…and pixel commits suicide.

Those of you who have been following Youtube and its vloggers know immediately who I am talking about, and those of you who don’t – people, which rock have you been hiding under? ;)

Communitychannel, the YouTube vlog by Natalie Tran, a Vietnamese-Australian girl, is one of Australia’s top channels, and on #28 of most subscribed channels globally. Her slogan has long become cult amongst her fans, even though they would probably disagree: Natalie Tran is for sure one of the coolest vloggers.

She started out roughly 4 years ago, picking out random everyday situations, and making videos about them. Subjects that thereby come up are something like “The awkward moment when you try to leave an elevator and accidentally brush up to somebody” or “Pretend to like Christmas presents when you really don’t”.

The themes that she picks for her videos are down to earth, everyday moments that everybody gets annoyed with or smiles about.

She mixes those experiences with information about her everyday life, Lord of the Rings quotes or inappropriate sexual references for fun, presenting herself as definitely one of the coolest nerds out there.