It’s been a while since I wrote the last blogpost in this category, mainly because I wasn’t as active searching around Youtube anymore. (It takes a lot of time. ;) ) And even though I stzill don’t do that the way I used to, recently I stumbled over an incredible artist. She’s hosting the channel “Adventures of Bri” on which she posts cosplay/singing videos (mostly Walt Disney) as well as Let’s Play videos.

Nowadays, Youtube is flooded with cosplayers and wannabe-singers, so what makes Bri stand out of the crowd? First of all, she can actually sing. So well, actually, that one has to wonder why she hasn’t landed a contract with the Walt Disney company yet. And secondly, her personality is just charming and her cosplay is classy and well done.

There was one video that really got me hooked on her channel: her rendition of “Out There”, Quasimodo’s song from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Yes, you heard that right, Quasimodo’s song. It’s a male song–and that makes it especially hard for women to sing. But Bri does a phenomenal job.

Have a look:

Her vocal capacities amazed me. She has some Disney Princess impressions on her channel as well, and it’s fascinating to see how she is able to adjust her voice to sound exactly like whatever princess she’s performing at.

Her most recent Disney-princess video that also showcases her cosplay abilities is “Just Around The Riverbend” from the movie Pocahontas in which she manages to capture the spirit of the movie through the reddish-organge fall colors in her video and the flying leaves.

But Bri can do more than just cover Disney princesses (or princes) to instrumentals. She also recently sung the song “Deliver Me” from the movie “The Prince of Egypt” as an acapella version. And oh my, did she do a great job! That’s a hard song to sing with a choir to back you up, but doing it solo is an unbelievable achievement and shows just how talented a musician she is.

Have I peaked your interest? Check out her channel on Youtube and subscribe to her if you like what you see.

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