Kimberley Jackson - Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill - 2015 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards Nominations


I am so excited to announce that two of my stories were nominated in the 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards! Thank you everybody!

I know that a lot of my readers aren’t active on either Gateworld, Tumblr or Twitter. Therefore, I want to take a moment to tell you guys what the awards are about. The 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards are fan awards created by a group of dedicated fans. Everybody can go over to their website and register to be eligible to vote before October 28, 2016. Voting will begin in November, and then everybody can vote for their favorite story.

ATTENTION! If you want to vote, it is absolutely necessary that you register BEFORE the voting period begins so that you will receive a voting ballot! You will NOT be able to register later.

You can register on their website now.

And now to the core of the announcement. Here are all the nominations in the 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards that I received:

Kimberley Jackson - 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards Fiction Nominee
Stargate Aschen
was nominated in the category Alternate
End of Days
 was nominated in the category Action/Adventure

 2016 Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards

Thanks to everybody who remembered my stories when it came to nominations! I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure you know.

I know it’s been rather quiet on this website for a while. That’s because I am still working frantically to complete “The Slave’s Secret”. And it’s getting there finally. Only 2 more chapters until the story is finally finished and can enter the post-writing phase.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the story soon. :)