This is a guestpost by Channach La Rue. You can visit her personal website and follow her on Twitter to read more of her posts. (Title Photo: cc by deviantart / aflakhurrozi )

I don’t know how about you guys, but I just hate the tv show summer break. The worst part about it is: almost every show goes on a break at the same time, while the makers torture us with cliffhangers. Seriously, that is my personal big “no, no”. If it were up to me, I would stop the season finales all together! Think about it – after all, they have the same scenarios to them. Something exciting, absolutely unexpected happens again and again and then you are left in the cold not knowing how it will be resolved…you pretty much get the idea.

Most shows end in heart attack moments, leaving the viewers hanging for four months or even more! I then always have to read about new season and am almost obsessed with thinking – what could happen? After the first two months of summer break, that I spend in a terrible black spot the dates of airing for the new seasons are released. So I always mark them in my calendar and sigh: “Come on summer, be over already!”

It is a bit unfair to the poor summer that was long time ago most favorite season of the year. I start to count down the days with the stars I follow on social networks. By the time August is over and my nails are chewed down, I have already rewatched all of my favorite and important moments in desperate hope of finding something more that I might have missed the first time I watched. And then – mere weeks until the new season remaining – I start to look for a new show that could fill the big hole in my free time and heart, and that matches my high expectation and sophisticated taste.

After a long time, the day finally comes and brings closure for many sleepless nights filled with hopeless thinking about ‘what will happen if’. The mystery that kept me hanging can be solved in two ways. Either it wasn’t as bad and finite as it appeared to be, or the heroes end up in even bigger s*it and have to deal with it through at least half of the new season.

As the season then nears its end and the big season finale, I already know the torture that is waiting to start all over again. Just that this year, I have even more balls in the air because I found some pretty good shows to watch in last year’s summer break.

A truly vicious circle.

I for one can’t wait until the new seasons of “Arrow”, “Once Upon a Time” and “Castle” will start airing at the end of September. What are your personal favorites?