Author: Kimberley Jackson

Stargate Aschen: Chapter 9 – Disobedience

Sam wiped the sweat from her forehead and raced along the uneven forest path. Her muscles screamed for rest, but she pushed on. The backs of two recruits disappeared into the trees. Damn, they would show her up this time again.

This deep into the forest, the large trees shielded the ground from sunlight, but the resulting drop in temperature did nothing to cool her down. She’d never been this drained, physically or mentally.

Another field-training day. She’d hardly done anything else during the past weeks besides running through the forest on some make-believe mission. Always with the same outcome. Somebody screwed up, and in the end they all got in trouble for it.

Colonel Sheppard didn’t care whose fault it was. At least not officially. Rumor was O’Neill kept detailed records of mistakes and who exactly was responsible for them.

A lot of times she was the one who made the mistake. Some of the recruits grew impatient with her already. A ‘girl’ didn’t belong among them, or so they said. Sam couldn’t blame them with all the mistakes she made. The pressure added to her stress, which made her make more mistakes. Vicious circle.

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Stargate Aschen: Chapter 7 – Respect

“Watch the stance!”

Sam grunted when another sharp blow hit her right in the stomach, sending her to the ground. Her hands fisted in the dirt as she coughed and her eyes stung.

“I said, watch the stance!”

She struggled for breath as her instructor Cameron Mitchell came stomping onto the field, enraged and yelling curses in the process.

Her opponent, recruit Tim Hanson, shrugged. “Sorry, sir, I’m trying to go easy on her.”

“Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it?” Mitchell stepped between him and Sam. “You shouldn’t have to go easy on people. Nobody’s gonna go easy on her in the field. Up! Get up!” He pulled Sam to her feet. “What exactly went wrong?”

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Stargate SG-1: “Submission” (Sweet Surrender Series II)

The young woman opened her lips to gently run her tongue along his lips, tempting him to open his mouth and allowing her to deepen the kiss. He didn’t relent; however, he started kissing her back. She was good; he had to give her that. Seductively, she used her lips, tongue and teeth to run them along his own lips, tease him, and nip gently at his lower lip while her hands were grazing the skin of his neck in butterfly touches, before, every now and then moving along his shoulders and clasping them through the material of his shirt.

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Stargate Aschen: Chapter 6 – Trust Me

When Sam woke up, she felt disoriented and confused. She noticed immediately that she could hear people walking around near her bed. That was unusual, she wondered drowsily. What were people doing walking around in her bedroom? She opened her eyes to look at the ceiling. Dark green? This was definitely not her bedroom.

She looked around. She was lying on a comfortable, but slim bed in what looked like a large, dark green tent. And the people were not actually in the tent, she realized now as she was looking around. They had to be walking around outside in close proximity.

Where was she? And how had she gotten here?

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Stargate Aschen: Chapter 5 – Mistaken Identity

The first thing that Sam realized when she woke up was that she was not lying in her own bed. The second thing was, that she was not lying in a bed at all, but rather on a filthy, yellowed, rotten-smelling mattress that had been carelessly thrown on the ground of what looked like an even filthier barn.

She lifted her head and moaned instantly when a headache hit her hard. Moaning, she dropped back onto the mattress, when the happenings of the previous night slowly came back to her. She had been at a bar, trying to get in contact with one of the resistance leaders. She had had drinks, and she had been drugged.


With a shocked gasp she lifted her head again, and pulled the thin blanket off of her body.

The fact that she was still fully clothed in the same clothes that she had worn yesterday told her that at least that she hadn’t been raped. Yet. She didn’t know if that was a good thing though – if it was to happen, she’d rather it had happened while she was still unconscious. Except for the drug-induced headache, she didn’t seem to have any injuries at all.

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Stargate Aschen: Chapter 1 – Favor

Jack O’Neill ignored the two drunken men who passed by him and closed the door looking around the foggy bar room. As always, the bar was crowded with a bizarre mixture of cutthroats, criminals and farmers. Gruff looking men threw darts, drank too much and laughed too loud. This wasn’t the place he would have come had he any other choice.

Too bad, most establishments like these were banned. It was getting harder to find places to meet, at least in the area around Powhatan City, the center of commerce between Earth and the Aschen.

He passed by a pool table and gently nudged a young woman who had stumbled into him out of the way. Once he reached the counter, he placed a few silver coins on the wood and looked at the elderly bartender. The man passed him a mug of beer and nodded toward the back of the room.

Jack turned, and a man ran into him, spilling most of his beer. Great, just what he needed. Ever since the Aschen governor had closed down most of the bars in an effort to limit illegal activities, this place was seriously overcrowded. Time to pick a new meeting spot.

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