UPDATE Nov 7, 2014:

Thanks everybody for participating! The survey is now closed.

Stargate Aschen will be published in one single ebook, and I will make both (the old and the revised) versions available. I’ll probably publish it all in the same ebook, so I (and you) won’t have to hassle with different files and versions. So every reader can choose their preferred version.

Only those chapters which I published in the old version before will be available though. (That means, Prologue – Chapter 35.) It would be too much work for me to write or revise the remaining chapters in both, the old and the new style. But this should make everybody happy, I hope.


As you know, I will make “Stargate Aschen” available as an ebook again on my website soon. Because of that, I want to hear your opinion on a few things such as format, etc.

That is to provide the best and most user-friendly experience possible. It’s only three short questions, so please take the time to answer them real quick. It won’t take more than a minute, and you don’t have to sign up or provide any kind of personal data. Not even an email address. The answers are completely anonymous.

Thanks for your contribution! :)

Note: I self-publish. All ebooks are formatted and created by myself using programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and Calibre. The ebook of “Stargate Aschen” will be available for free as a download on this page. I won’t make any money with it.
I’ve had people accuse me of wanting to rip MGM off as soon as I mentioned the word ebook before, so I figured, I’ll just clear this up right away before rumors make the rounds again.