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Sam/Jack Fanfiction

Sam shifted and wrapped her arms around herself as she looked out the window. Serene silence all around. No human soul for miles. Just them. Her stomach tingled, a combination of excitement and nervousness. She swallowed hard.

“You want a beer?”

When she nodded, Jack walked up to the fridge and opened it. He hadn’t exaggerated about his dinner. The steaks had been delicious. After eating, they’d cleaned up together and stacked the supplies from the boxes away.

Sam cleaned the last plate and put it back on the shelf where it belonged. When she turned around, Jack handed her a beer. Her smile shook as she took it. “Thank you.”

“You okay?”

Damn, was her tension that obvious? She winced inwardly. She didn’t want to give him the feeling she was uncomfortable. For the first time they were alone, and they had three days all to themselves. They’d have sex. Her stomach tightened, and she took a hasty sip of her beer. “Yeah… good.”

His eyes gleamed as he approached her and leaned in. “Relax, Carter, I’m not gonna pounce on you.” His warm breath tickled her ear.

Sam gulped and stared at him. “What?”

“You look as though we were trapped in some kind of Goa’uld facility with a herd of angry Jaffa chasing us.” His hand trailed across the side of her waist, his gaze fixed on her face. When she stared at him, he smirked. “I think tense is the right word?”

“I’m not tense.” Yeah, right. She willed herself to relax and tried to put on a nonchalant smile. As she took another sip from the beer, her fingers clenched around the bottle too tight.

“Sam.” The kiss he placed on her neck sent pleasant shivers throughout her body. “We don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for. We can just, ya know, sit. Talk. Do some fishing, or—”

“No.” Subtle. She cleared her throat. “I want to be with you.”

He pulled her close, claiming her lips in a sweet kiss. Heat stabbed at her core. Yes, she wanted him. Granted, she also wanted to get this first time sex thing out of the way, but her body reminded her it was more than that. When he broke contact, his dark gaze made her head swim, and she bit her lower lip. His taste still lingered. She stepped closer into his space, his warmth caressing her skin.

Jack took her hand and drew her with him to the couch facing the window front in the living room. He dropped down into the soft cushions and pulled her down next to him. “C’mere.”

As he moved his arm around her, she leaned against him, resting her head against his shoulder. Beers in their hands, they looked out the window. The pond behind the house lay peaceful and calm. There couldn’t be much wind, judging from the absence of ripples on the water. Sam took a sip of beer and relaxed when the cold liquid prickled down her throat.

Being with him was so easy. And they seemed to be so in tune. Almost as if there was a silent understanding between them. Maybe it was the months they’d spent working together in the field. This was new, but definitely an exciting feeling.

Her stomach flip-flopped. No camp members would disturb them during the next days. He had no meetings to attend, she had no experiments scheduled. They could just live for each day and take it easy.

His hand drew lazy circles on her upper arm, then his finger grazed her skin in a tingling caress. Goosebumps danced down her arms. Sex. She would actually have sex with him. If only the thought didn’t make her so nervous.

What was there to worry about? Even though Aschen laws forbade humans from having sex before their fertility tests, she’d read a lot of books about human physiology, the sexual act and biological reasons behind it. In those books it’d seemed so easy—not like such a big deal. Granted, it said the first time might hurt, but so what? It couldn’t hurt more than being beaten up in a fist fight.

Bad example. Sam flinched and gulped some more beer down. She rarely felt vulnerable in a fist fight, and she wasn’t naked in those. Her cheeks warmed. God, why did she have to think about this so much? Other women did it too, and they seemed to enjoy it. It couldn’t be that bad.

She sneaked a glance at Jack and remembered what Vala’d told her. Jack had been with many women, so he’d know how to do it right. According to Vala, that would be an advantage. Yeah. Great. That made him all the more qualified to notice her inexperience and awkwardness.

And if all his previous lovers had been like Kerry… She flinched. Self-confident, experienced, knowing what they expected and liked from a man, and not afraid to go after it. Why couldn’t she be more like Kerry?

“Carter.” Jack’s warm breath caressed her hair and Sam raised her eyebrows.


“I can hear your wheels turn. You’re overthinking, aren’t you?”

Damn. “Sorry.” She needed to get her mind off things somehow. But how? She shifted to look at him. “Do you mind if I take a shower? I’ve been dying to do that since I realized there’s warm water here.”

“Sure.” He brushed his lips over hers. She released a shaky breath and opened her mouth, but the kiss didn’t last nearly long enough. “I’ll be waiting here.” His hand grazed hers as he let her go.

When she walked out of the room, she felt his gaze lingering on her back, sending pleasant shivers down her spine.

The shower soothed and exhilarated her. How long had she not been able to enjoy the luxury of hot water? She closed her eyes as the warm stream hit her face, then ran in currants down her neck and over her breasts.

She took time for personal hygiene and shampooed her hair with the nice smelling lemon shampoo Janet always ordered for them when they were off-duty. When she was done, she pulled on her panties and tank top, and then opted for a plain black shirt to wear over it.

Why bother to dress? She was determined to be out of those clothes again very soon anyway. When she stepped back into the living area on bare feet, Jack still sat on the couch as he had promised. When he trailed his gaze down to her bare legs, he swallowed visibly.

She smiled. “Enjoying the view?” She placed a lingering kiss on his lips as she kneeled on the couch next to him. His hand burned through her shirt.

“Always.” He grinned against her lips, and his unabashed admittance made her chuckle. She pulled her feet under her and snuggled up against him.

“Good shower?” His fingers tangled through her still damp hair.

“Mmm, you have no idea. We should hook up a heating unit to the shower at camp.”

“Yeah, there’d be no way to make people stick to the shower schedule anymore.” He took a sip of his beer. “Cold water proves to be an effective motivator to keep the shower short.”

“You’re such a soldier.” She leaned her head against his chest and looked outside. Ripples broke the calm of the water’s surface here and there, probably caused by sandpipers and other insects. “When did you buy this place?”

“After I started working in the Aschen Ministry. I intended it to be a personal getaway then, but I didn’t have much time for vacations. I only used it after I joined the resistance. It’s nice to have a home away from camp.” His hand drew lazy circles on her arm, sending warmth through her. He nuzzled her hair, then shifted and pulled her closer. “We can share it from now on.”

Sharing a home with him. The thought was strangely comforting. She moved her arm around his stomach, and nuzzled his chin. He smelled like grass, and the body wash he always used when he didn’t have missions scheduled. Now it mixed with the faint scent of grill smoke and burned steaks. She closed her eyes. Addictive and so uniquely him.

Suddenly, her skin buzzed with awareness of him. Every inch of his body burned through her shirt, the heat awakening her senses. When he moved his hand lower and caressed the sides of her waist in slow circles, her breath hitched.

She shifted, shaking as she leaned into the hard planes of his chest to brush her lips against his neck. He pressed her closer against him. Encouraged, Sam flicked her tongue out. His skin was warm, salty, spicy.

He put his beer on the small side table next to the couch. When he leaned back, she straddled his lap. So handsome, with those dark eyes, that tanned skin, the black shirt. Everything about him seemed to be dark. A kind of darkness that drew her in. Her fingers cupped his cheeks as she leaned in to brush her nose against his.

Her breath caught when his hot palms stroked along her bare thighs, halted right where her shirt began, and then traveled back down to play at the back of her knee. Tension built inside her, made her press her pelvis against his.

A thrill washed through her when he moved his hands under her shirt. She bit her lower lip, then leaned in to trail kisses down his neck. As she became more courageous teasing his skin, his hands moved up, seeking more and more skin. When he pressed her against him, the heat of his hands, of his body surrounded her. Throat dry, she lifted her head to look at him.

Arousal pooling between her legs, she leaned in to capture his lips. His mouth devoured, hers explored. Every stroke of his tongue seared her with need.

Panting, she finally broke away. Jack’s grip on her tightened. “Hold on.”

She did, and he turned them both, then tipped her over to lie on her back with his body covering hers. Her eyes widened at the sudden urgency in his movement, the intimate position, and the weight of his body on hers.

Only a moment later, he shifted to lie next to her. His hand resumed its lazy caresses, grazed down along her waist, over her hips. When his fingers trailed toward her naked thigh, she held her breath, craving his touch, needing it.

Lust flushed through her, leaving every nerve in her body tingling with expectation. “Jack…”

Her eyes fell closed when his fingers played at the hem of her shirt, then she drew a sharp breath when he pushed his hand under her top. So hot. And so sure in his touch. She whimpered.

God, he was still dressed…and she wasn’t. Well, almost wasn’t. Her fingers played at the hem of his shirt. She arched her neck, trying to close the distance between their lips. Their breaths mingled, but he didn’t allow contact. Until his finger grazed over her nipple.

Pleasure coiled in her belly. Another whimper bubbled up, but he swallowed it, his lips crushing hers in a relentless claim.

Fire. She was burning up. Panting, she pushed against his shoulders until he withdrew. She shifted so that her head lay on the pillow near the armrest.

Hand resting on her ribcage, he studied her a moment. “Wanna stop?”

“No.” No? “Yes.” Wait, what? “No… I… I’m not…” God, what was the matter with her? She reached up to the side table and took the bottle for a large gulp of beer.

Why couldn’t she just shut her overthinking brain off? During their first night at O’Malley’s she hadn’t had all these thoughts about the what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. Maybe if she recreated the conditions of that night… Just a bit more alcohol. She took another gulp from the bottle.

Jack raised his eyebrows. “Trying to get drunk?”

His fingers teased a trail along her belly and waist, his face blank. She winced and lifted the bottle to her lips again.

“Oookay.” Chuckling, he took the bottle away from her. “That’s enough. I promise you won’t need it.”

His voice a rasp in her ear, he placed the bottle back on the side table. As he lifted his head, her gaze met his. Eyes darkening, pupils dilating. Such gentleness. Her gaze dropped to his mouth, and her own lips parted. While their lips clashed in an unyielding kiss, she allowed her hands to roam over his body.

She traced the strong lines of muscles on his chest and stomach, then the sides of his hips. Up along his spine to his shoulder blades.

She quivered against him when his rough, calloused hands brushed over the bare skin of her stomach again. God, if only he’d put those hands back on more sensitive spots.

Gasping, she broke the kiss and her eyes closed. He trailed his lips in agonizingly soft caresses along the line of her jaw to her ear.

“I want you, Sam.”

Her hand traveled to the back of his neck while her body arched into him. How could he do this to her with only a few touches? She ran her fingers through his unruly hair. “I want you, too.”

Oh, God. Her stomach tightened again. She swallowed hard. “But I’m very nervous about… I mean, I don’t know…” She closed her eyes. Why could she never find the right words for these things?

“I know.” His chuckle reverberated low against her throat. “Don’t overthink. Trust me. It’s a piece of cake. Really. Don’t forget what I said.” His murmur seared hot against her ear. “I’ll have you scream for me.”

Oh, yes. She moaned. She’d heard women say sex had been so good they hadn’t been able to keep quiet.

“Why don’t we move this to the bedroom?” He placed another kiss right above her jugular, and shivers danced along her nerves.


Shakily she shifted to sit up, but lost balance and almost fell backwards off the couch. Jack steadied her and pulled her firmly against him. Sam stifled a laugh into his neck. God, what an almost mishap.

She heard Jack’s chuckle against her ear. “Eager, are we?”

Laughing, she smacked his shoulder, and then sat up, more carefully this time. When she stood, she reached her hand out and pulled him up from the couch. She turned and took a step backwards towards the bedroom door, then faltered. Oh God, they were actually gonna do this?

Jack closed the distance between them, and his lips crushed hers again, devouring until she grew dizzy with his nearness. “Give me a moment to take a quick shower. No thinking.”

She stared at him hazily, his words slowly sinking in. Her fingers tightened around his wrist. “Don’t stop now.”

He smirked and leaned in. “Wasn’t gonna… Just give me about three minutes, and why don’t you…” Another searing and much-too-short kiss. “…get comfortable in the bedroom.” His heated whisper sent pleasant shivers down her spine. “No thinking. I’ll be right with you.”

Heart pounding, she turned and entered the bedroom. She pulled her shirt over her head and placed it on a chair in the corner. Did he expect her to take off her top and panties as well?

Swallowing hard, Sam hesitated. That would leave her naked. Her cheeks warmed. Pushing the thought aside, she climbed onto the bed. The soft mattress bounced slightly under her movements. Sam closed her eyes when she sank into the pillows.

Jack hadn’t exaggerated about the comfort of the bed. She inhaled, stretching, enjoying how the smooth silky texture of the sheets stroked over her skin in a gentle, grazing caress.

When the mattress shifted, she startled. When Jack brushed up against her, she took a shaky breath. God, he hadn’t even bothered to get dressed again. Her fingers grazed his sides, then brushed the coarse terrycloth of a towel he wore around his hips.

He nipped her neck. Sighing, she pushed her fingers through his hair. Still damp. The scent of his shower soap permeated the air.

“That was a fast shower.”

“Told you, it’d be short. Three minutes tops.” Then his lips collided with hers in a momentary burst of pure lust. She moaned into the kiss, the intensity shooting spikes of arousal through her. He broke the contact only to trail a quick path down her chin, over her throat. Too fast, but so hot. So good.

“Jack, wait.”

He slowed, and her intended protest turned into a moan. Her fingers grazed across his naked shoulders, down his arms, over his firm biceps. God, he was so strong, such hard muscles. She wanted more, wanted to feel and explore him.

When she applied gentle pressure to his shoulders, he leaned up on his forearms. The smile he gave her melted her insides, soft crinkles visible around his eyes. Sam cupped his cheek, brushed her thumb across his lower lip.

When he lowered his head to brush her lips with his, she flipped him over on his back in a sneaky close combat move. All that training had finally paid off. She straddled his hips, then looked down at him in appreciation. His eyes sparkled, his fingers grazing her bare calves, tickling lightly.

Her hand came to rest on his chest, her fingers tangling in his soft, graying chest hair. Here and there, droplets of water still glistened on his moonlit skin. Such a difference. Glancing at her hand, her fair skin looked almost white in contrast to his cinnamon-colored tan. Everything about him was darker. So hot.

She leaned down and closed her mouth over a drop of water on his collarbone. He groaned when her tongue flicked out, tasting his skin. Her fingers tugged at his short chest hair, then played over his nipples. So different from her, and yet so alike.

The muscles of his abdomen twitched under her explorative caress. His fingers tickled her feet, and she tensed, releasing a small giggle. “Jack…” She caught his wrists in her hands, laced their fingers, played and teased, only to move his arms up and pin them over his head into the mattress.

Without a doubt, he could have easily freed himself from her grip. But his eyes locked with hers, and he allowed her control. When she let go of his hands, he didn’t move. She trailed her fingers along the length of his arms, eliciting a low groan.

“What are you doing?” His breath washed hot across her mouth. Smiling, she allowed her breasts to graze his chest.

“Exploring you.”

He closed his eyes, visibly struggling for control. “You’re playing with fire.”

Yeah, so she’d already established she was a moth drawn to the flame. She pressed a warm kiss against his throat.

When had it become so hard not to kiss him? His scent, his heat, his caresses, everything about him drew her in. She rocked her pelvis against his to ease the growing need pooling between her legs.

Biting her lower lip, she leaned down to trail a path of teasing kisses down his chest. When her mouth closed over one of his nipples, his soft chest hair tingled her cheeks. His breath caught audibly.

Oh yeah. Playing with fire. She smiled.

His hand tangled in her hair, encouraging her. Taking her time, she caressed his skin with her lips, tongue, and teeth, before she moved along his chest to the other nipple. When she grazed her fingers along his sides, he thrust his hips up against her with a groan. How could she have such a strong effect on a man?

His palms warmed her upper thighs, pressing her gently against him and increasing their contact. Her curious fingers trailed the muscles on his well-trained stomach, getting to know every inch. He was so well-built…

She remembered the first time she’d seen him at the barn in Ireland. Half a head taller than she was, broad shoulders and hips. His stature had almost intimidated her. If she didn’t know him so well now, he might still have that effect. Which was probably why he didn’t have a hard time getting gangsters to respect him.

A jolt of painful need shot through her when she remembered how dangerous he could be, how relentless. God… She claimed his mouth in a fierce kiss, muffling her own moan. Panting she looked into his darkened eyes. “Turn around.”



Raising his brows, he shifted under her, then turned around to lie on his chest. Sam straddled the small of his back and trailed a path of kisses down his spine. Then she let her chest graze his skin, and gave his nape a tender nip.

He groaned and shifted under her. “Sam.” A warning.

She found a particularly sensitive spot at the side of his waist that made him jerk under her. He trembled and she smiled in satisfaction.

He turned onto his back and pulled her close. “You know, I could press you down into that mattress and make you writhe and scream before you even know what’s happening.” She groaned at the painful arousal stabbing through her abdomen at the mental images he evoked. “Then again, maybe you’d want that…”

Breath hitching, she placed her hand on his shoulders. Wetness pooled between her legs while her stomach tightened at the same time. “You know, I wasn’t done exploring you.”

He smirked. “We have a situation here, so I need you to stop. Unless you want this over really, really fast.”

His hard-on pressed against her inner thigh through the towel, and she swallowed hard. “Oh.”

His eyes never leaving hers, Jack pushed his fingers under the hem of her top. “You’re severely overdressed for the occasion.”

Swallowing hard, she gripped the hem of her top, then faltered. What if he wouldn’t like what he saw? What if she was too skinny? Or if her breasts weren’t full enough? She’d never given her appearance much thought, but now…

Jack placed his hands on hers, stopping her. Then he sat up, holding her against him. She sighed when he kissed her almost sweetly, his tongue darting into her mouth, tangling with hers, playing.

When he raised the top over her head, her arms lifted almost automatically. The garment vanished somewhere on the ground next to the bed. His chest hair tickled her tender nipples, the contact sending shock waves of electricity through her entire body. Nakedness did have its advantages. She buried her fingers in his hair when his mouth dropped hot kisses down her neck and along her collarbone.

As he lay back against the pillow, his hands on her back gave her no other choice but to follow. He placed a searing kiss right above one of her breasts and then lay his head back to study her. His fingers traced her collarbone. She held her breath when his warm palm ran down her chest, caressing the skin between her breasts.

“Don’t think, just feel.”

She blew out a shaky breath. Easier said, than done. His palm cupped one of her breasts. Heat shot through her when he flicked the hardened peak with his thumb. “God…”

“Damn, you’re beautiful.” Groaning, he pulled her down into a quick kiss, bringing her chest into full contact with his. When his coarse chest hair caressed her breasts, her moan mingled with his.

She buried her face in his neck, reveling in the sensation. So strange. So new. Exciting. Intimate. His chest heaved, every breath of his causing his skin to rub against hers. Delicious friction. She moaned. How could her body suddenly become so sensitive to touch, so responsive to his every move?

When he applied gentle pressure against her upper thighs, urging her to move up higher on the bed, she complied without a second thought. He captured one of her nipples in his mouth, his tongue playing around the hardened bud. Oh God. Pleasure coursed through her. She raked her fingers through his hair, holding him closer, nuzzling his temple as she bent her head down towards him.

All of a sudden, his hands seemed to be everywhere at once; her thighs, her bottom, her back, grazing down her arms. Soothing caresses that relaxed and excited at the same time.

She whimpered when his lips left a trail up her collarbone and throat. When had she closed her eyes? She opened them and her gaze found his.

Fingers splayed on his chest, she steadied herself and sat up. The cool air from the room brushed across her nipples, increasing her sensitivity and making her overly aware of just how naked she was. Exposed. Her cheeks warmed.

Jack’s gaze trailed down, lingering on her breasts. One of his hands followed the path of his gaze, playing, teasing. Everything about his gestures, his expression showed appreciation, and the heat that blazed in his eyes took her breath away. Her pulse quickened.

Hand shaking, she reached down to his towel, her fingernails raking across his abdomen in a playful caress. He cleared his throat and shifted, visibly at the edge of losing control. Encouraged by his reaction, she loosened the knot, then fumbled to pull the towel aside.

He lifted his hips, and only moments later, the cloth landed on the floor. Swallowing, she dropped her gaze down to his… Oh God.

Her stomach clenched. He was huge. And according to her books, he was supposed to… Yeah, no way that would work. Not without a lot of pain. Blood drained from her face. Definitely not a piece of cake.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Okay, that would have been more convincing if her voice didn’t tremble so much. She swallowed. Well, if it was gonna be painful, better to be quick. Like ripping off a band aid. Shaking, she shifted to remove her panties, almost losing balance in her hurry.

“Careful.” He chuckled and steadied her, then lifted his eyebrows when her gaze met his. “Not so fast.” He captured her hand in his. “I don’t think you’re quite there yet.”

“Where’s there?”

His hand slipped from her wrist into her panties, his exploring fingers easily finding her clit and brushing over it.

Sheer pleasure almost made her legs buckle, the touch easing the pressure inside her and increasing it at the same time, making her yearn for more. “Oh…” He didn’t stop, and her eyes closed.

“There.” The word washed warm against her chin, erasing all thought from her mind. More, she wanted more. When he withdrew his hand, her eyes fluttered open and a disappointed moan left. Jack smirked. “Lie back.”

Shaky, Sam moved off him and turned onto her back. Her eyes widened when he moved down the bed. What was he…?

“Lift your hips for me.”

She did, and was surprised to feel a soft pillow cushioning her behind. When she’d settled back down, her hips slightly elevated on the pillow, he pulled the black panties down her legs. His fingers teased along the length of her calves, and his eyes never left hers.

Fully naked, she took a deep breath, then wrapped her arms around him as he leaned down.

“It’s my turn to explore now.”

She released a relieved breath. Explore. Thank God, he wasn’t going to… Well, not yet at least. “Okay.”

“Hands at your sides. Don’t move them.” His eyes sparkled as he placed a quick kiss on her lips. “That’s an order.” He rumbled warm against her throat in a perfect imitation of his best command voice. Lust surged through her.

She looked at him, half-scared, half-thrilled when he slid down to the foot of the bed. He took her feet and placed them on his shoulders, rewarding the inside of each ankle with a searing kiss. Then he trailed his hands up her calves.

She held her breath, her fingers clutching the sheets by her sides as the tension mounted in her. His fingers tickled the back of her knee, and her tension evaporated in laughter. Smiling, he shifted closer and settled in between her legs, his shoulders brushing her inner thighs.

Oh, God. She closed her eyes. This felt too exposed, too embarrassing. His hands slid warm along her upper thighs, then pushed her legs further apart. Sam bit her lower lip, her throat tightening. Awkward. So awkward. Her cheeks burned. So helplessly open to his gaze. She turned her head to the side. Maybe if she pretended to be somewhere else…

“Sam. Look at me.” How could he sound so gentle when giving an order like that?

Damn. Hesitantly, she opened her eyes and met his gaze.

“Don’t overthink. You are so hot I’m having a hard time controlling myself here. So don’t doubt that.” His thumbs caressed the crease where her hips met her thigh. Warm, gentle strokes that turned into lazy circles and spread heat through her entire body.

She relaxed against him and nodded.

He smiled. “Trust me.” He kissed the inner side of her knee, then worked a burning path up her inner thigh. His breath seared her core when he lingered there. Sam held her breath, wondering if it was possible to burst with anticipation. God, she needed his touch.

As his tongue slid over her mound, she jerked under the first contact. So warm and wet, the caress sent liquid fire through her every nerve. Releasing a surprised whimper, her fingers tightened on the sheet again. He did it again, more insistent. Her hand jerked up to his head, her fingers burying in his hair, trying to push him away and hold him closer at the same time.

She tried to shift her hips away, but his hands held them in place with a steel-like grip. “Put your hands on the mattress.”

Right. Damn. Breaths quickening, she did as he instructed and lay back into the sheets. She stared at the dark ceiling, then her eyes fluttered shut when he leaned forward and blew a stream of warm air over her exposed clit.

Tension increased. She waited for his touch. Waited some more. Finally his mouth closed over her. “Oh, God.” The flicker of his tongue over the sensitive nub made her head swim. So hot. So good. She gritted her teeth against a needy whimper.

He eased up, his tongue circling her clit, trailing along her folds down to her entrance, teasing until she was ready to beg. Finally, he returned to her clit and sucked hard.

“Ah.” She clutched the sheets, sensation gripping her core, building more pressure. Again he softened the caress. At this rate she was gonna go mad. “Jack.” She placed her hand over his, enlacing their fingers. This time he didn’t stop her.

When his lips captured her clit again, her grip on him tightened. He repeated the pattern, building up her pressure and then easing up until she became drowsy with need. Her eyes closed at the fire burning low on her core, turning her blood into a stream of molten lava and her skin into a mass of oversensitive nerve cells.

He changed pace, pressure and direction randomly every time his tongue made contact, so she could never predict what he’d do next.

Gradually, he eased then increased the pressure, sucking, flicking or swirling his tongue. He kept his movements unpredictable, giving her no chance to adjust to his touch. A sweet, tormenting rhythm. She started panting. At last, he sucked hard and she quivered against him, the suddenness of it sending a wave of pleasure-pain through her.

She arched her back, her teeth gritting against a groan. Unrelenting, he pulled her clit into his mouth, fueling the fire inside her. Her hips tried to buck against him, but he forced her to remain still. Panting harder, she clutched the sheets. Pressure built, then built some more. She half expected him to slow down again, but he didn’t.

When she came apart, wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her, drowning her in their intensity. She gasped for air as the room spun, her hand gripping his in helpless surrender.

Slowly, almost like a whisper, her sense of time and space returned. Breaths slowing, she stared up at the ceiling.  His lips placed tender kisses against her labia and along the crease of her thighs.

“Oh, God.” Chest heaving, she lifted her hand to rub her forehead. Her gaze met his, and his eyes sparkled.

“Wasn’t exactly screaming now was it?” Eyes twinkling, he placed another warm kiss on her sensitive skin and nuzzled her with his nose. Sam chuckled and wanted to shift their positions, but his grip on her tightened, holding her in place. “I’m not quite done with you yet.”

Not quite done? What? What was he—? She grunted when he gave her oversensitive clit a teasing lick. Again? Oh God.

He locked his lips on her clit, and she yelped through gritted teeth. Too much.

Her mouth parted, and the urge to protest hit her. She wanted to move out of his grip, but somehow the words wouldn’t come. The underlying pleasure still quivering through her made her yearn for more.

Her body was on fire. Need threatened to consume her entire being, short-circuiting her brain into uselessness. Each flick of his tongue mounted her desperation until heat pooled like lava in her abdomen. She shuddered under his ministrations.

Oh God, she was gonna go insane if he didn’t stop… No, if he didn’t move faster… No, stop. She held her breath and writhed against his mouth. Insanity. A small price to pay for the pleasure he gave her.

Jack groaned against her. God, she was addictive. Her sweet taste, her soft sounds that grew needier and more desperate as he kept going.

She definitely wasn’t overthinking anymore. He smirked inwardly. Good. She’d been using her head a bit too much.

He trailed a finger through her folds. Wet, but not lubricated enough to avoid unnecessary pain. Not a surprise considering her overworking brain.

Her hand buried in his hair, pressed him closer against her.

Damn, how much he wanted to bury himself inside her, take her until she couldn’t come anymore. Not an option. Not tonight. He’d been with enough inexperienced women to know the act itself might not lead to orgasm. But he’d keep that in mind for the future.

He lapped at her hardened clit, increasing the pressure, and she whimpered on every flick of his tongue. Her hands fisted in his hair. “Please…”

Well, now they were getting somewhere. He grew almost painfully hard as he kept up his torment. She hadn’t been very vocal up to now, so when she begged him for more, he almost lost it. Damn, she was hot. And so sweet. He didn’t wanna stop tasting her. Ever.

Time to up the game. He stroked her, teased her entrance, and then slipped one finger inside her. She shuddered against him. Her eyes snapped open, and her lips parted. He added a second finger, and her muscles clenched around him, momentarily protesting the stretch. Damn, she was tight.

Arousal and anticipation coiled deep inside him. He allowed her a moment to get used to the feeling. When her hand fisted in his hair and she arched up against him, he slipped his fingers in and out, twisting them, seeking out her pleasure spots.

She tensed, but nothing in her expression betrayed pain. He held her firmly, rolled his tongue harder over her clit. Only a few more laps and her muscles rippled around his fingers. She gritted her teeth against a soft scream, then another.

When she jerked against him with every touch, he eased up and watched her fall back against the pillow.

Damn, she was absolutely beautiful when she came. Lips parted, cheeks flushed, her chest heaving as she panted for air.

He withdrew his fingers from her and gave her a teasing last lick, satisfied when she whimpered. After she’d caught her breath, he moved up to kneel between her legs. Lifting her legs to straddle his waist, he settled in against her hips.

Might be a good idea not to give her sweet head enough time to kickstart into gear again.

“Still wasn’t my name, but I’ll settle for that. For now.” He leaned down and worked kisses along her jawline. Her eyes had turned a deep shade of blue, her pupils dilated. A dreamy smile played around her lips.

He tilted his head and took her mouth, his tongue delving deep inside, teasing hers. Her low groan reverberated through the kiss. Her core pressed hot and wet against his arousal. God, he wanted to take her in every possible way, and then some.

When he released her lips, she tried to follow, her fingers clenching his shoulder. He didn’t allow contact. Instead, he hooked his hands under her knees, pulling her legs up to his waist.

Her eyes widened, and she tensed, her fingers digging into his shoulders. Damn. There’d be no way to avoid pain if she tensed like that.

He leaned down, nibbled her earlobe. “Relax, sexy. I won’t hurt you.”

She arched against him, her fingers tangling in his hair, curling around his nape.

“Let me make love to you.” He gave her neck a tender nip.


He grazed her lips with his, guiding himself to her entrance. Her body went rigid again, and he winced, resting his forehead against hers. She opened her eyes, a touch of fear flashing in them.

Damn. Memories flashed through his thoughts. His first time with Sara… How scared she’d looked. How she’d trembled under him. How she’d cried once he was inside her, and how he’d had no idea what to do to ease her pain. No other choice but to keep going, given that the damn Aschen doctor waiting outside had only given them twenty minutes to complete the act.

He closed his eyes, willing himself out of the memory. This was different. Sam wanted him. She was aroused, and they weren’t in an Aschen breeding facility. Besides, he was more experienced than he’d been sixteen years ago.

He’d been with a coupla inexperienced women after Sara. Non-gifted women who’d given themselves over to him. Both times had been fine. No pain, and he’d made it good for them. But then he’d been more detached emotionally.

Sam… God, he didn’t want to hurt her. Swallowing hard, he grazed his lips over hers again, then captured them in a warm kiss. Her fingers dug almost painfully in his skin. Definitely not relaxed. “We can always stop, you know.” His thumb stroked her cheek.

Panic flashed in her eyes and her grip on him tightened. “No.” She brushed her nose against his. “Please, I don’t want to stop.”

He kissed her again, then licked and nibbled a path down her chin and throat, along her collarbone to her breasts. Her breathing turned ragged, her body easing against him. Her hesitant strokes over his back left his skin tingling.

When he lifted his head and looked into her eyes, her rapid breathing washed hot against his skin. Her lips parted and she brushed his mouth with hers, a playful attempt to entice him into another kiss. She gripped his biceps, then moaned when he gave her lower lip a teasing nip.

Smiling, she tried to capture his lips. He smirked and evaded her, while guiding himself to her entrance. Before she had time to overthink again, he entered her in a gentle but firm thrust.

Her eyes widened. She gave a surprised grunt and then buried her face in his neck. He stilled and nuzzled the soft hair at her temple, holding her close. His stomach tightened. God, had he hurt her?

He’d slipped inside easy enough, and she’d been relaxed, but sometimes that didn’t say much. He tangled his hand in her hair and pressed a soothing kiss against her temple. “I’m sorry. It’ll get better in a moment.”

She dropped her head back on the pillow and looked up at him. Okay… no fear. No pain. Maybe confusion, but that he could deal with. She moved her hand from his shoulder to his cheek, a tender smile flashing across her face. Oh yeah, they’d definitely handle this. “You okay?”

She gave a throaty laugh. “Yes, very.”

Her breath hitched when he pushed the rest of his length into her.

“Oh, God.” Then a moan.

Need stabbed at him. Damn, she was tight. They’d have to go slow about this, at least at the start. He buried his face in her neck. Just a moment and he’d regain his control. He’d wanted her so long, he would make this last. There’d be time for rough and fast sex at a later point.

Sam ran her hand through his coarse, unruly hair when his hot breath washed down the side of her neck, making her quiver.

God, this was so different from how she’d imagine it. Definitely not as pleasurable as her arousal had made her believe. Not painful, but not pleasant, either. Her inner walls fluttered in protest at the stretch. She swallowed, then turned her head to nuzzle his hair.

Relief flooded her as the unpleasant knot of anticipation dissipated. Not bad. Not bad at all, and it hadn’t been difficult or painful.

God, he smelled good. His body, heavy and powerful above her, emanated strength and relentless passion. She closed her eyes and relaxed into his tender kisses.

The uncomfortable pressure inside eased away and allowed her to become fully aware of his body. So close. Inside of her. So hot. A familiar tingle of heat coiled in her core.

Jack shifted, and she lifted her gaze to his. It wasn’t even awkward or embarrassing. Just very intimate. She felt possessed, the weight of his muscular body covering her as he pressed her down into the mattress.

“Are you gonna do anything?” She gave him a cheeky smile, and he smirked.

“Easy, Carter.” He nipped her lip again, teasing, then ran his hands down along her sides. When he hooked his hand under her knees to pull her legs back up, he slid deeper into her.

Ecstasy coursed through her, and she arched her neck, moaning. “Jack.” At once, the initial discomfort vanished. Pleasure buzzed through her, electrifying every nerve. Pressing her thighs against his sides, she rocked her hips against him. Yes, he felt so good.

Taking a shaky breath, she leaned up to bury her face at his neck. His skin glistened with his effort and she let her tongue dart out, tasting him.

“Jack.” Her voice trembled, and he shuddered against her in response.

She turned her head to kiss him, swallowing his deep moan in the process. She rocked her hips again, sweet friction tearing at her sensitive flesh. Searing pleasure shot through her core. A whimper escaped her and she did it again, then again.

Not even nearly enough. If only his weight didn’t limit her movement so much. She gritted her teeth against her frustration.

“Keep your legs around my hips.”

She lay back to comply, her head swimming with sensation. “Please.”

With the next movement of her hips, he thrust into her. Her eyes widened in surprise. Intense pleasure shot through her. Yes, just like that.

He smirked and brushed her cheek with his thumb. Had she said that aloud?

“More, please.” She gripped his shoulders, every thrust rocking through her, setting her on fire.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him down against her until his chest pressed against her breasts. His every movement sent pleasure tingling through every part of her.


His hands tightened in her hair, and his breath quickened. His pace increased. Sam arched against him, so that his skin brushed hers, his chest teasing her nipples on every movement.

“God, Sam.”

She clutched him desperately, her head leaning back against the pillow. Growling, he reached up and grabbed her hands, lacing his fingers between hers, pinning her hands beside her head. Rendering her helpless. She tugged at his grip, but he didn’t relent.

Her eyes shot open. She held his gaze on his next thrust, her fingers clasping his. How was this possible? How could he so relentlessly subdue her, while at the same time being so gentle, so loving with his touch?

The affection in his eyes took her breath away. She lifted her head and nipped his lower lip. Grunting, he crushed his lips to hers, claiming, demanding in a relentless exploration unlike anything he’d done before.

Without breaking contact, he released one of her hands. The next second, his hand moved between them, down to where they were joined. She bit her lower lip against an outcry when the pad of his index finger brushed over her clit on every thrust. Her body shuddered violently against his touch.

She was still so sensitive from his mouth. Yet within a few seconds the friction he created built into pressure that mounted into need. An almost painful overload of senses.

“Ja-ack.” She sobbed against his mouth, then shuddered again when he gave her a last stroke with his finger.

Groaning, he buried his face against her neck, and slowed his thrusts. She clasped his hand. Was he holding back on her account? God, there was no way she could reach another climax, not with how oversensitive she was, and how worn down from the previous two.

“Let go. Jack, please…” In a futile attempt to pick up the pace, she tried to thrust up against him, the movement causing her inner muscles to clench around him.

He groaned against her neck and quickened his pace. Oh, good to know. So he liked that. She repeated the motion, and he growled against her neck.

His thrusts became fast and hard. She panted. God, so good. Too good. His pelvis began brushing over her clit and she whimpered, then moaned.

His body shuddered against her as he spilled his warmth into her. He gave her a few more thrusts, then went rigid, clutching her hands. On an exhale, he collapsed on top of her.

Only now did she manage to wiggle one of her hands out from under his. Trembling, she wrapped her arms around his back and pressed his shaking body close. She rocked her hips, cradling him.

Her eyes closed as she tried to get her breathing back under control. Utter exhaustion and satisfaction spread through her limbs.

Oh yes, she definitely wanted to do this again. Soon. Very soon. Her fingers raked through his damp hair as her lungs struggled for air.

After an eternity, he lifted himself onto his elbows, taking some of his weight off her—not that she minded.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Hey.”

He gave her a gorgeous, crooked smirk. His skin shimmered with a few beads of sweat. She brushed over them with her thumb.

“Hey back. You okay?” His finger brushed away some hair that clung to her forehead. The air of the room cooled her overheating skin.

“More than just okay. Wow.”

“Wow indeed.” He captured her lips in an excitingly intense, but short kiss. “Next time’ll be better for you, I promise.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Her fingers drew lazy circles on his nape. “That felt pretty amazing.”

“That good?”

Was that smugness in his voice? She leaned up and nipped at his lower lip. “Of course, I lack sufficient data to compare. So you might actually have been bad.”

He gave a low growl. “It seems we’ll have to spend some time on collecting data then. You know, make sure you can reach a conclusion.”

“Lots of time.” She wrapped her arms around him to pull him close again. So warm against her. He nuzzled her neck, kissed her.

After a while, he withdrew from her body and rolled them over to the other side of the bed.

“C’mere.” He pulled her close against his chest, away from the uncomfortably wet side. She sighed contentedly and curled into him, her head resting on his shoulder. Now she became aware of the mild soreness between her legs. Such a weird feeling. But great. Drowsy, she snuggled up against his warm body.

Okay, this was normal. She’d read about this in books. Post-coital bliss did all kinds of funny things to the body chemistry. Her reaction was the result of hormones her body had released. An age-old mechanism designed to force the woman to rest after the act, giving the male sperm greater opportunity to fertilize the egg. At least in theory. That mechanism didn’t take into account the devastating effects of Aschen vaccines, of course.

She inhaled deeply. Tingles spread through her stomach. She’d finally had sex for the first time. Piece of cake. She stifled a smile.

Jack covered their rapidly cooling bodies with one of the thin sheets lying at the foot of the bed. When he lay back against the pillows, Sam rested her head on his chest. Her fingers played through the hair shimmering almost silver in the soft moonlight leaking in through the windows.

She closed her eyes. “I like this.”

His fingers tangled in her hair, then he pulled her hand close to his mouth and placed a gentle kiss on her pulse point. “Me too.”

She shifted and looked at him, her chin resting on his shoulder. “Now I’m really glad we did it here, and not all those months ago at O’Malley’s.”

He smirked. “If I’d known who you were, there’s no way in hell I’d have stopped. I probably would have moved it up to one of the rooms for rent so we finished in an actual bed, though.”

She smiled and laid her cheek back down on his shoulder. “Very intriguing.”

“Not that I’m not open to other options.”

“Like up against a wall?”

“Yeah.” He raised his eyebrows, face blank. “Interested?”

“Definitely.” Okay, maybe that sounded a bit too eager. She cleared her throat. “I mean, I’ve kinda fantasized about that ever since.”

“Fantasies, huh?”

“Well…” Her cheeks warmed.

He chuckled and leaned in to her ear. “Whatever it is you wanna try, I’m sure I can get into it. Just tell me.” His rasp sent shivers dancing down her spine.

He was a good man, kind and sweet. And he had an amazing sense of humor. He was so passionate… She grazed her fingers along his cheek, then through the hair at his temple.

His gaze softened, and he imitated her action. “I like what you’ve done with your hair.” His fingers tangled in her short strands.

She swallowed. “Really? I thought you’d rather I had long hair.”

“What gave you that impression?”

“You were complaining to my dad that I was supposed to have long hair, and I thought—”

He smirked again. “You misunderstood that. I like you with this hair. It’s you. It’s hot. You’re just very different from the description your father gave me. Which is a good thing.” He drew her into a warm open-mouthed kiss. “I wouldn’t want to change a thing about you.”

Jack swallowed hard. That had sounded deeply affectionate. And yet, the undeniable truth of it resonated through every fiber of his being. “We should sleep a bit. You need your strength for tomorrow.”

She beamed at him, then leaned in to trap his lower lip between her teeth and kiss him. “So do you.”

Damn, but she was a quick study. If her creativity and learning abilities during camp training were any indication, he was in for an interesting ride.

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