In one of my Monday Fun posts, where I was talking about Lana McKissack I already mentioned her briefly, and presented her as one of the rather famous Disney girls on Youtube: Traci Hines.

Traci Hines channel can be considered the Disney World on Youtube. Not only does she cover all of the famous Disney (princess) songs, she takes the cover cult further by dressing up as the character whose song she’s singing and thereby creates a unique feeling that an audience would else only have in Disney world.

Even though she is sometimes criticized for her rather unnatural looks (hey, come on, she’s trying to portray a cartoon character), Tracy Hines is definitely a guru for all the Disney fans out there.

She started her Youtube channel a few years ago, inspired by her dad as she mentions in one of her videos. He was the one who suggested to her to create a Youtube channel and start singing online. And she does so with a lot of success. By now she has her own CD single online for sale on iTunes and Aside from that she is working as a rentable Disney princess for kids parties. Quite a career, don’t you think? And it all started on— that’s right: YouTube.