About two weeks ago I posted an antry on the facebook page of the worldwide campaign “Stop FGM Now!”, that are making an internation effort to stop the genital mutilation of girls and young women all over the world. Obviously, my comment was very well received, because only 1 day later I got a message in which I was asked if I would like to write articles for them.

I am very happy, because this means that I can finally do something good with my writings. I’ve always wanted to help, I’ve tried to collect donations with my writings (unfortunately to no avail). But this is so much better!!! It means that I can use something that I have infinitely – namely my talent to write – and use it to help make a change in the world. I am so excited. I don’t even think my writing is that good, but however, they seem to think otherwise! *Does a little happy dance*

So for all of you, who have a facebook account, please search for “Stop FGM Now” and join the group. My first article was published yesterday morning, and it appeared in 4 different languages: German, English, Spanish and French. Today I received a message that 30000 people in the Spanish speaking world were reading my article. O.o

So join the fight against FGM and the sexual repression of women in the name of religion and tradition. Ever since I read the book “Desert Flower” by Waris Dirie 11 years ago, (order it here at amazon.com) I have been interested in that subject. So being able to do something eventually is amazing!

Oh another thing: I found it somewhat inappropriate to use the penname “Kimberley Jackson” which I use for fiction and philosophical stuff for the purpose. So my articles will be published under my real name, Katie Reese. Just in case you’re searching. :P

“Yet, it is a fact that women who have not been circumcised do not have a chance to find a husband, because they do not fit the ideal image. An ideal, which is not that different from that of the Victorian woman that set the standards for Western women for a very long time in Europe and America: a woman has to be calm, show self-restraint and she has absolutely no sexual needs”