cc by wikimedia / JiNKY Lim

cc by wikimedia / JiNKY Lim

I’m lonely – among thousands of people. I’m smiling – although in my heart I shed tears of unbearable pain. I’m speaking – and still not saying anything. I’m living in the 21st century – and yet I am not alive.

In my childhood I was taught about the past, the present and the future. I was taught history, sciences and languages – but I was not taught to speak.

Silence is golden, that is what I was taught.

We are truly living in a golden age. Listen for a moment. Don’t listen for voices, cars or other sounds that come with big cities and masses. Listen for truth among all that craziness of the capitalist society that we are living in. Can you hear it?

Truth needs a voice, but we have learned to be silent. We teach to be silent. Probably, most of us have forgotten how to speak.

Still… somewhere inside me it does exist: The soft voice, the tender whisper. I close my eyes. I want to listen, I want to hear.
And I want to combine my voice with the silent one and start to speak in unison the true words that it whispers to me – express something that has meaning in this world.

And someday my voice will be loud enough.
I will train myself to speak, train myself to listen, learn to think for myself and then I will believe again.

I am just one in a world with uncountable sounds and yet deafening silence.

Silence is golden… but dark and without future.

I want to speak out! Cry out! Tell the truth and ban the lies from my heart. Uncrown the traitorous king that’s silence and replace it with the glorious song of truth.

Silence is golden… but truth is eternal.