Ever since Michelle Phan became more famous, make-up tutorials can be frequently found on YouTube – some of them better, some of them worse.

Bubzbeauty’s channel is definitely one of the better ones. Her slogan already gives it all away: Making Life Bubbiful. And that is what her everyday make-up tutorials are like: fresh, happy and easy to recreate.

Starting out in 2008, she was inspired by some of the already existing make-up gurus on Youtube and created an own tutorial channel. By today she has become UK’s 2nd most subscribed Youtube guru. Her videos present a cuteness mixed with style that make her quite unique in the vast world of vlogging.

Even if some of her ideas are more fun to watch than to actually recreate (like her Strawberry Nail tutorial, which I find absolutely adorable), her charming personality makes the channel a must-watch for every YouTube and VLog fan interested in make-up.