Penname: Kimberley Jackson
Also published under the following names: Katie Reese, Ainoyume (Art), Akasha (Television: Alias), Shanice (Television: Alias)

Year of Birth: 1982
Writing since: 1996
Writing Language: English, (Used to write in German)
Mostly Writing: Romance, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy
Actively Written on: ArchiveofOurOwn,,,,
Most Successful Publication (Online): Stargate SG-1 – Stargate Aschen
–> over 2000 (unique visitor) readings in the first month of publication according to story stats

Official Offers and Publications:
2004 – Publishing House wants to publish “Greek Summer” along with other romances. (Contract failed because the editing period collided with exams at university at that time.)
2007 – Screenwriter asks to turn “Show Me Heaven” into a script for a movie.
2008 –, a website to promote emerging European authors and artists in the U.S., publishes short story “Alive” on their site.
2010 – GRIN Publishing publishes 7 scientific papers in print
2013 – GRIN Publishing publishes 1 scientific article as an ebook