Shane Dawson is up-to-date probably one of the most successful Youtubers. According to a news report a few months ago, he makes around US$80.000 each year just by his Youtube videos. Not too bad for a person making online videos, is it?

Shane Dawson is the proof for how professional being a vlogger on Youtube has actually become. His comedy videos and sketches are widely popular and he has over 2.5 million (yes, you read right: MILLION) subscribers. In addition to that, he has made it to the conventional media due to the large numbers of subscribers and money that he makes, and thereby left the realms of Youtube. He was talked about in news reports, mentioned in newspapers, and more. So even if you’re not following the Youtube vloggers everyday, you have probably heard of Shane Dawson.

His videos usually tend to be a bit extreme when it comes to humor, and therefore are definitely not childproof. Nonetheless, for the viewers who like sarcasm and a lot of dark humor, you will LOVE Shane Dawson.

By now, he has several different Youtube channels, all of which are regularly updated. In addition to that, he started selling his own clothesline. I will talk more about him at a later point, and maybe even an interview for VLog Log, so stay tuned!