Stargate SG-1 Sims 3 - Sam/Jack

Update March 7, 2018: I created Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill Sims for The Sims 4 game! You can check them out and download them HERE.

Update July 05, 2015: Fixed issue with the broken password. All downloads are now available without password from my dropbox. Links have been updated. Enjoy!

So, I love Stargate. And since I love Stargate so much, it bugs me that there isn’t a real Stargate game out there. (And the only one we got, that was halfway decent (Stargate Unleashed) got cancelled because the company making it declared bankruptcy.) So I decided to do it myself – kinda.

Between writing I decided to play my Sims game again every now and then. And last weekend I finally did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I built Jack O’Neill’s cabin in the Sims. Well, there are a few alterations and I took a little bit creative liberty to fill some gaps, but overall, I hope it’s pretty similar. Playing The Sims Stargate has never been easier. ;)


Please also check out the Photoshoot fun, where you’ll find more screenshot of Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill on the Sims 3 game.

I also have another post where I offer more characters from the show. You can find Teal’c, Daniel Jackson, Vala MalDoran and Jacob Carter here.

Jack O’Neill’s Cabin

This cabin is kind of a hybrid between Jack’s house on the television show and his cabin up in Minnessota. So you’ll have the basic layout of the house, and you’ll have the pond for fishing behind the house (which actually belongs to his cabin). ;)

The Stargate in the basement is a custom object that I downloaded at Crea Sims 3.

If you want, you can download the house here and play with it. It should be playable even if you don’t have all the expansion packs of Sims 3.

Here are a few pictures:

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Of course, I also made the matching Sims. If you want you can download and use them. If you want to see them in the game, there’s a video down below that I uploaded, and a few more in-game pictures.


Please look at the bottom for installation instructions!

Major Samantha Carter

Sam comes with the traits “Adventurous”, “Workaholic”, “Genius”, “Computer Whiz” and “Athletic”. Her lifetime wish is to become an Astronaut. You can download her here.

Please note that I used a few mods that have an impact on how she looks. The BodyHeight and Body Adjuster mods are responsible for height, waist, hips, leg length, waist length, breasts and a couple of other features. You can download them towards the end of this post. (In the installation instructions.)

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Colonel Jack O’Neill

Jack is actually a derivation from a Jack O’Neill character that already exists. I adjusted some of his facial features, his skin, his traits, his height, body hair and hairstyles. Also I adjusted some of the clothing. You can find the original Jack O’Neill sim here. I changed him because some of the features weren’t exactly fitting and his face and hair were off. His Traits are “Brave”, “Adventurous”, “Loves The Outdoors”, “Angler” and “Athletic”. His lifetime wish is also astronaut (simply because that makes him want to join the military).

Please note that I used a few mods that have an impact on how he looks. The BodyHeight and Body Adjuster mods are responsible for height, waist, hips, leg length, waist length, breasts and a couple of other features. You can download them towards the end of this post. (In the installation instructions.)

You can download my new version of Jack O’Neill here.

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You can watch a video of the characters in-game here:

And a little bit of gameplay video in which they hold a wedding. :)

Installation Instructions:

You need to have The Sims 3 installed in order to play with these. Simply double click on the file, and “The Sims Installer” should install the Sims3Packs automatically. If you don’t have all of the expansions, some of the objects in the house might be replaced by standard objects.

Please make sure to have the current Sims 3 Patches installed.

In order to keep the height difference between Sam and Jack, you need to have the Simheight Mod installed. You can download it on ModTheSims but to make it simple (since you need to register there), I put it into the mod package below. Just unzip the file and put the contents (all .package files) into your Mods/Packages subfolder. (Usually that can be found in your Sims 3 folder. You can find the Sims 3 folder in “Documents/Electronic Arts” usually.)

Another Mod that you should use is the body sliders by Jonha (also included in the zip file below).

You can download a .zip file that holds all the above mentioned mods here.

I also use custom skins and blur removal mods in my game, which are responsible for their toned muscles and anatomically correct looks. I downloaded them at, which is a German Adult Sims website. They are available for download there. I went for the The Sims 3 – Nude Skins Natural 5 – Shaved – Default. I think you will have to pay a small amount for the skin, but you only need it if you prefer your Sims to look anatomically correct. ;)

Troubleshooting Guide

  1. I downloaded all the files and mods, but I can’t get their uniforms to show.

That may be because I dressed them in the uniforms and BDUs using Sims 3 cheatcodes. The clothes are in the game, but they’re usually locked and only become available if you choose the corresponding career path and reach the level of promotion. There’s a sneaky way around that, though.

Try following these steps:

1. In the main menu (start screen where you choose your saved game or start a new one) of your game, press Ctrl + Shift + C all together. That opens a little command line on top. Enter the following command:

testingcheatsenabled true

2. Open the cheat command line again by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C. Enter the following command:

UnlockOutfits on

Now you should be able to select all career outfits as normal clothing in Create-A-Sim and, for existing Sims, by clicking the dresser/wardrobe and selecting “Plan Outfit”. Alternatively, with the testingcheats enabled, you can press Shift and  click on your character. That will give you the “Edit in Create-a-Sim” option. Choose that and you’ll be able to completely edit your character.

Once your start your Sims in the military career, you can edit their career outfits as well. Do that either right before they go to work, or right after they return from work. So they must still be wearing their career-clothing.

Click on your dresser and choose “Plan Outfit”. Click on the career tab, and on the little + Outfit button. Create a second career outfit with your desired clothing. After you’re done, have your Sim change career clothing to the second outfit. That will automatically set it as your default career clothing (but only if you do this right before your Sim goes to work, or right after s/he returns).

2. I followed all the steps under 1, but I still can’t get their uniforms to show.

That’s odd and shouldn’t be happening. It may be that you are missing a Sims 3 patch. Please make sure to update your game using the latest patches.

If you’re interested in more cheats for the Sims game, check out this blog.