Kidnapping Roleplay, Kidnapping Roleplay, Kidnapping Roleplay

Part 14 of “Leather and Lace

Rating: R

Contains sexual situations,  BDSM, D/s, a kidnapping roleplay scenario, allusions to rape-roleplay and power play. It is therefore not suitable for teens under the age of 18.

Also: f-word warning!

If you have a general (personal, moral, religious, whatever) problem with any of the above mentioned material, please stop reading at this point!


A/N: Guys, to be honest, I’m hugely nervous about this one. For the first time in one and a half years, I’m flying solo (ergo: no beta-reader whatsoever). So if you find any mistakes, please tell me. And if I overdid something, if consent is unclear, or any other issues pop up, tell me, too. So, yeah… ugh… here you go…



Warmth spread down along Sam’s neck, followed by a ticklish caress. She hummed and shifted her arm, turning towards the sensation. Slow kisses seared path to her jaw. She opened her eyes.

The light of the morning sun leaked inside the bedroom through the white curtains. She blinked once. Twice. Then she realized where she was. She’d spent the night at Jack’s place. Excitement chased her drowsiness away, and she turned her head. Jack’s dark eyes met hers.

“Good morning.” He gave her a warm smile.

“Mmm…” She turned in his embrace and snuggled up against him. What a way to wake up.

He nipped her neck tenderly. “I was thinking about going down on you and have you wake up on a screaming orgasm.”

Her cheeks warmed. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Is that a challenge?” He gave her ear a nip.

“Wouldn’t think of challenging you, Sir.”

That was definitely sarcasm. Which I’m sure is against one of our rules.”

Laughing she buried her face in his neck. Yesterday morning around this time she would have never thought that her life would make such a turn for the better. That Jack would take her back and everything would fall into place. She glanced at the bracelet around her right wrist. It shimmered golden in the bright light.

“I know what we can do today.” She looked up at him. “We could make an actual limits list.”


“I found list templates online. We could discuss them in detail.”

“In detail, huh? I like that.” He grinned. “But first I’ll take you out for breakfast.”

“Is that wise?” She threaded her fingers through his hair. “Shouldn’t we clear things with the Air Force first before we go to a public place to have breakfast together?”

“Right.” He flinched. “I’ll go get breakfast. What do you wanna eat?”

Thoughtful, she dropped back into the pillow. Her stomach growled as she contemplated her food choices. She was starving. “Eggs Benedict. With French toast.”



“Yes, ma’am.” His eyes sparkled. He pecked a sweet kiss on her cheek and got up. “I’ll be back in ten. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Later that day, Jack dropped onto the couch next to Sam. “How do you wanna do this?”

She’d opened a website on her laptop. A notepad and pen rested on her thighs.

“I figured we’d go through this list alphabetically,” she said. “Anything we both agree on will be fair game. Anything either of us has a soft limit on will be negotiable. Hard limits are off the table.”

He smirked. “Just how much reading on this have you done?”

“You really wanna know?”

“Nah.” He leaned back on the couch.

“All right.” She looked at the computer screen. “I’ll put an S for soft limits and an N for hard limits. A star is a wild turn on. Figured we might as well mark those too since we’re at it.”

“Sounds reasonable.” His warm smile made her stomach flip-flop.

“Let’s get started.” She took a deep breath. “First one. Abrasion.”

“Nope. Won’t do. Let’s simplify this. You can scratch out all of ‘em that involve inflicting extreme pain or injury. You know, knives, gun play, beatings, all that stuff.”

She skimmed through the list and marked the obvious ones with a large N for both of them. “Any other hard limits we can take off the table right away?”

“Bathroom play,” he said.

“Bestiality. Or other animal stuff.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely.” He took a sip from his beer.

She marked the most obvious ones, then she went back to the top. “Done. Age Play?”

He shrugged. “Not something I’m into, but it’s not a limit. And, hey, if you wanna wear a school uniform and pretend you’re a schoolgirl…” He flashed her a grin.

“You wish.” She faltered, thoughtful. “Although… having you as an instructor at the academy…”

“You wanna pass that class, you better show me how much you want it. That kinda stuff?” His gaze heated.

She bit her lower lip. “That’s hot. But that might be the fact that it’s you, not the age thing.”

He smirked. “Leave it unmarked. If it’s not a limit for either of us, we can play around with it and see what it does for us.”

“Anal plugs or anal sex?” she asked, reading the next items on the list.

“Don’t have a problem with either.”

“I object to large anal plugs. I’m not even sure about the entire concept yet. So we’ll have to try.”

“Why don’t you put in a question mark for you, and we can explore and complete the list later.”

“Good idea. Animal Roles?” She looked up, brows raised.

He cleared his throat and flinched. “Not a hard limit. Although it goes along the lines of bestiality and is a bit of a turn-off for me.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Thank God.”

She skipped over the things she’d already marked out. Bathroom play, beating, branding. A few milder ones followed, which they’d already done. Light bondage, capture roleplay, chains. They went through them quick. Even though the situation had been strange in the beginning, tension fled her muscles. This wasn’t as awkward as she’d thought it’d be. Mostly due to Jack’s wry comments.

“Dilation.” She gave him a pointed stare. “No.”

He chuckled. “Not even mild? It’s great for interrogation scenes.”

“Fine, very mild. But it’s still a soft limit for me. I’m not into pain and that sounds, well, painful.”

“Fair enough.”

“Dildos?” She held his gaze.

“Mark that one with a star for me.”

“Really?” She gave him a cheeky smile. “Giving or receiving?”

He choked on a sip of beer.

“I take it that would mean giving then?” she asked, making her tone as innocent as she could muster.

He leaned forward. “Keep that up and you’ll regret it later.”

“Bring it, Sir.”

He nodded at the list. “Next one?”

“Double Penetration.”

“Another star please. And for the sake of this list let’s just assume you’ll be on the receiving end for all of ‘em.”

She tapped the pen on the paper and flinched. “I’d say that’d be a soft limit for me. Sorry.”

He shrugged. “No problem. Not something you’re into?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried it, but I’m not comfortable letting another guy near me. Even with you there.”

“I was thinking we can do that with a dildo. Or an anal plug. Same effect.”

She straightened. “That would be acceptable. At least it’s something we can try.”

“Wanna put another question mark?”

“I think so.” She marked the sheet of paper. “The thought makes me a little nervous.”

His gaze gentled. “We won’t do anything you’re not ready for. Your safeword stands. Always. Limit list or not.”

She went on to the next item. Then she flinched. “Electricity.”

He shrugged. “Can be hot. You’re pretty sensitive, so we’d have to be cautious. Might make great punishment in certain roleplay scenarios”

“We can try it, but only under agreed upon conditions. And I reserve the right to add it to my soft or hard limits later if needed.”


They went through the next ones with little effort.

“Forced orgasms?” She lifted her head.

“Mark that with a star.” He grinned. “Excellent punishment.”

“If you say so.”

He folded his arms. “You want proof?”

“Well, it’s a little hard to believe that an orgasm could be punishment.”

Something dangerous flashed across his face. “Let’s keep it unambitious for now. Ten orgasms. I bet you after about half of them you’ll beg me to stop.”

“I doubt that.” She folded her arms.

His eyes blazed. “We’ll see.”

Uh oh. Somehow she had the feeling she was getting herself into so much trouble. She lowered her gaze to the page and tapped the pen against her lips. “Genital Sex… No.”

“Carter?” He raised his eyebrows, a bewildered expression on his face.

“Kidding.” She grinned at him.

“Funny.” His eyes darkened. “Just so you know, I’m making my own mental list of your insubordinations here.”

She swallowed hard and lowered her eyes back to the list. “Yes, Sir. Humiliation?”

“Now that’s something we should talk about.” He sat up straight and put his beer down. “Last time you freaked out. We gotta discuss that.”

“Last time?”

“At the club when we did the public scene on the bed—before you ended our relationship.”

“That was humiliation?”

“A very mild version. I’m not into the hard stuff.”

“I didn’t have a problem with the scene,” she said.

Jack cleared his throat. “You ended our relationship.”

“I did.” She closed her eyes. “Because I enjoyed that scene, and that scared me, not the scene. Or you. I didn’t understand why it turned me on so much and thought I shouldn’t be into it.”

“And that’s different now?”

“Yes. Not gonna lie, public scenes won’t ever be my favorite. But I’m okay with them. Occasionally. The way you do them is kinda hot. Just not sure how to deal with the embarrassment afterwards.”

A lopsided smirk pulled at his lips. “Good to know.”

She sank into his gaze. How had this conversation turned so casual and comfortable? Usually, talking about sex with a guy had been awkward. She lowered her eyes back to the list.


“Fine by me,” he said.

“Hot. Might be the thought of it being you again though.” She tilted her head and studied him. “Bet you’d be good at that.”

“Yeah, listen… Before we get into that, we’d need to have a serious conversation about triggers. I mean, we’ve both served and we’ve both come in contact with the real deal. And something like that can go south before either of us even knows what’s happening.”

She held his gaze, thoughtful. “I don’t think I have any triggers.”

“You do.” He shifted on the armchair. “Everyone does. Most people aren’t aware they got them until they’re faced with a situation that does trigger them. I’d rather not have that happen in the middle of a scene when I have you tied down somewhere.”

“We always talk about our scenes beforehand anyway.”

“For now. Yeah.”

She leaned back. “For now?”

“We’re still in an early phase of getting to know each other. You know, finding out what turns each other on, likes and dislikes, limits. That stuff.”

“And once that’s over?” she asked.

“Once we’re more familiar with each other, we can forego talking every single detail through.”

“I like that.”

“Yeah?” His eyes gleamed.

“Yeah. It’s exciting when I don’t know what you will do. Doesn’t give me time to overthink.”

“There’s that.” He returned her smile warmly.

She bit her lower lip and looked back down on the paper. “Next one on the list… Kidnapping roleplay.”

His eyes sparkled. “Right up there with capture roleplay for me. Mark it with a star.”

Stomach tingling, she put the star in. “Can we try it?”

He leaned forward. “Sure, but that’s more fun long-term.”

“What do you mean?”

“An extended scene. A day, maybe two.”

“Is that possible?” She raised her brows at him.

Chuckling, he took another sip of beer. “Anything’s possible as long as we both agree on it.”

She leaned back, her gaze locked with his. “How would we go about such a scene?”

He grew thoughtful. “We go up to my cabin for a few days. You know, after everything’s cleared with the Air Force. For those two days you’ll be my hostage up there. I’ll get to do whatever I want. You can try to get out or run away, but you’ll be entirely at my mercy until I decide I’m done with you.”

Heat stabbed at her core. “We’ll still stick to the list of limits?”

His gaze intensified. “Always. Your safeword would be valid all the time, too. I don’t do scenes without.”

She chewed her lower lip and slid closer. “I want that.”

“I might ask you to do chores. Or serve me.”

“It’s in the context of a scene, so I’ll be fine with that.”

“How about clothing?” He leaned forward. “I might tell you what to wear, or even provide an outfit.”

“In the scene?”


“That’d be acceptable,” she said.

“Any restrictions on what you won’t wear?”

“Privately, no. Publicly, yes.”

“This will be a private scene.”

“Then no restrictions.”

“Why don’t we do that then?” He smiled and grazed his hand along her arm.

“Yes.” She squeezed her legs together, trying to ease the pressure inside. “I wish we could go right away.”

“I’ll clear things with the Air Force first thing Monday morning. So keep your schedule for next weekend clear.”

“Will do.” She looked back down to their list. They went through the next half page quickly. Then she glanced up. “Public exposure?”

“Not an issue for me. What about you?”

She shifted uncomfortable. “It’s a limit.”

“A hard one?” His gaze bore into her.

“Soft.” She ran her hand though her hair. “I think.”

“You think?”

“Public nudity makes me uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, I noticed that. Is that a limit I could play around with, or is it an absolute no-go?” He leaned forward, his gaze growing more intense.

“You could push it a little. I’m not entirely sure. I know in the field we don’t get to be vain, but… It’s different in a sexual context. Where people are watching… and criticizing.”

His face gentled. “Sam, have you looked at yourself? If people are looking it’s certainly not because they’re criticizing. Probably more that they’d wanna swap places with me.”

Her cheeks warmed. “I… wow… that’s… flattering. I think. Still…” She cleared her throat. “It scares me.”

“I see that.” He put the bottle down on the table. “I might try pushing that one, but we’ll do it carefully.”

“That works.” She glanced at the next item. “Prison scenes?”

“Yeah.” He kept his face blank. “All for that. They’re most fun in a club where they have the actual stage for it, though.”

“Sounds intriguing.” Smiling, she went on. “Sensory Deprivation? I think that’d be a soft one for me. Blindfolds are okay, but the combination of earplugs and blindfolds scares me.”

“To be clear, soft limit means, I can push you in that area.”

“I know,” she said. “Just marking these as soft so you know they scare me.”


They skimmed through the next page quickly. Most of the options were already marked out or clear to both of them. “Uniforms.”

He chuckled. “Good one.”

She bit her lower lip. “What you did yesterday with your uniform tie… God…”

His smile grew wider. “Mark it with a star for you. And I’ll definitely keep that in mind.”

A while later, when they were done, Jack pointed the neck of his bottle at the notepad. “Make a copy for me, will ya? For reference.”


“So… dinner?”

4 days later…

Sam opened her eyes as the fresh breeze brushed over her face from the open window. Outside, fields and trees raced by. She blinked a few times and sat up straight in the passenger seat.

“Oh boy.” She brushed her hand through her hair. “I fell asleep.”

“I noticed that.” Jack’s eyes twinkled. He took her hand and dropped a kiss on her pulse point.

Smiling, she slid closer to him. “Where are we?”

“We crossed the border to Iowa about an hour ago.” He looked at her. “You wanna have lunch somewhere?”

“Sure. I also need to use a restroom.”

“There’s a little diner about ten minutes down the highway.”

“That works.” She brushed her fingers along his arm, and then rested her hand on his. He turned his palm up and linked their fingers. “This is nice.”


“Being allowed to touch you.” She stretched. “No more hiding.”

“About time after eight years,” he said. “And after all those times we saved Earth from snaky overlords.”

“Yeah…” Thoughtful, she looked at the road ahead. “I just wish the result were different.”

“I know it’s not ideal, but we’ll manage.” He gave her hand a squeeze.

On Monday, after handing in his resignation, he’d received a call from the president telling him they couldn’t accept it. After a lot of back and forth, which had included him confessing his feelings for a subordinate, they had offered him another way out: a promotion that came connected to a new position as Head of Homeworld Security in D.C.

Washington… A long way from Colorado Springs. She released an inaudible sigh. Given his new post far away from the Cheyenne Mountain personnel, the Air Force had given them the green light for a relationship. It was a compromise they’d have to live with until the Air Force would let him retire. They would both still be able to continue working with the Stargate program. But it came at a price…

A long-distance relationship. Not exactly what either of them had had in mind.

Their trip up to Jack’s cabin was as much a vacation as it was a bittersweet goodbye. Three days it would be just him and her before Daniel and Teal’c would join them for a last get-together before his transfer to Washington next week.

She closed her eyes. Jack was right. They would handle it somehow. At least now they could officially be together without risking court-martial.

They stopped at the diner and had burgers with French fries for lunch. The restroom gave Sam the chance to refresh herself. Not that it mattered. After seven years in the field together, Jack had seen her at her worst. If his affection depended on looks, surely he’d have turned away long ago.

She glanced at herself in the mirror. Her car nap had turned her hair into a ruffled mess. No chance of fixing that without a brush. Who cared?

When she joined him again, he’d already paid for their lunch. They’d agreed a few days ago that whoever made the invitation would pay.

He slipped his arm around her waist and leaned in to her ear. “Shall we?”

“Since you’re such a gentleman, I’ll even let you open the door for me.”

Chuckling, he dropped a kiss on her cheek. “I’d have done that whether you wanted me to or not.”

He turned and opened the door, eyes twinkling. Her heart warmed. Relentless Dom or not, he could be sweet. Not that she’d ever tell him that.

When they were back on the road, she turned to him. “So, how are we gonna go about the scene? I assume it’s still on?”

“Yeah sure ya betcha.” He grinned. “You want me to give you a tour through the cabin first? Show you where everything is?”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“We should talk about limits and safewords, though. An extended scene can be intense, so I’m gonna extend the safeword list.”

“Okay.” She took a can of diet coke from a box in the backseat. It opened with a soft swish.

“Your red-light safeword, quarks, is for when I do something that goes too far for you. Or something that makes you uncomfortable. You know, the usual,” he said with a side-glance at her. “It means Stop immediately. But I want you to think of a second safeword that’s more along the lines of I’m nearing a limit, or I’m gonna need a break soon.”

“Like a yellow light?”

“Yeah. But it’ll be up to me to determine whether or not I’ll push you beyond that limit.”

“Since the red light one is quarks, why don’t we make the yellow light one magnets?” She gave him a cheeky smile.

He cocked his eyebrows at her. “You gonna remember that?”

“Yeah. Besides, it isn’t likely to come up in conversation.”

They sat in silence for a moment.

“Do you want to set special limits for this scene?” Jack asked.

“No. Just the usual ones we specified on our list.”

“You sure? That means anything on there not marked as a hard limit goes.”

She swallowed against her rising nervousness and nodded. “Yeah, I want the real deal this time. I trust you. Besides, I have my safewords.” She lifted the can to her lips to take a sip.

“What about anal?”

She nearly choked on her coke. How could he drop these topics so casually into conversation? “Subtle.”

His eyes gleamed. “I pride myself on my subtext.”

Thoughtful, she shrugged. “I do wanna try it with you. But, you know, keep in mind what I said.”

“If I plan on doing it, I may give you a choice. Like a little warning where you get to determine what I do next—like we did before.”

“Sounds good.”

“How intense do you want this to be overall?” he asked after a pause.

“What are my options?”

“We can do it very playful. Or we can really get into the roles. Or anything in between.”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never done a scene like this.”

“Why do you wanna do it?” He glanced at her and lifted his sunglasses.

She swallowed. “Well…why does one want to do this? The usual, I guess.”

“Carter, I need you to be more specific than the usual. I gotta know what turns you on about the idea, so I’ll know how intense to go and where to take it.”

She took another sip of her coke. Then another, but unfortunately she couldn’t swallow the awkwardness away. “I like the adrenaline. Fighting you. Not having a chance against you. Being at your mercy and you taking me even when I put up resistance. That kinda stuff…” Her cheeks burned, but he kept looking at the road ahead as though she’d read him the weather report.

“Adrenaline combined with loss of control. So we’re gonna go with the real deal, then.”

“What exactly would the real deal entail?” She cocked her head.

“I might get a little rough. Yell at you. Pretend to force you to do things. That kinda stuff. You want it that real?”

“You’d yell at me?” His words brought to mind the week where he’d taken over instruction of the SGC candidates. Boy, he’d been hot yelling at them.

“Yeah. Unless you got a problem with that.”

“No… No, not at all.” On the contrary.

“Are you into name-calling?” he asked.

“As in?”

“Slut. Bitch. Whor—“

“Please don’t do that.” She flinched and sipped her coke, thoughtful. “Are you into that?”

“No. But it’s not a limit, so if it had been a turn-on for you, I could’ve done it.”

“It’s not. On the contrary.” She leaned her head back and glanced at him. “I’d be forced to harm you.”

His eyes gleamed. “What makes you think you’d have that chance? Maybe I’ll keep you tied in the bedroom the entire time.”

Laughing, she brushed the hair out of her face. “Not so sure I’d be complaining.”

His expression grew serious. “So, no swearwords, but I can be rough and yell at you.”

“I have a feeling it’s gonna be a short scene. You’re hot when you yell at people.”

He raised his brows at her, then a mischievous glint flashed in his eyes. “How about we make it a bit more interesting?”

“Such as?”

“You’re not allowed to come, and you have to try everything to stop me from making you. Game starts once we reach the cabin today and ends…” He glanced at the watch on the dashboard. “…let’s say, tomorrow evening at six. That’s about twenty-four hours.”

“What happens when I do?”

His eyes sparkled as he looked at her. “You may after you beg me for permission and I allow it. If you come without permission, there’ll be punishment. Such as a public scene at the club?”

“Oh.” She rubbed her forehead. “Pretty high stakes.”

“Gotta give you some motivation, don’t I?” His lopsided smirk made her stomach tingle.

She folded her arms. “All right. What do I get if I hold out until tomorrow evening?”

“I have no intention of letting you do that.”

Eyes closed against the sun, she brushed some hair out of her face. “So you’re giving me an order you know I’m not gonna be able to follow? Isn’t that a bit unfair?”

“Carter, I’m a kidnapper. Of course I’m not gonna play fair.”

“You don’t think I’ll have a chance of winning, do you?”

“Not a snowball’s chance in hell.” His face remained blank.

“Oh, really?” What an arrogant bastard he could be sometimes. All right, she’d give him a challenge. She’d be damned if she didn’t hold out until tomorrow evening. He would be a very frustrated Dom.

She bit back a smile as her gaze darted back to the highway. Occasionally, some cars passed by, but the road was largely free. “So what turns you on about this?”

“Guess it’s that whole male fantasy thing. You know…” He waved his hand around.

“Jack, I was specific, now you have to be, too.”

He cleared his throat. “You know how for years I invited you out there and you always declined?”

“Yeah.” She leaned her head against the seat and studied him. “I couldn’t accept. Fishing never sounded like we’d end up, um, fishing.”

Chuckling, he took her hand. “You were so resistant, such a difficult challenge. So…unattainable. And the fantasy to kidnap you and take you to my cabin… Seducing you when I thought I’d never have you… The impossible conquest. That kinda stuff.” He cleared his throat, clearly awkward with this kind of honesty.

Her heart warmed. “I understand.”

“You’re not mad?” He glanced at her.

“No. Why?”

“Because it makes me sound like an ass. Like I wanted to get you up there just to—”

“Jack.” Giggling, she leaned in and dropped a kiss on his cheek. His aftershave still lingered on his skin from this morning and mixed with his unique scent. She laid her head to his shoulder. “It’s a fantasy. I would never think that. You never thought that about my fantasies, did you?”

“No. But that’s different. You’re a woman.”

She sat up and raised her eyebrows at him. “So it’s different when women have sexual fantasies about a guy?”

He swallowed visibly. “It’s socially accepted. When guys dream of taking a woman somewhere to…” He cleared his throat. “…have sex with her, we’re pigs who are objectifying them. But when women fantasize about doing the same thing to a guy, it’s… well, acceptable.”

“Huh.” She leaned back, thoughtful. “I’ve never seen it that way. And I don’t think guys are pigs for fantasizing. It depends on how they behave towards women overall. Some are, some aren’t. You definitely aren’t.”

“For the record, it wasn’t just about the sex. I also wanted to show you the whole fishing deal. The relaxation. The calm. Sitting there at the pond, no cell phones or computers. Or any kind of technology.” He put his mouth close to her ear. “And at the end of the day take you to my bed and make you scream.”

Oh boy. If he kept that up, she would have a really hard time winning their little challenge. “Just for clarification. Does the no orgasm rule only go for when I’m with you, or…” She cleared her throat.

His eyes sparkled. “No coming. Not by my hands, nor your own.”

“Damn.” She shifted in her seat. “But I can fight you if you touch me?”

“I insist on it.”

“Try to run away?”

“Little capture play?” Jack asked, a glint in his eyes. “Definitely into that. But don’t get lost in the woods.”

She cocked her head. “We’ve explored off-world forests. I think I can handle a forest in Minnesota.”

“You won’t have all those screens you usually keep staring onto.”

“Good point.”

“Game starts as soon as we’re at the cabin?”

She grinned at him. “Yeah sure, ya betcha.”

“Get out.” A relentless expression masked Jack’s features as he opened the driver’s door of the jeep. Sam raised her brows at him. His gaze darkened. “I said, get out of the car.”

Pulse quickening, she opened the passenger door and slid out of the car. Before she fully realized it, he had rounded it and pushed her against the hard side of the jeep, catching her hands behind her back. She twisted in his grip.

“You’re mine now, so for the next twenty-four hours you’ll do as I say, understood?”

She remained silent. He pushed her harder against the car, trapping her in between the hard planes of his chest and the cold steel.

“Do you understand?”

She gritted her teeth. “Yes.”

“Yes, who?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Now don’t try anything stupid and I’ll be reasonably gentle.” When he led her to the cabin, she looked around. Forest all around them. Birds chirped, but other than that, silence. The distinct scent of wet grass and humid forest hung in the air.

He released her to unlock the cabin door. Maybe she should have taken the chance to run, but curiosity got the better of her. Besides, she wanted to settle in first before they really got into the game. The door creaked softly as it opened. Jack led her inside, gentler now.

It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the dim light. They’d entered right into the living area. A fireplace was set into the wall opposite the entrance door, a comfortable couch in front of it. To the right, a dining table sat close to a window. A small desk stood in the corner.

“Wow.” She inhaled the smell of old wood. “This is great.” She peaked out the window to her left. Behind the house, the pond shimmered in the evening sun.

Jack hugged her from behind. “You like it?”

“I love it.” She turned in his embrace. “Now I regret not having agreed to come here earlier.”

He leaned in. “Let’s see how long you’ll make it without your doohickeys?”

“It’s not that I can’t live without technology.” She bit her lower lip. “But, just in case, I brought my laptop.”


“Only for revising one of my papers. No SG-C business, I swear.”

“There’s no internet access up here anyway.”

She flinched. “To be honest, I brought one of the Air Force’s satellite receivers, too.”

“Oh for cryin’ out loud.” He leaned in to her ear. “I’m confiscating your luggage.”

He trailed his lips down the side of her neck. She closed her eyes, her body awakening at the awareness of his proximity. After a short moment, she pushed him away and placed her index finger against his lips. “I know what you’re trying to do.”

He turned to the door next to the fireplace. “Why don’t I show you to your room?” He opened it. A small room, just big enough for a double bed in the corner, and a medium sized wardrobe at the wall. “You’ll get the wall side of the bed, so I can keep an eye on you.”

“I won’t share a bed with you.” She turned to him. Game time. “I know your type.”

“Get inside.” He gave her a gentle push. “And stay here.” Then he pulled the door shut from outside, leaving her alone.

She let her arms sink and looked around. The bed looked comfortable. Sheets and pillows were missing, and the mattress was covered in a plastic sheet. For some reason she’d expected something more basic and a lot less luxurious. She strolled to the wardrobe. The drawers were so old, they opened reluctantly and gave an audible creak. Empty.

What had she expected? Jack used the cabin as a temporary getaway. With their usual workload, he couldn’t be here more than one weekend a month—if at all. For that, it looked surprisingly clean. Had he hired someone to take care of the place?

Arms wrapped around herself, she turned and walked over to the bed. After examining the mattress, she sat down. The plastic crinkled.

Nothing to do. Sighing she looked around. How long was she supposed to stay in here?

Well, hadn’t he said he wanted her be her usual disobedient self? Grinning, she got up and went to the door. It opened quietly. She looked into the living room. No sign of him. The telltale tingle of adrenaline in her stomach almost made her giddy. She strolled past the fireplace. Another doorway on the other side led to the back of the cabin.

She peaked around the corner. A small kitchen and a darker area in the back. She took a step into the kitchen and noticed another door on the left. She opened it and switched on the light. A second, smaller bedroom and a small desk with a bookshelf. She closed the door and crossed the kitchen. In the back, she found a tiny bathroom and the way out to the deck and the pond.

Wow, what a nice little place. No wonder he’d always tried to get away from work to come here. She could imagine living in a place like this. With him. She swallowed hard. Where did those thoughts come from?

“What the hell are you doing here?”

She spun. Jack frowned at her. Damn, he could play a convincing kidnapper. And he was so ruggedly handsome while doing it. She waved at the bathroom. “I… I was just looking for—”

“I said, don’t leave the bedroom.” His voice had a dangerous undertone that could have been scary if she hadn’t known this was a game. With two steps he’d reached her. Her heart pounded when he grabbed her wrist in a steel-like grip and pressed her against him.

When she gave him a glare, his gaze dropped to her lips. Blood rushed in her ears. She wanted him to push her up against this wall and take her. Hard. But given his standing order that wouldn’t do anything for her. And disobeying? Seeing where that had gotten her last time, she didn’t want to risk the consequences.

As he inched closer, she turned her head away. “Let go.”

“Get back into that room and keep your mouth shut.” Dark, deep, dangerous. Her insides liquefied.

“You can’t expect me to stay in there forever.”

“Oh, you won’t, don’t you fret.” He dragged her through the kitchen and back into the main area.

“I wanna sleep in the other bedroom back there.” She tried to pull her hand out of his grip.

He pushed the bedroom door open and shoved her inside. “If you leave this room again without authorization, I’ll tie you up and gag you.” He slammed the door shut.

Heart pounding, she stared at the closed door. Should she risk it?

Before she could finish the thought, the door opened again. “While you’re in here, make yourself useful. The bed needs preparing.” He dropped pillows and sheets in her arms, turned, and slammed the door shut once more.

Chuckling, she put the bedsheets on the wardrobe. Then she unzipped the plastic bag wrapped around the mattress and pulled it off. Putting the sheets on and arranging the pillows and blankets didn’t take long. After she was done, she stuffed the plastic bag into one of the empty drawers.

Now that was a comfortable bed. Too bad she’d have to hold out until tomorrow evening. That meant no sex tonight. Preferably not even touching, because if he touched her… Knowing him, he was gonna play dirty.

She startled when the door opened. Jack raised his brows at her, a slow smirk pulling at his mouth. “Done?”

“What does it look like?”

“Here.” He put on a blank expression.

She caught the paper bag he threw at her. Brows furrowed, she examined the contents. “What’s this?”

“Your clothes. Take a shower and wear them.”

“You can’t be serious.” She pulled a short black skirt and matching tank top out of the bag. No bra. Or panties. “Where’s the rest?”

“That’s all you’re allowed to wear until further notice.”

She lifted her chin. “What if I refuse?”

“You can either wear that, or you’ll wear nothing at all. Your choice.” Snappy tone. Her stomach tingled.

Maybe the skirt and tank top weren’t such a bad idea. Better than the alternative anyway. “I’ll wear this.”

He held his arm out. “Come with me.”

She managed a frown as she passed him. “Don’t touch me.” Hopefully, she didn’t sound as throaty as she thought.

“I locked the doors, so don’t even think about trying anything stupid.”

She folded her arms with a scoff.

“Hey.” He spun her to face him. Her breath caught when he pushed her up against the wall. “Maybe you should lose the attitude.”

For a split second the thought of challenging him reared up. What would he do? Bend her over that table right next to them and take her? It’d be so easy… And it would mean she’d lose. No way she’d give in just like that.

She lowered her gaze. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s better.” He released her. “Bathroom’s back there. Hurry up.”

What he’d called a bathroom was nothing more than a tiny room containing a shower, a sink and a toilet. Not much space to move around, but it had everything she needed. A fresh towel and her little bag with bathroom stuff lay on the sink. She undressed and then peaked into the shower cubicle.

Was there even hot water in a place as remote as this? She switched on the water, and a distant rumbling from somewhere beneath indicated that there was a generator. After a few seconds, the water turned warm. Sweet.

She stepped inside and closed her eyes as the warm stream ran down her skin. She took her time washing her hair and soaping her body. Thank God, she’d taken care of the time-consuming parts before. The memory of the waxing procedure she’d undergone still made her flinch. She’d always thought of herself as rather pain-resistant. One had to be as a soldier. Nothing had prepared her for a Brazilian waxing, though. Hopefully it would last three to four weeks as the ads had promised.

It would be a nice surprise for Jack later on. She smiled to herself and let the water rinse the soap away. When she stepped outside, she shivered against the cool air and hurried to dry herself. Then she unpacked the clothes from the bag and pulled them on. After she’d put her clothing into the bag, she slipped into her shoes.

As she stepped back into the living area, a fire crackled in the fireplace. Warmth caressed her skin. She stepped closer.

“You done?” Hands in the pockets of his jeans, Jack walked out of the bedroom.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Give me your clothes.”

After a moment of hesitation, she held the bag out to him.

“Shoes too.”

“I need them.”

“Not in here, you don’t.” His eyes gleamed.

She cocked her head. “It’s cold.”

“It’ll get warmer in a minute. I’ll give you socks if that’s not enough.”

Sighing, she lifted her feet and slipped her shoes off. The short skirt didn’t allow for much range of movement without exposing herself, but she managed. Finally, she handed her shoes over to him.

He brushed his hand along her arm. “We’ll get along very well.”

“Wouldn’t bet on it.” How much she wanted to grab him and kiss him. And judging from the expression in his eyes, he was having similar thoughts.

She watched him put the plastic bag and her shoes into a wardrobe in the corner. Then he locked the drawer with a key.

She rubbed her bare arms and looked around the room. “What now?”

He strolled towards her. “Now we got a lot of time to get to know each other better.”

Goosebumps raced across her skin as he trailed his index finger along her jawline, over her chin, and then down her neck. Her voice trembled. “I don’t want to get to know you better.”

He smoothed a few strands of wet hair away from her ear. “I’d say you don’t have a choice.” Hands on her waist, he pulled her close. “We have a lot of time alone together up here.”

God, she wanted him so much. She pushed weakly against his chest. “Sir. Please don’t.”

He brushed her nose with his, his gaze never leaving hers. “Dilating pupils… Quickening breath…” His hot mouth grazed along the skin right above her jugular. “Fast heartbeat. Your body doesn’t agree with your words.”

Where the hell had he learned to seduce like this? She pulled away from him and straightened her skirt. It covered her legs until right over her knees, and yet, without panties, it wasn’t long enough to make her feel fully clothed.

“Go back into the bedroom. I gotta prepare a few more things and grab some stuff out of the car.” He opened the bedroom door and searched through one of his bags. Then he held a pair of socks out to her.

Jaw clenched, she took them. “Thanks.”

“You gonna cooperate and stay in here?”

She bit her lower lip against a grin. “You take your chances.”

He smirked. “In that case, let’s make sure you do.” He pulled the door shut, and Sam heard the key turn in the lock.

“Hey!” Oh no, he had not done that. She tried the door handle. Locked. She bit her lips on a laugh and sank down on the bed. So he really wanted to play this game? She glanced around the room. The two windows, one at the end of the bed, the other at the side, provided interesting options.

She crawled over the mattress and pulled the curtains aside. They smelled of laundry detergent. So somebody definitely took care of this place in his absence. She unlocked the window and pulled it open.

When she leaned outside, the scent of fresh grass filled her nostrils. She smiled and closed her eyes to the sun. Then she glanced down. A grin tugged at her mouth. How long had it been since she’d climbed out a window?

Carefully, she moved first one leg, then the other over the windowsill. When her feet hit the grass, the thin leaves tickled her sole through the socks. Adrenaline spread through her veins. Jack probably wouldn’t like her little excursion…

She strolled towards the pond. The water lay calm, only disturbed by an occasional insect. Mosquitoes buzzed in the afternoon sun, and a cricket chirped somewhere. She strolled along the edge of the pond, gazing at the water. Were there really those big fish in the water he’d once told her about? Looked more like there were no fish in this pond at all.

She picked up a pebble from the grass and threw it. It bounced off the surface twice and gave a hollow plop as it sank. Ripples formed, but still no fish. Maybe they were too smart to mistake a pebble for bait. She shrugged and strolled on towards the deck of the cabin. Then around the other side of the cabin, back to the front where their car was parked. Jack was just taking something out of the trunk.

She wrapped her arms around herself and strolled around the corner into sight. “For the record, next time you lock someone in the bedroom, make sure they can’t get out through the windows. I could be miles into the woods already.”

He stared at her, frozen for a moment. Then he placed the bag on the porch table and folded his arms. “Miles? Doubt it.”

When he took a step toward her, she took a step back.

A dark smile pulled at his lips. “Get your ass over here.”

“You wish.” She rounded the car and strolled along the other side to the driver’s door. “I gotta say, so far you’re not a convincing kidnapper.” She drew her fingers along the hood of the car. “I mean, seeing that I’ve escaped.”

Something dangerous flashed across his face. She straightened. Maybe challenging him wasn’t such a good idea. He always made good on his threats. Especially as a Dom.

“Sweetheart, I’m giving you a choice. Come here. If I have to come get you, you won’t like what happens next.” He stalked towards her.

Sam chewed her lower lip, but remained where she was. Pushing limits. One of these days she’d find herself in way over her head. As Jack approached, she took a few steps back.

When he sped up toward her, she spun with a gasp. She knew she didn’t stand a chance when she started running. Taking her shoes away from her had been a smart and obviously calculated move.

Jack caught her before she reached the front door of the cabin. His arms circled her waist, and she nearly tumbled. When his breath washed down the side of her neck, goosebumps spread across her skin. “You shoulda stayed in the bedroom.”

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. He was so warm, so strong. “Don’t hurt me.”

He clamped his hand over her mouth and shoved her into the cabin. Just rough enough to make her gasp in surprise. As they approached the bedroom, she twisted in his grip.

“I’m losing patience with you, sweetheart.” Once inside the room, he pushed her down on the bed and bent down to one of the bags. “Since you can’t do what you’re told, let’s make this simple for me.”

He held up the leather cuffs from their bed restraint set. “Give me your hands.”

“No. I’ll behave now and—”

“I don’t trust you anymore. Hands.”

She sneaked a glance at the door.

“Don’t even think about it.” His eyes blazed.

She bit her lower lip. Finally she held out her hands. Jack grabbed her wrist and fastened one cold leather cuff around her wrist and buckled it. Then he did the same for her other wrist.

“Let’s see if this works.” He pulled her arms up over her head until her hands touched the wooden headboard. “This should do.”

He pulled the metal hook behind one of the wooden bars and locked it into the metal ring on the other cuff.

Sam twisted her hands. Minimal movement. She glared at him. “This isn’t very comfortable.”

“You should’ve thought about that before you climbed out the window.” He leaned over and shut the window before he closed the curtains. “You’ll be more comfortable lying on your back.”

“No way.” She was about to say something else, but her breath caught when her pushed her down on her back into the mattress.

“Lie down.” The next moment, his mouth was on hers, taking hard and relentlessly. A pang of heat jolted through her stomach at his rough possession. When his hand sneaked under her skirt, she twisted her hands and tried to shove him away from her.

She forced her head to the side, away from his lips. “No. Take your hands off me.”

“As you wish.” He bent down to the bag. “We’re gonna have to get you to stop thinking for a while. Luckily I brought a few items that might help with that.”

She shifted away from him, toward the middle of the bed. What did he have in mind? Her breath quickened when he held up the vibrator they’d bought over a year ago but never tried.

“Since you don’t want me to touch you, why don’t we let this buddy do the work?” He examined the toy. Almost the size of a penis. He turned it on and a low buzz sounded, then he switched it off.

God, if he actually did what she thought he was about to… She tried to shift further away from him when he sat by her side. “No…wait. Sir, please.”

He ignored her and slid toward the foot of the bed. “Spread your legs.”

She squeezed her thighs together and shook her head.

“You’re only gonna make this harder on yourself.”

He was right. Her resistance wouldn’t get her anywhere. She closed her eyes and finally relaxed her thighs, allowing him to push her legs apart.

“I won’t hurt you.” His voice gentled. “I promise this’ll make you feel really good.”

Which was kinda what she was afraid of. She fisted her hands, expecting to feel the vibrator. But nothing happened.

When she opened her eyes, she found Jack staring at her wide-eyed. Maybe she should have given him a warning about her Brazilian wax. Her cheeks warmed.


“Just…something…I tried.” She swallowed. For a short moment the thought that he might not be into it crossed her mind, but then his lips pulled into a dangerous smile and she released a relieved breath.

With an evil glint in his eyes, he bent down. “Very inviting.” Before she could protest, he trailed his tongue along her labia. A gentle, teasing caress that shot like fire right to her core.

Her breath caught. “Don’t—”

The thought vanished when his lips wrapped around her clit. Her body kick-started into gear. She really hadn’t thought this waxing procedure through. Who would’ve thought it’d make her so much more sensitive to him?

Her hips bucked when he sucked hard and her clit nearly hurt from the sweet torment. She whimpered. Damn, he couldn’t do this. She couldn’t come, and she most definitely wouldn’t beg. Their game had barely even started. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

She pulled her hips up on the bed in an attempt to move away from him, but his hands tugged her back down to his mouth.

“No… please.” She panted. “Stop…” Too good. And no way out. She closed her eyes, writhing against his mouth. “Sir, please.”

Finally, he stopped. She couldn’t believe he gave in. Breathless, she opened her eyes. She was about to throw a remark at him when he slipped the toy inside her. Cool plastic, stretching her with ease, rubbing against all the right spots.

Neck arching, she pushed back against the toy and tore at the cuffs. A low groan escaped.

Her gaze met his and his eyes gleamed. “Save your breath.” He leaned in to her ear. “You’re gonna need it.”

“I promise I won’t climb through the window again.” His mouth silenced her plea. When he withdrew from the kiss, he nipped her lower lip.

“Close your legs.”

Reluctantly, she followed the order, her thighs trapping the toy inside her.

“Now let’s make sure you follow this order.” He undid his belt and pulled it out of the loops of his jeans. Then he slipped it around her thighs, right above her knees and buckled it closed.

Sam held her breath when his intention dawned on her. The belt effectively tied her legs together. “No.”

She tried to twist out of his grip, but it was no use. Unable to open her legs, and with her hands tied to the headboard, there was no way of getting that toy out. Suddenly every part of her body seemed to become aware of how deliciously it filled her. She gritted her teeth. “You’re a bastard.”

“Just for that…” His hand slipped between her legs, and a second later, vibrations buzzed deep inside her, tormenting, teasing. “We’ll keep it at the lowest setting. Enough to remind you it’s there, but it shouldn’t be enough to get you off. And if it is, you’ll just have to work harder to control yourself.”

She scowled at him. “What if I don’t?”

His index finger trailed along her jawline. “What if you disobey another order you mean?” He leaned in and nipped her earlobe. Hot and cold shivers danced through her. “You really don’t wanna do that, sweetheart.”

His deep voice made her close her eyes. She jerked her hips, moving the toy inside ever so slightly. Pleasure shot up her spine. “Oh…”

He trailed his mouth along her jaw and then brushed his thumb along her lower lip, his face so close that their breaths mingled. “Now that I’m sure you’ll stay right here, I can unload the truck and take the food to the fridge.”

“You can’t just leave me here like this.” Breathless, she pulled at her restraints.

“In fifteen minutes we’ll re-evaluate your willingness to cooperate.” Breath mingling with hers, he waited until she parted her lips. When he took her mouth, he wasn’t gentle, but roughly taking what was his.

His scent and taste increased her arousal. She clenched and unclenched her leg muscles and resisted the urge to squirm. Her groan died in his mouth.

Before Jack got up, he pulled her skirt back down and held her gaze. “Enjoy.”

Her breath came faster. “Sir, don’t.” Oh, she had known she shouldn’t challenge him. He always came up with some kind of creative punishment.

The door squeaked as he opened it, but this time he didn’t close it. Sam tried to shift out of her position, turned on her side, and tried to move her legs, but all that did was provide additional stimulation. She wriggled her hips.

God, so good… She moaned. No, she would absolutely not come on this vibrator barely an hour after their game had started. Damn, she would not.

If only it didn’t feel so good, so deep inside her, vibrating and relentlessly teasing the most sensitive spots. How was she supposed to last fifteen minutes?

Jack set the last box down on the kitchen table and opened the fridge. Steaks, eggs, beer… They should be set for a few days. He put everything into the fridge and closed it.

Hands in his pockets, he strolled to the bedroom. His gaze darted to his watch. Roughly twenty minutes. A smile tugged at his lips when he heard the soft, desperate whimper from inside. Did she have any idea how much hearing her turned him on?

He entered the room. She lay on the bed, eyes closed, writhing against her restraints. Her skin glistened, either from arousal or her effort not to give in to it. Her nipples had bunched into hard peaks that were begging for his touch.

His cock responded immediately. He wanted to take her. Screw their game. He’d untie her, get rid of that toy and go nice and gentle with her endless legs wrapped around his hips. Until she’d come for him, panting and screaming. Over and over and over again. Alluring idea—maybe he’d go for that later.

She arched her back and bit her lower lip. Was she aware he was watching her?

He sat down on the mattress by her side. Need clouded her eyes when she opened them, and he couldn’t resist leaning in. Her lips parted under his, and after a quick taste, he drew his mouth across her jaw and down along her throat. She bent her neck, offering more skin. Her moans grew almost desperate, and an evil thought entered his mind.

Could he make her come just by kissing her? Bit unfair considering his standing order, but still… She’d tried pushing his buttons. He grinned.

He trailed his mouth along her collarbone and cupped one of her breasts through her top, playing with the hardened peak and enjoying her sexy moans. Sam Carter in his cabin, on his bed, tied up and helpless with need for him… What a male fantasy come true.

He kissed the spot right under her ear. “Did you come?”

“N-no…” Her hands fisted. Oh yeah, definitely effort not to give in.

“Still resistant? Maybe I should increase the speed of this thing, sit back and enjoy the show.”


“Please yes or please no?”

Indecision flashed across her face. “No. Get… oh God… Get this thing out of me.”

Such a sweet temptation. A bit more stimulation and she would shatter for him. But it would kinda ruin the fun to push her to her limit and beyond so early. After all, extended scenes thrived on delay, teasing and anticipation.

He slipped his hand between her legs. She bucked against him.

“Easy. Let me turn it off.” He found the switch, and the buzzing stopped.

She slumped on the bed, her breath coming hard and fast.

“Damn, you’re hot when you’re on edge.” He brushed his nose against hers. “Such a sweet captive.”

She arched her neck, offering her lips. How could he resist? She tasted sweet, and the scent of her arousal made his head swim. He unbuckled the belt around her knees, keeping their lips locked. When her legs opened, he drew back from her mouth and slid his hand under her skirt to remove the toy. It slipped out easily.

He hovered his lips an inch above hers without letting her make contact. “I wanna taste you.”

She let out a protesting whimper.

“Don’t want me to put my mouth on you and make you come?”

“No.” Still breathless, she turned her head away.

Smirking, he slipped two fingers inside her. Lips parted, she arched her back and groaned. He grazed his mouth over her cheek. “I think your body has a different stance on the issue.”

He toyed with her a little more before he withdrew his fingers and licked them clean, savoring her sweet taste. “Now that we’ve established there’ll be consequences to your actions, I trust that window’ll stay shut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He reached up and unhooked the cuffs. “You need a few minutes to rest?”

She nodded and rubbed her wrists, still panting. Jack tangled his hand in her hair and nuzzled her neck. He expected her to push him away, but instead she wrapped her arms around him, holding him close.

“You okay?” he rasped into her hair.

“Yeah.” She nodded, her fingers fisting in his shirt.

He sank down on the bed next to her, drawing her close. When he buried his face in her neck, she sighed and snuggled against him.

He ran his hand tenderly up and down her spine until her breathing calmed and she relaxed in his embrace. It had been an exhausting day with the long drive and all. Maybe a short break wouldn’t hurt.

Sam couldn’t fight the mild disorientation as she opened her eyes. Had she fallen asleep? She stirred and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. If she had, it couldn’t have been for more than twenty minutes.

“Hey.” Jack loosened his arms around her. Concern crossed his features as he studied her. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” She brushed her fingers through her hair. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“You needed a break.” He trailed his hand up and down her arm. “You need more time?”

“No, I’m good. A little hungry, though.”

“You good to continue?”

She grinned at him. “Sure.”

A slow smile pulled at his lips. “In that case, get your ass in the kitchen and make us dinner.”

“In your dreams.”

His face hardened. “You really wanna challenge me again?”

Within a second she sat up straight. Maybe it’d be wise to play along for a while. “No, Sir. What would you like to eat?”

“How about a sandwich and a beer?”

Really? He wanted her to make him a sandwich and bring him a beer? What a cliché. No doubt another purposeful attempt to push her. She narrowed her eyes and got up from the bed. Chin raised, she marched out of the room, crossed the living room with the fireplace and entered the kitchen.

She opened the fridge and took meat, cheese and salad out. They’d taken enough food to live up here for two weeks, but since Daniel and Teal’c would join them in two days, they’d probably need it.

A few minutes later when she stepped back into the living room with a plate of sandwiches in one hand and two beers in the other, she found Jack sitting on the couch. He gave her a smug smile when she set the plate down on the coffee table and handed him a bottle.

“Don’t get too used to it. I won’t make you a sandwich again,” she said and gasped when his fingers wrapped around her wrist.

“You gotta learn respect.”

She inched closer and held his gaze. “Teach me.”

His eyes glinted. “Careful what you wish for.” He let go of her and reached for his beer and sandwich.

Sam sank down on the couch. When she took the first bite of sandwich, she let out a satisfied groan. Sandwich and cold beer in front of a fireplace on a warm midsummer day. This had to be heaven.

“These are great,” Jack mumbled in between two bites.

Smiling, she shifted and pulled her legs up. Goosebumps spread along her legs when her calves grazed the course material of his jeans. His warmth radiated through his clothes. Her skin tingled with awareness of him.

They ate in silence. Sam stared into the calm of the dancing flames. Not a sound disturbed the peace, except for the occasional crackle of wood from the fire. How long had it been since she’d gone to a place without any of her electronic devices?

When Jack had finished his sandwich, he got up. “I’m gonna take a quick shower. Stay here.”

“Yes, Sir.” As tempting as the thought to respond something snippy was, she wasn’t sure she could take another punishment without losing the game. Sighing, she took the last bite of her sandwich and placed the empty plate on the table.

Water started running in the bathroom. She leaned back and glanced into the flames. Images of Jack’s naked body flooded her mind. How the water pearled on his tanned skin… How his hands soaped his chest, stomach and… Damn, she had to stop.

She closed her eyes and rubbed her arms. Focus on something else. She sat up as she remembered the bookshelf in the other bedroom. Maybe she’d find an interesting book there to distract herself with.

She pulled her socks off and crossed the living room to the kitchen. The door to the second bedroom was closed. She pressed the handle, and it opened without a sound. As she turned the little switch next to the door, dim, warm light flooded the small room. She entered and looked around.

The desk looked old, but not shabby. A bed took up most of the opposite wall, a plastic sheet covering the mattress. She crossed the small room. It didn’t even take four steps to reach the bookshelf.

Most of the books were classics. Mark Twain, Thoreau, some thrillers. Had Jack read all of these books? She knelt down to look through the bottom row. Several nonfiction books, a few National Geographic magazines, Carl Sagan’s book Cosmos.

Smiling, she pulled the book out of the shelf and skimmed through it. Why did this even surprise her? With how much he knew about stars and space, she should have expected him to have at least a few books on the subject.

When Jack cleared his throat behind her, she spun around. He studied her, bare-chested, his arms folded. “Didn’t I say something about staying in the living room?”

“Sorry. I was bored.” She got up and put the book on the desk, then walked to the door. Her back against the doorframe, she lifted her chin and held his gaze. His heat tingled her skin, and the fresh scent of his body wash filled her nostrils. “What now?”

A corner of his mouth turned up. “I’ll give you something to do.”

He took her hand and pulled her back to the couch in the living room. Then he turned to her, studying her for a moment. “Get on your knees.”

She feigned indignation. “I will not.”

She gasped when he pushed her down on her knees, her fingers grasping his jeans for support.

“Since you can’t keep your mouth shut, why don’t we put it to good use?” He undid the button of his jeans, and tangled a hand in her hair. “After all, I can come without violating any rules.”

When he dropped down on the couch and sat back, his intentions dawned on her. Maybe next time they should include restraints on his orgasms in these games. He looked magnificent with his tousled hair. She slid closer and trailed her fingers over his chest, tangling them in his soft, gray hair.

“If you do as I say, I won’t hurt you.” His eyes sparkled.

She bit her lower lip and unzipped his fly, then pulled his jeans down. No underwear. Her heart pounded as she trailed her hand along his impressive erection. How much she wanted him inside her, feel his heat as he thrust into her.

Groaning, she trailed her mouth along his length. He trembled under her, his hand brushing through her hair, but never pushing or urging her on. So he remembered what she’d once told him about not directing her. Her heart warmed.

She opened her mouth and took him deep inside. Need burned in her core as he hit the back of her throat. He gave a weak thrust into her mouth, his hand clutching her shoulder instead of her head.

His groan told her he wasn’t far from release. So fast… Apparently she wasn’t the only one on edge. She grabbed his hips and tried taking him even deeper.

His hand fisted on her shoulder. “God, Sam.”

Satisfaction flooded her. She released him to blow a stream of air along his tip. “Good?”

“You kidding?” His hand clenched around her forearm, his gaze deepening. “Keep going. I wanna come in your mouth.”

Her heart sped up. “Yes, Sir.” She wetted her lips and took him in her mouth again. Moaning, he let his head sink back, his eyes closing. She slid closer, her nipples brushing against his jeans.

Deliberately slow, she moved up and down his length, then trailed her tongue around him. She’d never particularly like going down on guys, but damn… Doing it to him was addictive. The thought of being able to get him there, of having that much power over his pleasure… She closed her lips and sucked, before alternating back to circling with her tongue. His muscles tensed under her, his hands clenching into fists.

Heat shot through her. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked it in tune with her mouth. He thrust up into her mouth. Once, twice. On the third one, his hot essence spilled down her throat.

She clenched her legs against unbearable need as she swallowed him to the last drop. Then she gave him a few parting licks, eliciting a groan from him.

As he slumped back against the couch, she trailed her lips along his taut stomach and up over his chest. His hands slid down her sides and under her skirt, guiding her closer. When she reached his mouth, she grazed her lips along his, and withdrew when he tried to deepen the kiss.

He’d probably need awhile to recharge. She studied his dark eyes in fascination. He trailed his hands along her arms to her waist.

“I’d rather you’d stop touching me, Sir.” Breath hitching, she allowed him to increase their contact. He pulled her to straddle his hips and tangled a hand through her hair.

When his other hand slipped under her skirt, she pushed against his chest. “Don’t. You said you wouldn’t hurt…” The rest of the sentence vanished on a low moan as he gave her a firm pull and took her mouth hard.

His hand dropped between her thighs, his fingers delving into her folds in a deliberate caress before they settled on her clit. She parted her lips and he used the opportunity to deepen the kiss. By the time he released her, she was trembling.

His eyes danced with amusement. “I don’t think that hurt, did it?”

“No, s-sir.” God, his fingers were still teasing her. She clutched his shoulders and leaned her forehead against his.

He held her gaze, lightening his touch then increasing it again. Her breath sped up, and against her will, she pushed down on his hand.

“I bet I could make you come so hard.” He nipped her lower lip. “Just drag you into that bedroom, throw you down on the bed and fuck you until you scream your sweet little head off.”

She grunted, pushing down on him harder and parting her lips.

His eyes sparkled. “What do you say, should we do that?”

“No.” She clenched her jaw and tried to regain control.


“Because…” Pant. “I’m sure as hell not gonna beg you…” Pant. “And you’d punish me afterwards for disobeying an order, sir.”

Smirking, he withdrew his hand. “Such a resistant sub.”

What a smug bastard. Legs trembling, she climbed off his lap.

“Wanna call it an early night?” He asked with a shrug towards the bedroom.

“Yeah.” She clasped her skirt. Sleeping would hopefully help rid her off some of the frustration.

Sam crawled into bed and snuggled into the soft sheets. The mattress felt like a soft cloud after the long drive in the car, and her momentary comfort almost made her forget her frustration. Sighing, she stared at the wooden ceiling.

The bedroom door creaked shut. Jack closed the curtain on the window, and then the mattress shifted as he sat on the bed. She turned on her side and studied his back. Five days at the cabin with him…

Next week at this time he’d be stationed in Washington. She’d be in Colorado Springs. Her heart sank. No more spending the evenings after work together. No more watching the Simpsons with him. No more scenes…

Somehow the Air Force must have misunderstood the purpose of his transfer request. A long-distance relationship. Would they be able to make it work?

When he turned, their gazes met. His face gentled. “What?”

“Nothing. Just… I’m gonna miss you.”

He lay down and slid closer. “No thinking about that, remember? We’ll make it work.”

“Right.” Smiling, she cupped his cheek with her hand. “We’ve traveled through half the galaxy. What’s the distance between Washington and Colorado Springs?”

“We got phones. Hell, I’ll even let you teach me how this damn internet thing works, so we can do the chat thing.”

She closed her eyes on a smile. “Skype?”

“Yeah, that.” He leaned in. “Didn’t you mention it had video, too?”

Laughing she pushed against his chest. Not a good idea to let him get too close. “Yes, but don’t get any ideas.”

“Too late.”

“I won’t, you know, get naked in front of a webcam or something.”

“What if I made it an order?”

She swallowed hard. “That’d be hot, but still it’d be awkward.”

His face grew serious. “I can use Prometheus to teleport me to Colorado Springs. Or you to Washington.”

If only it’d be that easy. Prometheus usually wasn’t in orbit around Earth. “I can come to Washington on a traditional plane and visit you in your fancy new office.”

“Bigger desk, more possibilities.” He grinned.

“Oh yeah, great idea. Make sure your entire staff knows you’re dating a lower ranking officer.” She rolled her eyes. Sometimes he could be such a man.

He leaned back. “I don’t think I like that tone.”

She studied him for a moment before she leaned in to place a soft kiss on his lips. Living in separate parts of the country would be hard, but after all they’d waited over six years for each other. They’d manage. Somehow.

She froze when cold leather closed around her wrist and broke contact. Jack buckled one of the cuffs around her left hand.

“What are you doing?” She stared at her hand, then her eyes widened when he fastened the other cuff around his own wrist.

“Making sure you’re not gonna try anything tonight—like climbing through the window.” His face remained blank as he locked the two cuffs together so she was chained to his arm. Like an actual kidnapper would. The gleam in his eyes betrayed how much he enjoyed the situation.

“That’s uncomfortable,” she said, trying hard not to smile.

“Not if you come closer.”

She slid towards him. “Fine, but don’t touch me.” Her voice came out merely a whisper.

“Oh, don’t even pretend.” He slid his pants down his legs and kicked them off the bed to the ground. When he moved under the sheet, the soft material grazed along the bare skin of her arm and shoulder like a gentle caress. She closed her eyes as pleasant goosebumps spread along her back. Since when was she so sensitive. It was as though every nerve ending in her body was on high alert, reacting to the tiniest stimulation.

He turned on his side, so close that his nose brushed hers. His scent filled her nostrils, and his warmth caressed her bare skin. “I’d make you scream if you let me. Right here, now. I’ll turn you on your back…”

She groaned when he made true on his words. His naked chest brushed against hers. More stimulation… Way too much. She lifted her hand to his shoulder and closed her eyes against waves of heat rippling through her. “No.”

“You don’t want my long, hard cock between your legs? Pushing inside? I can go down on you, too. You know how much I love doing that, especially with what you’ve done down there.”

“No…” She faltered. “Really? You like that?”

“Oh yeah.” When he leaned in, her lips parted for his tongue. She whimpered into his mouth as his free hand slipped between them, under her shirt. She urged against him. His touch was so hot. “You have no idea how badly I wanna put my mouth on you.”

She gripped his wrist just when his index finger slid over her clit. Her original intention to pull his hand away faded. He was way too good with his hands—or mouth.

Her eyes slipped shut as she allowed him to tease her, his fingers easing the pressure that had been building in her core all afternoon. So delicious. She let her legs fall open and gripped his shoulder, her teeth gritted against a moan.

His index finger circled her clit, so lightly, tenderly. Then he increased pressure and trailed right over it. Her hips arched into the touch. When his mouth crushed hers, she opened to his tongue, letting him possess her. A whimper escaped. God, she needed so much more…

When he withdrew his lips, his eyes danced with amusement and triumph. He had such an ego. She forced his hand away from between her legs.

“Stop.” A gentle push against his shoulders brought him back to lie on his side next to her. She slid over to the wall, bringing as much distance between them as possible with their cuffed hands.

“Guess that means you’d rather suffer.” He dropped a chaste kiss on her cheek. “Sweet dreams.”

She suppressed a curse at the last moment.

Sam closed her eyes as the hot water from the shower head sprayed down on her naked skin. Nothing like a shower first thing in the morning to wake up—especially after a night like this.

She’d woken this morning to Jack’s hot lips searing a path along her neck and shoulder. Immediately her frustration from the previous day had returned, which had undoubtedly been his intention.

Need still coiling inside her, she stared at the white tiles on the wall. If only she’d get some release, no matter how quick. She’d…

She straightened, swallowing hard. She was alone in the shower. Nobody around. Fine, so Jack had forbidden her to come without his permission, but how was he supposed to know? It wasn’t like it left some kind of scarlet letter on her skin.

Biting her lower lip, she slipped a hand between her legs and leaned against the cold tiles of the wall. Her index finger found her clit immediately. She closed her eyes, imagined Jack’s hand instead of her own. That he spun her around and pressed her against the cold tiles. That he pinned her there with a firm grip and thrust his hard length into her from behind—and there was nothing she could do.

Her breath quickened, and pressed her lips together against a groan threatening to escape. God, this felt so good, but she had to be quiet. She increased pressure on her clit and teased for a few more moments, before she dropped her hand down to her entrance. When was the last time she’d done this? She didn’t even remember… Sometime when she’d still been with Pete, but back then she hadn’t allowed herself to think about Jack. This was so much better…

She inhaled on a shaky breath when she slipped two fingers deep inside. Her legs buckled, and she had to lean back against the wall. So good…

Only a few moments later she came hard, feeling her muscles clench around her fingers. Panting, she lifted her face up into the stream of water. Deep satisfaction course through her and she reveled in her contentment for a moment.

After a last rinse, stepped out of the shower. He would be in for a surprise next time he tried to drive her to frustration. She smiled at herself in the mirror. Game on, General O’Neill.

Her hair was still damp when she left the tiny bathroom. The scent of eggs and coffee drifted over from the kitchen and she peaked inside. Jack stood at the stove, watching the steaming eggs in the frying pan.

“You’re making breakfast.”

“Yeah.” He glanced at her. “You took long to shower.”

She swallowed hard. Damn, of course he’d noticed that she’d taken longer than usual. “Yeah, I—um… Morning showers. I always take my time.”

He narrowed his eyes and turned back to the stove. “You like scrambled eggs?”

“I love them. You want me to make coffee?”

“Already in the machine.” He nodded at a small coffee machine in the corner. “Should be done in a minute.” He turned the stove off and stirred the scrambled eggs one last time before he divided them up onto two plates.

She gave him a beaming smile when he handed one to her. “Thank you.”

He scrutinized her for a long moment, a dark gleam in his eyes. “Don’t thank me yet. These come at a prize.”

“Such as?”

“You’ll see.”

She poured some coffee into two cups and carried them both back to the living room, then she went to get her plate.

Breakfast was delicious, but passed in silence. More than once, she found Jack studying her intensely. Whatever was going on in his mind, he didn’t let her in on it. He was probably planning out his next move. She smiled to herself. Boy, was he in for a surprise.

When they were done, he got up and took the plates and cups back to the kitchen. She followed him and leaned against the wooden frame that separated the living room from the kitchen area. He put the dishes into the sink and folded his arms.

She held his gaze. When he stepped closer, she pressed herself against the doorframe.

Frowning, he leaned in and nuzzled her neck. She placed her hands on his chest, feeling his heat through his shirt. When he nipped her neck, she flinched and pushed against his chest softly. “Sir…”

He lifted his head until his face inches from hers.

“What?” She smiled, her fingers playing at his nape.

His eyes blazed, and unexpectedly, he grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head against the wood with one hand. “You are in so much trouble.”

Oh, crap. He couldn’t know. Could he? “What for?”

The dark expression on his face sent pleasant shivers through her. She gasped when he grabbed her nape and dragged her with him to the bedroom.

“Sir, wait…”

“Shut up,” he snapped. “You’ve been a resistant little thing ever since we arrived here. But now I’ve had it with you.”

She nearly stumbled when he shoved her towards the bed, but his grip prevented her from falling. Blood rushed in her ears as adrenaline filled her veins. He shoved her down onto the mattress, his hand against her shoulder blades keeping her immobile.

“I should shove up that skirt and have my way with you now.”

His weight pushed her depper into the mattress. She tensed and then yelped when he nipped her nape. Heat liquefied her core. “No, please.”

“Shut up.” He forced her onto her back and pulled her up on the bed until her wrists touched the loops of the bed restraint set on either side of the pillow. She had seen him fasten it on the bed this morning. He restrained first one wrist, then the other, until she lay with her arms spread above her head. Defenseless and completely at his mercy.

He shoved her top up, blinding her for a moment before he pushed it up to her wrists, clearing her vision. The cool breeze from outside blowing in through the open window made her nipples harden. She bit her lower lip. “Sir…”

He held her gaze, his warm fingers brushing across her cheek. “Let’s talk about that shower you had earlier.”

His voice was calm, but cold relentlessness flared in his eyes. Blood drained from her face when she realized the implication of his statement. Crap, he really knew. How the hell was that possible? “What shower?” Oh, really nice move. “I mean, what’s there to talk about?”

“The rule was that you’re not allowed to come unless you ask me for permission first.”

“Y-yes, sir.” She nodded and swallowed hard.

“You understood the rule?”

Another nod, but she kept quiet.

“Care to elaborate why you disobeyed it?”

She stared at him. “Now, how can you possibly…?”

“How I know? That should not be your primary concern.” He leaned in. “Sweetheart, you were humming with satisfaction when you got out of the bathroom. Pretty stark contrast to the frustration before. Besides…” He trailed a thumb along her neck. “I know how you look after you come. Your neck and cheeks flush, your pupils dilate, and you practically glow. You really thought I wouldn’t know?”

“I’d hoped.” Damn… How could he know her so well? She held her breath, searching his face. Was he mad? He didn’t look mad. But… Oh God. She’d seen that expression before, and back then she had to go two weeks without an orgasm. “I’m sorry, sir. Really, I am.”

“No, you aren’t.” He drew his finger along her lips. “You’re sorry I found you out.”

She twisted her wrists. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

“You thought you could outsmart me by cheating.” He leaned in. “I set out clear rules for you yesterday.”

“The rules weren’t fair.”

“It’s not about fairness.” He trailed his hand down over her collarbone, over one of her breasts and further down until his fingers rested against her mound. “You belong to me. Your body is mine. You don’t control what happens. I do.”

Her lips parted for a hitched breath as arousal coursed through her at his words. She tugged at her restraints and whimpered when his fingers stroked through her folds.

“Whatever happens down here…” He pressed the pad of his index finger against her clit and she squirmed in pleasure-pain at the sudden overstimulation. “…or up here…” He grabbed her chin with his other hand, brushed his thumb across her lower lip and took her mouth in a quick repossession. “…is not your call. It’s mine.”

Her head swam with his scent, his words, his closeness.

“Didn’t wanna beg me for an orgasm, did you?” His voice was ice, holding a dangerous promise.

She shook her head. When he got up and pulled his shirt over his head, she glanced up at him in confusion. What was he up to? She observed as he opened his bag and pulled all kinds of toys out. “Sir?”

He ignored her and kept placing item after item on top of the wardrobe. He’d brought their entire collection. She paled and couldn’t keep the trembling out of her voice. “What are you going to do?”

He studied the assortment as though they were battle gear that needed to be carefully selected. “Since asking for an orgasm is apparently beneath you, I’ll give you what you wanted.”

Wait, what? What kind of weird punishment was that? She studied his face as he turned.

His eyes seared into hers. “This time you will beg. For me to stop.” He walked to the foot of the bed and lowered himself onto the mattress. Then he moved up until he was between her legs.

Slowly, his intention dawned on her. “Wait. No, please… don’t…” She tugged at her restraints and arched her neck when he blew a stream of air along her core. Her muscles tensed in anticipation. After an eternity of waiting, his lips grazed her mound.

She gasped when fireworks of pleasure and need shot through her abdomen. His mouth started off gentle, grazing and kissing for a few moments. Then his tongue joined in, circling her clit, slow and deliberate. Anticipation built. Damn, she had only just come in the shower about half an hour ago.

“Please…” She writhed her hips against his mouth, needing more and at the same time trying to squirm away from him. Damn it, she wouldn’t beg.

She screamed against gritted teeth when he sucked hard and flicked his tongue over the sensitive bud. He’d learned her too well. She fisted her hands when a faint tingling started deep inside her.

She tried to pull away once more, but his hands pinned her in place and so her orgasm crashed over her with a force that left her dizzy, panting and disoriented. Her toes curled as the room spun around her and wave after wave rolled through her. “Oh God… God…”

She bucked when he didn’t stop his assault. This was too much. Way too much. Whimpering, she arched her back so the angle would shift her sensitive spot away from his mouth.

A futile attempt, but surprisingly he eased up. Eyes gleaming, he shifted to a kneeling position and trailed his palm along her thigh. “Did you just come?”

Damn his smugness, damn his arrogance. She glared at him. “No.”

He froze and blinked at her for a moment. Apparently, he hadn’t expected a denial. She bit back a smile. Then her stomach tightened when his eyes blazed. “Did you come?”

She pressed her lips together and shook her head. He leaned down, the coarse material of his jeans brushing along her core. She whimpered at the overstimulation and tugged at her wrists. Jack’s breath washed down the side of her neck as he lowered his head to her ear.

“Remember the rule about lying we had?” His voice dripped menace. His dark side…

Lust pulsed through her veins and made her dizzy. She wanted it. The real deal. Up to now they’d been playing around and gone rather soft. She wanted to push him to the extreme. He knew her limits, and she had her safeword. Besides, she trusted him. Chin lifted, she glared at him. “Go to hell.”

His fingers threaded through her hair, then grabbed it roughly. “You sure you wanna do that? Cause I can do this until the sun sets tonight. As it so happens, that would be my idea of a perfect day. Doubt you’d be able to take it that long though.”

“Try me.” Was she insane? The glint in his eyes said he definitely wasn’t kidding around anymore. She pulled at her restraints. Her breath died in her throat when he pressed his leg harder against her core.

“One last chance. You’re in enough trouble as it is, so think hard about your answer. Did. You. Just. Come?”

She closed her eyes, her body trembling with arousal when he rubbed his leg against her core. Maybe she’d pushed him enough for today. “Yes.” A whisper.

He drew his mouth along her jawline. “Little confusion there, it seems?”

“I-I had to think about it for a moment.”

“Is it that hard for you to recognize an orgasm?” He bit her neck so hard it stung. She breathed in sharply and then relaxed when he soothed the spot with his tongue. “I’ll make sure you’ll remember once and for all what it feels like.”

She panted as she looked into his almost black eyes. “I still won’t beg.”

“Oh, you will.” He brushed his nose along hers before he plundered her mouth. Sometimes it was so easy to forget how dangerous he could be, and that behind the playful Dom façade could be a very relentless one.

“If you mouth off, cuss or insult me at any point, you’ll lengthen your torture.” He sat up and rested his palms on her knees, his thumbs caressing gently and providing an odd juxtaposition to the dark threat in his voice. “Have you read up on the whole forced orgasm concept?”

She swallowed hard. “Not really.”

“Standard procedure is complete restraints, but since this is your first time, we’ll try it without.” He dropped a kiss to the inside of her knee. “Don’t move your legs, or try to push me away, or that’ll change. And don’t you dare fake it. I’ll know.”

“Oh God.” She twisted her hands and grabbed the leather bands that tied her to the bed. Why did she have to have such a big mouth?

Jack gentled his caress and held her gaze. “Don’t fight it. That’ll make it easier. If you really think you can’t take it anymore, use your safeword, okay? And by that I mean short before passing out. That kinda deal.”

“Yes, Sir.” She blew out a breath.

“But don’t use it unless it’s really necessary.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her breath quickened when he settled between her legs.

“After every orgasm, you’ll thank me.”

“What?” She glared at him. His fingers dug into her thighs.

“Each time you come, you will say thank you, sir,” he repeated with a pointed undertone.

“Y-yes, sir.” She gripped the leather so tight her nails dug into her palm. Thank God, it had been a few minutes… Maybe she wouldn’t be too sensitive anymore when he—

His hot mouth came down on her clit. She jerked against him and hissed in air. His tongue gave her a slow, thorough lick. Pleasure-pain tore through her and with a yelp she tried to shift away.

“Sweetheart, you really want me to tie your legs to the bed?” His dark eyes held a visible threat.

She shook her head. “No, no, no. I’m sorry. It was a reflex.”

“Make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

She cried out against gritted teeth when he repeated his move. Don’t fight it. Don’t fight it. His words resounded in her head. Easier said than done. She tried to relax against his tormenting mouth, but every muscle in her body tensed. Too much… way too much.

Until suddenly it wasn’t anymore. Overstimulation turned to need and new arousal, and then it wasn’t even nearly enough. Panting, she writhed her hips. It didn’t take long before she shattered, gaze fixed on the ceiling and all her senses focused on the things he was doing to her with his tongue.

He released her for a moment, looking at her expectantly. She managed a shaky “Thank you, Sir” in between pants and whimpers, before her mind blanked again when he went back to work.

She rode out every wave until each flick of his tongue made her jerk. When she tried to change the angle to ease his touch, he grabbed her hips in a steel-like grip and enveloped her clit with his lips. Then he began sucking and assaulting with his tongue at the same time.

“No, no, please! Oh…” But he didn’t stop. All she could do was lie here and take it. She screamed through gritted teeth until the discomfort switched back to pleasure and almost immediately culminated in another peak that left her heart pounding wild. “Tha-thank you… God, Sir.”

Why the hell had she thought that forced orgasms would be something relaxing? This was like running a marathon—without having trained for it. Exhaustion spread through her limbs and she thrashed her head. His mouth still worked her. “Sir…” No, she wouldn’t beg, damn it.

He lifted is head and ran his palms soothingly up and down her thighs. “Something you wanna say?”

Jaw clenched, she squeezed her eyes shut when his warm breath fanned over her most sensitive spot again. His next touches were easier, gentler. Still, the contact shot like a jolt to her core. He worked her up again, until another orgasm ripped through her, weaker than the previous ones, but still strong enough to leave her thrashing.

“What do you say?”

“Thank y-you, Sir.” She almost yelled it at him. Chest heaving, she tried to keep the room from spinning.

He spent a few moments drawing his mouth down her left upper thigh and back up the other. His warm breath lingered just above her sensitive lips, making her anticipation mount. She stared at the ceiling, taking sharp little breaths while she waited. At last, his tongue stroked along her clit, then trailed down to her opening.

Her body quivered when he pushed inside with his tongue, his nose nuzzling her clit. She gritted her teeth, her legs trembling at the onslaught of sensation. And then she scooted up, away from him, forcing her legs shut to shield her herself from his assaults.

He lifted himself up on his arms and trailed his mouth along her stomach, her ribcage and over one of her breasts. When he finally reached her mouth, a dark smirk played around his lips. “What did I say earlier?”

“I’m sorry, sir. It’s too much.”

“That’s the point.” He reached up and unclipped first one cuff, then the other, releasing her from the restraint. “Apparently, we’re gonna have to do this a bit different. Move over.”

He shoved the pillows aside and sat on the bed with his back against the wall. She quivered when he pulled her to sit in between his legs, her back against his chest.

“Spread your legs.” His breath washed down the side of her neck as he urged her to spread her legs slightly so she could put them over his.

She leaned back against him. This was actually nice. Intimate and almost relaxing. She nuzzled his cheek when he clipped her cuffs together, restraining her hands again. Searing a path down her neck, he kept her wrists in his palm.

“What are you doing?” Her breath caught when he pulled his legs up towards his chest, trapping hers in the process. Not only did that open her to him, it also effectively restrained her. Damn. She made a weak attempt to shift, but his arm around her chest prevented her from it.

“Told you before, I’ll go for restraints if it doesn’t work without. For now, I prefer this type of restraint. Allows me to hold you close while I do this…” His hand dropped between her spread legs.

“Oh.” Moaning, she let her head roll back to his shoulder.

“You’ll take this as long as I say.” His lips grazed her cheek while his fingers stroked through her folds, slow, deliberate.

“Wait… Sir, please…”

He paused at her entrance, and she froze, holding her breath, until two of his fingers slipped inside her, stretching her. She twisted her hands and tried to move them out of his grip but he only tightened it. Pushing his palm against her clit, he twisted his fingers, stroked gently until he found the ridges of that hidden spot that made her hips buck. Pleasure overloaded her senses, and she arched her back, teeth gritted against an outcry.

“There we go.” He wrapped his other arm around her chest, holding her in place.

“Sir…” Pressure built again. Built. Then stayed at a constant level until she thought she was losing her mind. Finally, after an eternity, she came apart, screaming his name.

He didn’t stop. Not when she trembled with every touch and not when she dug her fingers into his arm. Cheeks wet from tears, she whimpered, her hands tugging at the restraints. “Sir. No. No more. Sir… please!”

He stilled his hand and turned her head to study her. “What’s your safeword?” The gentleness in his voice made her eyes flutter open.

She slumped against him, her breath coming shallow and fast. “Quarks, sir.”

He took her mouth in a deep kiss. She groaned when she tasted herself on him, and hot arousal flooded her veins.

She held his gaze when his fingers began thrusting again, his palm providing gentle friction. How could he be so good? And how could this torture be so unbearable and so delightfully pleasurable at the same time? Only a few seconds ago, she’d begged him to stop, and now… She formed a silent ‘oh’ with her mouth when her muscles clenched around him.

“That’s it. Give it to me,” he rasped, his free hand brushing along her throat. “You’ll hold out until I say we’re done. You’ll do only what I tell you to. Who do you belong to?”

She laid her head back when he curled his strong hand around her throat. He didn’t squeeze, but the gesture made her want to surrender completely. “You, Sir.”

“You’re my captive and that means you don’t control anything. Not pain, not pleasure, and least of all your orgasms. Your body is mine. You’re completely at my mercy.”

She stared up into his almost black eyes, her hips writhing against his hand. “Yes… Sir…”

Another orgasm built, so deep inside. His face started swimming in front of her from the intensity of it. The border between pleasure and pain was so thin, so frail and at some point she must have crossed it. Not that it mattered. God, nothing mattered anymore in this ocean of pleasure that she was drowning in.

He tipped her chin up, and she parted her lips, offering her mouth. She’d give him anything. Their breaths mingled, but he let his mouth linger without taking. His game, his rules.

“You’ll follow every order you’re given, won’t you, beautiful?”

Her hips jerked against his hand. “Yes…yes.”

“Good.” He nipped her earlobe. “Come for me. Now.”

His words and the tone in which he spoke them tipped something inside of her, and like an unexpected rain shower, her orgasm ripped through her, leaving her toes curling and her limbs tingling as every thrust of his fingers pushed her to a new high. She arched into his hand, her body trembling uncontrollably as she tried to increase the contact and ease his touch at the same time by drawing away.

After a short eternity, she slumped against him. The room spun. “No more… Please, Sir.” Her throat tightened, and uncontrolled sobs shook her chest. “Please, stop.”

He kissed her cheek, the tip of her nose, and her forehead. Then he withdrew his hand from her core and wrapped his arms around her, holding her against the hard planes of his chest. “It’s okay.”

After he’d unclipped the little chain that held her cuffs together, she clutched his shirt, grabbed his arms, his shoulders, his nape—anything she could reach to hold him close. He drew his hands up and down along her thighs in soothing caresses.

“Thank you, Sir,” she whispered as soon as she found her voice.

Groaning, he took her mouth, his tongue delving deep inside, possessing her, claiming what was his. When they broke apart, he gave her lower lip a parting nip. “What’s with the sudden obedience?”

“Oh, screw you.”

His eyes flared up and his grip on her tightened. “Still haven’t learned your lesson. Get up.”

Confused, she scooted out of his embrace to the side of the bed and got up. Wind rustled the curtains in front of the open window, and the breeze sent goosebumps dancing down her arms. He studied her for a long moment. “Lose the skirt.”


“The skirt. I want you to take it off.”

“No, Sir.”

“No, Sir?” He raised his eyebrows at her.

She swallowed. “If you want me to take it off, you’ll have to make me.” Oh, how long she’d wanted to give him that answer when he gave her an order at work—just to see what he’d come up with to put her in her place. She bit back a smile and yelped when he jumped up from the bed.

Without giving it a second thought, she spun and raced through the living room to the door. Then she froze. Damn, her top was still on the bed in the living room. Apparently Jack was well aware of that, judging by his relaxed stroll as he walked out of the bedroom.

She pressed herself with her back against the door. “Stay away from me.”

“A threat’s only effective if you can back it up with action.”

She reached down, her hand touching the cold doorknob. They were in the middle of the woods, far away from the next town. What were the chances anyone would see her if she made a run for it half naked? Her cheeks warmed.

No, she couldn’t do that. Even the remote chance that someone might see terrified her to the core.

His palm slammed against the door next to her shoulder, making her jump. “I knew you wouldn’t go outside like this. But even if you had tried…” He placed his hand over hers on the doorknob and rattled it. Nothing happened. The door was locked.

Her eyes searched his, and she bit her lower lip when the scent of his aftershave filled her nostrils. “Let me go.”

“Still so demanding.” He grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the door. “In case you haven’t got this, I won’t let you go until you’re mine.”

Her breath caught when he pulled her away from the door and spun her around. She staggered, but he steadied her and shoved her forward to the dining table near the wall. She almost fell across the surface. Before she had a chance to straighten, his hand pushed her down hard, squashing her breasts on the smooth wood.

She gasped but didn’t move when he trailed his palm down along her bare spine to the hem of her skirt. His chest hair brushed along her back when he bent over her. “You gotta learn to follow orders.”

Her heart pounded when he fisted the skirt and tore it down so hard she could hear the seam rip. God, he was so hot getting rough. She tried to lift herself up onto her elbows, but a hard shove against her back pushed her back down.

“Stay. Right. There.” His voice dripped menacing threat and for a split second fear gripped her heart.

“Sir… please.”

“Oh, no.” He curled his hand around her nape, keeping her in place, while he pulled the skirt down the rest of the way. “You had your chance to play it nice.”

She closed her eyes when he pushed against her, the bulge in his jeans pressing against the back of her thighs.

“I’m gonna release you now, but if you move, I’ll tie you back up on the bed and spend the rest of the day finding ways to make you come, understood?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

“Good.” He released her, and the vague idea of defying him crossed her mind. But she wasn’t sure if she’d be courageous enough for such an act of defiance. And most importantly the consequences.

He fumbled behind her. She held her breath, trying to make sense of the rustling. Whatever he was doing probably wasn’t going to be something she’d like, given that this was her punishment.

She bit her lower lip. “Sir?”

“It’s time to put you in your place.”

She writhed against him. “Please don’t hurt me…”

“This won’t hurt.” He took both of her hands and placed them on the edges left and right of the table. “If you do as I say. Relax and hold on.”

His hands trailed down her sides in soft tickling caresses. Her muscles clenched, and she squeezed her eyes shut. The anticipation was killing her.

She pressed her lips together when he trailed his palms down over her a butt cheeks. His fingers slipped between them, teasing her labia. She squirmed under his touch but kept her hands where he’d put them.

Then his fingers trailed further up. She froze, her hands clutching the hard wood. He leaned in, his thumb gently pushing against her anus. She panted. “Sir…”

“Don’t tense.” He pressed a little more insistent.

She let out a shaky chuckle and leaned her forehead down on the table.

“What?” His warm breath fanned her neck, and she heard the smile in his voice.

“Sir, you can’t tell me not to tense and expect me to relax. It’s an unwritten law that when someone says don’t tense, you tense.”

“Good point.” He chuckled and dropped a hot kiss on her nape, his thumb applying more pressure.

Her knuckles turned almost white when she felt him enter, then retreat immediately. She relaxed with a relieved moan. A shaky breath escaped her. “What are you doing?”


Again, she heard him fumble. Then something cold trickled down on her sensitive center, and she jerked. “Sir…”

“Easy.” He dropped a kiss on her shoulder and showed her a small bottle of lube. “We’re gonna need this, trust me.”

“For what?” Damn, if only her voice sounded as brave as she wanted to appear.

He held up the smallest butt plug they’d bought, narrow at the top, and then widening slightly, before it narrowed again. Her pulse sped up when he dropped another kiss on her nape. In a warm caress, he trailed his tongue to the spot right under her ear. “Anything you wanna say before we go with this?”

She shook her head and clenched her teeth when the cold metal head of the plug pressed against her anus. Her breath sped up. He reached around and trailed his index finger over her clit, spreading some of the lube and easing his touch with it. “Move your legs a little.”

If she hadn’t been so nervous, she might have thrown a witty comeback at him, but at the moment she was too busy wondering whether she’d been too hasty in her willingness to try this. Her stomach clenched when he increased the pressure of the plug.

She shifted and spread her legs until she lay on the table surface.

“There we go.” His index finger caught the hood of her clit and she jerked back against him. Still so sensitive.

“Oh, God.” The mounting pressure made her whimper.

He nipped her earlobe. “That’s better. Let’s see if we can make you come a coupla more times.”

On her next gasp he pushed, and the toy slid inside. She froze against the sudden pressure and reached down to pull his hand away and remove it.

He caught her wrist. “Oh no, you won’t.”


He kept going until the plug settled in place. Some of her discomfort faded—but not all. He tangled his hand in her hair, caressing. “See, wasn’t that bad, was it?”


“Don’t like it?”

“Not really.” She tried to lift herself up on her elbows, but again, he shoved her back down.

“That’s too bad. You’ve been asking for punishment ever since you got yourself off in the shower this morning.” He grabbed her hands and linked the cuffs around her wrists again, before he drew his hand along her waist. “We’re gonna leave it in there for a while. See if you’ll start to like it.”

She gritted her teeth against a moan. Arousal pooled between her legs. Control… This was all about control, and he was so damn good at taking it from her. She trembled. Every single movement caused the plug to shift a little and reminded her of his possession. “Bastard.”

His chest grazed her back as he nuzzled her cheek. “You’re making this unnecessarily hard on yourself.”

She heard him unzip his jeans. God, he wasn’t going to…? Oh crap. His erection grazed her opening. Her head snapped up. “Sir… oh God, wait… please. Magnets!

He froze, his hand tangling in her hair. “What’s wrong? You all right?”

“I’m not sure I can…” She swallowed against the knot in her throat and closed her eyes. Damn, now she was scared like hell. He wasn’t exactly small, and with the plug…

“You wanna stop?”

She quivered. “Yes… no! I don’t know…”

He trailed gentle kisses down her neck. “Don’t overthink. So far I haven’t met any woman who didn’t go totally nuts in ecstasy doing this. But if it’s too much we can do this another time.”

She laid her head back, offering her neck. “I wanna try. But go slow. Please.”

“Wouldn’t do it any other way, sexy.” He brushed his mouth along her lips and then thrust his tongue deep inside.

Before she had a chance to tense, he pushed forward and his hard length slipped inside. So slow, stretching and making her feel every inch. So full… She groaned.

He pushed deeper. Deeper. Deeper still, until he was sheathed inside her, his hard member rubbing against all the right places. She grunted into his mouth when he made the last inch on a gentle thrust. Sensations rocked through her.

“Oh my…” She enlaced her fingers with his, and he gave her another thrust. She clutched his fingers tighter. “God, this feels good.”

“Told you.”

“Yeah.” She panted and pushed back against him. Somehow, the plug made him seem even bigger, made her feel him so much more intense. Every one of his moves rubbed against her sweet spot.

He stilled, his palm caressing her abdomen. “Straighten up a bit.”

She lifted herself up on her forearms and he wrapped his arm around her, pressing her to his chest.

“Wanna do this actual kidnap roleplay style?”

“Yeah.” She gave a breathless nod, not sure of what he meant.

His hot, fast breath fanned her cheek. “Okay, listen carefully. If you wanna use your safeword, hit the table three times with your open palm. Understood?”

“Why would I—”

Before she had a chance to ask why she couldn’t just say it, his hand wrapped around her throat. Arousal stabbed at her when he applied soft pressure. Not nearly enough to cut the air off, but the imminent threat made her adrenaline spike.

“Not a sound.” His breath warmed her temple. She inhaled, still thinking of an adequate thing to say. Before she had the chance, his hand clamped her mouth shut. “I said, shut up.”

Her hips thrusted weakly back against him, causing him to move inside her. She whimpered into his palm.

He pressed a quick kiss to her cheek. “You won’t be able to beg or scream. All you can do now is let me fuck you until I decide I’m done.”

Heat jolted straight down to her core. Her legs buckled and if his strong arm around her chest hadn’t held her up, she would have surely tumbled to the floor.

He gave her a hard thrust. Then a second one. With the third, he picked up a slow, deliberate pace. “Shut your beautiful little head off.”

She closed her eyes. So easy. He was setting the scene so perfectly. Her breath quickened. No control left. All she could do was stand here, clutch his arm and take him. God, yes. Yes.

His thrusts grew harder, and his gentle kisses on her neck stood in stark contrast. Pressure build so deep in her. Too much.

How could he be so ruthless and yet, so tender? His hand loosened ever so slightly while his teeth nipped her earlobe. “You gonna come for me?”

She released a whimper and tried shaking her head as a last act of defiance. Oh, she so was. God, she could feel it building, powerful and strong.

“Let’s see about that.” His other hand sneaked around to her front. She dug her fingers into his arm, trying to squirm out of his grip, but no chance. Not with how he’d trapped her in between himself and the table.

When he set his thumb on her clit, she exploded around him, wave after wave hitting her like a storm surge. She screamed into his palm. Stars sparkled in front of her eyes.

Her head swam as he kept thrusting. Faster. Harder. Every single one of them picking her right back up, whether she wanted to or not. She trembled when she came apart a second time, not even a minute after her first.

His chuckle warmed her ear. “Seems we could do this for a while. What do you say?”

She tried to shake her head and this time it was only partly fake. If he kept this up she’d pass out before long. She screamed when he pushed down on her clit harder, flicking over it in tune with each thrust. He released her mouth and rested his palm at her throat. He didn’t squeeze or even curl his hand around it, but the mere possibility that he might made her shatter once more.

Eyes locked with his, she panted as her ecstasy consumed her.

He nipped her lower lip. “You’re mine.”

She gave a breathless nod.

“Say it.” His thrusts sped up, his palm on her throat tenderly caressing.

“I’m yours…” Pant. “Sir. All yours.”

He collapsed against her on a final series of short thrusts, and she fell forward onto the table. Her fingers dug into his arm that still clutched her to his chest.

God, she’d come. Three more times. So hard her legs still trembled. She closed her eyes.

“Everything okay?” His voice was throaty and his heaving chest caressed her back on every one of his quick breaths.

“Yeah.” She managed a nod. “Very.”

He steadied himself on his arms, taking his weight off her.

When he drew out of her, she inhaled on a sharp breath and then bit her lower lip when his hand reached down to the plug. Thankfully, removing it was a lot easier than when he put it in.

She dropped her head on her arm, her limbs tingling in the aftermath. “Wow.”

He drew his hand down her spine. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

She wasn’t planning on going anywhere. Or moving at all in the next, say hour or so. His steps creaked on the floor when he returned. He pulled her up and turned her, and she practically fell against him.

“C’mere.” He picked her up on his arms and carried her the short distance to the couch where he sat down, cradling her in his embrace. “You’re nearly out.” His mutter tickled her temple. “That good?”


He leaned back against the armrest and she rested her head on his shoulder, still trying to catch her breath. Her eyes fell closed when he covered them both with a soft blanket.

She loved him. So deeply that she wasn’t sure how to handle being halfway across the country from him. If only he didn’t have to leave. If only she could go with him. But there was no way to keep working on the Stargate from Washington.

A sob shook her chest. “I don’t want this to stop.”

“It won’t.” His deep rasp lulled her into a warm comfort. “Shh, I promise, it won’t.”

His mouth roved across her face, kissing along her jaw, her chin, her cheeks, until he reached her lips. She drowned in the kiss so magnificently sensual that warmth tingled through every cell of her body. Pushing against his shoulders, she rolled him on his back so she lay on top, her breasts grazing against his chest with every movement.

With a hum, she parted her lips further, her tongue tangling with his in a slow, unhurried dance. Before she broke contact, he gave her lower lip a parting nip. Her stomach tingled, and she closed her eyes on a shaky laugh. “Wow.”

“What?” His palm stroked along her sides in lazy caresses. Goosebumps danced along her arms and down her spine. Her cheeks warmed.

“It’s been a long time since somebody kissed me like that.” When he raised his eyebrows, she shrugged. “You know, just kissing for the sake of kissing. Not that I don’t enjoy the other kind.”

“Ah.” He tangled his hand in her hair. “Well, you have rather irresistible lips.”

“So do you.” She trailed her thumb along his lower lip, then down his chin. His skin still burned against hers. When she inched closer, their breaths mingled for a second before she searched his mouth anew. Time came to a complete standstill.

His hands never stopped exploring her tingling skin. He traced and worshipped every inch as though she were made of glass that could break if handled too roughly. Such an intriguing contrast to his roughness before. She sat up and bit her lip against an excited sigh, her hands splayed on his chest to steady herself.

“Hold on,” he rasped, before her grasped her thighs in a firm grip and shifted them so he sat against the backrest with her straddling his lap. Her breath caught and she cupped his face. Gaze unmasked by roleplay, he closed the distance between them.

A thrill pulsed through her at the abandon on his face. No need or lust or ecstasy. This was about closeness and trust and them. Just living in the moment. Just being. Together. As one.

A soft sheen covered his skin. His heart beat wildly against her palm, and she licked one of the drops trailing down his neck. He heaved a breath, eyes still closed. She spilled kisses along his jaw. “I love you. No matter how much distance there’s between us, you’re the one I’m with.”

Breathless, he wrapped his arms around her. “It’s always been you for me, Carter. Not even D.C. can change that.”

“We’ll make it.”

“Yeah. We will.”

That was all she needed for now.


The End (July 02, 2015)

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