Repli!Carter Repli!Carter Repli!Carter

Rating: R

Dark!Jack, dark sex, allusions to violence, character death.

Repli!Carter Repli!Carter Repli!Carter Repli!Carter

This is a sequel for Double Dealing, a ficlet inspired by a conversation that happened on Twitter.

This is not a Sam/Jack pairing, but Repli!Carter / Repli!Jack.


“I despise everything you are.” His voice came out a mere rasp against her ear, but the words sliced through her like a disruptor.

She gritted out a growl and shoved him against the wall with all her strength. “You will learn to love me.”

Once more he pulled out of her grip with an ease that shouldn’t surprise her. She’d made him like this. Strong. Relentless. Unbreakable.

He spun them and pressed her into the wall. The nanites behind her gave and it took all her focus to strengthen their hold on each other. His fingers wrapped around her wrist in an iron grip. “Is that why you made me? So I can love you? Give meaning to your pitiful existence?”

She closed her eyes when his breath fanned her cheek. His words shouldn’t hurt. She didn’t have emotions. She was not like Fifth. Not flawed and inferior.

“You and I are the same.” She glared at him and grabbed his wrist, trying to loosen his fingers around her neck. The real O’Neill had been much easier to deal with. And much more fun, that was for sure.

Something flashed in his dark eyes. Understanding? Damn, had she let her guard down enough to allow him access to her most inner thoughts?

“Is that what you want? For me to treat you like he treated you?” Something dark flashed across his face, and he pressed himself flush against her. So close their nanites almost fused together.

She gritted her teeth and dug her fingers into his arms. Despite emphasizing the darker side of the Original O’Neill when creating his replica, he’d awoken and despised her for what she was. Despised himself. Damn honor and morals. Damn human loyalty.

“This what you wanted?” he snapped and thrust his hips against hers. She widened her eyes at him when the simulation of human arousal pressed against her abdomen. It had to be staged. Just a fake. And still…

She bit back a whimper and opened her eyes. His shimmered dark in the cold, blue light of her ship. Nothing but rage and hatred stood on his face. Something stung deep inside her.

Being alone with the inexplicable longing for someone she’d never met had been easier than being with him and facing his constant contempt. If only he’d stop. If only he’d give her a chance. Why was he so different from her? Why couldn’t he accept what they were and enjoy their superiority?

Humans were pitifully weak. Flawed. But he wasn’t anymore. Not the way she’d created him. Why did he hate her so much?

Tears burned in her eyes. And why did his rejection affect her so much? Was she broken after all?

No, it couldn’t be. Her decision to create him hadn’t been emotional. It had been a logical choice. He was skilled, relatively intelligent, unscrupulous given the right motivators, and aesthetically pleasing. The perfect candidate to be by her side as she conquered the galaxy.

She’d have to wait this out. Once he’d taken all his anger and hatred out on her, he’d come around. He had to. Either that, or she’d have to kill him.

Her fingers threaded through his short cropped hair. Such a perfect replication, no difference from the memory she’d stored in her circuits. His body, his face, his skin—every pore was an exact duplicate. An odd ache built in her deepest circuits like static electricity building up to an almost unbearable level. She drew him against her.

What was this urge to be close to him? To become one and yet remain as two? The human way of procreation was so primitive. And yet, after using it to get O’Neill’s DNA, she couldn’t forget the intense, yet short-lived satisfaction the encounter had left her with.

And now this… Recreating the experience with another one of her kind was so different. So much more intense. He was rough. Sometimes he acted as though he wanted to hurt her. And instead of satisfaction from having him close, it left her with emptiness and an ever-growing ache for more.

There was a way—if she did to him what Fifth had done to her in an staged scenario. Not to break him, but to make him surrender to her control. To make him love her.

“I know what you’re thinking.” His panted words cut like a knife and his warm breath fanned down along her neck. “I’ll kill you if you try to manipulate me.”

She pressed her breasts against his chest, enjoying the odd friction, the rough texture of his clothing. “You can’t kill me.”

“I’d find a way.” He hooked his hand under her knee and pulled her leg up higher, pressing it against his hip.

“I’d stop you.”

“No.” He nipped her ear, and the nanites in her brain buzzed with an overload that sent a tremble through her entire body. “You wouldn’t. We both know why you created me.”

She turned her head to him, her cheek grazing his. The hint of a simulated five-o’clock-shadow scraped her skin.

His gaze met hers for an instant, before he let it drop to her lips and lower. His hand grabbed her hair, and an odd current ran through her before her clothes dissolved in a bright light, changing into naked skin. He was controlling her! How?

Eyes wide, she stared at him. A dark smirk pulled at his lips, and then he thrust into her. Her insides quivered and she cried out when his actions blocked out all connections except his.

He stilled and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. “You’re a mistake. So am I.”

Mistake. The word echoed in her thoughts and made her feel as though some of the nanite connections inside her broke down. A choked sob escaped her and she shoved hard against his chest, but he was like a wall. So much stronger than her.

“You’re weak and pathetic.” He gave her another thrust and sensations rocked through her. Just as they had that afternoon with the real him. “You should have never created me.”

For once they were in agreement. She clasped his shoulders. “I know.”

“Then why did you?”

“I wanted what she has. Someone by my side. Someone like me.”

He gave a bitter chuckle. “We are not alike. You wanted someone to have control over. Like Fifth controlled you. You’re no different than him.”

“No,” she screamed and leaned her forehead against his chin when he picked up a hard, relentless pace. Her throat constricted.

When his warm hand touched her forehead, she closed her eyes to prepare herself for his intrusion. But instead of pain and torture, soft warmth flooded her as he entered her mind gently, without force. “An untainted part of her is still hidden inside you.”

Brows raised, she lifted her head. Unexpected softness crossed his features. Then a smile and his thrusts weakened. “Fifth never controlled all of you. Something of her is still there. Something he never touched. Something you never gained control over.”

Warmth flooded her, lulling her mind into a peaceful calm.

He leaned his forehead against hers, his gaze so deep she wanted to drown in it. “You can’t control me. I’m stronger than you. Because that part of you made me that way.”

His thumb brushed over her cheek and she realized the wetness there. Tears. But… why? What was happening to her?

“Surrender to me.” He put his mouth close to her ear. “Samantha.”

The sound of her name stirred something inside her. She closed her eyes. Suddenly his clothes were gone too, and her naked chest brushed against his, nanite against nanite. What a delicious friction. So much better than with human O’Neill.

“Jack.” Whoa, where’d that come from? He wasn’t Jack. He was her creation. She controlled him, not the other way around. She had the power. He was nothing more than…

“Let go, Sam. You know I’m the only one who can make it right.”

Yes, to make it right. That’s why she made him. To correct an error that should have never been made. To be with her, so she wouldn’t be alone…

No, she’d made him to control him. So they could take over the galaxy. Consume. Replicate. Together, as an unbeatable team. Control and destroy…

Loving and correcting the error…

No, controlling

No, loving

She jerked against him, and her eyes shot open. “What are you doing to me?”

Her fingers dug into his shoulder as moved against her, gentle and soft. Deep inside her, his nanites began to fuse with hers, the process shooting waves of ecstasy through her, short-circuiting her brain.

“I’m fulfilling my purpose.” He brushed his nose against hers. “I’m giving you what you want.”

Then he closed the last inch and took her mouth, his soft, warm lips moving over hers. Control slipped from her. Connections broke. She felt the wall behind her give, and for an instant she fell, before soothing weightlessness surrounded her.

She opened her eyes and withdrew from him. Only black with sparkling dots scattered out around them.

Her ship… Nothing. No connection. Gone. Everything was gone. She stared at a few disconnected modular blocks drifting by through the vacuum of space. Panic threatened to overwhelm her.

“Shhh.” His mouth kissed her jaw, her ear, then seared a path down her neck. “You’re not alone. I’m here. I won’t leave you. We’re together.”

She blinked at him. That familiar face she’d missed so much. So different from just moments before. No more hatred. Only affection. Love.

His face blurred as her throat tightened. “Why?”

“Because he’s the only one strong enough. That’s why you chose him. It’s why you chose me. I’ll be with you. Forever. If you’ll let me.”

“Yes.” Her fingers threaded through his hair as heat flooded her. As his nanites melted with hers, atoms beginning to tremble as they were crushed together, she allowed every memory cell to be taken over by his presence. Still not enough. More. She needed more. Needed to be one with him.

Heat enveloped her as she allowed herself to fall into him.

Never alone again. Safe. Forever.

In nothingness.


“Colonel Carter.” Jack rubbed his eyes while he scuffed into the control room. He shoulda gone home last night. Somehow people called him in a lot fewer if he went home instead of sleeping on the base. “What’s the emergency?”

“Sir.” She looked up at him through wide blue eyes. “I didn’t know you were still here.”

“Yeah, Siler woke me.” He checked his watch. 3.30. “Didn’t your shift end eight hours ago?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Ah.” He knew better than to ask what she was still doing here. That conversation’d long gotten old. Though… Didn’t she have a wedding ceremony to prepare? Or something? Since she still hadn’t answered his original question, he repeated it. “What’s the emergency?”

“It’s not really an emergency, Sir. Deep space telemetry picked up an odd phenomenon outside our solar system about ten minutes ago. At first we thought it was a weapon being discharged.”

“Goa’uld?” Instantly, he was awake.

“No, Sir.” She shook her head. “We’re not sure what it was. It looked like an explosion. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Ah.” He nodded. “So?”

“Um.” She swallowed visibly. “Sir?”

“Are we in any danger? From radiation or somethin’?”

“I don’t think so, Sir.” She flinched. “It’s curious, though. I’ve never seen a burst of energy like that. The readings looked a star going supernova, but there are no stars near the Kuiper belt. We should send Prometheus there to find out what it was.”

He blinked at her. Once. Twice. Was this about scientific curiosity? He closed his eyes and pressed his fingers against his temple. “Carter, I’m gonna hit the sack. If anybody wakes me up again tonight, when there’s not an intergalactic emergency, heads are gonna roll. And by emergencies I mean Ba’al dropping by to say hello. Plants taking over the facility. That kinda stuff. Not a bright spot on some monitor.”

Awkwardness stood on her face when she got up and nodded. “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

He strode to the stairs, then stopped and turned to her once more. Dark circles lined her eyes. How long had it been since she’d slept? Twenty-four hours? Or longer?

He gentled his voice. “Sam…get some rest. That’s an order. I’ll tell Siler to record all strange glowing space spots for you, and you can analyze them once your duty shift starts.”

She gave him one of those soft smiles that always made his stomach tingle. “Yes, Sir. Good night, Sir.”


The End (November 20, 2015)


This probably isn’t what you all expected, is it? >.< Well, I figured, since it’s Jack–who was trained in mind-control techniques–there’d be no way Repli!Carter could break him. And his unshakable morals and sense of duty would force him to do the only thing he can do to keep Earth safe. Destroy them both.

Really, really sad, but those two couldn’t have a happy end. Well, in a way they do, as they were united in death. T.T