Stargate Aschen Title Image (Kimberley Jackson)

Stargate Aschen Title Image (Kimberley Jackson)


A Science-Fiction/Adventure Romance.

In the year 799 (Aschen calender), Earth is a colony under strict reign by an oppressive Aschen government. The Aschen have turned humans into slaves, and seized control over the entire planet, including the Stargate–a device that allows them to form a wormhole and travel thousands of light years across the galaxy to their home planet within seconds.

Humanity is at the brink of extinction. Due to advanced Aschen medicine human lifespan has almost tripled, but most of the human population is born infertile. Only a small percent of humans are so-called gifted ones, who are able to conceive/father children. Strict rules apply to these gifted ones, as the Aschen government wants to uphold the human population.

Samantha Carter is 25 years old. She has just come of age and undergoes her first fertility tests. When her tests turn out positive, her life is about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Unwilling to accept a forced marriage and life in a breeding facility under Aschen control, she runs away from home to find the resistance and fight for the freedom of Earth as well as her own.

As she meets Jack O’Neill, camp leader of resistance Cell 4, neither of them realizes they are bound together by more than the mutual goal to free Earth from Aschen reign. Side by side, they fight to liberate their world from the oppression of an alien race using a second, secret Stargate found almost a century before in the Antarctica forests…

Note: Although this work borrows characters and concepts from the television show Stargate SG-1, this work stands on its own and is independent from the television show.


Awards Won

2016 Fanatic Fanfics Award Banner

This story won 1st place in the 2016 Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards in the category “All-Time Favorite Stargate Fanfic”.

Stargate Aschen - Winner of the 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards

Stargate Aschen won Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards 2015

Nominated in:

Best Action/Adventure
Best Alternate
Best Angst
Best Mature
Best Sam-centric
Best Smut

Find out more about the Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards.

Stargate Aschen Fanfiction novel contest

This story was among the Top 15 Winners of the first Inkitt fanfiction novel writing contest.
(Note: Due to restrictive terms and conditions on the Inkitt website, I decided to take the story offline. Unfortunately, that led to a deletion of the story from the contest results.)

Special thanks go to my editor Caz Merrett who corrected the very first version of this story, as well as to my editor Hana Láryšová (Channach) who offers constructive criticism and plot-betaes the story.

Galactic thanks go to amazing editor and author Raven Dark, who taught me the rules so I could break them. And who, amazingly, always remains patient, even as body parts become autonomous in my story and eyes fly all over the room. ;)

Without all of you, Stargate Aschen wouldn’t be what it is now.

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Rating G – NC-17.

Please look at the respective ratings at the beginning of each chapter.

Links will be provided to each chapter, since this is a story that has about 500 pages in word, and it would be too much to put this only on one single page. (Links here will open in a new tab for easier navigation.)

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Chapter 35
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Chapter 37
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Chapter 40
Chapter 41 (Unabridged!)
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 
Chapter 44
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Chapter 46
Chapter 47
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Chapter 50 (Unabridged!)
Chapter 51

This story is property of Kimberley Jackson, and only featured on If you see this message, this story was downloadedusing a content scrapper. If you downloaded it from another webseite than, the owner of that website acted against Kimberley Jackson’s explicit wishes not to reupload this story. Please do not download from their site again, as you are supporting theft and piracy of creative works. Please check out the author’s website for more of her works.

Notable Reviews and Mentions:

An exceptional piece of Stargate storytelling.Gatecast Ep. 276 'Tabula Rasa'

I love the way that the author manages to include bits from different episodes and incorporate them into the storyline. I think she’s managed to keep true to all of the characters personalities, both from SG-1 and Atlantis.Fanfic Reviewer

Kimberley takes one episode idea, moves it up a few hundred years, and builds a world that is vast and incredible.Het-Reccers, Tumblr

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