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it’s Shipday week! I don’t know if you’re aware of the annual Shipper events happening over at the Gateworld forums. Shipday is one of them, and that means this coming Tuesday (July 28, 2015), there’ll be lots of shippy goodness.

Fans from all over the world will gather in the forums, and share artwork and stories they created especially for shipday. Why don’t you head over and check it out for yourself? It’s a hoot!

In celebration of this event, I have also created a new Sam/Jack artwork that I turned into a little animated gif.

Kimberley Jackson - "Wanna Go Fishing" - Gif Version (Sam/Jack Shipday 2015)

In celebration of Shipday, I’m giving away a “Wanna Go Fishin’?” postcard and sticker to 1 lucky winner!

The most important (and mandatory!) way of entering is to leave a comment down below via the blog comment form and afterwards enter your information in the Giveaway box! Simply answer the question:

Which is your favorite Stargate SG-1 Sam/Jack shippy episode?

(Note: Your answer will have no influence on the outcome, so don’t worry.)

Again, to enter the giveaway make sure to do the following:

1. Leave a comment under the blogpost answering the question
2. Fill out the Giveaway form box, using the name you commented with!

All the steps afterwards are optional (tweeting, pinning an image, etc.) but these first two steps are mandatory!

In addition to that you can participate in other activities (which are all optional), such as retweeting the Stargate Aschen Tweet, tweeting about this giveaway, pinning the image to Pinterest and others. And the best part? For every activity you receive an additional ticket in the giveaway and thereby increase your chances of winning.

The giveaway will end on August 01, 2015 at 11:59pm. (GMT+1:00).

After what happened in the last giveaway, where I unfortunately had to invalidate 3 tickets (for 3 actions) because people apparently misunderstood what they were supposed to do, I created a little “How-To” video and uploaded it on Youtube. It will walk you through the process of how to participate. Please make sure to check it out if you’re not sure how to enter!

Good luck and have a HAPPY SHIPDAY!
2015 Shipday Competition