After the blockbuster screening of the first two films, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons,’ here comes the third installment of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel to be released in theaters in October. ‘Inferno’ will again feature Tom Hanks and his quest to uncover the truth. The film was shot in Venice and Budapest last year and it is slated for release in 3D (IMAX) and 2D formats on October 28.

The international trailer of the movie was released on YouTube by Sony Pictures Entertainment two months ago.

The Da Vinci Code - Photo: Creative Commons (flickr / Timo Noko)

The Da Vinci Code – Photo: Creative Commons (flickr / Timo Noko)

Due to being a big fan of Dan Brown’s work, I am expecting a lot from the third movie. ‘Inferno’ has a completely different plot and story from what people have experienced from the first two books. No wonder ‘Inferno’ surpassed previous book sales when it was released in 2013. Despite the great dystopian/fantasy trilogy offered by Veronica Roth (‘Divergent’ series) during the same year, Brown’s mystery thriller, flourished amid tough competition.

Since the release of the first movie back in 2006 and its popularity, each book release has been eagerly anticipated. Add to the mix the controversial surrounding featuring the Catholic Church that led to its censorship in many countries and people’s curiosity led to its major Box Office success earning the film’s creators $224 million worldwide during its opening weekend.

Brown’s focus on Leonardo Da Vinci in the first film, followed the famous Italian polymath who was considered by many historians and scholars as the prime exemplar of the ‘Universal Genius.’ Being an iconic personality in history and arts, Da Vinci has influenced plenty of literary pieces and artwork, as well as transcending generations and impacting modern day gaming, too. The expansion of the franchise has ultimately made Brown millions upon millions.

One industry, which Brown has sold commercial rights to, is the gaming industry as aforementioned. Some of today’s top games incorporate Da Vinci into their themes to bridge a gap between the gaming world and movie, art and book fans interested in the mystique that surrounds the famous painter. One of which is the ‘Great Secrets: Da Vinci’ that takes players back in time while exploring and solving mysteries. Another popular title online from Pocket Fruity’s list of slot titles is ‘Da Vinci Diamonds’ that features some of his legendary artworks such as the Mona Lisa, the Portrait of a Musician, and the Lady with an Ermine. This just symbolizes how Brown has been able to profit from a vast interest in Da Vinci and his works.

With the upcoming release of the third film sequel of Brown’s book series, it’s clear the franchise is set to tap into its vast fan base and it has the potential to continue to break records. If you’re a devoted fan like me, then October couldn’t come quick enough.