This is a painting which was done entirely digitally by me, using Photoshop CS5 as well as a graphics tablet. I did this still using my old, very bad Medion graphics tablet. While it served the purposes, it can absolutely not be compared with the WACOM tablet that I am using now for my art.

The reason why I painted this is actually a funny one: I received a Concept Art Video course from a friend, which I wanted to go through one weekend. Since I am fortunate enough to have a desktop computer as well as a laptop, I played the video course on the desktop screen, while at the same time trying to implement the steps that the tutor was teaching me in Photoshop on my laptop.

Before I new it, that lesson had turned into the layout of quite a decent image, so I just kept refining and finishing it using the tipps and details that I learned as I went through the lessons: how to paint water, how to draw realistic clouds, and so on.

In the end I was baffled by how good it looked. It was actually inspired by the original fiction “Seashell” that I have been working on for years and that I hope to publish at some point in the future.

I know that people who work professionally in concept art (or digital art in general) will probably find a lot of flaws in this image. However, since I never studied or learned anything remotely connected to art or how to use photoshop, I am quite happy with slowly growing and learning with every image that I produce.

This image was painted in 2012, so it is one-and-a-half years old already. My, how time passes…