers closed around her wrist and then moved down to enlace with hers. The message was unmistakable: she belongs to me.

Sam looked at their joined hands and then locked her gaze with his. An actual relationship. With him. Her stomach lurched and her lips pulled into a smile.

She gave his hand a squeeze, then allowed him to pull her with him down the rest of the stairs into the main club room.

As they passed through a small dancing area, a tall man bumped into her. He stopped and looked at her. His gaze ran down to her naked legs in a way that made her want to redesign his face with her fist.

Jack stepped in between them, his hand pressed against the man’s chest. They stood at about the same height. Sam held her breath. This was the man she knew from the field. The relentless soldier and commanding officer who expected his orders to be obeyed. She held her breath. He wouldn’t start a fight, would he? The other man’s hands lifted in surrender.

Hot. Sam’s gaze rested on Jack. He could really become alpha if he wanted to. She squeezed his hand and his face softened as he looked at her.

Upon reaching the bar, she pulled herself up to sit on one of the barstools. Jack ordered two beers. As the bartender pushed the drinks over the counter, he paid for them.

“So.” He leaned in to her. Her fingers grazed the sides of his waist, then hooked into the waistband of his pants.

“Yes, sir?”

“You like this?”

“It’s different.” Who was she kidding? The situation intrigued her in a way she wouldn’t have believed possible before now. The rational part of her wanted to avert her gaze, but… She took a sip of the cold beer. He studied her intensely, a hint of a smile playing at his lips. “I could never do it, though.”

“What?” He lifted his bottle to his mouth.

“Get off with people watching me like that.”


She winced and swallowed. “I’m too self-conscious.”

“Have you looked at yourself?” He leaned to her ear. “Carter, you’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. So—” He pulled her hips against him. “If I started fucking you here, now, with our clothes on—”

“Sir.” She froze, her hands pushing against his chest. Wetness pooled between her legs. How did he do that? How did he manage to draw her into his fantasy so much that her body reacted? “I’ll admit the idea is intriguing, but it wouldn’t work for me.”

He smirked. “Don’t worry, I’m just doing reconnaissance here.”

She stifled a giggle against his shoulder. Such a soldier.

“So, what do you like?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Sir?”

“Well, we never really talked about this. Except for that awkward first conversation weeks ago, where you didn’t tell me much.”

She cocked her head. “Tell you much about what?”

“You know, favorite positions, kinks, preferred places.” He took another sip of his beer and her eyes fixated on his throat as he swallowed. “So, which one’s your favorite?“

“I’ve never really thought about it, sir. Everything we did was pretty hot.”

“Undoubtedly.” He smirked. “However, I’m not the first guy you were with.”

No, he wasn’t. Jonas Hanson came to mind, the only other guy she had really been in a long term relationship with, before she and Jack started doing this. And it had been a whacky one at that. Jonas had tried to control her entire life. She had been drawn to the dark side of him in the bedroom, but somehow she hadn’t been able to stop it from tainting the rest of their relationship.

“Whatcha thinking?” Jack’s voice drew her back into the present.

“Jonas.” She winced. “You know how well that went.”

He cleared his throat and leaned in. “Yeah, I remember. He was a nutjob.”

She sighed and looked around. “I think his need for control was what drew me to him. I kept wondering why I always ended up with the lunatic fringes, and this might be why.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Apparently, I am into being dominated. And it somehow always got out of hand.”

Jack nodded. “You didn’t lay out ground rules.”

“I guess. It was very different. There was a point where I didn’t feel safe anymore. Where he was just—I don’t know—running over me, and I felt like I was being smothered.” She took a deep swig of her beer. “I don’t know if that makes sense.”

“It does. He seized actual control, and it stopped being a game.”

“It never was a game.”

“There are those types too.” Jack held her gaze. He must have read concern in hers, because his tone gentled. “Sam, whatever you think, that won’t happen with us.”

“You sure? What we did last week was pretty—“ Another sip of beer that ran down her throat cold and prickly. Somehow it soothed her nervousness.


She nodded. “Yeah. To put it mildly. And it really worked for me. Which scares the hell out of me.”

“I got that.” His dark gaze melted into hers, and for some reason she couldn’t look away anymore. “It only worked that well because you never really gave up control. It was an illusion, and at any moment you could have stopped it.”

“Is it weird?”

His eyebrows shot up. “Depending on who you ask, I guess. To me? No. It was hot.”

She leaned in and nipped his chin tenderly. “So you wouldn’t mind doing it again?”

“You kidding me? Anytime.”

She captured his lips in a long kiss, a little groan dying in his mouth.

“Doesn’t answer the original question though. What are your favorites?” His rasp was warm against her lips. Sam smiled.

“I’ve always liked it when I was on top. But mostly because that way I could take care of my own pleasure, because the guys didn’t care to. With you, that’s not an issue, so…” Her shaky exhale brushed his ear, before she whispered, “I love it when you go down on me.”

“I really like that too. I like touching you.” His hands trailed down her back to her buttocks.

“I like it when I am under you, so you can—” She closed her eyes as her cheeks grew hot. Damn, she had never had a conversation like this with any man. Or anybody else.

“What?” he urged her, his mouth close to her ear.

“So you can dominate me and do to me whatever you want, and I have to take it.”

His fingers clenched her hips, his face buried against her neck. His low groan vibrated against her skin and she brushed her fingers through his hair.

“God Carter, I wanted to do that to you from the day we met.”

“Really?” She kissed his ear.

“Oh yeah. When you asked me if we’d have to arm-wrestle? Something about the way you said it sounded like a challenge I really wanted to take you up on.” He nipped at her earlobe. “As in subdue you and show you that you’d have no chance of winning even if you tried.”

Heat surged through her. Her hands fisted his sides and she pressed him closer. “God, sir.”

“So, everything we did so far is fair game, right?” She raised her eyebrows in confusion. “No need to talk over the details beforehand? I have a feeling you might get off on the element of surprise. I won’t do anything we haven’t tried out without discussing it first. And your safeword always stands.”

“Sounds good.” She nodded. “Anything you want to discuss or try out?”

“In time.” He smirked in that odd, half-dangerous way that sent tingles through her stomach.

“I’m intrigued.”

“I’m sure you are.” He chuckled. “Oh, one more thing for today. You said you might wanna try the whole blowjob thing all the way?”

She nodded.

“Any limits on that front?” He took a gulp of his beer while he scrutinized her face.

She picked up her bottle, shaking her head in confusion. “I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I thought ‘all the way’ implied, you know, everything.”

“’Kay. How about me directing you? As in grabbing your hair and—you know—forcing you to take me deeper?”

“Oh.” Her stomach clenched at the thought. Jonas had done that once, and it had ended with her gagging in a panic. And him taking an eternity before he even realized something was wrong. “No. Sorry.”

“That’s fine. It’s why I’m asking. Is it the touch itself or the direction?”

Sam rested the bottle against her lips for a moment. “The direction, I think.” It unsettled her, the idea of him taking charge when she wasn’t able to voice protest. As long as he just touched her hair, her head, her shoulders, she would be fine. “You can touch without urging or pushing me. If you can’t do that, don’t touch me.”

Okay, this conversation was actually getting easier. She’d never before talked to somebody this openly about what she liked or didn’t like. Somehow it added a whole new dimension of trust to their relationship.

“Alright. I might do that, just for the sake of keeping up the fantasy if the need arises. The moment you feel uncomfortable, stop me, okay?”

“Yes, sir. So, will you let me blow you tonight?” She leaned back, watching him swallow hard.

“How about you wait and see?” His eyes sparkled. “I’m gonna have to take care of something real quick. But the game’s on starting now.”

“Yes, sir.” Her pulse quickened.

“You will wait here, and not talk to anybody, understand?” She nodded. He kissed a warm trail from her ear down her jawline to her chin. “That’s an order.” The warning threat underlying his voice sent a spark of excitement through her.

“Understood, sir.”

Jack moved out from between her legs and disappeared into the crowd of people on the dance floor. Sam looked around and crossed her legs.

She watched one couple get it on while dancing a mere five meters away. The woman wore a similar outfit to her own, a black collar clasped around her neck.  A chain connected it to a wristband on the man’s arm. Her long, blonde hair fell in soft, untamed waves over her back to her shoulders. The man didn’t look much older than the woman, and Sam wouldn’t have pegged him for the dominant type. Funny, how deceptively wrong first impressions could be.

They smiled at each other as she wrapped her leg around him, their movements unambiguous. He started thrusting against her, and she leaned her head back, her eyes falling closed.

Awkwardly, Sam turned her eyes away. They had chosen an open display for their act but still, something about watching so unabashedly made her feel guilty.

“Hey there, sexy.”

She turned and looked up. A tall man stood next to her at the bar. He couldn’t be much older than Jack judging from his greying hair.

“All alone here?” He gave her a winning smile.

She shook her head and turned away from him, hoping that he would take the cue and leave. She wasn’t that lucky.

“You just shy?” When she didn’t answer, he moved to her other side to stand in front of her so she was facing him. “You a domme or a sub?”

“What?” What the hell did he want from her? At her confused look, he chuckled.

“Dominant or submissive? I’m looking for a sub to play with tonight.”

“I’m here with my boyfriend.“ Now that had a nice ring to it. Somewhat immature, maybe, but lover didn’t sound appropriate. “I shouldn’t talk to you.” She shifted in her seat, but his gaze remained on her.

“Says who?”

“My—” She paused, and swallowed. Okay, this was weird. “The man I belong to.”

“I see.” He snickered. What was so funny? She glanced at him. He lifted his glass towards her. “Little warning. You just got yourself in trouble.” He turned around and left. Sam gaped at him when she realized that he was right. How the hell had that happened? She hadn’t meant to talk to him, and yet…

Jack returned a few minutes later. Something mean sparkled in his eyes. He leaned over the counter to the bartender and ordered two more beers before he pressed his body into hers.

“I so hoped you’d do that.”

“Do what?” She tilted her head.

He didn’t answer, but placed the money for the drinks on the counter and took the bottles with a nod. Then he grabbed her wrist.

“With me.”

He pulled her with him. They passed the dance floor, and then crossed into an adjoining room. A couple was having sex up against the separating wall. The young brunette moaned in ecstasy as her lover thrust into her.

Sam couldn’t take her eyes off them until she and Jack walked around another corner. On a couch, a woman sat on a guy’s lap as he kissed her collarbone and worked to get her off.

Oh boy. She swallowed. Arousal pooled between her legs. By the time they reached a black door at the end of the room, she wished he would press her up against the nearest wall and have his way with her. Who cared if people watched? Let them see she belonged to him. Okay, so maybe that ‘no public sex’ thing wasn’t as hard a limit as she’d thought. A soft groan left her lips.

Jack entered a four-digit code on the little pad next to the door and it opened. Sam raised her eyebrows at him. He held his hand out, his gaze fixating on her darkly. What was she going to see in there? She stepped through the door.

She half expected some kind of kinky or hardcore BDSM equipment. Instead they entered a dark hallway. The walls were covered in black tapestry and a matching black carpet covered the floor. The door banged shut behind them, drowning out all the sounds from the rest of the club.

The few lamps set into the walls provided just enough light to avoid stumbling.

“Where are we going, sir?”

He didn’t answer. The corridor led them around a half circle. On the inner side, doors with large golden numbers led to other rooms.

Jack stopped in front of the one with the number twenty-four. He pulled a card out of his back pocket and held it against a small device at the lock. With a click and a short beep, the lock snapped open. She’d seen these types of locks before. Most hotels used them nowadays. Why would they have them at this club though?

She scanned his face when he placed his hand at the small of her back. “Inside.” His deep rasp tickled her ear. A shiver went through her.

She stepped inside. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim light before she recognized a bed in the corner against the wall. The sound of the door closing almost startled her and she spun.

Jack switched on the light and dimmed it, just enough so they could see each other. This was hot. A thrill ran through her as he placed the two bottles of beer on a small glass table in front of the couch.

She looked around. A huge cross with cuffs at each end stood against one wall, a large window set into the wall opposite the door. She could see another dimly lit room beyond the window, but no door leading there.

Jack walked over to the window and closed the blinds in front of it.

“Sir?” Her voice sounded somewhat hollow. She’d experienced this before in a lab. The walls had to be soundproof. Intriguing. “Sir?” she repeated when he didn’t react.

He sat down on the couch. “Carter, I thought I was very explicit in my order.”

She cleared her throat and kept looking at him.

“Didn’t I order you not to talk to anybody?”

Crap. He knew. “How did you—?”

“How I know?” His face darkened. “That’s your concern? You think you don’t have to follow my orders as long as I don’t find out about it?”

“No. I was just—“ Damn. She was getting herself into more trouble. She could read it on his face. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Oh, you will be. Why’d you do it?” He picked up one of the beers and took a sip.

“I thought it would be rude to ignore him, sir.”

“So?” His stare pierced her. She swallowed.

“I just… I didn’t… I wanted to be polite.”

“You don’t please anybody but me, is that clear?” His voice was hard. She nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

“It was a simple order, and you messed it up.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” She held his gaze.

“On your knees.”


“Don’t make me say it again.”

Heart beating too fast, she knelt down and lowered her eyes. Despite the warmth of the room, a shiver went through her. The darkness reflected on his face captivated her.

“Maybe I’ll just fuck you real hard to remind you of your place.”

Her head snapped back up, but he didn’t move from the couch. If he planned to do what he promised, he certainly wasn’t going to do it soon. Too bad. She squeezed her thighs together to relieve some of the pressure building between her legs.

“But first.” He got up and walked over to a box close to the wall, then opened it, only to pull out a pair of metal cuffs.

Sam’s eyes widened. “I said I was sorry, sir.” Her voice shook.

“Still, let’s make this a lesson you’ll remember, shall we?” He walked back over to the couch and sat down. “C’mere.”

Her legs trembled as she got up from the floor. She sneaked a glance over at the door. What would happen if she tried to make a run for it? It was just a game after all. Her gaze locked on him again.

A dark smirk played on his face. “Don’t even think about it.”

Was he giving her choice? His eyes dared her to do it—if she ran it he’d turn rough, if she didn’t he’d be nice.

Her heart pounded. Which way did she want to go? She spun around and bolted across the few meters to the door, her hand closing around the handle. She pulled. Nothing happened. He had actually locked the door! Damn, he was good.

The next second he shoved her chest up against the hard wood, his body pressing into hers. Adrenaline spiked, and automatically she fought against the grip. To no avail. He was too strong. Panting, she dropped her arms.

“You’re in so much trouble now.” Relentlessness dripped from in his voice.

She squirmed against him and tried to turn around, but his hands pushed her firmer against the wood.

“No. I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead.” He pressed a hot kiss on her neck. “Scream all you want. The room’s soundproof.”

Heat almost made her knees buckle. He had her entirely at his mercy. She inhaled sharply when he spun her around and pressed his lips on hers in a harsh kiss. Her fists beat at his shoulders and chest, but he took them in a firm grip and slammed them against the door.

“You’re mine.” His eyes pooled like black diamonds in the dim light of the room. The expression on his face, dark, rough. “You gonna cooperate now?”

She gave him a short nod, but was sure he knew she didn’t mean it. Nonetheless, he released his grip on one of her hands and pulled her towards the bed with the other.

Sam twisted out of his grip and spun to make another run for the door, but his arms locked around her waist. She cried out when he whirled her around. Her feet slipped as he threw her down on the bed.

Her eyes widened, chest heaving and her throat constricted even as warmth tingled across her skin. She turned and tried to crawl off the bed.

He was there instantly, hands gripping her ankles and forcing her onto her back. His fingers dug into her hips and pinned her down into the mattress, then he leaned over her. She pushed against his chest, but he didn’t budge.

Damn, she wouldn’t be able to get him off her. He was two levels above her in hand-to-hand combat. Almost painful arousal shot through her.

She wanted him to take her. Hard. So many people had insinuated he had a dark side. She wanted to see it for herself.

“I’ll make you scream.” His promise sounded rough and ambiguous against her ear, reawakening her senses.

“No, don’t.” Fists hitting his chest, she attempted to throw him onto his back by hooking her legs around his hips. The advantage was on his side.

His fingers grabbed her arms and she struggled against his grip, her body squirming in effort to scoot out from under him.

“I like it when you squirm against me like that.” With a smirk, he pulled her back against his groin, his erection pressing into her core.

She wanted him, but she didn’t want to make this too easy on him, since apparently they both got off on it. “Don’t touch me. No.”

His hand slipped under her dress. “Such a turn on when you beg me to stop.”

She groaned and forgot to fight when his fingers slipped through her soaked folds.

“You’re so ready to be fucked.” His deep rasp snapped her back into the scene, and out of reflex, her palm thrust up, aiming for his chest, but instead hitting his face hard.

She froze with a sharp intake of breath, her hand clasping over her mouth. She’d felt the strength of her strike from the impact. Oh God, she hadn’t actually meant to hit him. “Jack, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

He looked at her baffled, his hand running along his jaw. Then his lips crooked into a dark, lopsided grin. “Unless you want me to get real rough with you, you better stop putting up a fight now.”

Was that another one of those cues? A cryptic way of giving her a choice which way she wanted to go? Did she really want to see his rough side?

Hell, yeah, she did. She had never been afraid of his darkness—on the contrary, it intrigued her. Her skin buzzed with anticipation when she studied his face. How far could she push him? How far could she push herself?

He shoved her dress up her legs and hooked his thumbs under her panties to pull them down. She stilled, feigning her cooperation. But only because it gave her a chance to free her legs.

As soon as he was done she threw her foot into his stomach. This time she was more careful with her aim.

Jack’s eyes flared and he gritted his teeth. “That’s it. I’ve had it with you.”

Her stomach clenched at the expression on his face. His dark side. The Black-Ops, I’m-not-afraid-to-kill-you-with-my-bare-hands side of him. For just a moment, her struggle became easy. Was she in over her head?

He jerked her legs apart. She managed to wriggle free, and tried to roll off the bed. He caught her and dragged her back. His fingers struggled with his pants. How did he manage to open them and hold her in place at the same time?

Suddenly his hips were between her legs, his hard-on pressing against her core, his chest pushing her into the mattress. She tried to shove him off her, but he caught her wrists and pinned them down.

“Now what?” His eyes blazed.

She opened her mouth to throw a witty remark at him, but it turned into a deep grunt when he pushed himself inside her in a hard thrust. Her muscles clenched, her eyes widening in surprise. “Ah!”

Her body was ready, but the suddenness still made his first penetration borderline painful. He shoved the rest of his length inside her. She cried out. “No!”

“Yes. You are so wet. Don’t pretend you don’t want this.”

Sam’s body arched and she groaned as he started taking her hard.

“No, sir. Please.”

He grunted against her ear, his thrusts speeding up. Blood rushed in her ears as she wrapped her legs around his hips. She needed to come, needed him to get her to a sweet release fast and hard. How could he be so good at this, yet so sweet and gentle when they made love?

He leaned down to kiss her but she snapped her head to the side. “Bastard.” His hand gripped her face and forced her to look at him. She held his gaze, wondering for a second if he could see her dark side just as much as she saw his.

“You’ll come on me whether you want to or not.” His voice a growl before he roughly claimed her lips.

Oh, she wanted to. So, so, so badly. For the sake of the game, though, she kept up her struggle. “Get off me.”

“I’ll mark you as mine.”

She gritted her teeth against a scream. Her body tingled with the anticipation of an approaching release. That was fast. So fast.

Jack lifted his head to look at her. Man, his jaw hurt. She’d really gotten him good, but damn was it hot. He released her wrists. She was too far gone to fight him.

“You want me to make you come, don’t you?” He couldn’t help taunting her. She was just too sweet, too sexy, too willing—even in her staged resistance.

“Ya—“ Did that mean yes? Nice, apparently she’d lost the ability to form coherent words.

“Oh yeah, you need this.” He pushed her knees up further, changing the angle to hit her g-spot, and she started panting.

Her body shivered under him when she came apart, her fingers digging into his shoulders. He eased up on his thrusts, just for a few moments to give her a chance to ride out the waves of pleasure. Then he thrust into her hard, ignoring her yelps of pleasure-pain.

It had to be too much for her, but some wicked side of him wanted to push her toward another even harder orgasm.

“God, you’re hot.” He bit her earlobe and then raked his teeth over the skin of her neck. Another hard thrust, and she sobbed. She gripped his shoulders, her sounds becoming distressed.

Such a turn-on. He panted. “Told you I’d be rough with you if you didn’t cooperate. I’ll keep doing this until you come again.”

“No, I can’t.” Her eyes shot open, glossed over with need and lust.

“You can. I love fucking you into submission.” His teeth nipped at her lower lip before he captured her mouth in a deep kiss, never easing up on his thrusts. Her muscles clenched around him, and her breathing quickened. She came again, her body arching into him as she released the sweetest little scream he’d ever heard from a woman.

Watching her took him over the edge. A few more hard thrusts and he spilled his warmth inside her. God, he loved her.

She mumbled something unintelligent and he wondered if he had uttered the declaration aloud. Probably, judging by the affection in her eyes. It didn’t matter. He wasn’t afraid to say it anymore. His body collapsed on top of hers. He pressed his lips against her neck, inhaling her scent.

When his breathing normalized, Jack lifted himself up on his elbows to gaze at the woman under him. Her skin glistened in the soft light of the room. Her eyes were closed, her breath still coming fast and shallow. He brushed her hair away from her slick forehead. Her arms tightened around him when he moved to roll off her.

“Stay inside me a little longer. Please.” Sam opened her eyes and sighed contentedly when he leaned down to nuzzle her neck. Her fingers buried in his hair.

“I’m sorry I hit you.” She turned her head and pressed her lips against his temple. “It was an accident. I was aiming for your chest.”

His shoulders shook with soft laughter and she closed her eyes as a giggle bubbled from her. Thank God, he wasn’t taking it personally. When he lifted his head, his eyes sparkled with amusement.

“Gotta admit, it came as a surprise.”

She smiled, scanning his face for a bruise. They had agreed not to inflict any visible damage on each other. Relief flooded her when there was none. “I’m sorry.”

“I thought you wanted to make it realistic.” He brushed his thumb over her lower lip, and then leaned in for a deep kiss.

“Mmm. I love it when you kiss me like that.” She smiled against his mouth.

“Like what?”

“Soft and deep, right after rough sex.”

“Anytime.” He smiled and kissed her again before he rolled off her. “You got one hour to rest if you need it.”

“What happens in an hour?” She sat up, her hands flat on the mattress behind her while she watched him walk to a door she hadn’t even noticed before right beside the bed.

“Not gonna tell you that.”

“So we’re not done yet?” Did her voice sound a bit too hopeful?

“You bet we aren’t.” His voice echoed from what she identified to be a bathroom. It would probably be a good idea to clean up a little. She waited until he was done and then got up from the bed on shaky legs.

The bathroom couldn’t have been more luxurious had they been in a hotel. There was even a shower and a bathtub, stocked with lots of little bottles of shampoo and body lotion. The small shelf behind the toilet was stacked with different sorts of condoms and lubes. Figures.

She hurried through basic hygiene, before she leaned on the cold, marbled surface of the counter and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was mussed up beyond repair, but she fixed up her make-up.

As she stepped out of the bathroom, she smiled. Jack had gotten comfortable on the bed. The mattress crinkled as she crawled onto it to join him. There had to be a plastic sheet under the bedding.

Well, that at least took care of the hygiene concerns. She had wondered how many couples might have used the room before them.

Jack’s hand tangled in her hair as she snuggled up close. “You tired?”

“No.” She smiled. “Exhausted, maybe.”

“You can sleep if you want.”

“Here?” She raised her head to look at him.

“Why not?” He pulled one of the blankets over them. Sam sniffed it skeptically. Laundry soap. Freshly washed.

Jack raised his eyebrows. “Don’t worry. Standard hotel hygiene.”

She exhaled in relief and placed her cheek on his shoulder, her arm coming to rest on his naked stomach.

“Just so that I know what to expect, you gonna try hitting me again later?” His smile was audible, and Sam stifled a giggle against his shoulder.

“Wasn’t planning on it. Unless you want me to.”

“No. Although it is a turn-on if you let the soldier shine through.” His warm hand sneaked under her dress and she writhed against him.


“What?” He feigned innocence.

“You’re gonna get me all hot and bothered again.”

“Good.” His nose nuzzled her neck before he placed tingling kisses on the sensitive skin. Sam started laughing and they struggled playfully for a moment until he dropped his head back against the pillow and looked up at her.

“Did I scare you earlier?” He looked concerned.

Affection flooded her. She shook her head. “No. I know you won’t hurt me. Though I did feel a couple of adrenaline rushes that I usually just get in the field.” When his eyebrows shot up to his hairline, she swallowed. Maybe that was too weird? “It’s not that I need the rush. It’s just that it heightens my pleasure.”

He kept looking at her without saying a word.

Sam cleared her throat. Yeah, that was weird, wasn’t it. “You know, it’s actually a normal physical reaction. Adrenaline is released anyway during sexual intercourse, but if your levels are already heightened prior, then your senses…”

“Carter.” He placed his fingers at his temple, and she nodded.


“I know what you’re talking about.”

“Then why did you look at me like—“

“Just never met a woman who felt the same way.” His lips twitched into a grin, and she tilted her head.

“Now you have.”

He pulled her down to him. Sam captured his lips in a long tender kiss, her mind and body buzzing with his closeness and the anticipation of what was still to come.

—  Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay

“You need a drink, food, anything?”

Jack looked at her from the window as she left the bathroom. Sam leaned against the door behind her as it clicked shut and shook her head.

“No, sir.” It would be his cue, her calling him ‘sir’. The way they had developed an intuitive way of communicating amazed her.

“Turn off the light.”

She returned the smile he gave her and studied him. Tall, relentless, good-looking. Her boyfriend. Wow.

Releasing a shaky breath, she turned off the light. He’d opened the blinds, and the light that shone in through the window to the other room offered enough illumination to recognize the silhouettes of the furniture—and him.

“Come here.” His raspy voice sent shivers down her back.

Sam clutched her arms and walked around the couch toward him.

“You messed up earlier.” His fingers grazed her waist.

He walked over to the couch. Chains rattled as he held up the handcuffs. The light leaking in through the window reflected on them. “I learned my lesson, sir.”

“I hardly think so.” He stalked toward her. She lifted her chin to look up at his face. “Gimme your hands.”

She didn’t move. He yanked her against him.

“Don’t make me drag you over to that bed again.” His tone dripped warning, but the image sent pleasant shivers through her. She blew out a breath and relaxed her arms, holding them out to him. She wouldn’t mind another session on the bed, but he’d said that he planned something else and that intrigued her much more.

Leather-covered cuffs clicked around her wrists with a sharp snap and she tensed. God, she hoped he had the key to these. There was no way she’d get out of them unless he released her. Once more she was at his mercy.

“Sit down.” Jack pulled her toward the couch and took seat next to her, both of them facing the large window.

She was about to ask him what he had in mind for the rest of the night, when light flickered on in the room in front of them. Two chained women entered that room through a door, followed by a man dressed in black.

The women were young—maybe in their early twenties. Their wrists were bound with metal shackles—the kind without the protective cloth. Sam held her breath as the two women sat down on the white bench standing in the middle of the room. Both of them lowered their heads obediently, while their master circled them.

It was a bizarre performance. At least it had to be a performance. This couldn’t be real, right? Sam leaned forward, intrigue battling with awkwardness in her mind. This was happening live. No movie screen, but a live show. Oh God.

“If it makes you uncomfortable, we can leave.” Jack’s warm palm touched her back, his fingers tracing her spine. The touch made her quiver. She turned her head to him.

“No, I wanna stay.” Something else occurred to her. If she and Jack could look into the room… “Can they see us?”

“No, it’s one-way glass.”

Sam turned her attention back to the threesome. The man in the room circled his slaves, and then muttered a command at them that neither she nor Jack understood given the window barrier. One of the women jumped up with her face lowered and waited patiently, until he finished scrutinizing her.

“They’ve never met before.” Jack started kissing her ear, and Sam leaned into him, her eyes glued to the couple.

“They’re strangers?”

“Yep.” He nodded. “Not entirely wise to trust a stranger in this, but they’re into the risk that comes with it.”

“Is he gonna—“ Sam closed her eyes, her cheeks growing warm. Now she understood his question about porn from earlier in the car.

“He will choose one of them, and then fuck her,” Jack whispered. “Hard and relentless, and if she is a good girl, maybe he will let her come.”

Arousal shot to her abdomen and she squeezed her thighs. How was it possible that something like this got to her that much? Damn, this was hot.

Her fingers clasped his leg. Sam watched as the man in the room pulled the woman’s dark hair back and moved his hand down her collarbone over her tight breasts. It trailed south to vanish between her legs. The woman’s mouth opened in pleasure, but her eyes never left the man’s gaze.

Sam released a shaky breath when the man abruptly let go of the dark-haired woman only to shift his attention to the other girl who, during all this, had not moved a muscle.

Her own skin tingled in anticipation as the girl stood up. Damn, she could almost feel his hands on her—only in her mind, it was Jack’s hand as he decided whom he was going to take.  In the room, the man’s hands trailed down the back of the woman’s neck, and Jack imitated the move on Sam.

She shuddered and groaned against him, her entire body responding to the touch.

“You want me to take you like that?” Jack’s low, deep voice rasped into her ear.

Sam let her head fall back against his shoulder with a nod.  “Yes.”

Jack pressed a warm kiss against the sensitive spot right under her ear. His fingers grazed over her cheek and then trailed her jaw. “Touch yourself.”

Her gaze met his and she swallowed. “Here? Now?” She tilted her head to offer more of her skin to his exploring mouth.

Instead of answering, Jack took one of her cuffed hands and placed it against her core. “Touch. It’s just the two of us.” He gentled his tone when she tensed. “You’ve done it before when I was inside you.”

She groaned at the memory. That had been hot. “It wasn’t awkward then.”

“Why is it awkward now?” His fingers brushed through her hair, his lips still teasing her, tempting her into giving in.

She averted her gaze to focus her eyes back on the scene in front of her. In the room, the man’s hand traveled down the woman’s front and began to fondle her breasts. Sam’s head fell back with a soft moan.

One of her legs lay over Jack’s, and she slid her fingers between them to trace her folds. Jack’s eyes shifted from the couple in the room to her. Apparently she’d become a lot more interesting. That didn’t really help things. Her touch felt mechanical, and neither her body nor her mind could get into it.

“Let it come naturally.” Jack’s warm palm ran over her collarbone and then up her neck, imitating what the man in the room was doing to his slave. “I don’t want you to put on a show for me. I just wanna watch you.”

Sam’s eyes fixated on the scene in front of them, her mind drawn between Jack’s touch and the erotic images that flooded her mind. The slave jerked when her master pulled her close, his hand slipping into her panties.

Unable to take her eyes away, Sam’s fingers touched her core almost automatically. She needed to feel it, needed to ease the pressure. At the first stroke of her clit, her arousal made her jerk against her own touch.

Jack’s hand grazed along the thigh she left resting over his legs, and held her in place. His warm palm ran over her sensitive skin, encouraging and arousing her at the same time.

Oddly enough, his gaze suddenly heightened her arousal. Her fingers circled her sensitive center before she slipped one of them inside. Her body arched against her touch on an intake of breath. “Oh, God.”

Jack’s stroking fingers moved closer to her center and she rocked her hips eager for the contact. He chuckled next to her ear. “If you wanna come, you do it yourself this time.”

Damn, this was frustrating. And hot at the same time.

Her breath quickened and her hips lifted into her own touch. She added another finger while her second hand started rubbing over her clit. Jack gave the chain that connected her cuffed hands a little tug, pulling her fingers away from herself. Sam whimpered and turned her head towards him.

Her lips sought his mouth, and he opened up to her without restraint, releasing his hold on the chain. Her fingers went back to work, and she started panting against the kiss.

“You’re so hot, you know that?” He tipped her chin up, his deep gaze locking with hers. “You gonna come for me?”

She nodded.

“Lacking a bit of discipline there it seems.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes sir what?”

“I’m gonna come for you, sir.” The last of her sentence died on a whimper. God this was incredible. Her fingers moved faster, applied more pressure. She was getting so close. This was working. She could actually do this.

Her eyes shot open when Jack yanked the chain and pulled her fingers away from her again. No, no, no, no!

“Excuse me? No?”

Crap, had she said that aloud? “I am so close. Please!”

“With your attitude tonight, you don’t deserve a reward.” His teeth nipped her earlobe.

Sam hated how desperate her whimper sounded even to her own ears. She struggled against the chains and then gave up. “Please, sir.”

He turned her head and captured her lips with his. She opened willingly under him, hoping that if she complied, he’d let her finish.

Relief flooded her when his hand picked up where she had left off, his long finger slipping inside her.

“You really want this, don’t you?”

She nodded, her intended ‘yes sir’ lost on a whimper through gritted teeth. Within a matter of seconds, she was panting again. He must have observed what she’d done, because his skilled hands built her up hard and fast. Yes, that was it. Just a few more strokes.

“Don’t come, Sam.”

“Ah. Sir.”

“If you come without authorization, you’ll regret it.” The darkness in his voice told her he meant it. Last time she’d disobeyed his command she’d had to go without an orgasm for two weeks and it had been hell.

Her jaw clenched as she forced her body and mind to ignore his torturous caresses. Tried to ignore how his warm palm moved over her leg. He slipped a second finger inside of her, stretching her deliciously.

Her breathing became strained and she fisted her hands against his body. Don’t come, don’t come, don’t come. She tried to invoke all kinds of images in effort to ruin her arousal.

Finally, he withdrew his hand and released the chains. Her body slumped against him, her breathing ragged.

“Good girl.” Jack’s voice rasped in her ear, and she moaned when he licked his fingers to taste her. “Seems you’re willing to please all of a sudden.”

“Yes, sir.” Her eyes locked on the couple in the white room again. The dark-clothed man became intently fixated on the girl he chose. He turned her around and kissed her hard. The other woman remained seated where she was.

“Would you like to be in her place?”

Jack’s question barely pierced her thoughts. Her mind was too preoccupied with his touch, still moving in soothing strokes up and down her thighs. Only when he asked “Sam?” did she realize she was supposed to answer.

“Depends.” She turned her head to nuzzle his neck with her nose.

“Depends on what?”

“I want to be in her place with you. I don’t want a stranger to touch me.”

“I wouldn’t let a stranger touch you.” He shifted away from her. “Get up.”

She did as he commanded and stood up in front of him. Without her heels she was a good half head smaller than him and had to tilt her head up to look into his eyes.

“Go to the window.” Jack’s voice was rough.

A shudder passed through Sam. On shaky legs, she crossed the room and placed her palms against the cool, smooth glass. She shuddered when Jack’s body pushed against hers from behind.

“Hands up.”

She moved her hands up, and he gave the chain connecting her cuffs a little yank until her palms rested on the glass above her head.

“I’ll have my way with you now.”

She quivered against him. Jack took her chin, turning her face toward the window. The man had pulled the woman he had chosen roughly to one of the walls and pressed her cheek against it. He lifted the short skirt she wore and thrust into her from behind.

“I might take you like this, what do you think? Here, up against this window? Fuck you just like he is fucking her?”

Sam nodded, her breathing shaky.

Jack’s fingers ran through her hair in a tender gesture.

“Sir.” She didn’t care that her voice sounded like a desperate plea.

A condom wrapper crinkled behind her and he circled his arm around her waist to keep her at the right angle. Sam’s hands fisted against the glass. God yes, she needed him. She stood unmoving. Messing up would probably invoke another punishment.

She’d been prepared for him to take her as roughly as he had earlier on the bed. Instead, he slipped into her slow and gentle, and her brain short-circuited. Fireworks of pleasure exploded through her. She pushed back against him, and he thrust harder into her. They moaned in unison.

“Easy.” Jack’s voice sounded gruff against her ear.

He placed his hand on the glass right above hers, his thumb hooking under the chain that connected her cuffs, holding her in place. His other arm pushed against her back. He waited a moment until she stilled.

“You okay?”

“Yes, sir.” She pushed back against him. “Do something. Please.”

“Funny how you’re begging for it now when only two hours ago you were still fighting me.”

Sam clenched her jaw against a little grunt. With a gentle kiss against her cheek, Jack picked up a hard, fast rhythm.

She was helpless against him. The way he held her arms firmly above her head and pressed her against the glass, she couldn’t push back against him or change his pace. All she could do was take whatever he gave her. Her release approached fast, and she panted.

“Don’t you dare come.”

No, no, no, no. Not again. He couldn’t do that. “Damn you.” Frustration took over.

He stilled against her at once and shoved her hard against the window. The air pushed out of Sam’s lungs. It didn’t hurt, but the surprise was still enough for her adrenaline to spike.

“Watch your mouth.”

She whimpered. “I am sorry, sir. Please.”

He thrust into her again, slower but deeper this time. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lower lip against the pleasure that coursed through her veins anew.

The man in the white room finished, his body jerking against the girl who slumped against him, an expression of disappointment on her face.

Jack chuckled into her hair. “Seems she didn’t follow his orders. Sound familiar?”

“No, sir, please don’t.” She knew what was going to do. He wouldn’t let her come.

“Tell you what.” He released her hands and threaded his fingers through her hair. “I’ll give you another chance.”

She hated the emptiness as he pulled out of her body. Leaving her hanging. Again. This was maddening. He stepped back, releasing her.

Sam staggered, her legs buckling before she regained her balance. She turned and watched as Jack disposed of the used condom. Then he sank onto the couch and leaned back.

“Finish me with your mouth.”

A smile crossed her lips. He hadn’t forgotten. “Yes, sir.”

“If you’re good, I might reward you.”

“Understood, sir.”

Sam went down on her knees in front of him. She leaned up over his crotch and closed her fingers around his erection. Her gaze held his as she moved her hand up and down his shaft.

His hand ran tenderly through her hair, his eyes never leaving hers. She leaned in to graze her lips over the head of his erection, her tongue flicking out to give him a teasing lick. Lips quirking, she let her mouth hover close, enjoying his shudder against her.

He cupped the back of her head loosely without guiding, until her lips closed around him. Then his hand fisted her hair. Sam froze, panic threatening to overtake her until she realized he still wasn’t guiding her in any way. Okay, this would work.

She used her tongue, tentatively at first and then gradually gaining more self-confidence. He groaned and shook under her in need. She circled her tongue around his head, and gave him a little flick.

“God, Sam.” His eyes closed.

She leaned up to devour his lips, her fingers taking over, moving up and down his hardness.

“You like this, sir?” She gave his lower lip a sharp nip, and his hands gripped her arms to hold her close.

“Damn, yes.” He opened his eyes, and she smiled. She flicked her thumb over the head of his erection and he jerked up against her with a moan. “Jeez, Sam…”

His muscles tensed. He had to be getting close. Pride surged through her. She slid down his body to take him in her mouth again. Jack groaned and gripped her shoulders when she tried slipping him as deep into her throat as she could. She moaned around him when his eyes fell close in pleasure.

So he liked that. She repeated the motion, surprised at how easy it was. The idea of him making her take him too deep had scared her. Who knew it could be so hot.

His groans grew louder. Then he jerked in her mouth and his warmth spilled down her throat, his hands fisting her shoulders in an almost painful grip. She groaned around him and squirmed against her own arousal. She wanted him, needed him. Hell, she wasn’t above begging anymore.

Her cuffed hands slipped down between her legs as she released him from her mouth. Only a few strokes, just to release some of the pressure. She couldn’t take this. Her eyes closed as she rubbed over her clit.

Jack shifted and she opened her eyes. A moan escaped her at the sight of him. He looked so spent, so deliciously satisfied. And it was her doing. She deepened her strokes.

“Stop.” His voice lacked the forcefulness from before—whether intentional or not she wasn’t sure—but it was enough to make her drop her hands away from her clit.

“Sorry, sir.”

“Come here.” He crooked his finger at her and she joined him on the couch. He pulled her close.

After a thorough kiss, his lips played a tender evading game with hers. His fingers cupped her face, then moved to touch her chin. When he broke the kiss, she slipped his index finger into her mouth and sucked tenderly. She loved his hands.

“You’re incredible, you know that?” Jack’s breath fanned her forehead.

She smiled, the chains tinkling as she touched her hands to his face.

“You wanna come, don’t you?” His eyes gleamed. Damn him.

“Yes, sir.”

“You did try to make amends.” He lifted her chin to lock their gazes. “I might be willing to let you come on my fingers.”

She nodded, breathless. “Please.”

He leaned in with one of his cocky smirks. “Get on the bed.” His words warmed her temple and Sam nearly jumped up to comply with his order. Too eager? She was beyond caring.

She pulled herself onto the bed and lay back. Jack joined her, his gaze roving over her body.

“I love you in this dress. But I like you even better without it, so lose it.”

“Um, sir?” Sam held her cuffed hands out with a smile.

“Oh. Right.” Jack smirked and got up. Good, so he did have the keys. She sighed, relieved. Jack opened the cuffs. “You gonna play nice now?”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded. He scrutinized her for a moment and then grinned.

“Yeah, you will.” He placed the cuffs and key on the nightstand, then lay back down and turned on his side. His eyes heated as she slipped off her dress and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. “Come here.”

Sam moved in close and inhaled sharply when he pulled her flush against him, his lips immediately closing around one of her nipples. The intensity of the caress jolted through her like fire.

Jack coaxed her leg over his hip, then placed his forehead against hers. “Keep looking at me.”

“Yes, sir.” She shuddered on an exhaled breath when his hand grazed her upper thigh, following the curve of her hip to her waist, then slipped between their bodies. “Oh.”

Her hands cupped his face. She held his gaze as his index finger stroked through her folds before slipping deep inside her.

“I love your fingers.” She rocked her hips against his hand. He added a second finger. “God yes.”

“You gonna come for me?” His deep voice taunted her. She gripped his shoulder. He was building her up so good, so fast, so effortless. By the time his thumb grazed over her clit, she came apart around his fingers, her entire body convulsing with the intensity of her climax. Panting, she gazed into his eyes, infinite dark pools she could lose herself in.

For a moment it looked as though he wasn’t going to stop, and she whimpered. Then his hand stilled, and his lips captured hers in a deep kiss.

“Wow. That was fast.”

Sam gave a breathless laugh. “Sorry, sir.”

“Gives my ego a huge boost.” He looked smug. She pulled him against her, her fingers tangling in his hair as he buried his face against her neck.

Their game for tonight was over and she slipped back into being herself—that other herself, the one that didn’t crave rough sex and submission.

“You think we have issues?” When he looked up with raised eyebrows, she shrugged. “I’m just wondering, after all that we’ve done, if there isn’t something wrong with us.”


She crinkled her brows.

“Oh, come on Carter. Nobody goes through the Stargate, dies a coupla times, fights Goa’uld, loses their friends and sees the kinda crap we have without losing at least part of their sanity.”

A giggle bubbled from her. “Jack.”

“What? You asked.” He grinned. “Didn’t say they were necessarily bad issues. Guess it all depends on your perspective.”

“I wonder if other people would see it the same way.”

“You worry too much.” He pulled her close again, buried his face against her throat and inhaled deeply. “I’m very fond of your issues.”

She laughed and raked her fingers through his hair. “I think yours are pretty irresistible too.”

“See? Perfect match.” He lifted his head.

“So—“ She captured his earlobe between her teeth before she asked in a whisper, “Your place or mine?”

“Well.” He looked at her wryly. “This is a cliché.” She chuckled, and he rubbed his palm along the leg still draped over his hip. “Don’t care, you pick.”

“Your place.”

“You gonna run out on me in the morning again?” he asked.

“You’ll have to take your chances,” she said.

“Or, I could just tie you to my bed. Problem solved.”

She chuckled again. “Saturday is vanilla day.”


“Fine, but don’t say I didn’t offer.” He placed a ticklish kiss on her neck. “Today was okay? Nothing too scary for you?”

“No, it was great. And you?”

“Perfect. You give real good blowjobs.” She averted her eyes and he smirked. “And you’re beautiful when you blush, you know that?”

Her cheeks grew even hotter and she stifled a nervous giggle against his chest.

“What do you say we take a quick shower and go home to a real bed without plastic sheets?” His lips kissed a warm trail from her chin to her earlobe.

“Sounds like a plan.”

He released her, and they both got up from the bed to enter the bathroom. Sam turned on the shower and waited until the spray was warm enough, then stepped inside. Her gaze roamed over the little bottles of shower gel, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. All brand-names. “Wow, this is real exclusive.”

She opened one of the bottles and smelled it. No way she could ever afford this. Well, she probably could if she cared enough, but why waste tons of money on perfumed products if she could never use them. Regulations forbid the use of scented products, especially on days a mission was scheduled.

The toilet flushed, the shower curtain rustled and a cool breeze hit her legs as Jack peaked in. “Please tell me there’s at least some guy stuff.” He stepped inside and his arms circled her waist.

“Armani?” She held up a blue bottle.

“For crying out loud.” He took the bottle, looking at it as though it were a strange alien device. Sam laughed and turned in his arms.

“You’re cute.”

“Cute?” He looked at her with a blank face. “I’m not comfortable with your choice of words.”

Smiling, she rose up on her toes and pulled him into a deep kiss. “How’s that?”

“Better.” His voice was thick. “Much better.”

Her hands roamed over his slick skin. She opened the shower gel bottle and poured some of it on his skin. Her hands rubbed gently over his chest, his stomach, his arms. Her fingers traced his muscles and the outline of his waist.

He leaned in. “If I weren’t so worn down, I’d push you up against that wall.”

“If I weren’t so worn down, I might let you.” She cocked her head. He studied her face for a moment and chuckled. His hand absently rubbed over the side of his jaw. “Still hurts?”

“Stings a little. It’s nothing. I’ve had Goa’uld beat me up worse.” He gave her a flirtatious grin. “You got a pretty mean left hook though.”

“I’ll make it up to you.” She nipped at his earlobe, and closed her eyes when his palms cupped the cheeks of her butt, pressing her against him. A lover’s embrace. Affection flooded her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

They finished the rest of their shower and dressed.

Sam kneeled down to check under the couch for her second black heel she had lost at some point during their ‘fight’. “Remind me next time to take my shoes off first.” There it was. She pulled it out from under the table and slipped in on.

“Almost forgot.” Jack reached into his pants. He held up her black panties. Sam looked at them, then at him. Oh, this would be daring. But she so wanted to try it.

“Keep them.”

She could see him gulp even in the dimness of the room as she adjusted her dress. Never before had she thought about going without underwear, least of all in a dress like this.

“You serious?” His breath audibly hitched.


“Hot.” He unlocked the door and opened it without taking his eyes off her. Sam passed him by with a little sway of her hips.

“I’m gonna want it back tomorrow, though.” Her hand brushed along his stomach as she walked out of the room, flooded with a self-confidence she’d never felt before.

“Really hot.” She flashed him a grin and turned away as he closed the door. She’d never perceived herself to be beautiful or sexy. She was just a soldier, a woman who enjoyed playing with P14s and crawling around in the mud and dirt of other planets. With him, she felt as though she could be so much more. As though all she dreamed of was within reach. No more having to decide between one or the other.

His arm slipped around her waist. “I love you.” His lips found hers, and she hummed into the kiss. This was perfection.

Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay Rape Roleplay


The End (October 1, 2014)

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