(Inspired by the song “Wildflower”, played by Keiko Matsui)

Photo: flickr / John Morgan

Photo: flickr / John Morgan

Too wild to be tame,
she would always stand there on the hill.
Her head tilted to the sky at sunset,
she would stretch out her arms for something far away;
something she would never reach.
She would stand there in the sun and the rain,
in thunderstorms and blizzards, never ceasing to hope;
never ceasing to pray.

Nobody knows who she was.
She appeared one day and bought the little house,
up on the hill.
Nobody ever saw her live in it;
whenever people looked over to the little hill,
they saw her standing there.

Too wild to be loved,
she would never have any visitors.
Her head tilted to the sky at sunrise,
she would stretch our her arms for someone beloved;
someone long gone from this world.
She would stand there all day and all night;
in summer and winter, never ceasing to pray;
never ceasing to love.

Nobody really cared for her despair.
She disappeared one day and left the little house behind,
up on the hill.
Nobody saw her die in it;
whenever people look over to the hill now,
they will see her grave.

Too wild to be dying,
she will always bloom there on the hill.
Her blossom tilted to the bright blue sky,
she will stretch out her leaves for somewhere far away;
some better place.
She will stand there on her grave on the hill,
all day and all night, never ceasing to love;
never ceasing to hope.


(July 06, 2007)