Have you encountered an issue with my website that prevents you from reading the stories? Then this page is right for you.

First things first:

A lot of bugs and issues with websites result from a faulty cache. So please try emptying your browser cache first before filing a bug report. Usually you will find the option to empty your browser cache in the “Settings”, “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your webbrowser.

In Google Chrome, you’ll have to scroll all the way down and click on “Advanced Settings” first. That will expand the options-menu and give you privacy options, where you can “clear browsing data”.

Please make sure to clear your cache and delete temporary files (if applicable).

But make sure not to check the fields “Saved Passwords” or “Bookmarks”, etc. by accident!

All browsers will specifically ask you what you want to delete, so read before you click. ;)

Once you’ve cleared your cache, close your browser and then open it again. Access the website you encountered an issue on, and click on the “reload” button. (On mobile, all you have to do is usually swipe down, and it will reload the website.)

Did this fix your issue? If so, the problem was probably a faulty-loaded CSS script, or faulty-processed code, that made it into your browser cache and stuck there. It happens sometimes, and unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about that.

If this didn’t fix the issue, please file a bug report. You can do so using the following form. (If you can’t view the form, please click here, and it’ll take you directly to the Google Form.)

To see an overview of reported issues, or check on the progress of an issue that you reported, please click this link and scroll to column “O” where I will leave info on whether the issue is fixed, or leave detailed instructions on how you can fix the issue.



Fill out the bug report

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