Here, you can find links to pages which are worth checking out. A lot of these are actually people who inspired some of my stories, or the art on my websites. Other are people with whom I am friends, so please check out their pages.

You can also find links to a number of organizations, who I supported with money that I made from my art in the past.

Kimberley Jackson Network

Stargate Aschen @ WIX

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Eileen (Singer/Songwriter)
A very good friend of mine with an amazing voice!

Keiko Matsui (Pianist/Songwriter)
Delta Goodrem (Singer)
Amanda Tapping (Actress)


Sanctuary For Kids
Amnesty International


Khan Academy
Thank you so much for all the wonderful FREE online courses in astrophysics and chemistry, that enabled me to obtain a basic understanding of science principles and cosmology. Without that site (and its mobile apps), I wouldn’t have been able to write a lot of the Stargate fiction.

All of these pages are worth a visit, so please check them out.


Adobe Typekit
Would you like to know which fonts I use on this website to create my layouts? This page will tell you.