Author’s Note: Inspired by my friends and the people around me, the song “100 Years” by
Five For Fighting, and an angel…

This poem is actually the result of a creative writing class assignment, so my thanks also go to John Williams, British author and teacher of the class, without whom this poem would have never made it on paper.
It also taught me the very important lesson that I am not a poem writer. It’s just something I’m not good at. So do not be surprised if you find the following poem flawed and somewhat uneasy in it’s rythms.

(c) Maridav /

(c) Maridav /

For there are memories that have no name, you don’t know
what to ask for
when in the darkest night, you lie in bed alone and angels
come to visit,
granting you one moment in eternity to be relived
in all its joy,
that caused you inner light of hope and happiness to
shine at its brightest.

And while you travel back and forth within your
own deep mind,
some memories are flashing back, even long
forgotten ones.
It feels like travelling through space and time while being
on an endless search
for the one special moment in your life, the only one you
want to live again.

You start in childhood, long long gone, when you still had
the privilege
to be protected day by day, no danger, no darkness and no worry
ever standing in your way
Your innocent eyes unaware of any borders in this endless seeming
world that was your paradise,
your playground, bright and light, with no restraints or faults to crush
your childish spirit.

Then the period of joy, first love and kisses, and though illusions
start to shatter,
the world still seems to be a place with endless
roads and skies,
waiting for you to be discovered, as is your eventual place in
You are an eagle, proud and free, no thought of ever settling down
going through your mind.

There comes the time when visions change and attitude begins to differ
From the one you’ve known,
the moment when old friends and memories begin to vanish while replaced
by new experiences.
Time seems to blur in the shadows of the happenings, rushing
Fast and faster,
mercilessly dragging you with on an endless road to a goal invisible
to any human’s heart.

And as the years pass by, not leaving you a chance to stop and take
A breath,
you become older, wiser, calmer, the once rebellious eagle flying low
to finally settle down.
And while you chase the remaining time that’s left of life, you have to
Make decisions,
those which turn the road of life around and give it a new shape
and new surroundings.

Suddenly you’re in your Forties, by your side a beloved soul
and little children,
young persons who are now what you’ve once been, young, and innocent,
and free,
and while you watch them live and slowly grow, never wondering about
the evil in the world,
you start to remember the person, that you’ve once been, back then,
half a century ago.

“So tell us now,” the angels say, still waiting for your answer, your
eventual decision,
and with a hopeful smile on your face, you thank the holy spirit
for it’s grace.
Then you lay back down in bed, a wish remains an
Eternally unspoken dream,
For there are no memories more precious than the moment
That you’re living in.

~ End ~ (finished April 25, 2006)