Mondays suck! Or so everybody always says… A long work-week starts again after two days of relaxation – at least for most of you. If you’re like me of course, then you’ll have to work the weekends and probably have Mondays of. In that case, Monday Fun will be the perfect way to start your ‘weekend’. ;)

And the first Monday fun candidate is definitely Lana McKissack. Being a singer who mostly covers songs, Lana McKissack has already sung duets with David Choi and made a huge impact on the Youtube community.

She is probably one of the few “Disney girls” online, since she also loves to cover songs from the popular animation films by the studio. And she does it really well. Personally, I’d consider her the best Disney performer online, even though the umber of viewers will probably rather vote for Tracy Hines.

Lana McKissack definitely has a naturality about her, that Hines lacks. And just that is what makes her so charming, as you can see in the fun video below, where McKissack shows that Youtube singing doesn’t have to be all serious in order to be successful.

Have a happy Monday and a good start into the next week!