…and that means that it is time for Wong Fu Weekends!

Wong-Fu Weekends is a weekly fun serial presented by Wong-Fu Productions, one of Youtube’s first and most successful independent production companies. The team of this young and aspiring company are Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang.

How much of an independently working star circle Youtube actually works shows “Wong Fu Productions” perfectly. Their little serials or music-videos feature other Youtube guru’s such as for example “Communitychannel” Natalie Tran, who we reported about some days ago. She appeared in two of their “Wong Fu Weekends” episodes. But also singers like Kina Grannis, or actos/comedians like Kevin Jumba (both of which shall be presented in one of the upcoming articles) frequently appear as part of works produced by Wong-Fu.

And another interesting aspect is worth mentioning when it comes to Wong-Fu productions, or maybe even Youtubers in general: the aspect of subcultures.

If we take a look at Hollywood and it’s mainstream Euro-American productions, there’s one thing that immediately springs to mind that it misses: diversity. The United States of America (which most of the vloggers come from) is a country full of diversity and different cultural backgrounds. Yet, what Hollywood presents is clearly a white mainstream view of the world, not seldomly following governmental currents/restrictions. Asian-American, Indian-American or Hispanic actors seldomly appear in a mainstream production.

It therefore cannot be a coincidence that the most successful “gurus” on Youtube are NOT the mainstream white person, but people of Afro-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, etc. backgrounds. Such is the case with “Wong-Fu” and their serials. Being of Asian-American background, Chan, Fu and Wang focus on producing serials and musicvideos that mostly star Asian-American artists.

And where Hollywood-produced movies/serials have to follow certain standards, the independently produced videos by vloggers offer a fresh spirit of new originality, completely oblivious of standards and regulations. AND IT WORKS. Really well, as I might want to add.

The shows and musicvideos produced by Wong-Fu are some of the best I have seen in quite a while. And the circle of stars they have gathered around them (that make almost the entire Youtube guru community in the show-section) definitely have the quality for an entirely new generation of stars. With the changing technology, Hollywood seems to be more and more outdated when independent Youtube artists enter the picture.

Let’s see where this new development in entertainment will lead us. For now let’s just say: It’s the end of the week, a Wong-Fu week. It’s Wong-Fu weekends!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody. :)