For the creation of my Sims 3 characters (or rather for their presentation online), I played around with a new mod which allows posing of Sims characters. Of course, I also downloaded a number of poses to come with it. The Mod I used to take the pictures was the Pose Player from ModTheSims. After I took the pictures with the screenshot function, I tweaked them a little bit using Photoshop CS5.

Enjoy the images…


Sims 3 - Stargate SG-1 by Kimberley Jackson

This one was a simple groupshot designed to show how all of the characters look in-game.

Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill, Jacob Carter on The Sims 3

Sam, Jack and ‘Dad’ as Jack likes to call him.

Sam Carter on Sims 3 - Motorcycle

Preparing for a photoshoot with the motorcycle. One wonders what Vala and Sam might be chatting about. ;)

Stargate Sims - Motorcycle Photoshoot

The motorcycle photoshoot with Sam Carter posing on Jack O’Neill’s bike, and Vala not keeping her hands off Daniel. (although, to be fair, he seems to have a pretty hard time keeping his hands off her too.)

And last but not least, I have a little short story for all those Sam/Jack shippers out there. But be warned, even though there’s no full nudity, this might not be entirely PG. ;)

The last image and last part is for all of you wedding-crazy people out there. ;) As you might know by now, for me, Sam and Jack don’t marry on the show. If anything they have a relationship. To me, Canon-Carter just doesn’t seem to be the marriage-family-kids type. However, this is the Sims and I therefore regard it as an alternate universe. So… here’s the whole deal. Marriage and all.

Sims Short Story - Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill 1

Jack: So, Carter, pretty long day. You wanna come inside and have a coffee?
Sam: Um. I don’t know… yeah, sure.

— Once inside the house, Jack presses her up against the door and they start making out. After lots of fumbling and stumbling, they finally make it into the bedroom.—

Sims Short Story - Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill 2

Sam: This isn’t coffee.
Jack: …
Sam: Maybe we shouldn’t–
Jack: For cryin’ out loud, Carter. Will you stop overthinking? I was transferred to Washington. Homeworld Security, Sam. I’m out of your chain of command.
Sam: You’re… what?
Jack: We can… you know… do stuff. If you want. Or, I can just make you coffee. Your choice.

—Sam starts kissing him, and before she knows what’s happening, Jack flips them around.—

Sims Short Story - Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill 3

Sam (between two kisses, panting): You know, I’ll still hold you to that coffee though.
Jack: In the morning?
Sam (smiling): In the morning.
Jack (smirking): I can live with that.

—Much later.—

Sims Short Story - Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill 4

Jack: So, any regrets?
Sam: None. You?
Jack: Just one… I shoulda done this eight years ago.
Sam: We’ll just have to make up for that time.

Sims Short Story - Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill 5

Jack: So… I was wondering. How about we make it official?
Sam (eyes wide): What do you mean?
Jack: You know… you, me… eight years should be enough time to get to know each other.
Sam: Jack… are you saying…
Jack: Might make things easier with our new posts. You know… me being in Washington, you being in Colorado.
Sam: …
Jack: The offer stands. Think about it.
Sam: Yes.
Jack: Yes?
Sam: Yes, I want to marry you.
Jack (grinning): Great. So if that’s settled… how about I’ll make us some breakfast.
Sam: Will I get the coffee you promised me yesterday evening?
Jack: Yeah, sure, ya betcha.

Oh boy… the things I do on vacation. I should be writing. Instead I’m making Sims stories and creating gaming characters. I’ll go back to work now, and you guys have fun with the Sims – or just enjoy the screenshots.

By the way, you can download all of the characters I created. You’ll find Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill here, and the rest of the characters from the pictures in this post.